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Version: 3.3.20

Convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash in just a few easy steps

iMediaCONVERT converts PowerPoint presentations (static or animated, including sounds) to Flash, and instantly delivers Internet, Intranet, CD-ROM or LMS compatible results, suitable for online distribution or interactive e-learning platforms. The process of transforming local file presentations into online content is easier, faster and cheaper with iMediaCONVERT than with any other application on the market.

Program Name iMediaCONVERT
Version 3.3.20
File Size (Bytes) 7957285
Release Date 2006-03-25
Price 45
License Commercial

Program Keywords: powerpoint, flash, convert, converter, transform, swf, ppt, multimedia, presentation, e-learning, iMediaLearn, iMediasoft, Netron

Program Categories:Utilities

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