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m9P Zipper XT

m9P Zipper XT
Version: 1.0

User-friendly compression (zipping) and decompression (unzipping) tool.

m9P Zipper XT is a user-friendly heavy-duty file compression (zipping) and decompression (unzipping) tool. It is specifically designed to handle zipping and unzipping using the [.zip] format. Capable of level 9 compression, m9P Zipper XT outputs very small zipped files in comparaison to the original ones! A unique feature, the Zip Box, allows you to select multiple files from different folders and compress them into a single zip file.

Program Name m9P Zipper XT
Version 1.0
File Size (Bytes) 4430336
Release Date 2005-03-08
Price 14.00
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Compress, Decompress, Zip, Unzip

Program Categories:Utilities

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