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zsCompare Professional Edition

zsCompare Professional Edition
Version: 3.03

Professional Comparison and Synchronization - Advanced Functionality!

The Professional Edition contains all of the features in the Standard edition including binary file comparisons, patching files, and file snapshots. Plus it adds support for comparing the text of Microsoft Word Documents and PDF files. It also allows you to patch changed folders in addition to changed files. The Professional Edition also lets you create and run scripts which allows you to automate the complete functionality of zsCompare.

Program Name zsCompare Professional Edition
Version 3.03
File Size (Bytes) 15389184
Release Date 2006-07-06
Price 199.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: compare, synchronize, file, folder, text, excel, pdf, comparison, crc, diff, match, file size, file date, file timestamp, Zizasoft, zsCompare, patch files, binary file, snapshot, patch folders, Microsoft Word, PDF

Program Categories:Utilities

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