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Version: 1.91b12

Scheduler, reminder and automation manager with powerful scripting language

Advanced scheduler, reminder and automation manager with powerful scripting language. It can start applications, display messages, dial and hang up, shutdown/hibernate and wake up your PC, manage clipboard/files/registry, run tasks as specified user and many more. It is managed with easy-to-edit text crontab files and has a convenient graphical shell which can be used to remove, add, edit and run tasks, set up reminders, change program settings

Program Name nnCron
Version 1.91b12
File Size (Bytes) 898385
Release Date 2005-07-06
Price 25.00
License Shareware

Program Keywords: scheduler,reminder,automation,cron,crontab,macro,winspy,regex,script,hotkey,file monitor,clipboard monitor,file exist,window exist,automation manager,forth,forth language,sound,remote administration,scripting

Program Categories:Utilities

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