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Version: 2.34

Control Windows and applications with handheld remote controls and keyboards

uICE enables complete control of your Windows system with handheld infrared/RF remote controls, standard or multimedia keyboards. Ever missed a remote control to watch DVD or listen to Winamp music from the sofa? Looking for an easy way to slide through your Powerpoint presentations from the distance? uICE is what you need.

Program Name uICE
Version 2.34
File Size (Bytes) 3954114
Release Date 2003-02-08
Price 20
License Shareware

Program Keywords: universal,infrared,remote,control,winamp,irman,hauppauge,wintv,creative,Live!Drive,livedrive,rm-900,audigy,audigydrive,irman,uir,winlirc,realmagic,hollywood,fast media,anir,Logitech,AST,multimedia,keyboard,automation,presentation,home theater,htpc,media,player,divx,video,dvd,mp3

Program Categories:Utilities

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