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Program Name Description Company More info..
ActMaker Record and replay your everyday activities. ActMaker,Inc ActMaker.htm
abcMover automatic inputting software ActMaker,Inc abcMover.htm
7-Zip 7-Zip is a powerful file archiver Igor Pavlov 7Zip.htm
7-max 7-max is an accelerating program Igor Pavlov 7max.htm
Autorun CD Studio Convert Webpage to professional autoplay CDs 6Bytes Software AutorunCDStudio.htm
Advanced File Protector Protect your files with strong encryption. 666Soft AdvancedFileProtector.htm
5pSoft Clock Here's a free timer utility program. 5pSoft inc 5pSoftClock.htm
Need3Space Find duplicated, junk, old files, free space 585Soft Need3Space.htm
4t Tray Minimizer Free Minimizes to tray Outook and any application 4t Niagara Software 4tTrayMinimizerFree.htm
Purge (Confidential Files Eraser) Purges files from your harddrive permanently. 4 Neurons PurgeConfidentialFilesEraser.htm
True Eraser TrueEraser completely removes sensitive data. 46Soft.com TrueEraser.htm
Password Discovery Program to recover Lost/Forgotten Passwords. 46Soft.com PasswordDiscovery.htm
ZFilter The zip indexing filter for Windows servers 4-Share ZFilter.htm
AddXP Makes allow Windows XP visual to old programs 3SWare Lab AddXP.htm
Abridge Insert Insert frequently-used text via hotkeys. 3SWare Lab AbridgeInsert.htm
MxCalc-4-in-1 - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies MxCalc4in1PocketPCCalculator.htm
MxCalc 12c MxCalc12C Emulation on your Pocket PC. 3GR Technologies MxCalc12c.htm
MxCalc-4-in-1 - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies MxCalc4in1PalmCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Thermodynamics) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcThermodynamicsPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Structural) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcStructuralPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Pulp and Paper) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcPulpandPaperPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Pipe Flow) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcPipeFlowPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Mechanical) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcMechanicalPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Machin Design) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcMachinDesignPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Hydraulic) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcHydraulicPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalc(HVAC) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcHVACPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Heat and Mass Transfer) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcHeatandMassTransferPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Full) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcFullPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Fluid Mechanics) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcFluidMechanicsPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalc( Electrical) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcElectricalPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Financial) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcFinancialPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Automotive)- PocketPC Calculator Automotive Engineering Calculators(PocketPC) 3GR Technologies EngCalcAutomotivePocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Thermodynamics) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcThermodynamicsPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Structural) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcStructuralPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Pulp and Paper) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcPulpandPaperPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Pipe Flow) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcPipeFlowPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Mechanical) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcMechanicalPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Machin Design) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcMachinDesignPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Hydraulic) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcHydraulicPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalc(HVAC) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcHVACPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Heat and Mass Transfer) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcHeatandMassTransferPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Full) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcFullPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Fluid Mechanics) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcFluidMechanicsPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalc( Electrical) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcElectricalPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalc(Financial) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcFinancialPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalcLite(Machine Design) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcLiteMachineDesignPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalcLite(Hydraulic) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcLiteHydraulicPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalcLite(HVAC) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcLiteHVACPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalcLite(Heat & Mass Transfer) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcLiteHeatampMassTransferPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalcLite(Fluid Mchanics) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcLiteFluidMchanicsPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalcLite(Electrial) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcLiteElectrialPocketPCCalculator.htm
EngCalcLite(Machine Design) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcLiteMachineDesignPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalcLite(Hydraulic) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcLiteHydraulicPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalcLite(HVAC) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcLiteHVACPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalcLite(Heat & Mass Transfer) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcLiteHeatampMassTransferPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalcLite(Fluid Mchanics) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcLiteFluidMchanicsPalmCalculator.htm
EngCalcLite(Electrial) - Palm Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies EngCalcLiteElectrialPalmCalculator.htm
Calc Gen(Calculator Generator) - PocketPC Calculator Engineering Calculator - Unit Converter - SE 3GR Technologies CalcGenCalculatorGeneratorPocketPCCalculator.htm
3DScreen Builder screensaver creator Great screensaver creation software! 3dscreen-builder.com 3DScreenBuilderscreensavercreator.htm
Sentry-go Quick Server Monitor Monitor your Windows PC, alerts, web reports 3Ds (UK) Limited SentrygoQuickServerMonitor.htm
Sentry-go Quick File Monitor Monitor and alert when files or dir change 3Ds (UK) Limited SentrygoQuickFileMonitor.htm
Sentry-go Quick Disk Monitor Monitor free disk space on local drives 3Ds (UK) Limited SentrygoQuickDiskMonitor.htm
Notez Notez - virtual post-it. 3delite Notez.htm
Effective Password Manager A perfect tool for storing your passwords. Intelore EffectivePasswordManager.htm
SANDRA Standard Tune-up your PC for Superior Performance! 3B Software SANDRAStandard.htm
Windows Registry Repair Pro Safely clean and repair your Windows Registry 3B Software Inc. WindowsRegistryRepairPro.htm
321Soft DVD Ripper Convert DVD to MPEG, AVI, VCD, or SVCD! 321soft studio 321SoftDVDRipper.htm
SyncBackSE Easily backup, sync, or restore your files 2BrightSparks Pte Ltd SyncBackSE.htm
1st Clock Add date, alarms, atomic time to system clock Green Parrots Software 1stClock.htm
User Time Control Specify the time when users can work on PC 1st Security Software Center UserTimeControl.htm
1st Security Center Pro It provides ultimate security for Windows 1st Security Software Center 1stSecurityCenterPro.htm
Internet Security Tweak Pro Enhance security of your PC and Internet 1st Security Software Center InternetSecurityTweakPro.htm
Internet Security Tweak Enhance security of your PC and Internet 1st Security Software Center InternetSecurityTweak.htm
1 Privacy Eraser The best privacy protection tool around! Spy-Kill.com 1PrivacyEraser.htm
Kyb Web Log Analyzer by Keyword Find KEYWORDs that lead to sales. KBM Log Analysis 4 SEO KybWebLogAnalyzerbyKeyword.htm
K-free Find Files N Replace Find & replace recursively in many files KBM Find Files KfreeFindFilesNReplace.htm
1 Firewall The best firewall around! Spy-Kill.com 1Firewall.htm
1ClickZoom Convenient 1 click screen zoom. DAIR Computer Systems 1ClickZoom.htm
1Click Spam Shield 1 Click Spamshield stop spam in a slam Secure PC Solutions Inc 1ClickSpamShield.htm
1 Click PC Fix 1 Click Fix - Instantly Solve PC Problems 1 Click PC Fix 1ClickPCFix.htm
1Click DVD Ripper Copy and Rip DVD to VCD SVCD MPEG AVI Ripper 1ClickDVDRipper Inc 1ClickDVDRipper.htm
WinX iPod Movie/Video Converter Can convert almost all kinds of clip to iPod Cucusoft LLC. WinXiPodMovieVideoConverter.htm
ResolutionChanger Change resolution temporarily or permanently 12noon ResolutionChanger.htm
Aligner Move your wallpaper wherever you want. 12noon Aligner.htm
File and mp3 tag renamer rename muliple file and mp3 collection easily 123Renamer Inc Fileandmp3tagrenamer.htm
10-Strike SearchMyDiscs Organize your CDs. Search files and disks. 10-Strike Software 10StrikeSearchMyDiscs.htm
10-Strike LANState Create visual network map and monitor hosts 10-Strike Software 10StrikeLANState.htm
1-Spy The ultimate spy software! Spy-Kill.com 1Spy.htm
I'm InTouch Control your PC across the Internet. 01 Communique ImInTouch.htm
Floppy Zip Disk Rescue rescue damaged file from Floppy Zip disk. DigitByte Studio FloppyZipDiskRescue.htm
Ad/Spyware Terminator It can scan and kill spyware and adware. DigitByte Studio AdSpywareTerminator.htm
File Deleter File Deleter can delete files permanently. DigitByte Studio FileDeleter.htm
File Tree Printer Display, print directory or CD/DVD listings. DigitByte Studio FileTreePrinter.htm
CD/DVD Data Recovery It recovers corrupted file from CD and DVD. DigitByte Studio CDDVDDataRecovery.htm
Easy Video Capture Record screen activities to AVI in real time Video Capture Info EasyVideoCapture.htm
Digital Video Recorder recording your digital camera video stream Video Capture Info DigitalVideoRecorder.htm
Acronis Drive Cleanser Securely obliterate data from your hard drive Acronis AcronisDriveCleanser.htm
TZ System Cleanser Cleans cache, history, temporary logs . Track Zapper TZSystemCleanser.htm
CopyWipe (WinConsole) Copy or Securely Wipe entire Hard Drives! TeraByte Unlimited CopyWipeWinConsole.htm
CopyWipe Copy or Securely Wipe entire Hard Drives! TeraByte Unlimited CopyWipe.htm
WebWrap Compress and encrypt HTML files Tac-Software WebWrap.htm
EZ File Transplanter Not only moves files but changes system links Super Win Software, Inc. EZFileTransplanter.htm
ARPCache Viewer Deciphers the ARPCache of the registry. Super Win Software, Inc. ARPCacheViewer.htm
A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner Cleans the computer using A1Click Technology. Super Win Software, Inc. A1ClickUltraPCCleaner.htm
Max Secure Spyware Detector - Enterprise Anti Spyware to Secure Your Enterprise Max Secure Software MaxSecureSpywareDetectorEnterprise.htm
advanced video editing Video Editing is a Powerful & Easy . Softwaredepo.com advancedvideoediting.htm
free Video Cut and Split powerfull video editing program cut,split, .. SoftwareClub.ws freeVideoCutandSplit.htm
SC Video Cut and Split powerfull video editing program cut,split, .. SoftwareClub.ws SCVideoCutandSplit.htm
Free DVD Ripper and Burner Burn or Rip Audio and Data CD's and DVD's Free SoftwareClub.ws FreeDVDRipperandBurner.htm
SC Free DVD Ripper and Burner Burn or Rip Audio and Data CD's and DVD's Free Softwareclub.ws SCFreeDVDRipperandBurner.htm
Spyware Defence and Removal Protects computer from thousands of spyware. SOFTSKY SpywareDefenceandRemoval.htm
SoftoTec BackItUp Fast and simple incremental backup utility. SOFTOTEC SoftoTecBackItUp.htm
Video Converter Powerful & Easy Video Files Converter. softdepo VideoConverter.htm
SecurityPlus Data encryption, encryption file, encrypting SoftByte Labs SecurityPlus.htm
Key spyware records keystroke and screenshot to disk. SoftBoy Keyspyware.htm
Extension Copy Only copy the files with specific extension! SoftBoy ExtensionCopy.htm
Word Extractor It extracts words from binary files. Cubic Software Design WordExtractor.htm
HandyFile Find and Replace: Office Edition Find & Replace Text in Many Files at once SILVERAGE Software OfficeEdition.htm
Colour Spy Pick Hex Colour from anythere of the screen ! SILVERAGE Software ColourSpy.htm
Flash Optimizer (Lite Edition) Reduces your SWF files size up to 60-70%. ELTIMA Software GmbH FlashOptimizerLiteEdition.htm
ShareWare Finds demo Database over 34,000 try-before-buy programs BrainNet-LLC ShareWareFindsdemo.htm
ShareWare Finds Database over 34,000 try-before-buy programs BrainNet-LLC ShareWareFinds.htm
Work Time Calculator Display remaining work time Summartime Photography WorkTimeCalculator.htm
SQL Server Version Checker Determine SQL Server version Ashtrin Consulting and Web Design SQLServerVersionChecker.htm
Privilege Master The program increases user's privileges Blue Square Software PrivilegeMaster.htm
SynchroFolder Folders synchronizer with security support Sergey Merzlikin SynchroFolder.htm
Security Check SecurityCheck vulnerabilities & corrections Moon Valley Software SecurityCheck.htm
Autorunman A handy Windows startup manager Rudenko Software Autorunman.htm
MD5 hasher Computes MD5 hash for any file, can compare. Robin programmer MD5hasher.htm
ICL Builder Icon Library Builder and Icon Manager RI Soft Systems ICLBuilder.htm
EncryptDrop Free Edition Streamlined file encryption software Righteous Technologies EncryptDropFreeEdition.htm
Outlook Express Tweaker fine-tune program for Outlook Express. Quantum Whale OutlookExpressTweaker.htm
Mail Tracker Mail tracker is e-mail notification utility. Quantum Whale MailTracker.htm
Benchmark How fast is your Palm? Benchmark 3.0 knows. Quartus Handheld Software Benchmark.htm
Better File Select wildcard file selection in Windows Explorer publicspace.net BetterFileSelect.htm
Better File Attributes change file dates publicspace.net BetterFileAttributes.htm
Password Creator helps you create passwords. 1st Shareware dot.com PasswordCreator.htm
Task Lock Password security for user specified programs Posum LLC TaskLock.htm
Enforcer System security by limiting system access. Posum LLC Enforcer.htm
Registry Cleaner/Optimizer PAL Registry Cleaner/Optimizer PAL Solutions Ltd. RegistryCleanerOptimizer.htm
SplitMe Split and rejoin your large files with ease. DoubleR Software SplitMe.htm
Pics Organizer Advanced image files organizer DoubleR Software PicsOrganizer.htm
Alarm Simple freeware desktop alarm clock Ossisoft Alarm.htm
InboxRULES for Exchange Server Control and organize emails with InboxRULES ORNIC USA, LLC InboxRULESforExchangeServer.htm
InboxRULES for Rules Wizard Control and organize emails with InboxRULES ORNIC USA, LLC InboxRULESforRulesWizard.htm
IP Ping tool Fastest ip scanner what you ever see! Miridix IPPingtool.htm
CheckHost Monitor specific host availability Miridix CheckHost.htm
Passwords Base remember all your passwords. MIKLSOFT PasswordsBase.htm
Professional Renamer Rename multiple files and folders. MIKLSOFT ProfessionalRenamer.htm
MIKLSOFT Renamer Batch editing of file names. MIKLSOFT MIKLSOFTRenamer.htm
Easy File Renamer Rename multiple file with ease. MIKLSOFT EasyFileRenamer.htm
Attribute Manager Change attributes of files and folders fast. MIKLSOFT AttributeManager.htm
MD5 Checker Free utility to verify downloads TSoft Ltd MD5Checker.htm
tcpdump for Windows TCPDUMP for Windows microOLAP Technologies LTD tcpdumpforWindows.htm
SMB File Sniffer SMB File Sniffer microOLAP Technologies LTD SMBFileSniffer.htm
Raster Handler for ERDAS Imagine to MapInfo Raster Handler for ERDAS Imagine to MapInfo microOLAP Technologies LTD RasterHandlerforERDASImaginetoMapInfo.htm
Pathonix (Demo) Pathology Lab Management Software. SheBita Softwares PathonixDemo.htm
TextHarvest File conversion extraction filter utility Pinnacle Software (Toronto) TextHarvest.htm
Parse-O-Matic Power Tool Programmable data file copier and converter Pinnacle Software (Toronto) ParseOMaticPowerTool.htm
System Optimizer And Tweaker modifying software, hardware,tweaking your pc Malware Remover SystemOptimizerAndTweaker.htm
A - M8 Free Multi Clipboard Free Clipboard and Screen Capture M8 Software(UK) AM8FreeMultiClipboard.htm
A - M8 Multi Clipboard Multi Clipboard and Screen Capture M8 Software(UK) AM8MultiClipboard.htm
Print365 Monitor printing in your organization KrawaSoft Print365.htm
Hard Angel Hardware&aposs protector HDD for high security AHI-2 HardAngel.htm
LockDisk Free 256 Bit Encryption Software Klonsoft LockDisk.htm
NoteMagic Lite Integrated text management for Windows - free JSoft Consulting NoteMagicLite.htm
TCI Run multiple console apps in tabbed windows JP Software TCI.htm
Instant LOCK Hide n Guard, Files n Folders Totally HIDE n LOCK Any Folder Instantly! M.T.G. Security. InstantLOCKHidenGuardFilesnFolders.htm
Identity Protection Tools to protect your Computer's Security. Infiltration Systems IdentityProtection.htm
ExitWin Have your computers switched off reliably. Serge M Botans ExitWin.htm
Little RGB Color Picker Little RGB Color Picker v2.0 Highdesert Software LittleRGBColorPicker.htm
Speedo Froogle Feed Generator Pro Submit products to Froogle in 2 easy steps Highdesert Software SpeedoFroogleFeedGeneratorPro.htm
GSA AV Guard audio and/or video monitoring GSA GSAAVGuard.htm
XPepius Suite of tweaks and utilities for Windows XP. Yaser Rajabi XPepius.htm
X13-VSA Voice Lie Detector X13-VSA a Voice Stress Analysis Lie Detector X13-VSA X13VSAVoiceLieDetector.htm
Audio Visualizer Ultra quick audio visual file explorer Virtual Dynamics Org AudioVisualizer.htm
UWin Installer Windows Installation Utility by Utsav Handa USOFT INC. UWinInstaller.htm
ResGrabber Extract resources from executable modules etc Sergei V. Lepitko ResGrabber.htm
Winmagic2005 windows Customizing Tools Kandyansoft Winmagic2005.htm
VSL LanToucher Network Messenger Full-featured Smart LAN messenger with macros Vital Sound Laboratory VSLLanToucherNetworkMessenger.htm
HTML Reminder Get reminded in a simple way! S & C HTMLReminder.htm
Spyware Remover Remove Dangerous Spyware and Adware today. SpywareRemover SpywareRemover.htm
MacroVirus Clean your entire system of viruses. MacroVirus MacroVirus.htm
Automatic Word Pressing keys, recording & counting words Dani Jelani AutomaticWord.htm
Power Search A fast archive peeking utility with source. --- PowerSearch.htm
DiskState Disk analysis and cleanup software Geekcorp Software DiskState.htm
TinySOF DataFileJoinCutter Cut large file to small pieces and reassemble TinySOF TinySOFDataFileJoinCutter.htm
AutoCompleteWord Automatically complete and write english word Miraculously AutoCompleteWord.htm
fsMechanic Fast and powerful solution for data recover fsSuite software fsMechanic.htm
Turbo WinMD5 Winmd5 uses MD5 technology to check files Paehl TurboWinMD5.htm
Simplyzip Simpylzip is a multi archiver program. Paehl Simplyzip.htm
RegCompact NET A program to compact the Windows registry. ExperimentalScene RegCompactNET.htm
Program Icon Changer Change program ( exe ) icon. exeicon.com ProgramIconChanger.htm
Exe Guarder Encrypt pe exe (add password to exe file). exeicon.com ExeGuarder.htm
VData Compare files/folders on disk,cdrom,floppy. Ed's Software VData.htm
cAPSlOCKhATER Turns of the CAPSLOCK key on your keyboard ITSTH cAPSlOCKhATER.htm
3000 Professional Templates 3000 Professional High Quality Templates Bleinsoft Inc 3000ProfessionalTemplates.htm
Data File Repair 2 0 Data File Repair 2.0 File Repair Inc. DataFileRepair20.htm
Military Level Encryption Military Level Encryption blowfish Cast128 Dude Star Products MilitaryLevelEncryption.htm
IBDesk Enables multiple desktops (screens). UKEESS Software House IBDesk.htm
HTMLBlock HTMLBlock HTML Encryption & Website Security HTMLBlock.co.uk HTMLBlock.htm
Font viewer free for use Font Viewer for viewing font ABC Fonts viewer utilitys Fontviewerfreeforuse.htm
WanSpy Manage your Cisco Router and Wan Traffic DVS INFORMATICS P LTD WanSpy.htm
Folder Security Guard Safe protect data inside folders. Atory Tools FolderSecurityGuard.htm
Dupe Checker PRO Dupe Checker PRO Find All Duped Files! Atory Tools DupeCheckerPRO.htm
DupeChecker Find and remove all duplicate files. Atory Tools DupeChecker.htm
System Safety Monitor Free Edition Free host-based intrusion prevention system. System Safety Limited SystemSafetyMonitorFreeEdition.htm
System Safety Monitor Host-based intrusion prevention system. System Safety Limited SystemSafetyMonitor.htm
SmartScanner Detects corrupted files, documents, media... SmartSoftware SmartScanner.htm
SmartFixer 2006 Repairs corrupted files and documents SmartSoftware SmartFixer2006.htm
Shutdown Lock Tiny but powerful hibernation utility. X-Ray Application Software. ShutdownLock.htm
File Renamer Basic Rename Files, Folders, MP3 files, Edit ID3 Sherrod Computers, Inc. FileRenamerBasic.htm
PDF24-creator PDF-Dateien aus jeder Anwendung erstellen geek GmbH PDF24creator.htm
Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP2 Linked virtual serial ports emulator MKS Software VirtualSerialPortsDriverXP2.htm
Iconic Tray Minimize any window to a special new tray... dnSoft Research Group IconicTray.htm
Sitemap Creator Freeware sitemap creator Konrad Papala SitemapCreator.htm
Blue Tango - The Text Scrambler Easy, Inexpensive Rich & Plain Text Encoding Higher Math BlueTangoTheTextScrambler.htm
Desktop Fusion A desktop wallpaper viewer/slide show/manager Higher Math DesktopFusion.htm
Spb Diary Spb Diary ist ein PIM Plug-In. Spb Software House SpbDiary.htm
System Eye Multifunctional manager of system resources ElasticLogic SystemEye.htm
Global Clipboard Multifunctional clipboard manager ElasticLogic GlobalClipboard.htm
X-Tree Ball Displays a christmas ornament on your desktop German IT Development Ltd. XTreeBall.htm
X-mas Tree Displays a christmas tree on your desktop. German IT Development Ltd. XmasTree.htm
Startie Startie is a small, animated starfish. German IT Development Ltd. Startie.htm
Paulchen Interactive, 2D animated i-mate. German IT Development Ltd. Paulchen.htm
Hambumag A animated man pops up and swings flags. German IT Development Ltd. Hambumag.htm
Froggy Desktop toy, forecasting the weather. German IT Development Ltd. Froggy.htm
Becks News Ticker An animated ticker that displays F1 news German IT Development Ltd. BecksNewsTicker.htm
Audi Srceenmate A logo animation of the Audi A4. German IT Development Ltd. AudiSrceenmate.htm
Advent A nice count down till Christmas Eve German IT Development Ltd. Advent.htm
Total Commander Total Commander 6.56 32bit fileman/archiver C. Ghisler & Co. TotalCommander.htm
Total Commander 16 Total Commander 6.56 16bit fileman/archiver C. Ghisler & Co. TotalCommander16.htm
VidSplitter Split videos to several videos! Geovid VidSplitter.htm
Video to Flash Converter Convert Video AVI to Flash SWF Movie GeoVid VideotoFlashConverter.htm
Video to Flash Converter PRO Video to SWF and FLV Flash Converting tool GeoVid VideotoFlashConverterPRO.htm
Video to Flash Batch Converter Convert Video Movies to Flash SWF and FLV Geovid VideotoFlashBatchConverter.htm
Screen VidShot Capture desktop to video presentations! Geovid ScreenVidShot.htm
Flash to Video Console Convert Flash swf to Video in a console! Geovid FlashtoVideoConsole.htm
Flash to Video Batch Converter Convert Flash swf movies to video in a batch. Geovid FlashtoVideoBatchConverter.htm
Geovid DVD Copy User friendly DVD,CD burning and back up tool Geovid GeovidDVDCopy.htm
DVD EZ Copy DVD EZ copy, Easy CD burning and back up tool Geovid DVDEZCopy.htm
CDVista Find quickly the files stored on your CDs. Luc DI FELICE CDVista.htm
FRP Send raw PRN files directly to a printer Frogmore Computer Services FRP.htm
ABC Font utility Font Viewer for viewing font ABC Fonts viewer utilitys ABCFontutility.htm
Letter text editor Letter mouse editor ABC Fonts viewer utilitys Lettertexteditor.htm
FirmTools PhotoPrinter Pro Prints high-quality optimally arranged photos FirmTools FirmToolsPhotoPrinterPro.htm
FileMed EMR Affordable EMR and scheduling system. Varsur Corporation FileMedEMR.htm
Filehunter Filehunter finds files, search zip file text Filehunter Software Filehunter.htm
Disk Password Protection Superb suite of hard-drive protection tools. EXLADE, Inc. DiskPasswordProtection.htm
Cryptic Disk Easily encrypt disks and partitions. EXLADE, Inc. CrypticDisk.htm
Interscope BlackBox Advanced security suite Interscope InterscopeBlackBox.htm
ESP Find and Launch Your Files Instantly! ESP Software L.L.C. ESP.htm
1 Click Sweep 1 Click Sweep maximum PC security. Secure PC Solutions Inc 1ClickSweep.htm
1 Click Fixer PLUS 2007 1Click FixerPLUS Fix PC PROBLEMS WITH 1CLICK Secure PC Solutions Inc 1ClickFixerPLUS2007.htm
1 Click Encrypt File Folder Encryption 1 Click Encrypt will secure files and folders Secure PC Solutions Inc 1ClickEncryptFileFolderEncryption.htm
1ClickAddnRemove 1 Click Add 'n' Remove your programs safely Secure PC Solutions Inc 1ClickAddnRemove.htm
FolderHighlight Easy-to-use folder icons manager eRiverSoft FolderHighlight.htm
Force Shutdown Assign hotkeys for Logoff/Restart/Shutdown Ergoworx ForceShutdown.htm
PopChar Win Type special characters w/o keyboard combos ergonis software PopCharWin.htm
SplitOne Split large files into small pieces. eniksoft SplitOne.htm
CryptOne Encrypt files and folders, safe your data. eniksoft CryptOne.htm
EmEditor Text Editor Standard A text editor that fully supports Unicode. Emurasoft, Inc. EmEditorTextEditorStandard.htm
EmEditor Text Editor Professional A text editor that fully supports Unicode. Emurasoft, Inc. EmEditorTextEditorProfessional.htm
EmEditor Text Editor Free A free text editor fully supporting Unicode. Emurasoft, Inc. EmEditorTextEditorFree.htm
Virtual Modem PRO Emulate hardware modems and faxes easily. ELTIMA Software GmbH VirtualModemPRO.htm
SWF Live Preview Create SWF thumbnails for preview in Explorer ELTIMA Software GmbH SWFLivePreview.htm
Serial Splitter Split serial port to be used by several apps. ELTIMA Software GmbH SerialSplitter.htm
Shared Serial Ports Share real serial ports between applications. ELTIMA Software GmbH SharedSerialPorts.htm
Flasher Suite Flasher Suite - a Flash developer bundle. ELTIMA Software GmbH FlasherSuite.htm
Eltima RS232 Data Logger Free RS232 Data Logger from Eltima Software ELTIMA Software GmbH EltimaRS232DataLogger.htm
Advanced COM Port Redirector Redirect data streams between serial ports ELTIMA Software GmbH AdvancedCOMPortRedirector.htm
Advanced NT Security Explorer Recover Windows NT/2000/XP passwords. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedNTSecurityExplorer.htm
Advanced Intuit Password Recovery Recover Quicken and QuickBooks passwords. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedIntuitPasswordRecovery.htm
Emsa Time Synchronizer Emsa Time Synchronizer: Computer Time utility EMSA SYSTEMS LTD EmsaTimeSynchronizer.htm
DupKiller DupKiller searches & removes duplicate files. Oleksandr TR Roslov DupKiller.htm
Clipboard Help+Spell Clipboard history and spelling DonationCoder ClipboardHelpSpell.htm
DeskoverX The Desktop Information and Animation Center. Mane und Frischeisen GmbH DeskoverX.htm
DCS NetConceal Anonymizer Personal Anonymizer Digital Cyber Soft DCSNetConcealAnonymizer.htm
CyberLink PowrProducer Intelligent DVD Authoring Software CyberLink Corp. CyberLinkPowrProducer.htm
CyberLink PowrDirector Magical Video Editing Tools CyberLink Corp. CyberLinkPowrDirector.htm
CIS Smart CD-Menu Creator Smart CD-Menu Creator Cupid Info Systems CISSmartCDMenuCreator.htm
IsEqual Handy File Compare Utility Helmsman IsEqual.htm
WordFIX Data Recovery Word recovery software for damaged documents Cimaware Software WordFIXDataRecovery.htm
OutlookFIX Repair and Undelete Repair and undelete files and emails. Cimaware Software OutlookFIXRepairandUndelete.htm
OfficeFIX Office Data Recovery Ms Office data repair software Cimaware Software OfficeFIXOfficeDataRecovery.htm
AccessFIX Data Recovery An MS Access database repair software Cimaware Software AccessFIXDataRecovery.htm
Brooks RPM Select LPD Print Manager Brooks Windows LPD Print Server Brooks Internet Software, Inc. BrooksRPMSelectLPDPrintManager.htm
INTELLIscribe LPR Brooks LPR Print Client - Windows IP printing Brooks Internet Software Inc INTELLIscribeLPR.htm
Log Viewer Displays a log of any kind in the real time. BrineSoft LogViewer.htm
Batch Text Replacer Tool for batch string replacements in files. BrineSoft BatchTextReplacer.htm
Batch Unzip a tool for unzip batch zip file Boobsoft BatchUnzip.htm
Bildsoft Crypter Create hide and protect virual hard disks Bildsoft BildsoftCrypter.htm
AccessMyWizard Easily convert MySQL databases to/from Access BigProf.com AccessMyWizard.htm
MyBook with CheckSpell A must have notes saver Backtec Software MyBookwithCheckSpell.htm
MiniApps Forty one freeware in one install Backtec Software MiniApps.htm
ERS 2K/XP, Emergency Recovery System FAT/FAT32 Recover gracefully from a system crash Backtec Software ERS2KXPEmergencyRecoverySystemFATFAT32.htm
ERS 9x, Emergency Recovery System 9x Win 95/98/ME Recover gracefully from a system Backtec Software ERS9xEmergencyRecoverySystem9x.htm
OkPress Automatic message (dialog) boxes closing Azure Desktop OkPress.htm
AzureTray Quick tray launcher with Drag and Drop config Azure Desktop AzureTray.htm
Memorizer eXP Reliable and fast clipboard manager. AY Labs Company MemorizereXP.htm
Aye Time Switch Pro a powerful launch & shutdown tool Aye Software AyeTimeSwitchPro.htm
Aye Shutdown Lite Turn off the computer automatically. Aye Software AyeShutdownLite.htm
Aye Shutdown a powerful launch & shutdown tool Aye Software AyeShutdown.htm
Aye Parental Control Parental Control Tool Aye Software AyeParentalControl.htm
Aes-Up File encryption utility with data recovery Axiom Information Security Ltd AesUp.htm
Axife Mouse Recorder Demo The best mouse and keyboard recorder Axife Software AxifeMouseRecorderDemo.htm
WheelKeys WheelKeys is a mouse wheel tool. Axel Benz WheelKeys.htm
KeySim Key Sim simulates keystrokes. Axel Benz KeySim.htm
AppsProtector XP Lock whith password your executables files. Ax-Soft AppsProtectorXP.htm
AVS Disc Creator FREE FREE CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs burner Online Media Technologies Ltd., UK AVSDiscCreatorFREE.htm
Avira AntiVir Windows Workstation Comprehensive, easy to use antivirus program Avira GmbH AviraAntiVirWindowsWorkstation.htm
Avira AntiVir for Windows Server Windows Server dedicated antivirus program AVIRA GmbH AviraAntiVirforWindowsServer.htm
Avira AntiVir UNIX Workstation UNIX dedicated antivirus, easy to use. AVIRA GmbH AviraAntiVirUNIXWorkstation.htm
Avira AntiVir UNIX WebGate Scans all HTTP and FTP plain traffic AVIRA GmbH AviraAntiVirUNIXWebGate.htm
Avira AntiVir UNIX Server Strong Antivirus protection for Linux Shares AVIRA GmbH AviraAntiVirUNIXServer.htm
Avira AntiVir Removal Tool for Windows Easy to use, free virus removal tool AVIRA GmbH AviraAntiVirRemovalToolforWindows.htm
Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Premium AntiVirus and Malware protection Avira GmbH AviraAntiVirPersonalEditionPremium.htm
AVCataloger Catalog your home audio collections NC Software, Inc. AVCataloger.htm
avast! 4 Professional Edition Complete antivirus package for your company ALWIL Software avast4ProfessionalEdition.htm
avast! Virus Cleaner avast! Cleaner - remove viruses from your PC ALWIL Software avastVirusCleaner.htm
ExpressZIP Full featured ZIP Utility AVANTRIX Inc. ExpressZIP.htm
AVANTRIX CD-DVD Writer Quick & easy data CD or DVD creation. AVANTRIX Inc. AVANTRIXCDDVDWriter.htm
the Software Safe A 3D Safe, locked with Personal Questions. Jaytown theSoftwareSafe.htm
Quick Starter Launcher,scheduler,reminder,placesbar editor. Auxtools Software QuickStarter.htm
AutoSecretary State of the art electronic phone secretary Computer telephony via voice modems AutoSecretary.htm
Automise General purpose automation tool with GUI. VSoft Technologies Automise.htm
MouseRobot MouseRobot - full-featured automation tool. AutomationBox.com MouseRobot.htm
AutoHotkey Automation & Hotkeys: Keyboard/Joystick/Mouse AutoHotkey AutoHotkey.htm
AutoDWG Attribute Extractor A Batch AutoCAD Attribute Extraction Program AutoDWG Software AutoDWGAttributeExtractor.htm
Windows Mess Cleaner Clean quite a bit from your system & compress Authorsoft WindowsMessCleaner.htm
Auslogics Visual Styler Enjoy new icons and visual styles on your PC. AusLogics, Inc AuslogicsVisualStyler.htm
Auslogics Emergency Recovery Restore accidentally deleted files and images AusLogics, Inc AuslogicsEmergencyRecovery.htm
Auslogics Disk Defrag Auslogics Disk Defrag - Speed Up Your PC! AusLogics, Inc AuslogicsDiskDefrag.htm
AusLogics BoostSpeed Make your PC run faster and error-free. AusLogics, Inc AusLogicsBoostSpeed.htm
DropCrypt DropCrypt is a file encryption system. David ALexander Services Ltd DropCrypt.htm
System Tracker Show/Describe/Control active processes, free. AuditMySoftware.com SystemTracker.htm
Clone DVD III An outstanding DVD Copy application Audio-Ware.com CloneDVDIII.htm
SafeCopy Free! Copy files and keep date/time stamps Elwinsoft SafeCopyFree.htm
AttributeMagic Standard Advanced file-folder date-time modification Elwinsoft AttributeMagicStandard.htm
Anti-Trojan Shield High Performance Trojan Detector ATShield Ltd. AntiTrojanShield.htm
Decent Little To-do List A convenient tree-style to-do list. Atma Software DecentLittleTodoList.htm
The Time Machine Skinable clocks, calendar and organizer. Atlant Software Inc. TheTimeMachine.htm
Atlantis Word Processor The creative writer's best friend. Rising Sun Solutions, Inc. AtlantisWordProcessor.htm
Atelier Web SMS Pro GSM SMS messages by modem from your PC. AtelierWeb Software AtelierWebSMSPro.htm
MicroCalendar - Windows Tray Calendar MicroCalendar tray calendar / popup calendar C. McNutt MicroCalendarWindowsTrayCalendar.htm
TransMac Access Macintosh disks from a Windows PC Acute Systems TransMac.htm
CrossFont Convert fonts between Macintosh and Windows Acute Systems CrossFont.htm
ASTRA32 - Advanced System Information Tool Fast and complete analysis of your computer Sysinfo Lab ASTRA32AdvancedSystemInformationTool.htm
PC DoorGuard Professional anti-trojan remover. Astonsoft PCDoorGuard.htm
AltDesk Virtual Desktops manager, skins supported Gladiators Software AltDesk.htm
Aston Desktop manager and Shell replacement Gladiators Software Aston.htm
Astatix Launcher Quick start applications in a single click. Astatix Software AstatixLauncher.htm
Asmw Tweak Power Tools To Keep Your PC Running Smoothly Asmw Soft Systems AsmwTweak.htm
Asmw PC-Optimizer pro Power Tools To Keep Your PC Running Smoothly asmwsoft.com AsmwPCOptimizerpro.htm
TaskGuardian Advanced process viewer and security analyzer Assembly Developers TaskGuardian.htm
RndSkin RndSkin is a small WinAmp frontend. Assembly Developers RndSkin.htm
PowerClick Provides shortcut to Windows power features. Assembly Developers PowerClick.htm
FileGhost Lock, hide and protect files and folders. Assembly Developers FileGhost.htm
DupeTrasher Get rid of the duplicated files fast & easy. Assembly Developers DupeTrasher.htm
Meta Keywords Finder Find relevant keywords for your website Ashkon Software LLC MetaKeywordsFinder.htm
Easy File Joiner Join smaller files into a larger file Ashkon Software LLC EasyFileJoiner.htm
Advanced File Shredder Securely erase files or folders on your PC Ashkon Technology LLC AdvancedFileShredder.htm
RebootEx Shutdown, reboot and relogon on your PC Ashkon Technology LLC RebootEx.htm
Print Directory List or print directory structures easily. Ashisoft PrintDirectory.htm
Duplicate Finder Safely remove TRUE Duplicate files Ashisoft DuplicateFinder.htm
ASCII Key Excel macro comparing text files by columns Ulrich Muehlenhoff ASCIIKey.htm
DiskVision Shows file and folder sizes visually Ascendis Software DiskVision.htm
FileEncryptor Encryption of files for maximum protection ARXsoft Co., Ltd. FileEncryptor.htm
Skip SCSI/ATAPI device script driven exerciser Bowman Data Skip.htm
WinTools net Extra Increasing operating system performance. WinTools Software Engineering, Ltd. WinToolsnetExtra.htm
Armor Tools Ensure privacy and keep sensitive info secure WinTools Software Engineering, Ltd. ArmorTools.htm
Armor2net Personal Firewall Personal firewall software protects your PC Armor2net Software Ltd. Armor2netPersonalFirewall.htm
Armadillo Photo Media image, music, and video organizer Armadillo ArmadilloPhotoMedia.htm
Ariolic PopupMe Useful network messenger service on Windows9x Ariolic Software AriolicPopupMe.htm
Ariolic NetSend 9x Useful network messages sender for Windows 9x Ariolic Software AriolicNetSend9x.htm
Active SMART Protect data from a sudden hard drive failure Ariolic Software, Ltd. ActiveSMART.htm
Catholic Day Plug-in for Today Screen Arimathea CatholicDay.htm
Argentum MyFiles File organizer to catalog files and folders Argentum Corporation ArgentumMyFiles.htm
Tray Commander Lite Free application launcher. Ardamax Software TrayCommanderLite.htm
Mouse Wheel Control Use your mouse wheel in any application. Ardamax Software MouseWheelControl.htm
Ardamax Keylogger Lite Captures ALL keystrokes typed. Ardamax Software ArdamaxKeyloggerLite.htm
Ardamax Keylogger Captures ALL keystrokes typed. Ardamax Software ArdamaxKeylogger.htm
Tray Commander Advanced tray launcher. Ardamax Software TrayCommander.htm
Advanced Archive Repair Powerful archive data recovery suite. DataNumen, Inc. AdvancedArchiveRepair.htm
DirSync Directory Synchronizer Easily synchronize or replicate files/folders Archersoft Inc. DirSyncDirectorySynchronizer.htm
Aqaurius Soft PC Unit Converter Customizable unit conversion software. Aquarius Soft AqauriusSoftPCUnitConverter.htm
Aquarius Soft PC Currency Calculator Simple and fast currency conversion software. Aquarius Soft AquariusSoftPCCurrencyCalculator.htm
AQL Secure Password Generator Create highly secure random passwords AQLSoft AQLSecurePasswordGenerator.htm
AQL htpasswd & htaccess Password Manager A website user-manager and htpasswd generator AQLSoft AQLhtpasswdamphtaccessPasswordManager.htm
AptPassport An ID/Password manager. Aptcode AptPassport.htm
Media Manager A Multimedia file catalog and display tool. Aptcode MediaManager.htm
Instant Boss A timer for timing work/break cycles. App's Apps InstantBoss.htm
Run Service ActiveX A tool for quick creation of Windows Service. Eltima Soft GmbH RunServiceActiveX.htm
Application as Service Run any Application as a Windows Service. Eltima Soft GmbH ApplicationasService.htm
ICT Print Screen Print the Screen with a press of a key. ICT Enterprises ICTPrintScreen.htm
abylon SHREDDER Safe deletion of files and internet trace abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbR abylonSHREDDER.htm
abylon SELFCERT Create self-signed X.509 v3 certificates abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbR abylonSELFCERT.htm
abylon KEYSAFE Administrate your secrete data abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbR abylonKEYSAFE.htm
abylon CRYPTDRIVE Container-based, encrypted drive abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbR abylonCRYPTDRIVE.htm
abylon LOGON Comfortable windows access protection abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbR abylonLOGON.htm
abylon SHAREDDRIVE Encrypted file clipboard (data drive) abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbR abylonSHAREDDRIVE.htm
abylon READER Freeware for decrypting and verifying abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbR abylonREADER.htm
abylon ENTERPRISE Professional security and encryption solution abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbR abylonENTERPRISE.htm
abylon BASIC Easy CRYPT- und ZIP-Collection abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde GbR abylonBASIC.htm
ATS Warning! The Boss! Hides applications, icons and silences sound Api Tuan Software ATSWarningTheBoss.htm
Remote Performance Observer Performance control and diagnostic tool Apexoft RemotePerformanceObserver.htm
TIFFProp TIFFProp is a TIFF tag viewer extension. Apex Internet Software TIFFProp.htm
ApecSoft 3GP Flash Converter 3GPP MP4 Flash FLV SWF video converter ApecSoft Inc. ApecSoft3GPFlashConverter.htm
Atomic ZIP Password Recovery Recover forgotten passwords for ZIP archives AtomPark Software AtomicZIPPasswordRecovery.htm
Atomic PST Password Recovery Recover forgotten PST passwords instantly AtomPark Software AtomicPSTPasswordRecovery.htm
Atomic PDF Password Cracker Removes restrictions from PDF files. AtomPark Software AtomicPDFPasswordCracker.htm
Atomic Mailbox Password Cracker Recover forgotten mailbox passwords instantly AtomPark Software AtomicMailboxPasswordCracker.htm
Atomic IE Password Recovery Recover forgotten IE passwords instantly AtomPark Software AtomicIEPasswordRecovery.htm
Atomic Asterisk Cracker Show the passwords hidden by asterisks. AtomPark Software AtomicAsteriskCracker.htm
IPi Phone IP2IP phone olej IPiPhone.htm
Deductus Disk catalog and full-text search engine olej Deductus.htm
Barroco 2D bar code olej Barroco.htm
Digital Patrol Antivirus with scanner and monitor. Proantivirus Lab DigitalPatrol.htm
Anti-SPAM Guard Destroys any spam mail and all other junk. Business Solutions AntiSPAMGuard.htm
Anti-Spy Info adware remover detects and removes spyware,trojans,keylogger Alex & Matt Neuber AntiSpyInfoadwareremover.htm
Advanced Anti Spy Easy to use powerful internet privacy tool Softbe Inc AdvancedAntiSpy.htm
Anti-keylogger 100% efficient product against keylogging Global Information Technology (UK) Limited Antikeylogger.htm
Advanced Anti Keylogger Easy to use powerful internet privacy tool Spydex Inc AdvancedAntiKeylogger.htm
PrivacyKeyboard Protection against any types of keyloggers. Global Information Technology (UK) Ltd PrivacyKeyboard.htm
The Ultimate Troubleshooter The Ultimate Startups and Task Manager AnswersThatWork.com TheUltimateTroubleshooter.htm
The TUT Video TUT - The Video AnswersThatWork.com TheTUTVideo.htm
A Really Small App A Really Small Running Tasks & Startups App AnswersThatWork.com AReallySmallApp.htm
ATW Football World Cup 2006 wallchart AnswersThatWork's World Cup 2006 wallchart. AnswersThatWork.com ATWFootballWorldCup2006wallchart.htm
Aurora Password Manager A tool to store your passwords securely. Animabilis Software AuroraPasswordManager.htm
Angel Writer Angel Writer is a free text editor. Angelic Software AngelWriter.htm
Watchman Keep your system safe from unauthorized eyes. Anfibia Watchman.htm
1st Video Converter Converts of AVI/MPEG/VCD/SWF/DVD/PIC, Burner 1st Benison 1stVideoConverter.htm
1st DVD Ripper DVD Ripper to VCD/SVCD/DivX/AVI/iPod 1st Benison 1stDVDRipper.htm
Safarp Fast alternative to "Add or Remove Programs" Romain Vallet Safarp.htm
Plancoin Hide your windows in one keypress Romain Vallet Plancoin.htm
WiseDesktop WiseDesktop is a virtual desktop manager. ALMA Labs WiseDesktop.htm
Dr Salman's WinBooster Make your PC, Windows and Internet Run Faster Digital Millenium Inc DrSalmansWinBooster.htm
AdmWin Toolkit for Windows, Linux & Novell networks. Wennstrom Software AdmWin.htm
Web Gallery Builder Creates great-looking web galleries. UpClock Software WebGalleryBuilder.htm
MG-Split File split utility with email support Michele Galante MGSplit.htm
Active CallerID Caller ID detection software SoftRM ActiveCallerID.htm
Memphis Traders Application for Trade and Accounting. Ivan Vassiliev MemphisTraders.htm
Desktop Lectionary The current Bible readings on desktop St. Martha and Mary's Anglican Church DesktopLectionary.htm
Wallpaper Engine Desktop wallpaper changer Interwall Soft Development Team WallpaperEngine.htm
Client for Remote Administrator� The powerful wrapper for Remote Administrator VolmSoft ClientforRemoteAdministrator.htm
V-Scheduler Scheduler, reminder and program launcher. Virdi Software VScheduler.htm
TransDesktop Transparentive desktop&aposs character Zero Lu TransDesktop.htm
UniSent Outlook 2000/2002/2003 add-in to handle sent items IvaSoft UniSent.htm
ClickWork A no-nonsense, very-easy-to-use Time Tracker. ViaFox ClickWork.htm
WinPSF Archive and backup utility Piotr Zagawa WinPSF.htm
ClubControl AE Powerful Internet Cafe Software Vaosoft ClubControlAE.htm
DeepCoder Encrypt, decrypt and digitally sign e-mail. DevOTechS DeepCoder.htm
FlashTray Multifunctional system tray utility Blacksun Software FlashTray.htm
ColorMania Color Picker with Eyedropper and Magnifier Blacksun Software ColorMania.htm
Print tool for MySQL tool for print query result of MySQL server max PrinttoolforMySQL.htm
Base Editor for MySQL Does not demand ODBC the driver max BaseEditorforMySQL.htm
Remote Queue Manager Professional Professional tool to manage print jobs. UsefulSoft RemoteQueueManagerProfessional.htm
Remote Queue Manager Personal Professional tool to manage print jobs. UsefulSoft RemoteQueueManagerPersonal.htm
PrintGhost New generation of virtual printers. UsefulSoft PrintGhost.htm
PropertyEditor Edit properties for a file, folder, or drive UsefulSoft PropertyEditor.htm
Print Censor Personal Print Censor - eliminate excessive printing. UsefulSoft PrintCensorPersonal.htm
Print Censor Professional Know what you print with Print Censor Pro. UsefulSoft PrintCensorProfessional.htm
Print Censor ME Manage every print job on your computer! UsefulSoft PrintCensorME.htm
Acronis Privacy Expert Corporate Anti-spyware solution in business environment Acronis AcronisPrivacyExpertCorporate.htm
Acronis Privacy Expert Suite Anti-spyware and security suite for home PC Acronis AcronisPrivacyExpertSuite.htm
Acronis Power Utilities Manage computer and protect Internet privacy Acronis AcronisPowerUtilities.htm
Acronis Migrate Easy Quickly & easily deploy a new drive on your PC. Acronis AcronisMigrateEasy.htm
Acronis Full Safety Pack Package to protect data and provide security Acronis AcronisFullSafetyPack.htm
Acronis Disk Director Suite Reorganize your disk for high performance Acronis AcronisDiskDirectorSuite.htm
Trustix AntiVirus 2005 Trustix AntiVirus 2005 Edition Trustix TrustixAntiVirus2005.htm
Acronis True Image Home Upgrade Upgrade to Acronis True Home 9.0 Acronis AcronisTrueImageHomeUpgrade.htm
Acronis True Image Server for Windows Server real-time hard disk backup and restore Acronis AcronisTrueImageServerforWindows.htm
Acronis True Image Corporate Workstation Corporate workstation hard disk backup Acronis AcronisTrueImageCorporateWorkstation.htm
Acronis Partition Expert Resize, copy, move hard disk partitions. Acronis AcronisPartitionExpert.htm
Uimix Secures viewing by mixing with background. Mercanti Uimix.htm
DotCom Clock Clock for Windows Turtlemeat.com Corp DotComClock.htm
TurboNote Free sticky note/post it/PIM software Webcentre Ltd (TurboNote) TurboNote.htm
php form wizard form processor tools4php phpformwizard.htm
TimesUp delete files based upon age in days HartSoft TimesUp.htm
SplitAndJoin Split and rejoin large text or binary files. Thimk.Biz SplitAndJoin.htm
The Undelete Data Recovery Software The Undelete Data Recovery Software The Undelete TheUndeleteDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Image for Windows Affordable and reliable backup solution. TeraByte Unlimited ImageforWindows.htm
Image for DOS Backup and restore entire partitions. TeraByte Unlimited ImageforDOS.htm
BootIt Next Generation Excellent partition and multi boot manager. TeraByte Unlimited BootItNextGeneration.htm
Teen Chat Decoder "Acronym Teen Chat Decoder Software 4 Parents" Parental Control Products, LLC TeenChatDecoder.htm
Time Organizer V 1 0 Comprehensive scheduler, calendar,diary, etc Techotek Incorporated TimeOrganizerV10.htm
Synchromat File and folder synchronization software Usov Lab Synchromat.htm
SyncEXP SyncEXP - Synchronizes Data in a Bliss - FREE SyncEXPERT SyncEXP.htm
SyncEXPnet SyncEXPnet - Synchronizes Data in a Bliss SyncEXPERT SyncEXPnet.htm
XP Recovery CD Maker makes a crash recovery CD Super Win Software, Inc. XPRecoveryCDMaker.htm
RegVac Registry Cleaner 10 tools to clean Windows' registry. Super Win Software, Inc. RegVacRegistryCleaner.htm
Magnify Magnify zooms in on any Windows window. Stuff-By-Magnum Magnify.htm
Network Profile Manager Change your network settings in seconds. Strideway NetworkProfileManager.htm
Copy Path to Clipboard Pfad in Zwischenablage kopieren Stefan Bertels CopyPathtoClipboard.htm
Free Database Compare Compares the structure of two SQL databases. StarInix Software FreeDatabaseCompare.htm
Max Spyware Detector Get Rid of Popups and nasty spyware instantly Max Secure Software MaxSpywareDetector.htm
Spyware Nuker Spyware, adware, hijacker and trojan remover Spyware Nuker SpywareNuker.htm
1 - Motion Detector / Video Surveillance WebCam - Motion Detector / Video Surveillance Trinity Software Development 1MotionDetectorVideoSurveillance.htm
DiskAudit/2 Identify disk usage by user and folder LS Software DiskAudit2.htm
Epiphany Notes Create sticky notes on your desktop. Frequency Software Limited EpiphanyNotes.htm
Mathematics Suite 3 Maths Applications for 1 Price. Only $4.95 Frequency Software Limited MathematicsSuite.htm
UTC Unix timestamp converter with Delphi source Carsten Schmidt UTC.htm
SNMPGetSet Little tool to get and set SNMP standard data Carsten Schmidt SNMPGetSet.htm
Performance Pinging Ping tool availability, response times. Carsten Schmidt PerformancePinging.htm
MultiPing Grapher ICMP tool, availability, response times Carsten Schmidt MultiPingGrapher.htm
Multiple Interface Watcher network utilisation graph utility using SNMP Carsten Schmidt MultipleInterfaceWatcher.htm
Interface Traffic Indicator SNMP graph utility to measure network traffic Carsten Schmidt InterfaceTrafficIndicator.htm
FDBGet SNMP utility for forwarding database layer 2 Carsten Schmidt FDBGet.htm
Softvoile Rubilnik Switch easily between editor and browser. Softvoile SoftvoileRubilnik.htm
Flashpaste Professional Flashpaste: a Powerful Copy and Paste Tool! Softvoile FlashpasteProfessional.htm
Flashpaste Lite Flashpaste -A Free Powerful Copy & Paste Tool Softvoile FlashpasteLite.htm
Flashnote Flashnote is a rough copy for your quick work Softvoile Flashnote.htm
Clipdiary A free utility for keeping clipboard history. Softvoile Clipdiary.htm
Wallpaper Alterer A program for changing your desktop wallpaper BegemotSoft WallpaperAlterer.htm
Video Decompiler Video decompiler is a good program. Softdepo VideoDecompiler.htm
NameWiz Rename files, file renamer, batch rename SoftByte Labs NameWiz.htm
ComparatorPro File comparison and synchronization. SoftByte Labs ComparatorPro.htm
CloneMaster Duplicate files finder (byte for byte). SoftByte Labs CloneMaster.htm
Softboy net On Screen Keyboard On Screen Keyboard can be customized SoftBoy SoftboynetOnScreenKeyboard.htm
Keystroke Converter Customize keyboard layout Change key shortcut SoftBoy KeystrokeConverter.htm
Sounding Keyboard and Mouse Hear sound, midi or words after typing SoftBoy SoundingKeyboardandMouse.htm
Key Transformation Customize keyboard layout Change keyboard key SoftBoy KeyTransformation.htm
Exe Icon Changer Change icon of exe, dll, folder, driver. SoftBoy ExeIconChanger.htm
SoftAmbulance Photo Undelete Potent tool to undelete images, photo, video SoftAmbulance SoftAmbulancePhotoUndelete.htm
SoftAmbulance 4 Outlook Express Repairs Outlook Express data and 2 Gb problem SoftAmbulance SoftAmbulance4OutlookExpress.htm
Cubic Ruler Cubic Ruler is a simple to use screen ruler. Cubic Software Design CubicRuler.htm
Document Rearranger Restore the text in files with broken rows. Cubic Software Design DocumentRearranger.htm
Dirlot Shows specific size of files in a directory. Olexandr Lykho Dirlot.htm
WinLock 2000 Cool security and admin tool.Ideal for school Despeus WinLock2000.htm
SystemSpeed Do you want to speed up the work of your soft Despeus SystemSpeed.htm
ProcTune Pro Process and memory optimization Despeus ProcTunePro.htm
Thunderbird-Tray System tray launcher for Thunderbird. Felix Geyer ThunderbirdTray.htm
Smart Battery Workshop Notebook/Laptop battery diagnostic and repair SB Project SmartBatteryWorkshop.htm
SmartBlock The perfect filter/block software for parent mafeitao SmartBlock.htm
Quick Background Note Draw at wallpaper, change it, add text note! Smallll programming group QuickBackgroundNote.htm
SkimStart Program for notes and quick start utilities SkimSoft SkimStart.htm
SkimEdit Very fast and powerful notepad replacement. SkimSoft SkimEdit.htm
WOL Program implements wake on lan function. Simplyware WOL.htm
FastTouch Standard Edition FastTouch is a powerful quick-launch tool. SimpleForce Development, Inc FastTouchStandardEdition.htm
Event Log Manager managemen of Event Logs of Windows Siberia Way EventLogManager.htm
Registry Trash Keys Finder Powerful Windows registry cleaning tool. SNC RegistryTrashKeysFinder.htm
PDF-Recover Remove all limitations from your PDF file UNIVERSE Software GmbH PDFRecover.htm
Serialz2k6 Backup your serial numbers Innovative Computing Serialz2k6.htm
Password Assistant Password Assistant Generate & Check Passwords Moon Valley Software PasswordAssistant.htm
Securibook Welcome to SecuritBook JieSoftware Securibook.htm
SecureFile Creates a self-decryption archive SecureSoft Technologies SecureFile.htm
Windowblinds 5 Customize the look and feel of Windows XP. Stardock Systems Windowblinds5.htm
Theme Manager Control the look of your Windows computer. Stardock Systems ThemeManager.htm
ObjectDock Free animated launchbar/taskbar! Stardock Systems ObjectDock.htm
ObjectBar Replace or extend Windows Start bar. Stardock Systems ObjectBar.htm
Multiplicity Multiple computers, one keyboard and mouse. Stardock Systems Multiplicity.htm
Keyboard LaunchPad Assign hot keys to perform system actions. Stardock Systems KeyboardLaunchPad.htm
KeepSafe Program for data protection and revisioning. Stardock Systems KeepSafe.htm
IconPackager Change all the icons used by Windows at once. Stardock Systems IconPackager.htm
IconDeveloper Easily create your own Windows icons. Stardock Systems IconDeveloper.htm
DesktopX Build your own customized desktops. Stardock Systems DesktopX.htm
Blog Navigator Program for browsing blog sites. Stardock Systems BlogNavigator.htm
Task Administrator Remote process monitor with Alert function. Saturn7 TaskAdministrator.htm
CSSS CSSS - Computer Sound Security System SARBASH CSSS.htm
DiskShow Zeigt ihre größten Dateien grafisch an. Kroenig Datadesign DiskShow.htm
SynchroSaver Makes by directories backup of changed files. Robin programmer SynchroSaver.htm
Ansi2Uni Converts multiple files from ansi to unicode Robin programmer Ansi2Uni.htm
RJ System File Checker Reduce those Illegal Operations! RJ Solutions RJSystemFileChecker.htm
registerTS Register and unregister your dll and ocx I've found registerTS.htm
Recovery Mechanic Undelete files from FAT or NTFS Recovery Mechanic Labs RecoveryMechanic.htm
Ultimate Spy Personal A sophisticated keyboard spying tool EASTLAND SOFTWARES UltimateSpyPersonal.htm
SafeMail Backup tool for Outlook Express. Quantum Whale SafeMail.htm
Quick Calendar ...put the date in your system tray! 215 Technology, Inc. QuickCalendar.htm
Apivision QTbar Access files and Internet sites from desktop. Apivision.com ApivisionQTbar.htm
Better Launcher Instant access to applications and documents publicspace.net BetterLauncher.htm
A Better Finder Rename quickly and easily rename collections of file publicspace.net ABetterFinderRename.htm
A Better Finder Launcher Instant access to applications and documents publicspace.net ABetterFinderLauncher.htm
Crap Cleaner Crap Cleaner is a system optimization and pri PT Savers CrapCleaner.htm
ZoneTick World Time Zone Clock Time zone clock replacing windows tray clock WR Consulting ZoneTickWorldTimeZoneClock.htm
Premium Clock Jazz up your desktop with this premium suite! UpClock Software PremiumClock.htm
WorkStation Lock Pro Multi-user password protection. Posum LLC WorkStationLockPro.htm
WorkStation Lock WorkStation Lock: security by password lock. Posum LLC WorkStationLock.htm
Clipboard Clear Prohibit PrintScreen key security Posum LLC ClipboardClear.htm
PX8 Desktop Pager for Windows multiple desktops Collins Software PX8DesktopPagerforWindows.htm
Squid Squid : the shortest way from you to Windows Sandichs Software Squid.htm
LOGICIEL INSTALLATEUR The software INSTALLATEUR installs softwares. Engineer in computer science LOGICIELINSTALLATEUR.htm
TC Display Type and Creator codes of Mac files Soft_Experience TC.htm
SumInfos (Summary Information) Collect file properties via command line Soft Experience SumInfosSummaryInformation.htm
Rarissimo Create compressed files with streams included Soft Experience Rarissimo.htm
Delenda Delete or move files older than n days Soft Experience Delenda.htm
MacVolumes Display Macintosh volumes index status Soft Experience MacVolumes.htm
MacNames Convert Mac files to PC, add extension,rename Soft Experience MacNames.htm
MacInfoTip Shows Mac Type, Creator code, Data fork size Soft Experience MacInfoTip.htm
MacExplorer Analyze, explore Mac files on Windows servers Soft Experience MacExplorer.htm
IDEM File Synchronization Sync folder hierarchies, mirror, backup data Soft Experience IDEMFileSynchronization.htm
EasyConsole Issue MSDOS commands via Windows GUI Soft Experience EasyConsole.htm
BriefAudit Save document modification dates or users Soft Experience BriefAudit.htm
PDF Plain Text Extractor Extract plain text directly from PDF files Retsina Software Solutions PDFPlainTextExtractor.htm
PC Digital Safe Prevent ID Theft and Never forget a Password. MicroSmarts LLC PCDigitalSafe.htm
Magic Folders XP World's most popular file hiding program! PC-Magic Software MagicFoldersXP.htm
Web Password Protect your web pages with a password LastBit Software WebPassword.htm
PasswordNow Word Recovery Tool Instant Guaranteed Word Password Recovery LastBit Software PasswordNowWordRecoveryTool.htm
PasswordNow Outlook Recovery Tool Instant Online Outlook Password Recovery LastBit Software PasswordNowOutlookRecoveryTool.htm
PasswordNow Excel Recovery Tool Instant Guaranteed Excel Password Recovery LastBit Software PasswordNowExcelRecoveryTool.htm
PasswordNow Access Recovery Tool Instant Online Access Password Recovery LastBit Software PasswordNowAccessRecoveryTool.htm
Password Fortress Protect and store your private passwords. Dunning Software PasswordFortress.htm
Easy CD Ejector Easy CD Ejector opens and closes cd-rom and dvd drives Parallax Software EasyCDEjector.htm
PAL PC Tracker Lite PAL PC Tracker Lite PAL Solutions Ltd. PALPCTrackerLite.htm
PAL Evidence Eliminator PAL Evidence Eliminator PAL Solutions Ltd. PALEvidenceEliminator.htm
Friskfonter Germanic Ancient Scripts: Free TTF Files Vasil Gligorov Friskfonter.htm
QuickMessenger Send and Receive Text Messages on the LAN. Jocelyn Picard QuickMessenger.htm
LinkAlertPC Link monitor and alert notification system InBloom Products LinkAlertPC.htm
Paragon Partition Manager Hard disk management and partitioning Paragon Software Group ParagonPartitionManager.htm
Paragon NTFS for Linux Full access to NTFS under Linux Paragon Software Group ParagonNTFSforLinux.htm
Paragon Mount Everything 3 0 Personal Remove barriers between different OS'! Paragon Software Group ParagonMountEverything30Personal.htm
Paragon Hard Disk Manager Comprehensive tool for hard disk! Paragon Software Group ParagonHardDiskManager.htm
Paragon Exact Image Easy bare metal backup solution Paragon Software Group ParagonExactImage.htm
Paragon Encrypted Disk Personal Paragon Software Group ParagonEncryptedDiskPersonal.htm
Paragon Disk Wiper Personal Securely erase your data! Paragon Software Group ParagonDiskWiperPersonal.htm
Paragon Drive Copy Professional Migrate your corporate data and apps online! Paragon Software Group ParagonDriveCopyProfessional.htm
Paragon CD-ROM Emulator Personal The high-speed virtual CD-ROM machine! Paragon Software Group ParagonCDROMEmulatorPersonal.htm
Paragon CD-ROM Emulator Network The virtual high-speed CD-ROM machine! Paragon Software Group ParagonCDROMEmulatorNetwork.htm
7TOOLS VIRTUAL CD EMULATOR Virtual CD emulator - Maximum CD Performance! Splain-Sever Ltd. 7TOOLSVIRTUALCDEMULATOR.htm
JustBoot Password Cleaner Don't be afraid to forget your passwords! Paragon Software Group JustBootPasswordCleaner.htm
JustBoot Boot Corrector Forget about unbootable system! Paragon Software Group JustBootBootCorrector.htm
CachemanXP Improves Windows performance. Outertech CachemanXP.htm
DTgrafic Wolke 7 Desktopkalender mit Wolkenmotiven DTgrafic GmbH DTgraficWolke7.htm
DTgrafic Schwarzwald Impressionen Desktopkalender mit Schwarzwaldmotiven DTgrafic GmbH DTgraficSchwarzwaldImpressionen.htm
Die Klempner 2002 Klempner montieren einen Monatskalender. DTgrafic GmbH DieKlempner2002.htm
DTgrafic Full Speed Desktopkalender DTgrafic GmbH DTgraficFullSpeed.htm
DTgrafic FlowerPower Desktopkalender Flowerpower DTgrafic GmbH DTgraficFlowerPower.htm
Fenster für Windows! Desktopkalender DTgrafic GmbH FensterfrWindows.htm
Bus Stop Desktop Leute auf'm Desktop, Uhr, Kalender, Wetter! DTgrafic GmbH BusStopDesktop.htm
Spyware Terminator Spyware Terminator Free Real-Time Protection CRAWLER, LLC SpywareTerminator.htm
Crawler Parental Control Crawler Parental Control of User Activity CRAWLER, LLC CrawlerParentalControl.htm
CDMenuPro CDMenuPro the Autorun CD Menu Creator Klaus Schwenk Software CDMenuPro.htm
BurstCopy Speed up file transfers on your hard-drive. BurstCopy Labs BurstCopy.htm
MultiStart MultiStart groups and executes applications Michael Brick MultiStart.htm
CD Interface Creator CD I.C. lets you create interfaces for CDs Michael Brick CDInterfaceCreator.htm
CD Autostart Creator CD A.C. equips CDs with an autostart feature Michael Brick CDAutostartCreator.htm
The Broom! The Broom! deletes unnecessary files Michael Brick TheBroom.htm
Da Vinci Encryption System Personal, powerful, low cost file encryption Open S.r.l DaVinciEncryptionSystem.htm
PowerControl Shutdown reboot and etc. computers Onlime Media PowerControl.htm
ECS (Event Control System) Automation(residential/commercial/industrial) Omnipotence Software ECSEventControlSystem.htm
Advanced NTFS Recovery Automatic data repair with a friendly face ntfsrecovery.com AdvancedNTFSRecovery.htm
1st NTFS Recovery Restores data from corrupted disks 1st NTFS Recovery 1stNTFSRecovery.htm
NoSpyZone Security Center Easily manage your computer security NoSpyZone.com NoSpyZoneSecurityCenter.htm
Universal Plug-and-Play Tester Lists all the UPnP devices Noel Danjou UniversalPlugandPlayTester.htm
File Uploader Uploads files to a WWW or FTP server Noel Danjou FileUploader.htm
Birthday Reminder Birthday Reminder displays birthdays from WAB Noel Danjou BirthdayReminder.htm
Plug-and-Play Monitor Reports plug-and-play notifications. Noel DANJOU PlugandPlayMonitor.htm
MediaChecker Search for errors on any media Noel DANJOU MediaChecker.htm
File Downloader Downloads a file from a HTTP or a FTP server Noel Danjou FileDownloader.htm
CopyLock Replace one or many files currently in use Noel Danjou CopyLock.htm
NoClone/No Clone - File Duplication Network duplicate files finder and remover. NoClone/No Clone - Better Double Killer NoCloneNoCloneFileDuplication.htm
NoClone - Check & Remove Redundant Files Network duplicate files finder and remover. NoClone - Better Double Killer NoCloneCheckampRemoveRedundantFiles.htm
SuperCat Fast and powerful disk cataloging utility No Nonsense Software SuperCat.htm
PrintFolder Pro Create and print file lists No Nonsense Software PrintFolderPro.htm
NikSaver Copy applications along with all their data Kurkov Software NikSaver.htm
MSN Protocol Analyzer Monitor all sessions on MSN Protocol. NextSecurity.NET MSNProtocolAnalyzer.htm
Clone A backup tool that can run as a screen saver Newton Software Clone.htm
Super Replace/Find/Extract/Rename Super Replace,Find,Extract,rename newcoding SuperReplaceFindExtractRename.htm
NetSearch Search hidden shares and files in LAN. Gamayun Soft Ltd. NetSearch.htm
Win Sound Randomizer Hear New Sound Each time when Windows Starts NemayaSys WinSoundRandomizer.htm
RealTime Cookie & Cache Cleaner RtC3 - Latest and greatest! KleinSoft RealTimeCookieampCacheCleaner.htm
MyLife Notebook & DB Utilities Notebook, DB, Win utils & conversion prgms. PowerHouse Software Co. MyLifeNotebookampDBUtilities.htm
MindIT! Talking alarm clock with atomic time sync! Greg Arkadiev, Kamatoz Computing MindIT.htm
Mutilate File Wiper delete sensitive files / wipe free space Craig Christensen MutilateFileWiper.htm
MuRD Tabbed Remote Desktops and Connection Manager T and K Software MuRD.htm
WinINSTALL WinINSTALL Desktop Availability Suite OnDemand Software WinINSTALL.htm
Shareview Network management solution Miridix Shareview.htm
Bigmail A utility compressing email attachments Miridix Bigmail.htm
RQ Search and View Text search and preview utility for Windows MiraSoftware RQSearchandView.htm
RQ Search and Replace Search and replace text in files and MSWord MiraSoftware RQSearchandReplace.htm
Mini vMac for Windows a miniature Macintosh emulator Paul C. Pratt MinivMacforWindows.htm
Mini vMac for Macintosh a miniature Macintosh emulator Paul C. Pratt MinivMacforMacintosh.htm
CDSHiELD SE CDSHIELD is a home-made cd-protector tool-kit Mindestworx CDSHiELDSE.htm
MightyChicken Gives you an inside look into your Windows. MightyChicken.com MightyChicken.htm
Ariolic NTPager Useful and handy network messanger. Ariolic Software AriolicNTPager.htm
PassPack manager of passwords and information Dariusz Stanislawek PassPack.htm
EDXOR EDXOR is a text editor and file processor. Dariusz Stanislawek EDXOR.htm
dsCrypt Enhanced security AES file encryption. Dariusz Stanislawek dsCrypt.htm
Fresh Start Professional Edition Unleash the performance of your PC Schitzn FreshStartProfessionalEdition.htm
Registry Replacer Registry Search, Replace, Backup Utility Michael Reggio RegistryReplacer.htm
File Encryptor 'File Encryptor' encrypts and decrypts files Titlebar Software FileEncryptor.htm
AccuSplit An app to split files into smaller segments Joseph Flynn AccuSplit.htm
EXEsafe Software to password protect programs TBYsoftware EXEsafe.htm
Analyse It Network interface utilization monitor MechSoft AnalyseIt.htm
File Shredder Eliminate files permanently, free to try! MazePath Software FileShredder.htm
Free Sticky Notes FREE, easy to use sticky notes for your PC MazePath Software FreeStickyNotes.htm
LockEXE Lock your programs, protect your privacy. MazePath Software LockEXE.htm
Alarm Notes Never miss an appointment again! Alarm Notes! MazePath Software AlarmNotes.htm
Max PC Privacy Max PC Privacy is a PC booster tool. Max Secure Software MaxPCPrivacy.htm
Matrix V Encryption Free Unbreakable encryption software Matrix V Labs Ltd. MatrixVEncryption.htm
AdvancedRemoteInfo Shows various information about PCs MasterBootRecord.de AdvancedRemoteInfo.htm
MailBoy 2004 MASS MAILER MailBoy 2004 - Easy yet powerful mass mailer. MMSoft Inc. MailBoy2004MASSMAILER.htm
123 Audio Video Merger Merge audio or video files into a single file Manitools Software 123AudioVideoMerger.htm
AdventNet ManageEngine OpUtils Comprehensive Network Monitoring Toolset AdventNet Inc. AdventNetManageEngineOpUtils.htm
AdventNet Firewall Analyzer Firewall, VPN, Proxy server log analysis tool AdventNet, Inc. AdventNetFirewallAnalyzer.htm
AdventNet EventLog Analyzer Free Edition SysLog & Event Log Management, Analysis & Reporting AdventNet, Inc. AdventNetEventLogAnalyzerFreeEdition.htm
Data Nuker Shred files, folders & entire disk Securely Malware Remover DataNuker.htm
System Cop Tune and optimize your system ! Mahaon soft SystemCop.htm
SWF Movie Player for Mac Free flash movie player for Mac OS Eltima Ltd. SWFMoviePlayerforMac.htm
! - M8 Free Multi Clipboard Free Clipboard and Screen Capture M8 Software(UK) M8FreeMultiClipboard.htm
A - Free Multi Clipboard Free Clipboard and Screen Capture M8 Software(UK) AFreeMultiClipboard.htm
easy Look at Net "easy Look at Net" is a net monitoring tools [email protected] easyLookatNet.htm
Login King Password Manager (Form-Filler Edition) Web's newest and slickest password manager. SecureWORK, Inc. LoginKingPasswordManagerFormFillerEdition.htm
Hillyheights Lockout Rations kids' use of computer Hillyheights HillyheightsLockout.htm
Reclip Reclip - Popup Visual Clipboard Assistant Ragan Lockette Reclip.htm
ZipSplitter Splits file on smaller self-restoring parts Lithops Software ZipSplitter.htm
Trojan Slayer Protect your computer from Trojans. Leithauser Research TrojanSlayer.htm
Software Time Lock Time based computer access control Leithauser Research SoftwareTimeLock.htm
Program Selector Pro 2000/XP Provides access control for XP/2000 computer Leithauser Research ProgramSelectorPro2000XP.htm
Program Sentry Access control for programs on your computer Leithauser Research ProgramSentry.htm
Open Sesame Spam Blocker Password or white list based spam scrubber Leithauser Research OpenSesameSpamBlocker.htm
No-Keys Onscreen keyboard. Type with a mouse. Leithauser Research NoKeys.htm
Internet Password Lock Password protect Internet access Leithauser Research InternetPasswordLock.htm
Hide-A-File Hide files and folders on your hard drive Leithauser Research HideAFile.htm
Fast Form Filler Inputs stored phrases to text boxes. Leithauser Research FastFormFiller.htm
Clock Guard Prevents tampering with the computer clock Leithauser Research ClockGuard.htm
Zip Password Password recovery tool for pkzip/WinZip LastBit Software ZipPassword.htm
Yahoo Messenger Password Password recovery tool for Yahoo Messenger. LastBit Software YahooMessengerPassword.htm
Secret Explorer Protected Storage Explore: Internet passwords LastBit Software SecretExplorer.htm
Word Password Instant guaranteed Word password recovery. LastBit Software WordPassword.htm
VBA Password Password recovery tool for VBA modules. LastBit Software VBAPassword.htm
Where Is My Space?! Disk Space Analyzer View directory tree with the size information LastBit Software WhereIsMySpaceDiskSpaceAnalyzer.htm
RegSnap Keep track of all System Registry changes. LastBit Software RegSnap.htm
PowerPoint Password PowerPoint Password: password recovery tool. LastBit Software PowerPointPassword.htm
Password Director Powerful and versatile password manager. LastBit Software PasswordDirector.htm
Outlook Password Outlook Password: password recovery tool. LastBit Software OutlookPassword.htm
OneNote Password OneNote Password: password recovery tool. LastBit Software OneNotePassword.htm
OutlookExpress Password Password recovery tool for Outlook Express LastBit Software OutlookExpressPassword.htm
Windows Password Password recovery and auditing tool for Windows LastBit Software WindowsPassword.htm
MSN Messenger Password Password recovery tool for MSN Messenger. LastBit Software MSNMessengerPassword.htm
Mail Password Mail Password: email password recovery tool. LastBit Software MailPassword.htm
Find Password Protected Documents Find password protected documents LastBit Software FindPasswordProtectedDocuments.htm
Excel Password Instant guaranteed Excel password recovery. LastBit Software ExcelPassword.htm
Alien Registry Viewer Standalone registry files viewer. LastBit Software AlienRegistryViewer.htm
Absolute Password Protector A strong encryption utility to store files. LastBit Software AbsolutePasswordProtector.htm
Absolute Key Logger Record all keystrokes into a log file. LastBit Software AbsoluteKeyLogger.htm
Act! Password Password recovery tool for Act! files. LastBit Software ActPassword.htm
Access Password Recover Access database and user passwords. LastBit Software AccessPassword.htm
Take Note Take Note: Simple, easy to use, note taking Singed Labcoat Productions TakeNote.htm
ThmIndxr ThmIndxr(tm) creates image directory indices L5 Software Development ThmIndxr.htm
CD GUI Builder GUI Builder allows you to design a custom CDs Knightware Corp CDGUIBuilder.htm
Ricks Free HTML Indexer free command line html indexer by Kirkham Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. RicksFreeHTMLIndexer.htm
Paste Your Responses Paste Your Responses Honor System Shareware. Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. PasteYourResponses.htm
fileWATCH File monitor and registry monitor. Kevin Gearhart fileWATCH.htm
AbsoluteControl A handy system control multitool! FREEWARE! Kamatoz.Computing AbsoluteControl.htm
TED Notepad Expanding free notepad replacement. Medvedik, Juraj Simlovic TEDNotepad.htm
Take Command A powerful GUI Windows command interpreter JP Software TakeCommand.htm
4NT A powerful Windows command interpreter JP Software 4NT.htm
USA Animated Cursors Collection of USA Animated Cursors. W. J. Harnden, Jr. USAAnimatedCursors.htm
New Year Animated Cursors A collection of New Year Animated Cursors. W. J. Harnden, Jr. NewYearAnimatedCursors.htm
Neon Animated Cursors Collection of Neon Animated Cursors. W. J. Harnden, Jr. NeonAnimatedCursors.htm
High Visibility Animated Cursors High Visibility Animated Cursors Collection. W. J. Harnden, Jr. HighVisibilityAnimatedCursors.htm
Flat Blue 3D Animated Cursors Collection of Flat Blue 3D Animated Cursors. W. J. Harnden, Jr. FlatBlue3DAnimatedCursors.htm
Chrsitmas Animated Cursors A collection of Christmas Animated Cursors. W. J. Harnden, Jr. ChrsitmasAnimatedCursors.htm
Animated Inverse Cursor Scheme A collection of Animated Inverse Cursors. W. J. Harnden, Jr. AnimatedInverseCursorScheme.htm
3D Yellow Animated Cursors A collection of 3D Yellow Animated Cursors. W. J. Harnden, Jr. 3DYellowAnimatedCursors.htm
3D Red Animated Cursors A collection of 3D Red Animated Cursors. W. J. Harnden, Jr. 3DRedAnimatedCursors.htm
3D Purple Animated Cursors A collection of 3D Purple Animated Cursors. W. J. Harnden, Jr. 3DPurpleAnimatedCursors.htm
3D Orange Animated Cursors A collection of 3D Orange Animated Cursors. W. J. Harnden, Jr. 3DOrangeAnimatedCursors.htm
3D Maroon Animated Cursors A collection of 3D Maroon Animated Cursors. W. J. Harnden, Jr. 3DMaroonAnimatedCursors.htm
3D Green Animated Cursors A collection of 3D Green Animated Cursors. W. J. Harnden, Jr. 3DGreenAnimatedCursors.htm
3D Blue 2 Animated Cursors A collection of 3D Blue Animated Cursors. W. J. Harnden, Jr. 3DBlue2AnimatedCursors.htm
JobFocus Limit employees to job-required software Tex R Us LLC JobFocus.htm
PopBar Task bar file launcher - saves desktop space. JGOware PopBar.htm
EZ UnZIP! Auto install programs, screen savers! JGOware EZUnZIP.htm
Coocool Stupid Web Tricks Tool powerful assistant web design tool Smart Technologies Inc. CoocoolStupidWebTricksTool.htm
Izbushka Wallpaper Organizer A feature-rich desktop wallpaper changer Izbasoft.com IzbushkaWallpaperOrganizer.htm
PENTA Text Tools GREPs search/edit textNLXSTRINGSHEAD Intelligence Services PENTATextTools.htm
ISequre for Windows Encrypts messages of ICQ instant messenger BG Universal Software ISequreforWindows.htm
Eye of Horus Webcam surveillance software. IRDI Soft EyeofHorus.htm
iClip a multi clipboard/scrapbook utility Inventive, Inc. iClip.htm
4BlindMice RealTime ScreenReading talking mouse gets GUI InspiredCode 4BlindMice.htm
P DVD to iPod Video Movie Converter Video, DVD movies to iPod Converter Software Worldnet Software PDVDtoiPodVideoMovieConverter.htm
Informer Resource and system events monitor Albert Sadykov Informer.htm
FolderHideKing FolderHideKing can hide a folder easily. PerfectSoft FolderHideKing.htm
iKnow Process Scanner Tool for getting info about Windows processes Wealthtech Limited iKnowProcessScanner.htm
ASP - IIS real-time monitor and log Real-time IIS monitoring and logging tool PSTRUH Software ASPIISrealtimemonitorandlog.htm
IDM Net Configuration Assemblies for work with .Net App.config Vlasta Herudek - IDM IDMNetConfiguration.htm
Total Control The ultimate in Windows configuration. Inspired Creations TotalControl.htm
ZipNow Easily zip/unzip files. SkySof Software Inc. ZipNow.htm
Ultra PDF Tool Utility to create and edit PDF files. SkySof Software Inc. UltraPDFTool.htm
PDF Bookmarks PDF file Bookmark utility. SkySof Software Inc. PDFBookmarks.htm
FileSpy Pro Network file utility. SkySof Software Inc. FileSpyPro.htm
DSN Now! Utility to create DSNs for ODBC databases. SkySof Software Inc. DSNNow.htm
Disk Auditor Net Network file utility. SkySof Software Inc. DiskAuditorNet.htm
DirSpy Network file utility. SkySof Software Inc. DirSpy.htm
Block Attribute Modifier Modify block attribute values in DWG files. SkySof Software Inc. BlockAttributeModifier.htm
Xtracta Extract block attribute values from DWG files SkySof Software Inc. Xtracta.htm
AppSpy Network file utility. SkySof Software Inc. AppSpy.htm
Comodo i-Vault Password management secure password storage Comodo Inc ComodoiVault.htm
HTMLtoRTF Converter Easy Fast converting HTML to RTF. SautinSoft HTMLtoRTFConverterEasy.htm
Work Log & Activity Timer Find out how many hours you spend on projects Robert Inventor WorkLogampActivityTimer.htm
Icon Arranger Mac OS X Desktop AppleScript utility tool. NiteOwl Software IconArranger.htm
Firetrust Encrypt Firetrust Limited FiretrustEncrypt.htm
STOIK Capturer Capture video from any device STOIK Imaging STOIKCapturer.htm
STOIK VideoConverter Convert AVI, WMV, DV and MPEG files. STOIK Imaging STOIKVideoConverter.htm
jafoClient jafoClient is used with the Uptimes Project. jafoSoft jafoClient.htm
PcExplorer Faster file and network working environment PcExplorer.com PcExplorer.htm
Triangulator_for_PC Easy way to do triangulation calculations WildSoft TriangulatorforPC.htm
Drafts-keeper Manage megatons of your notes with ease. Denis Troshin Draftskeeper.htm
WazTree II WazTree II is a explorer like file manager WazWare WazTreeII.htm
Address Book This is a very simple address book. KenneySoft AddressBook.htm
Almanac Astronomical event calculator. Abecedarical Systems Almanac.htm
Quick Shell Make always on top, transparent or collapse. Michael Kline QuickShell.htm
HotMouse Mouse wheel scrolling without clicking. Michael Kline HotMouse.htm
ezKEYS Spacebar-shiftkey combo w/shiftkey functions Hi-Tech Arts ezKEYS.htm
CompDoctor Repair your PC yourself. Highdesert Software CompDoctor.htm
Speedo Autorun Maker Handy autorun file generator. Highdesert Software SpeedoAutorunMaker.htm
Password Depot The user-friendly password manager AceBIT PasswordDepot.htm
HTML File Translator Easy and fast translation of HTML files AceBIT HTMLFileTranslator.htm
Hard Code Compress 2000 Zip/Tar Archive Reader/Writer Hard Code HardCodeCompress2000.htm
Smartcopy Split file to floppy or any directory Shareware Hangvogel Smartcopy.htm
Fast WinSpot Utility that uses the system tray for uses. MIDIoz Software FastWinSpot.htm
PowerPrompt PowerPrompt lets you run programs as System. GrubleTrang Corporation PowerPrompt.htm
FreeFile FreeFile will free a locked file. GrubleTrang Corporation FreeFile.htm
FileMaid Find and delete unused files. GrubleTrang Corporation FileMaid.htm
WinTabs Navigational toolbar utility. Primoz Gabrijelcic WinTabs.htm
winMizer Unclutter your taskbar, hide unwanted windows gonchuki winMizer.htm
Outlook Profiler Setup Outlook Exchange profiles automatically GOFF Concepts OutlookProfiler.htm
A Speeder Change the speed of your games. 504 software studio ASpeeder.htm
MAKara CDCatalog CD/DVD Catalog software Mustafa Ahmet KARA MAKaraCDCatalog.htm
PowrClik Suite Schedule Suspend/WakeUp/Shutdown/Hangup etc. Genntt Productions PowrClikSuite.htm
PowrClik Suspend/Shutdown/Hangup by 1 click or schedul Genntt Productions PowrClik.htm
Easy Uninstaller Easy uninstaller is a fast, advanced, powerfu [Da]-Software's EasyUninstaller.htm
Video Card Stability Test Stress Testing + Benchmark + 3D Screensaver! FreeStone Group VideoCardStabilityTest.htm
Stock Startup Free Application Launcher Tool FreeStone Group StockStartup.htm
Magical Glass Free computer screen magnifier FreeStone Group MagicalGlass.htm
ClockWallpaper Cool Clock and Wallpaper for your Desktop FreeStone Group ClockWallpaper.htm
DeskLauncher DeskLauncher is a Start Menu alternative R-bytes software DeskLauncher.htm
AlphaPeeler Professional AlphaPeeler Professional is a security tool. Alpha Secure AlphaPeelerProfessional.htm
InDesign Virus Detector InCode Solutions InDesignVirusDetector.htm
Data Copier 2004 InCode Solutions DataCopier2004.htm
Launch It Pro Launch It! Pro is a freeware launcher FDP Soft LaunchItPro.htm
PHP-Script-Logit PHP Logging tool for PHP Debugging Free-backup.info PHPScriptLogit.htm
PAD-Script PHP Script for Dynamic PAD Generation Free-backup.info PADScript.htm
Code-ClipLength A tiny utility to watch clipboard length Free-backup.info CodeClipLength.htm
Back2zip Don't tempt fate! Back2zip your data now! Free-backup.info Back2zip.htm
RLauncher Easy to use application launcher fr Software RLauncher.htm
BatchRename Pro Batch rename files freely foryoursoft.com BatchRenamePro.htm
Undelete Server Edition Instant File Recovery and Data Protection Diskeeper Corporation UndeleteServerEdition.htm
Diskeeper Professional Premier Edition The Number One Automatic Defragmenter Diskeeper Corporation DiskeeperProfessionalPremierEdition.htm
ACDZip Unzip files and zip pictures with ACDZip. ACD Systems ACDZip.htm
BootMaster Rescue Disk for Windows MBR and boot sector recovery for Windows FileRecovery.Biz BootMasterRescueDiskforWindows.htm
What's Your Service Tag? View Computers BIOS revision and service tag Brad Tilley WhatsYourServiceTag.htm
FileAnt FileAnt File and Ftp Manager OneHundredAngryAnts FileAnt.htm
Windows Manager Program to manage Win controls via Handle CodeMaker WindowsManager.htm
NetCompConnector Faster response of computer condition in LAN CodeMaker NetCompConnector.htm
LinkChanger make replacing in groups of *.lnk Files CodeMaker LinkChanger.htm
Express Archiver Helper and Backup Tool for Outlook Express Express Archiver ExpressArchiver.htm
Hex Comparison A hex editor which can compare binary files exeicon.com HexComparison.htm
Instant Replicator Real-time folder synchronization EXARE Inc. InstantReplicator.htm
Evidence Sniper Evidence Sniper Privacy Software EvidenceSniper.com EvidenceSniper.htm
ECSync Easy Folder and File Backup & Synchronization EUROCOMP ECSync.htm
Changes Saver Backup utility for save every file change. FineApp ChangesSaver.htm
Batch Launcher Start/autoload many applications at once. FineApp BatchLauncher.htm
SMSList Software to send & receive SMS from PC MENHIR Informatica SMSList.htm
Email Guardian for Outlook Express Email Backup Guardian for Outlook Express Cloudeight Internet LLC EmailGuardianforOutlookExpress.htm
DLOCK2 Simple strong encryption utility with source Michael Paul Johnson DLOCK2.htm
Easy Mass Mailer Easy mass mailer. Your best marketing tool. EasySoftMade Inc. EasyMassMailer.htm
EasyCCTV "Video surveillance system " Globo Soft EasyCCTV.htm
JustUrls Tray icon URL favorites launching program. Eastern Digital Pty Ltd JustUrls.htm
!CREDIT CARD GENERATOR Generates/Validates Credit card Numbers E-Tech Inc CREDITCARDGENERATOR.htm
ShutOff 2000 Log off or shutdown Windows Intelligent Technology Solutions ShutOff2000.htm
CD Duplibase CD database (cataloger) and duplicate finder. Duplibase Software CDDuplibase.htm
Visual Photo Time Stamp Add date time stamp to JPG photos. DTS8888 VisualPhotoTimeStamp.htm
Visual DV Time Stamp Add date time stamp to DV video. DTS8888 VisualDVTimeStamp.htm
Hotkey Genius Hotkey Genius is the best hotkey manager! Draxysoft HotkeyGenius.htm
WickedOrange - StartMenuEx A Start Menu replacement. WickedOrange WickedOrangeStartMenuEx.htm
SOCKShell Enhances Windows Explorer context menu SOCK Software SOCKShell.htm
MultiStage Recovery Recover deleted or lost files and folders. Enplase Research Corporation MultiStageRecovery.htm
Encryption Xpert Protect your files with ease! Enplase Research Corporation EncryptionXpert.htm
Alcohol 52% Emulation software for cd/dvds Alcohol Soft Alcohol52.htm
WinAntiVirus 2006 Pro Protects your pc from viruses and spyware WinAntiVirus WinAntiVirus2006Pro.htm
WinAntiSpyware 2006 Scan for spyware, adware and trojans for FREE WinAntiSpyware WinAntiSpyware2006.htm
True Launch Bar Shortcut manager and system optimizer Tordex TrueLaunchBar.htm
Norman Virus Control Norman Virus Control, proactive antivirus Norman ASA NormanVirusControl.htm
AI Robot Easy-to-use automation utilities NewDigitalsoft, Inc. AIRobot.htm
ErrorSafe Fix computer problem, fix slow computers ErrorSafe ErrorSafe.htm
Blancco - Pro Blancco – Pro secure data erasure for servers Blancco Oy Ltd BlanccoPro.htm
Blancco - Lite Blancco – Lite: 100% secure data erasure Blancco Oy Ltd BlanccoLite.htm
Blancco - File Shredder Blancco - File Shredder erases selected data Blancco Oy Ltd BlanccoFileShredder.htm
Blancco - Data Cleaner+ Blancco-Data Cleaner+ erases, reports & audit Blancco Oy Ltd BlanccoDataCleaner.htm
SendTo Magic Add powerful file tasks to your SendTo menu Dunning Software SendToMagic.htm
HotKey Magic Use hot keys to start your favorite programs Dunning Software HotKeyMagic.htm
FileMap by BB Find secret files added to your system. Bernie-Built Manufacturing FileMapbyBB.htm
DNKA DNKA - remote desktop search tool. DNKA Software DNKA.htm
Dr Salman's Window Power Tools Boost Internet Speed, PC Speed & RAM by 300% Digital Millenium Inc DrSalmansWindowPowerTools.htm
FreeClip FreeClip is the convenient clipboard manager. DLAO Software FreeClip.htm
Advanced Clipboard Utility (ACU) Save your time with ACU DLAO Software AdvancedClipboardUtilityACU.htm
MetaLAN Windows systems management & reporting Hammer Software MetaLAN.htm
MetaGauge Network traffic monitoring software. Hammer Software MetaGauge.htm
Archive & Restore Put away and save different versions of files Gert Heil Software Development ArchiveampRestore.htm
Cd Autoplay Gen PC CD/DVD autorun menu maker. Logiccode CdAutoplayGen.htm
DiskInternals ZIP Repair Easy and free fix for damaged zip files DiskInternals Research DiskInternalsZIPRepair.htm
DiskInternals Uneraser Restore any deleted file from FAT or NTFS DiskInternals Data Recovery DiskInternalsUneraser.htm
DiskInternals True Wipe Easy Wipe user files DiskInternals Research DiskInternalsTrueWipe.htm
DiskInternals Partition Recovery An expert at recovering lost partitions DiskInternals Research DiskInternalsPartitionRecovery.htm
DiskInternals Outlook Express Repair Potent tool to repair Outlook Express DiskInternals Research DiskInternalsOutlookExpressRepair.htm
DiskInternals NTFS Recovery Restore files from damaged NTFS disks DiskInternals Data Recovery DiskInternalsNTFSRecovery.htm
DiskInternals NTFS Reader Free NTFS Reader for Windows 95, 98, Me DiskInternals Research DiskInternalsNTFSReader.htm
DiskInternals Linux Reader Get access to Linux files from Windows DiskInternals Data Recovery DiskInternalsLinuxReader.htm
DiskInternals Flash Recovery Recover deleted images instantly! DiskInternals Data Recovery DiskInternalsFlashRecovery.htm
DiskInternals FAT Recovery Recover data from damaged or formatted disks DiskInternals Research DiskInternalsFATRecovery.htm
DiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery Recover lost/corrupted files on CDs and DVDs! DiskInternals Research DiskInternalsCDandDVDRecovery.htm
DShutdown Local and remote shutdown utility. Dimitrios Coutsoumbas (Dimio) DShutdown.htm
Daboo Password Protector Password management emphasizing on security. dienhart.net DabooPasswordProtector.htm
Picrypter Picrypter is an encryption tool for pictures. DGreenSoft Picrypter.htm
dfg ShutDown XP Shutdown-time sync. and PC protection utility d.f.g dfgShutDownXP.htm
dfg BackUp XP the best backup program for files and folders d.f.g dfgBackUpXP.htm
dfg AtomicTimeSync XP Atomic Time Synchronization Utility d.f.g dfgAtomicTimeSyncXP.htm
Exalead one:desktop The desktop search engine that adapts to you. Exalead SA. desktop.htm
Animated Desktop Slideshow Diisplaying your pictures on your desktop Digital Estate Systems AnimatedDesktopSlideshow.htm
Attractive Clock Attractive Clock is an analog desktop clock. Digital Estate Systems AttractiveClock.htm
Desktop Clock Desktop Clock is a digital desktop clock. Digital Estate Systems DesktopClock.htm
DPAN New Disk Performance Analyser for XP Networks Executive Software DPAN.htm
LogEdit Edit, convert and export ANSI and RTF to HTML Espen Austad LogEdit.htm
SDATimer countdown timer,clock,stopwatch,skins support SDIsle.com SDATimer.htm
CSJami Maxycom Secure PC Remote Control and Communication. CS-Jami CSJamiMaxycom.htm
FineCrypt Archiver File encryption freeware. Crypto Systems, Inc. FineCryptArchiver.htm
CountYourTime Collect and analyze PC usage statistics. Pavel Amialiushka CountYourTime.htm
GotItBack! GotItBack! Password Recovery Tool Whirlwind Software GotItBack.htm
DeMessenger Stops Messenger Service Spam Whirlwind Software DeMessenger.htm
CIDMage CIDMage Caller ID Generator/Analyst Whirlwind Software CIDMage.htm
EGirl Sexy 3D Interactive Stripper EGirl Interactive EGirl.htm
Wakeup Remote wakeup tool Oleg Rodnin Wakeup.htm
pwArch pwArch is a password archive program. Clark Tisdale pwArch.htm
CS Desktop Notes Attach post-it like notes to your desktop chissoft.com CSDesktopNotes.htm
Chimera Virtual Desktop Easy-to-use, stable virtual desktop software Chimera Creative Studio ChimeraVirtualDesktop.htm
TimesOwn World time zone & time diference calculator Chequers Software Limited TimesOwn.htm
MP3Detective MP3 search engine, list maker and manager Chequers Software Limited MP3Detective.htm
Clipboard Express Performance clipboard manager program Chequers Software Limited ClipboardExpress.htm
Clipboard Express Pro Performance clipboard manager program Chequers Software Limited ClipboardExpressPro.htm
Trouts Talking Internet Clock Clock, Scheduler, NTP client, Time Zones Chemware Ltd TroutsTalkingInternetClock.htm
CDInterface Studio Free tool to create autorun cd menus Theodoros Antoniou CDInterfaceStudio.htm
WFP Tools Replace or Delete Infected, locked files Camtech 2000 WFPTools.htm
UnZip Me UnZip Me is a Free zip utility Camtech 2000 UnZipMe.htm
Send It Here! Manage Your Send To Menu Camtech 2000 SendItHere.htm
System Restore Control Take complete control of XP's System Restore Camtech 2000 SystemRestoreControl.htm
ReplaceEm Find and Replace Strings in Multiple Files Camtech 2000 ReplaceEm.htm
RefreshEm Quickly Repair Windows Icon Cache Camtech 2000 RefreshEm.htm
New Folder Here Create new folders anywhere on your PC Camtech 2000 NewFolderHere.htm
MouseCam Computer Screen Magnifying Glass Camtech 2000 MouseCam.htm
MemCheck Pro Automatically Monitor and Restore Resources Camtech 2000 MemCheckPro.htm
Digi-Info View Information in your Digital Pictures Camtech 2000 DigiInfo.htm
Copy This Path Get the paths to Files and Folders Camtech 2000 CopyThisPath.htm
Camtech Context Tools Useful utilities to Windows Explorer Context Camtech 2000 CamtechContextTools.htm
Subnetting Calculator Calculate subnets for your networks quickly Camalot Designs SubnettingCalculator.htm
RegFix Mantra Instantly Fix Registry Errors, Boost PC PCMantra RegFixMantra.htm
FontPage FontPage lets you examine your fonts. Bluefive software FontPage.htm
Directory Replicator Perform fast backups or directory comparisons BlochWeb DirectoryReplicator.htm
BLOB Statistics Collect information about stored BLOB data UnifiedDBTools Software BLOBStatistics.htm
Folder Utility Folder Utility - Backup, Rename, Folder Trees BlakeWare FolderUtility.htm
bitRipper User friendly on-the-fly DVD to AVI converter BitRipper bitRipper.htm
BG CD Manager Don't waste time in searching files ... Tomasz Iwanow BGCDManager.htm
Bersoft HTML Print Programmer utility for printing HTML pages. Bersoft BersoftHTMLPrint.htm
Annuaire List manager freeware for Windows. I.U.X.D.I.C.(H.) Annuaire.htm
Belkasoft ICQ plugin for GDS Pro Indexes ICQ history with Google Desktop Search Belkasoft BelkasoftICQpluginforGDSPro.htm
Belkasoft ICQ plugin for GDS Indexes ICQ history with Google Desktop Search Belkasoft BelkasoftICQpluginforGDS.htm
BekArts WordURL Launch WebSites from Words with WordURL BekArts International BekArtsWordURL.htm
bed Adjustable dataformat binary editor Jaap Korthals Altes bed.htm
Broken Cross Disk Manager Comfortable Disk Cataloging tool for Windows Kevin Fucik BrokenCrossDiskManager.htm
Bandwidth Controller Standard Bandwidth management software. Bandwidth Controller BandwidthControllerStandard.htm
AxCrypt Free Open Source Strong File Encryption Axantum Software AB AxCrypt.htm
Avral URLchopper Productivity tool for Internet Explorer users Avral Technologies Ltd. AvralURLchopper.htm
Universal Desktop Ruler Measure distance, area, perimeter on Screen AVPSoft UniversalDesktopRuler.htm
APFill - Ink Coverage Meter Helps to calculate ink, toner coverage AVPSoft APFillInkCoverageMeter.htm
QuickCalc You thought a calculator couldn't be Sexy!! Avatarsoft QuickCalc.htm
JustZIPit The world's easiest ZIP utility! Free-backup.info JustZIPit.htm
LaunchOnFly Start Menu alternative. Arturs Sits LaunchOnFly.htm
S O B Caller ID Generator Caller ID Generator for Windows Whirlwind Software SOBCallerIDGenerator.htm
ArchiveXpert Manage ZIP, RAR, ACE, TAR archives and more. C4F - Concepts for Future, Lda ArchiveXpert.htm
AnywhereTS-Config Free thin client solution for Windows AnywhereTS.com AnywhereTSConfig.htm
AnVir Task Manager Processes and startup items manager. AnVir Software AnVirTaskManager.htm
AnVir Virus Destroyer Antivirus that protects and cures. AnVir Software AnVirVirusDestroyer.htm
Anasil Software network analyzer & protocol decoder A plus C Anasil.htm
Allway Sync Keep your files and folders in sync. Usov Lab AllwaySync.htm
Alax Info NTFS Links Shell extensions to manipulate NTFS links Alax.Info AlaxInfoNTFSLinks.htm
OutBack Plus Backup/Restore Outlook 2007,2003,2002,2000,98 AJSystems.com Inc OutBackPlus.htm
AM-Notebook Lite note taking tool for notes and spreadsheets Martin Aignesberger AMNotebookLite.htm
AM-Notebook note taking tool for notes and spreadsheets Martin Aignesberger AMNotebook.htm
Advanced LAN Pump LAN Download Manager Yefim Filimonov AdvancedLANPump.htm
Windows Playlist Viewer/Generator Application for viewing/generating playlists Moon Valley Software WindowsPlaylistViewerGenerator.htm
Acritum Sophisticated Rename File batch renaming and other processing. Acritum Software AcritumSophisticatedRename.htm
Acritum One-click BackUp for WinRAR OCB: an easy-to-use backup shell for WinRAR. Acritum Software AcritumOneclickBackUpforWinRAR.htm
Acritum Batch Processor Custom file batch processing (various stuff). Acritum Software AcritumBatchProcessor.htm
AB System Spy Allows you to record any activity on your PC. AB Software ABSystemSpy.htm
AB Screen Locker Allows you to lock your screen AB Software ABScreenLocker.htm
AB Safe Deletion It allows you to securily delete any file. AB Software ABSafeDeletion.htm
AB File Encryptor It allows you to securily encrypt any file. AB Software ABFileEncryptor.htm
abcAVI Tag Editor abcAVI is tags managing utility for AVI files Alexander Sorkin aka Kibi abcAVITagEditor.htm
Elgr anti-spam for Outlook Express Free anti-spam add-in for Outlook Express 7tec.com ElgrantispamforOutlookExpress.htm
4Diskclean Fix and speed up your PC! RSS Systems 4Diskclean.htm
4Diskclean Pro Fix and speed up your PC! RSS Systems 4DiskcleanPro.htm
XL Fusion Tool that merge electronic talbes 3 Fish Software XLFusion.htm
TypeTip A spelling checker for English typing. ZWLiangSoft TypeTip.htm
Zipkey Zipcode and US area directory with key macros Eric Isaacson Software Zipkey.htm
JSummer java Tool zum Berechnen und Prüfen von Hashsummen. Klaus Zerwes zero-sys.net JSummerjava.htm
TiPi - Text In PIcture Hide and encrypt information in pictures. Zu-Fi Software TiPiTextInPIcture.htm
NUTS NUTS - Network administrators UTilities Set. Yizhar Hurwitz NUTS.htm
Finders Keepers Search files, replace text, index files too. Yadu Digital, Inc. FindersKeepers.htm
Replacement of Wall-paper One of the best wallpaper manager for Windows Ya-Soft ReplacementofWallpaper.htm
xkbind Minimal XKB based keyboard layout indicator. CHG xkbind.htm
Xentient Labels Assign label colors to files and folders. Xentient XentientLabels.htm
AutoISO Automatic free autorun for games/softwares AutoISO AutoISO.htm
SIW - Technician's Version System Information for Windows Topala Software Solutions SIWTechniciansVersion.htm
IsItUp Network Monitor IsItup network monitor for websites & servers Taro Software Inc. IsItUpNetworkMonitor.htm
Log Monitor MySQL profiler + generic file monitor Silviu Lita LogMonitor.htm
Undelete Worry-free data protection Executive Software Undelete.htm
Sitekeeper Systems Management Simplified Executive Software Sitekeeper.htm
Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks Executive Software DiskPerformanceAnalyzerforNetworks.htm
Diskeeper Professional Edition The Number One Automatic Defragmenter Executive Software DiskeeperProfessionalEdition.htm
Diskeeper Trialware for Networks The Number One Automatic Defragmenter Executive Software DiskeeperTrialwareforNetworks.htm
Diskeeper Home Edition The Number One Automatic Defragmenter Executive Software DiskeeperHomeEdition.htm
Diskeeper Administrator Edition The Number One Automatic Defragmenter Executive Software DiskeeperAdministratorEdition.htm
ReplaClude ReplaClude is replace/Include utility. Locazing Inc. ReplaClude.htm
1st Email Anti-Virus Security program protects from email threats ZZEE 1stEmailAntiVirus.htm
Art Directory Print Print directory, CD and DVD listings ZZEE ArtDirectoryPrint.htm
V-Grep Search multiple files using reg. expressions Piotr Chodzinski VGrep.htm
Tooler Create useful system shortcuts Piotr Chodzinski Tooler.htm
Rainbow Folders Colorize folders & boost your work Piotr Chodzinski RainbowFolders.htm
MP3 Hint See any MP3 file's TAG contents Piotr Chodzinski MP3Hint.htm
ZVolume Home 2006 ZVolume Home is a volume control alternative. Roman Medvedev ZVolumeHome2006.htm
FindDoubleFiles Search, find and remove duplicate files Zultrax Software FindDoubleFiles.htm
Original CD/CDRW/DVD Emulator Create CD-ROM on your computer ZTekWare Computing, Inc OriginalCDCDRWDVDEmulator.htm
Random Event Sounds XP Select randomize sounds screensaver wallpaper Ztec Software RandomEventSoundsXP.htm
2nd Millennium Invisible Calculator Invisible Calculator Zebbra Software Lab. 2ndMillenniumInvisibleCalculator.htm
ZSKSoft Synchronizer Intellectual synchronizer (with laptop, etc.) ZSKSoft Lab ZSKSoftSynchronizer.htm
ScreenViewer View remote screenshot easily ZqWare ScreenViewer.htm
IP Shifter Change TCP/IP settings easily and quickly ZqWare IPShifter.htm
ZoomAView - The Computer Magnifier! A powerful computer desktop screen magnifier. Wondermill Webworks Inc. ZoomAViewTheComputerMagnifier.htm
123 Cleaner Erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs Kazi Software 123Cleaner.htm
CrackTiff convert & merg tif tiff files ZkeSoft CrackTiff.htm
Aye SplitTiff tif tiff splitter to split tif tiff files ZkeSoft AyeSplitTiff.htm
Privacy Sweeper Erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs ZJC Software PrivacySweeper.htm
Privacy Protector Zjsoftware PrivacyProtector.htm
zsDuplicateHunter Professional Edition Find and Remove Duplicate Files Zizasoft, LLC zsDuplicateHunterProfessionalEdition.htm
zsDuplicateHunter Enterprise Edition Duplicate File Remover for the Enterprise Zizasoft, LLC zsDuplicateHunterEnterpriseEdition.htm
zsDuplicateHunter Standard Edition find and safely remove duplicate files Zizasoft, LLC zsDuplicateHunterStandardEdition.htm
zsCompare Standard Edition file and folder comparison and sync utility Zizasoft, LLC zsCompareStandardEdition.htm
zsCompare Professional Edition file and folder comparison and sync utility Zizasoft, LLC zsCompareProfessionalEdition.htm
zsCompare Lite Edition file and folder comparison and sync utility Zizasoft, LLC zsCompareLiteEdition.htm
ZipZag Handles Rar, Zip, Bz2, Ace, 7z, Iso, Cbr, Tar Cristescu Gabriel Valentin ZipZag.htm
ZipScan Search Zip, CAB and other archive files Foobar Software ZipScan.htm
Zipghost Zipghost - Batch zip and Batch unzip tool GuohuaSoft Zipghost.htm
unWC decompile .EXE ebooks made by Webcompiler GuohuaSoft unWC.htm
Nucleus Kernel Zip Repair Software Repair damaged and corrupt zip files. Nucleus Data Recovery NucleusKernelZipRepairSoftware.htm
Visual Zip Password Recovery Processor Recover lost passwords from ZIP archives ZipCure Co, ltd VisualZipPasswordRecoveryProcessor.htm
Chilkat Zip Self-Extractor Create self-extracting ZIP files Chilkat Software, Inc. ChilkatZipSelfExtractor.htm
Zilla Free Video Converter-Decompiler Universal Video File Converter-Decompiler ZillaSoft.ws ZillaFreeVideoConverterDecompiler.htm
Safe Chat w/Parental Controls Safe Chat with Parental Controls Zihtec Company LLP SafeChatwParentalControls.htm
Unknown Device Identifier Identify unknown devices, search for drivers ZhangDuo Corporation International UnknownDeviceIdentifier.htm
My Drivers Backup, restore and update device drivers. ZhangDuo Corporation International MyDrivers.htm
My BootDisk Create a boot disk for recovery from crashes. ZhangDuo Corporation International MyBootDisk.htm
AlphaXP Advanced Transparency Effects WinEnhancement! ZeroHero Software AlphaXP.htm
Akala EXE Lock Password protection for your EXE files! Zero2000 Software AkalaEXELock.htm
AntiSpye Protect your PC screen from undesirable eyes. ZERGE.COM AntiSpye.htm
Ensnare - The Spam Fighter Save yourself from the onslaught... ZenWorx Software Labs EnsnareTheSpamFighter.htm
ZTreeWin XTreeGold clone for Windows Zedtek, Inc. ZTreeWin.htm
zBoot Manager Booot manager and partition manager ZBM soft zBootManager.htm
TGPSoft Thumbnail Gallery Builder Thumbnail Gallery Builder Software. Zapper Software (510862 B.C. Ltd.) TGPSoftThumbnailGalleryBuilder.htm
Type4Me Automatic Typing Automatic typing for filling in forms. Zapper Software (510862 B.C. Ltd.) Type4MeAutomaticTyping.htm
JpegGuard JPEG Image Protection Image protection for JPEG users Zapper Software (510862 B.C. Ltd.) JpegGuardJPEGImageProtection.htm
ZSplitter Small, Fast, and Free File Splitter Z-Software ZSplitter.htm
Zero Assumption Recovery ZAR recovers FAT, NTFS, digital camera memory Zero Assumption Software ZeroAssumptionRecovery.htm
Zero Assumption Disk Space Visualizer Easily understand disk space usage. Zero Assumption Software ZeroAssumptionDiskSpaceVisualizer.htm
Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery Recover lost digital camera images Zero Assumption Software ZeroAssumptionDigitalImageRecovery.htm
PCal displays quarterly calendar Winique Software PCal.htm
Sound Mine Program must to force gamer shut down PC Yellow Gold Software SoundMine.htm
Typing Genius Increase your typing speed by 200% at once! MPC soft TypingGenius.htm
Types Popup Free An utility which adjusts popup menus. Yavsoft TypesPopupFree.htm
Types Popup An utility which adjusts popup menus. Yavsoft TypesPopup.htm
Registry Analyst A tool to analyze and clean system registry. Yavsoft RegistryAnalyst.htm
Cleaner Kit A system optimization and cleaning toolkit. Yavsoft CleanerKit.htm
Clone Hunter A handy tool for keeping hard drives clean. Yavsoft CloneHunter.htm
Alive! Icons Replace icons in toolbar and window headers Yavsoft AliveIcons.htm
Remote Administration Tool Remotely control a Workstation YASC LTD RemoteAdministrationTool.htm
Advanced System Cleaner Clean junk files, Registry and privacy. Yamicsoft AdvancedSystemCleaner.htm
Folder Security Personal Protect folders and drives. Block spyware. Y0YS Software FolderSecurityPersonal.htm
Host Security Personal Hide files and folders. Firewall network. Y0YS Software HostSecurityPersonal.htm
Lockdown Plus PC Protect Windows PC from being tampered. Y0YS Software LockdownPlusPC.htm
HandyCrypto Hide folders and encrypt files on-the-fly. Y0YS Software HandyCrypto.htm
Mail2SMSXXL Send & get SMS using your email software XXLShare Mail2SMSXXL.htm
XXCOPY An extended XCOPY, for all IT professionals Pixelab, Inc. XXCOPY.htm
XtraTools 2006 Suite of MS Windows optimization software WinTools Software Engineering, Ltd. XtraTools2006.htm
XFS 2D Barcode 2D Barcode editor and Printer, WYSIWYG. Xtra Final XFS2DBarcode.htm
ALL Symbols Label Generator Powerful Barcode editor and Printer, WYSIWYG. Xtra Final ALLSymbolsLabelGenerator.htm
XPTuneup tweak and tune up XP Professional. XPTuneup Software and Consulting XPTuneup.htm
XP Tools Fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC! XPTools.net XPTools.htm
XP32 XP32 allows you to optimize Windows XP. XP32.com XP32.htm
XP Startup Cleaner helps you to easily manage program execution XP Tools Software XPStartupCleaner.htm
XP Registry Cleaner get rid of the bloat in Windows registry XP Tools Software XPRegistryCleaner.htm
XP Keylogger a top-rated surveillance tool XP Tools Software XPKeylogger.htm
XP Disk Cleaner A powerful tool for cleaning disks XP Tools Software XPDiskCleaner.htm
XP Advanced Keylogger a top-rated surveillance tool XP Tools Software XPAdvancedKeylogger.htm
All in one Cleaner a suite of optimizers and cleaners XP Tools Software AllinoneCleaner.htm
XP TCP/IP Repair Repair your internet connection Waresoft Software XPTCPIPRepair.htm
XP Smoker Pro The Hot Performance Booster For Windows XP Waresoft Software XPSmokerPro.htm
XP Smoker The Hot Performance Booster For Windows XP Waresoft Software XPSmoker.htm
SuperFast Shutdown Shutdown Windows 200/XP/2003 Instantly Waresoft Software SuperFastShutdown.htm
Registry Smoker Scour the Windows Registry for errors. Waresoft Software RegistrySmoker.htm
98/ME Smoker Windows 98/ME Tweaking Utility Waresoft Software 98MESmoker.htm
XNote Stopwatch Desktop digital stopwatch/countdown timer dnSoft Research Group XNoteStopwatch.htm
XNeat Titlebar, Taskbar & System Tray Icon Utility X Neat Software XNeat.htm
Deskloops All windows arranged side by side in a loop. Xilokit LLC Deskloops.htm
Lucid Lucid will add transparency to any window Xenos Software Lucid.htm
XemiComputers DeskTop Pack Pack of 3: PIM, Audio & Wallpaper utilities XemiComputers Ltd. XemiComputersDeskTopPack.htm
Smooth Program Scheduler Execute any software anytime, automate tasks. XemiComputers Ltd. SmoothProgramScheduler.htm
Active Desktop Wallpaper Make and use desktop wallpapers in a new way. XemiComputers Ltd. ActiveDesktopWallpaper.htm
Turbo-Locator x86 Code locator for x86 and Borland C++ / Pascal Xellsoft TurboLocatorx86.htm
XFilesDialog XFilesDialog improves standard file dialogs XDESKSOFTWARE XFilesDialog.htm
XDESK Powerful & stable Virtual Desktop Manager XDESKSOFTWARE XDESK.htm
SysTrayX System Tray Enhancer / Manager / Recovery XDESKSOFTWARE SysTrayX.htm
EarthSunX Earth day/night map + city clocks XDESKSOFTWARE EarthSunX.htm
SuperLib Personal Version A drawing/picture library management software xcoolsoft SuperLibPersonalVersion.htm
SuperLib Network Version A drawing/picture library management software xcoolsoft SuperLibNetworkVersion.htm
Absolute Packager Easily zip your files into a .EXE zip file Xceed Software Inc. AbsolutePackager.htm
Password Recovery MDB Recovery MS Access Files Password (*.mdb) XaviWare Software PasswordRecoveryMDB.htm
Links Assistant A tool for webmasters that exchange links X3MSoftware LinksAssistant.htm
X360 Tiff to Pdf Converter TIFF convert PDF image converter X360 Software X360TifftoPdfConverter.htm
X2Net SmartBoard Powerful multiuser clipboard extender X2Net Limited X2NetSmartBoard.htm
X2Net Recent Documents Helps find recently used Windows files easily X2Net Limited X2NetRecentDocuments.htm
Search Favorites Search IE Favorites. Maximize their value. WRC Solutions SearchFavorites.htm
Fast Folder & Command Jump to your favorite folders in one second.. Wpg Software Inc. FastFolderampCommand.htm
WorshipCenter Pro Worship presentation software. WorshipCenter Software WorshipCenterPro.htm
ZipWave Visual archive utility (15+ popular formats) Newave Inc. (FR.) ZipWave.htm
WinMaster Tools & utils to simplify the use of Windows Newave Inc. (FR.) WinMaster.htm
Clock Digital This program displays the current time. WorkHorse Games ClockDigital.htm
Alarm Clock This program is a customizable alarm clock. WorkHorse Games AlarmClock.htm
Nucleus Kernel Word Document Repair Software Repair corrupt ms word document files Nucleus Data Recovery NucleusKernelWordDocumentRepairSoftware.htm
Screen Video Recorder Record screen activities to AVI or WMV WORDADDIN STUDIO ScreenVideoRecorder.htm
Easy RM Producer Batch convert AVI,WMV,WMA,MPEG,MP3,WAV to RM WORDADDIN STUDIO EasyRMProducer.htm
R-Word Recovery Microsoft Word Document Recovery software. R-tools technology Inc. RWordRecovery.htm
RAUL Run As User Launchpad WooHoo! Software RAUL.htm
woodworm toolbox Suite of tools Stefan Trippler woodwormtoolbox.htm
woodworm toolbox pro Suite of tools Stefan Trippler woodwormtoolboxpro.htm
X-Copy Professional Make backup copies of your CD's/DVD's. Wolverine Software House XCopyProfessional.htm
X-Copy Media Center Make backups of your music, data or game CD's Wolverine Software House XCopyMediaCenter.htm
Xtrim Catalog 2004 Catalog media/paths with all kinds of media Wiseworx Software XtrimCatalog2004.htm
CD Menu Builder Create royalty-free autorun CD menu projects WISCO Computing CDMenuBuilder.htm
LangPad - Swedish Characters Use Swedish language in WordPad and Notepad WISCO Computing LangPadSwedishCharacters.htm
LangPad - Spanish Characters Use Spanish language in WordPad and Notepad WISCO Computing LangPadSpanishCharacters.htm
LangPad - Portuguese Characters Use Portuguese language in WordPad / Notepad WISCO Computing LangPadPortugueseCharacters.htm
LangPad - Norwegian Characters Use Norwegian language in WordPad / Notepad WISCO Computing LangPadNorwegianCharacters.htm
LangPad - Math & Currency Characters Use Math & Currency char in WordPad/Notepad WISCO Computing LangPadMathampCurrencyCharacters.htm
LangPad - Italian Characters Use Italian language in WordPad and Notepad WISCO Computing LangPadItalianCharacters.htm
LangPad - International Characters Use foreign languages in WordPad and Notepad WISCO Computing LangPadInternationalCharacters.htm
LangPad - Icelandic Characters Use Icelandic language in WordPad and Notepad WISCO Computing LangPadIcelandicCharacters.htm
LangPad - German Characters Use German language in WordPad and Notepad WISCO Computing LangPadGermanCharacters.htm
LangPad - French Characters Use French language in WordPad and Notepad WISCO Computing LangPadFrenchCharacters.htm
LangPad - Dutch Characters Use Dutch language in WordPad and Notepad WISCO Computing LangPadDutchCharacters.htm
LangPad - Danish Characters Use Danish language in WordPad and Notepad WISCO Computing LangPadDanishCharacters.htm
Wiretap Professional Stealth monitoring & keylogging spy software! ADM, Inc. WiretapProfessional.htm
WireKeys One-for-all hotkey manager and clip extender WiredPlane.com WireKeys.htm
WireChanger Wallpaper changer + clocks. gif/jpg/html/bmp WiredPlane.com WireChanger.htm
FolderInfo Extension for Windows Explorer Extension for Windows Explorer TPS EDV-Dienstl. GmbH FolderInfoExtensionforWindowsExplorer.htm
WinZip Powerful, fast, and easy-to-use Zip utility WinZip Computing WinZip.htm
WinZip Companion for Outlook Easily zip and encrypt Outlook attachments. WinZip Computing WinZipCompanionforOutlook.htm
WinXP Manager Optimize, tweak and clean up Windows XP. Yamicsoft WinXPManager.htm
PC Surgeon Diagnose, monitor and repair Windows XP Dean Software Design PCSurgeon.htm
System Energizer System Energizer cleans and optimizes system Dean Software Design SystemEnergizer.htm
Quick ShutDown Shutdown Windows with a mouse click. Shatran Software QuickShutDown.htm
Wintuneup Pro Optimize Windows for maximum performance Top PC Tools WintuneupPro.htm
WinTools net Professional Increasing the operating system performance. WinTools Software Engineering, Ltd. WinToolsnetProfessional.htm
WinTools net Increasing operating system performance. WinTools Software Engineering, Ltd. WinToolsnet.htm
RAM Saver Pro Easy-to-use RAM optimizer tool. WinTools Software Engineering, Ltd. RAMSaverPro.htm
WinTiles Plus Auto arrange open windows with a variety of l Active Digit Computer Services WinTilesPlus.htm
WinSyslog An enhanced syslog server for Windows. Adiscon GmbH WinSyslog.htm
Active Key Logger Completely invisible for other users Winsoul Software ActiveKeyLogger.htm
WinUndelete Undelete Software for Windows WinRecovery Software WinUndelete.htm
WinOne - Super Command Shell for Windows WinOne - Super Command Shell for Windows Lucien Cinc WinOneSuperCommandShellforWindows.htm
WINner Tweak WINner Tweak - powerful tuning software WINner Tweak Software WINnerTweak.htm
WinMPG Video Convert Video Converter to convert avi mpeg mov Direct-Soft Inc. WinMPGVideoConvert.htm
Paper Shredder The Paper Shredder of PC. WinMeta PaperShredder.htm
IE Password IE Password recovers all passwords for IE5. WinMeta IEPassword.htm
WinMerge Compare and merge files or directories Thingamahoochie Software WinMerge.htm
WinKeeper Fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC! WinKeeper.net WinKeeper.htm
WinImage A fully-fledged disk-imaging tool for Win OS Gilles Vollant WinImage.htm
Readfile Readfile calculate CRC32, Adler32, MD5, SHA1 Gilles Vollant Readfile.htm
Bootpart Bootpart, the Windows boot tools Gilles Vollant Bootpart.htm
WinHKI Checksum-Calculator Anti-Virus The program is the whole complement. WinHKI Checksum-Calculator Anti-Virus WinHKIChecksumCalculatorAntiVirus.htm
WinHKI WinHki is a file compression tool. WinHKI WinHKI.htm
WinHex Hex Editor, Disk Editor, and RAM Editor X-Ways Software Technology AG WinHex.htm
Program Lock and File Encrypt Lock Programs and Encrypt Files and Folders. WGP Security Software ProgramLockandFileEncrypt.htm
WinGuard Pro Lock Programs. Encrypt Files, Folders, Drives WGP WinGuardPro.htm
Folder Lock and Hide Lock a folder without using encryption. WGP FolderLockandHide.htm
Text Hawk Text Editor Fast, multi-language text editor for Windows Wingenuity, Inc. TextHawkTextEditor.htm
WinForcer Secure your desktop PC Narrowgate WinForcer.htm
WinFeedback A Windows scripting extension for testing... Beson Data WinFeedback.htm
Monitor and Free RAM Software to monitor and free unused RAM. WinEnhance MonitorandFreeRAM.htm
Clean Registry Backup, clean and compress registry. WinEnhance CleanRegistry.htm
CryptArchiver Hide & Encrypt Files and Folders on Windows. WinEncrypt Encryption Software and Security Solutions CryptArchiver.htm
Windows Inspector Windows Inspector! - Tweaking Windows Topdownloads Networks WindowsInspector.htm
Nucleus Kernel NTFS Data Recovery Software Recover data from corrupt NTFS partitions Nucleus Data Recovery NucleusKernelNTFSDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Nucleus FAT Data Recovery Recover data from corrupt FAT partitions. Nucleus Data Recovery NucleusFATDataRecovery.htm
Window Magician Utility to improve your security Delta-Z Software WindowMagician.htm
Window Hide Tool Hide any application window using a hotkey. Window Hide WindowHideTool.htm
WinCleaner OneClick CleanUp Automatic PC Cleanup. It's safe. It's easy. Business Logic Corporation WinCleanerOneClickCleanUp.htm
WinCleaner One Click Cleans Your Windows and Boosts Performance Business Logic Corporation WinCleanerOneClick.htm
WinCatalog Standard Makes Managing Disk Collection Easier! WinCatalog.com WinCatalogStandard.htm
WinCatalog Light WinCatalog Light used for cataloging media. WinCatalog.com WinCatalogLight.htm
WinBatch WinBatch is scripting for every Windows PC. Wilson WindowWare, Inc. WinBatch.htm
WinASO RegDefrag Defragment and Compact Windows Registry. X.M.Y. International LLC WinASORegDefrag.htm
WinASO EasyTweak System Tweak,Optimize. X.M.Y. International LLC WinASOEasyTweak.htm
WinASO Disk Cleaner Clear up some space on your hard drive X.M.Y. International LLC WinASODiskCleaner.htm
WinASO Registry Optimizer Repairs Windows registry problems X.M.Y. International LLC WinASORegistryOptimizer.htm
Winalysis Security auditing tool for Windows. Winalysis Software Inc. Winalysis.htm
EventLog Translation Service EventLog Translation Service WinAgents Software Group EventLogTranslationService.htm
MySecretFolder Hides a folder or protects it password WinAbility Software Corporation MySecretFolder.htm
Folder Guard XP Edition Powerful Security Utility WinAbility Software Corporation FolderGuardXPEdition.htm
Folder Guard Professional Powerful Security Utility WinAbility Software Corporation FolderGuardProfessional.htm
Folder Guard Classic Edition Powerful Security Utility WinAbility Software Corporation FolderGuardClassicEdition.htm
Desktoplet Fast access to the desktop icons WinAbility Software Corporation Desktoplet.htm
ActiveExit XP Useful tools to control Windows exit options WinAbility Software Corporation ActiveExitXP.htm
Dialog Box Assistant Quick access to recent folders in dialogs. Xeletrix DialogBoxAssistant.htm
WinRAR Complete support for RAR and ZIP archives! RARLAB WinRAR.htm
DirPrint Print file or folder listings Wim Heirman DirPrint.htm
Quick Keylogger Perfect Invisible Family Keystroke Logger! Widestep Keyloggers Software QuickKeylogger.htm
Handy Keylogger Perfect invisible keylogger software! Widestep Keyloggers Software HandyKeylogger.htm
Elite Keylogger Elite Keylogger - smart and powerful spyware! Widestep Keyloggers Software EliteKeylogger.htm
Elite Spy Software Elite Spy Software - a unique monitoring tool Widestep Spy Software EliteSpySoftware.htm
CDBFlite Command line DBF viewer and editor. WhiteTown Software CDBFlite.htm
Whitenoise Email Attachment Encryption Send secure email attachments Whitenoise Laboratories Inc. WhitenoiseEmailAttachmentEncryption.htm
Whitenoise Computer File Security Strong fast easy encryption with Whitenoise. Whitenoise Laboratories Inc. WhitenoiseComputerFileSecurity.htm
Where Is It? Computer media cataloging software Robert Galle WhereIsIt.htm
Sleep Timer Pro Sleep timer is a system automation utility. LFH Solutions, LLC SleepTimerPro.htm
TitleBarClock Pro Display Date Time FreeMem DSpace on TitleBar. QuickerSoft TitleBarClockPro.htm
XML2CSV Java XML to CSV Tool with GUI Thomas Wenzlaff XML2CSV.htm
TWAutoRename Automatic file and directory rename. Thomas Wenzlaff TWAutoRename.htm
TWTee Tee timer Thomas Wenzlaff TWTee.htm
TWSysUhr 3 Timer and logoff Thomas Wenzlaff TWSysUhr.htm
TWSMSMail Send e-mail to SMS/Handy Thomas Wenzlaff TWSMSMail.htm
TWPassGen Password generator Thomas Wenzlaff TWPassGen.htm
TW3Monate 3 calendar, 3 almanac Thomas Wenzlaff TW3Monate.htm
TWKleinGross File rename Thomas Wenzlaff TWKleinGross.htm
TWKalender PIM Thomas Wenzlaff TWKalender.htm
TWCryptVerzeichnis crypt dir Thomas Wenzlaff TWCryptVerzeichnis.htm
TWCryptPostIt Crypt memo Thomas Wenzlaff TWCryptPostIt.htm
TWCDRom Window Tool for Java CD-Rom access Thomas Wenzlaff TWCDRom.htm
Secure Disk Protect data using encrypted virtual drives. Wekasoft SecureDisk.htm
Watch Small timer watch w/t alarm, date and options Jose Falcao Watch.htm
Watch_sk Small 'dragable' timer watch, alarms and skin Jose Falcao Watchsk.htm
File Spliter Split files to a number of smaller parts. Jose Falcao FileSpliter.htm
File Renamer Rename all files with a lot more options. Jose Falcao FileRenamer.htm
Runner Run everything, from programs, to multimedia. Jose Falcao Runner.htm
DWG2PDF PDF Converter Integrated Environmental Services, Inc. DWG2PDFPDFConverter.htm
WebSynchronizer Synchronize, backup, and mirror your data. ReGet Software WebSynchronizer.htm
Webroot MyDoom Remover Detect and Remove MyDoom Worm Webroot Software WebrootMyDoomRemover.htm
Webroot Window Washer Window Washer erases your PC activity traces. Webroot Software,Inc WebrootWindowWasher.htm
WinGuardian Monitoring Utility. Webroot Software,Inc WinGuardian.htm
Webroot Spam Shredder Halt spam before it reaches your inbox! Webroot Software, Inc WebrootSpamShredder.htm
Webroot Pop-Up Washer Stop intrusive pop-up ads with Pop-Up Washer Webroot Software, Inc WebrootPopUpWasher.htm
My Personal Favorites Create a private workspace. Webroot Software,Inc MyPersonalFavorites.htm
MacWasher X MacWasher X provides security & privacy on OS Webroot Software MacWasherX.htm
My Firewall Plus Secure your computer with My Firewall Plus Webroot Software,Inc MyFirewallPlus.htm
Webroot Desktop Firewall Protect your PC with Webroot Desktop Firewall Webroot Software Inc. WebrootDesktopFirewall.htm
MSBlast Remover Detect and Remove MS32.Blast.Worm Webroot Software MSBlastRemover.htm
Webroot Beagle Remover Detect and Remove Beagle Worm Webroot Software WebrootBeagleRemover.htm
PC Registry Cleaner Utility to scan and remove computer errors. WebPcTools PCRegistryCleaner.htm
Joiner Application intended for joining of files. Webline, Ltd Joiner.htm
Process Manager View all processes currently running. webkeysoft ProcessManager.htm
Picture Reporter Print pics with captions as an album/report. Webfoot.Net PictureReporter.htm
ProcRecon Process Terminator Willy Yeo ProcRecon.htm
Web Change Dog Watch for any change on your defined website. Web Change Dog WebChangeDog.htm
Web Snatch Internet Picture Ripper Save thousands of Internet pics in no time! Wolfgang Software WebSnatchInternetPictureRipper.htm
Weather4you The Weather4You is easy to use weather soft. Weather4you Weather4you.htm
Multilevel Digital Signature System for Enterprise Sign file in any format by many persons Web Data and Security Workgroup MultilevelDigitalSignatureSystemforEnterprise.htm
WinXfer Transfers files between PCs (modem/serial) WCSC (Willies Computer Software Co) WinXfer.htm
Comm-Logger Serial communication data logger. WCSC (Willies Computer Software Co) CommLogger.htm
DUST Switch users directly via a chosen hot key Way Beyond Computing Ltd DUST.htm
QuickNote Windows clipboard enhancement WaverlyStreet QuickNote.htm
LanHunter Search for files on your local network (LAN). WaterfallSoft LanHunter.htm
WatchetFind! Search thru text files in drives and folders WatchetSoft Limited WatchetFind.htm
watchDirectory Auto start tasks when a directory changes. GdP Software watchDirectory.htm
Wash n Sweep WashnSweep a Complete Security Suite PC Peace Of Mind Solutions WashnSweep.htm
ShadowBack Advanced easy to use automatic Windows backup Warm and Fuzzy Logic ShadowBack.htm
SpyAnytime PC Spy Secretly record user activity on computer. Keylogger Spy Software SpyAnytimePCSpy.htm
eXtended Task Manager Extended windows task manager tool Warecase eXtendedTaskManager.htm
EPMon Shows CPU usage, auto shutdown, netcheck Emilian Termure EPMon.htm
WAP Upload Upload all sorts of stuff to your mobile AGG Software WAPUpload.htm
Easydump for Oracle a GUI tool used to Export/Import oracle data Gudu Software EasydumpforOracle.htm
MotionMouse Move your mouse with motion of your head. Dr. Axel Walthelm MotionMouse.htm
BookPrintXP Print booklets saving ink and paper Walter Eckel BookPrintXP.htm
Free Wallpaper Radar wallpaper changer utility, and download wallradar.com FreeWallpaperRadar.htm
Wallpaper Sequencer Ultra New, more powerful wallpaper manager. Draxysoft WallpaperSequencerUltra.htm
Wallpaper Sequencer Standard Powerful and easy-to-use wallpaper manager! Draxysoft WallpaperSequencerStandard.htm
Super AVI/VCD/DVD Converter Convert avi to vcd svcd dvd mpeg VZOK.com SuperAVIVCDDVDConverter.htm
Super DVD To avi/vcd/svcd ripper Convert dvd to vcd svcd avi divx xvid vzok.com SuperDVDToavivcdsvcdripper.htm
WinMessenger WinPopup-compatible serverless instant messenger for all Windows versions VyPRESS Research, LLC WinMessenger.htm
NWSend Sending messages with Novell Client32 VyPRESS Research, LLC NWSend.htm
Vypress Messenger Send and receive network messages instantly VyPRESS Research, LLC VypressMessenger.htm
Vypress Chat Real-time serverless chat for local networks VyPRESS Research, LLC VypressChat.htm
XPlica for SharePoint 2003 XPlica is a powerful export tool for SP 2003 Vyapin Software Systems Pvt Ltd., XPlicaforSharePoint2003.htm
Document Import Kit for SharePoint 2003 Import Documents from Remote. Vyapin Software Systems Pvt Ltd., DocumentImportKitforSharePoint2003.htm
Admin Report Kit for IIS - (ARKIIS) ARKIIS is a powerful reporting tool for IIS Vyapin Software Systems Pvt Ltd., AdminReportKitforIISARKIIS.htm
Admin Report Kit for Exchange Server (ARKES) ARKES is a powerful tool forMS Exchange Server Vyapin Software Systems Private Limited AdminReportKitforExchangeServerARKES.htm
Admin Report Kit for Windows Enterprise (ARK) ARK is a powerful reporting tool for the Network Vyapin Software Systems Private Limited AdminReportKitforWindowsEnterpriseARK.htm
BlindWrite - CD and DVD copy copy DVD or backup CD games and audio VSO-Software BlindWriteCDandDVDcopy.htm
Win Key Genie Save typed text, Like Doskey, Auto Complete Vsisoftware.com WinKeyGenie.htm
Send Keyboard Keys Send Keyboard Keys Automatically sends Keys Vsisoftware.com SendKeyboardKeys.htm
Reboot Buddy Automatically reboot PC at set time Vsisoftware.com RebootBuddy.htm
!!Slick Browser!! Slick Browser is a free/ simple/ easy/ quick Vsisoftware.com SlickBrowser.htm
!!The Popup Blocker Wizard!! Popup Blocker and Stopper Vsisoftware.com ThePopupBlockerWizard.htm
Web Page Change Monitor Web Site Page Change Monitor Vsisoftware.com WebPageChangeMonitor.htm
Post it Note Genie post it notes and post them to monitor Vsisoftware.com PostitNoteGenie.htm
Multiple Database Query Analyzer Multiple Database Query Analyzer Vsisoftware.com MultipleDatabaseQueryAnalyzer.htm
Mouse Keyboard Wizard Lets you type using your mouse. Vsisoftware.com MouseKeyboardWizard.htm
Macro Wizard Keyboard Mouse Recorder Macro Wizard Keyboard Mouse Recorder Vsisoftware.com MacroWizardKeyboardMouseRecorder.htm
Key Mouse Genie lets you control your mouse with your keyboad Vsisoftware.com KeyMouseGenie.htm
Just Stuff Useful utilities combined into a One app Vsisoftware.com JustStuff.htm
Hotkeys Buddy automatically enters text and launches apps Vsisoftware.com HotkeysBuddy.htm
Focus Genie Automatically sets focus Keeps Window on Top. VsiSystems.com FocusGenie.htm
Multiple File Find Replace Buddy Find and Replace Text - By: Vsisoftware.com Vsisoftware.com MultipleFileFindReplaceBuddy.htm
Envelope Printer Manager Pro Envelope Printer for one or multiple address Vsisoftware.com EnvelopePrinterManagerPro.htm
Clipboard Genie Hot Keys and Saves Clipboard Data Vsisoftware.com ClipboardGenie.htm
Check Page Load Check the Load time of Web pages Vsisoftware.com CheckPageLoad.htm
Bulk Web Site Monitor checks multiple web sites if they are working Vsisoftware.com BulkWebSiteMonitor.htm
Barcode Wizard Generate Barcodes - By: Vsisoftware.com Vsisoftware.com BarcodeWizard.htm
Auto Type Auto Type/Complete words that u type Vsisoftware.com AutoType.htm
!!Automatically Push My Buttons!! Automatically Push My Buttons 2.1 Vsisoftware.com AutomaticallyPushMyButtons.htm
Auto Click Link Buddy Automatically click links and buttons on web pages Vsisoftware.com AutoClickLinkBuddy.htm
Chaper Chaper is a wallpaper manager for Windows. VSC Software Chaper.htm
SRNC SRNC is a diagnosis Tool. STEITZ VS-SUPPORT SRNC.htm
ipCompiler IPCompiler is a diagnosis Tool. STEITZ VS-SUPPORT ipCompiler.htm
KeyMan Manage your repetitive tasks easy Virtual Projects KeyMan.htm
JoyMouse Replace your mouse with a Joystick! Virtual Projects JoyMouse.htm
RoboSplit A batch processing specialized file splitter. Miroslav Mzik RoboSplit.htm
iDoc Use iDoc throb your edit ! VogueArt Studio iDoc.htm
DIKO Free DIKO automates conversion to DVD/SVCD VMesquita.com DIKOFree.htm
Reportizer Database reporting tool Vitaliy Levchenko Reportizer.htm
Rename*us File renaming utility Vitaliy Levchenko Renameus.htm
Multi-DB Querier Running SQL queries on multiple databases Vitaliy Levchenko MultiDBQuerier.htm
Exportizer Pro Database export tool Vitaliy Levchenko ExportizerPro.htm
Exportizer Database export utility Vitaliy Levchenko Exportizer.htm
Database Tour Universal database tool Vitaliy Levchenko DatabaseTour.htm
HOW ON 100 % TO PROTECT THE COMPUTER E-book. How on 100 % to protect the computer Vlanba HOWON100TOPROTECTTHECOMPUTER.htm
AnyTask AnyTask help you do most repeative tasks Vitask Software AnyTask.htm
VisualPulse Web Edition Web-based network, web, application monitor Visualware Inc. VisualPulseWebEdition.htm
CallerIP Identify backdoor security threats Visualware Inc. CallerIP.htm
VisualCron An advanced task scheduler for Windows neteject.com VisualCron.htm
Vista Start Menu A convenient alternative to the "Start" menu OrdinarySoft VistaStartMenu.htm
VistaGlance Open\run files with the power of your mind QwertyStudios VistaGlance.htm
Clip'n Collect Clipboard Tool, Note Collector, HTML Export visoracle.com ClipnCollect.htm
Visendo Analyzer Professional Analyze logfiles independent of the format. ppedv AG VisendoAnalyzerProfessional.htm
eXPert PDF Professional Edition create PDF documents Visagesoft eXPertPDFProfessionalEdition.htm
VirusRescue VirusRescue - a powerful Trojan Remover VirusRescue Inc VirusRescue.htm
Vsnotepad - White Version Easy and powerful professional notepad Virtual Spaghetti VsnotepadWhiteVersion.htm
Vsnotepad - Greeen Version Easy and powerful professional notepad Virtual Spaghetti VsnotepadGreeenVersion.htm
Vsnotepad - Blue Version Easy and powerful professional notepad Virtual Spaghetti VsnotepadBlueVersion.htm
Virtual Screen Spy Screen Capture Software for Windows Virtual Software LTD VirtualScreenSpy.htm
PC-Time Manager Parental Control Software for Windows Virtual Software LTD PCTimeManager.htm
VirtualDVR Helps to use the PC as a VideoRecorder. Softwareentwicklung Jens Wolgast VirtualDVR.htm
VIP Privacy Prevent your private info from being stolen! VIP Defense VIPPrivacy.htm
Vinade Reminder Never forget anything again... Vinade Solutions VinadeReminder.htm
#1 Video Converter Convert video file between various format. apollo tech 1VideoConverter.htm
Video DVD Maker PRO An all-in-one tool to create DVD-video disks Protectedsoft Ltd. VideoDVDMakerPRO.htm
Video DVD Maker FREE A freeware tool to create DVDs in 3 clicks Protectedsoft Ltd. VideoDVDMakerFREE.htm
Video Workshop All-In-one video converter and editor video2x.com VideoWorkshop.htm
Quick Video Converter Powerful video converter/joiner/splitter. video2x.com QuickVideoConverter.htm
Video Framer Capture, print and frame your video memories. Video-Framer.com VideoFramer.htm
Divx Avi Asf Wmv Wma Rm Rmvb Fixer Repair fix divx div avi asf wmv wma rm rmvb . Video-Fixer Inc DivxAviAsfWmvWmaRmRmvbFixer.htm
ShutdownTray ShutdownTray allows access to power settings. VicTech Software ShutdownTray.htm
LJConfig Lets you modify settings of LaserJet printers VicTech Software LJConfig.htm
ViaCleaner Clean PC registry and delete search history. Viaden Inc ViaCleaner.htm
InsideCAT Lite Edition Disk cataloger for powerusers. VGTSoftware Development InsideCATLiteEdition.htm
PDF Password Remover Remove password from encrypted pdf files. verypdf.com Inc PDFPasswordRemover.htm
PDF Stamp (PDF Watermark) stamp content into a PDF document. verypdf.com Inc PDFStampPDFWatermark.htm
Advanced PDF Tools Edit PDF info,resize page,set open action verypdf.com Inc AdvancedPDFTools.htm
Doc Converter COM Component Convert word,doc,html,rtf,txt files to PDFs verypdf.com Inc DocConverterCOMComponent.htm
PDF to Word Converter (PDF2Word) Convert PDF to doc, pdf to word files. verypdf.com Inc PDFtoWordConverterPDF2Word.htm
PDF Extract TIFF SDK-COM Component Batch Convert PDF to multi-page TIFF file. verypdf.com Inc PDFExtractTIFFSDKCOMComponent.htm
PDF To Image Converter Batch convert pdf to image files verypdf.com Inc PDFToImageConverter.htm
VeryPDF PDF Editor View and Edit PDF files, free download verypdf.com Inc VeryPDFPDFEditor.htm
VeryPDF PCL Converter (PCL to PDF) Convert PCL to PDF, PCL to TIFF, PCL to TIF VeryPDF.com Inc VeryPDFPCLConverterPCLtoPDF.htm
Encrypt PDF SDK-COM Component Encrypt to existing PDFs, pdf secure verypdf.com Inc EncryptPDFSDKCOMComponent.htm
Document Printer (docPrint) Document Printer converts Word to TIFF verypdf.com Inc DocumentPrinterdocPrint.htm
Verification Engine VerificationEngine - free Anti-Phishing Tool Comodo Inc VerificationEngine.htm
Ultimate ZIP Cracker Recover ZIP, ARJ, Word and Excel password VDGSoftware UltimateZIPCracker.htm
! System Guard only run permitted programs. Vctosft SystemGuard.htm
xSync File Synchronizer Synchronize files and folders VBX System xSyncFileSynchronizer.htm
Save Desktop Icon Pos Save the positions of your desktop icons. VBSide SaveDesktopIconPos.htm
cdTree CD, DVD and Audio CDs cataloging Tool vbKnowledgeSolutions.com cdTree.htm
PasswordSafe Password Manager for Nokia Communicator Novosoft PasswordSafe.htm
DiskBench Disk Utility to test Memory Card. Freeware. Novosoft DiskBench.htm
VanMail Easy to use but powerful email client. Vandaveer Software VanMail.htm
QueIt Easy to use but powerful scheduling utility. Vandaveer Software QueIt.htm
JvCrypt Powerful encryption utility. Vandaveer Software JvCrypt.htm
UsefulUtils CD&DVD Discs Studio Unique utility for burning discs... UsefulUtils TM UsefulUtilsCDampDVDDiscsStudio.htm
FileSpider Intranet Search: Search for any shared files Mercury FileSpider.htm
RegSpy Advanced registry spy(softly tracks registry N.I.T.ltd RegSpy.htm
PDF Chart Creator Command Line Tool Creates a variety of charts from data as PDF Utility Warrior PDFChartCreatorCommandLineTool.htm
Image to PDF Desktop Application Convert images to PDF with a Windows utility Utility Warrior ImagetoPDFDesktopApplication.htm
Image to PDF Command Line Tool Convert images into PDF from command line Utility Warrior ImagetoPDFCommandLineTool.htm
DocCommander Replaces plain Open/Save windows in programs UtilityPlanet, Inc DocCommander.htm
Download urls utility Download URLs utility. Advance utilitys Downloadurlsutility.htm
Compare folders Compare folders utility Utilitys Comparefolders.htm
Locker from kids Lock computer from kids tools. Utlity Advance Lockerfromkids.htm
Fast PC Make your PC error-free and more efficient! Advance utilitys FastPC.htm
UserTime Monitor record and graph active computer time Software Studio Ltd UserTime.htm
1st Super Mp3 Recorder 1st Super Mp3 Recorder Usdigi Co., Ltd. 1stSuperMp3Recorder.htm
Super DVD to PSP Converter version 007 Super DVD to PSP Converter version 007 Usdigi Co., Ltd. SuperDVDtoPSPConverterversion007.htm
Super DVD to iPod Converter build 007 Super DVD to iPod Converter build 007 Usdigi Co., Ltd. SuperDVDtoiPodConverterbuild007.htm
1st PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter 1st PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter is release Usdigi Co., Ltd. 1stPQDVDtoiPodVideoConverter.htm
Perfect Sound Recorder Pro Perfect Sound Recorder Pro Usdigi Co., Ltd. PerfectSoundRecorderPro.htm
Lenogo Video to iPod Converter Build 007 Lenogo Video to iPod Converter Build 007 Usdigi Co., Ltd. LenogoVideotoiPodConverterBuild007.htm
Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer Pro Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer Pro Usdigi Co., Ltd. LenogoTVtoiPodVideoTransferPro.htm
Super iPod Video Converter version 007 Super iPod Video Converter version 007 Usdigi Co., Ltd. SuperiPodVideoConverterversion007.htm
iPod Media Studio Build 007 iPod Media Studio Build 007 Usdigi Co., Ltd. iPodMediaStudioBuild007.htm
ImTOO DVD Ripper Build 2502 ImTOO DVD Ripper Build 2502 USdigi Co., Ltd. ImTOODVDRipperBuild2502.htm
DVD Cloner build 2502 DVD Cloner build 2502 Usdigi Co., Ltd. DVDClonerbuild2502.htm
CucusoftiPod Video Converter + DVD to iP Cucusoft iPod Video Converter + DVD Usdigi Co., Ltd. CucusoftiPodVideoConverterDVDtoiP.htm
123 Cucusoft iPod Video Converter + DVD 123 Cucusoft iPod Video Converter + DVD Usdigi Co., Ltd. 123CucusoftiPodVideoConverterDVD.htm
123 Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter 123 Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter Usdigi Co., Ltd. 123CucusoftiPodMovieVideoConverter.htm
Cucusoft DVD to PSP Converter Build 007 Cucusoft DVD to PSP Converter Build 007 Usdigi Co., Ltd. CucusoftDVDtoPSPConverterBuild007.htm
Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter Build 001 Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter Build 001 Usdigi Co., Ltd. CucusoftDVDtoiPodConverterBuild001.htm
USB Over Network Share USB devices over a LAN or the Internet FabulaTech, Inc. USBOverNetwork.htm
USA Shield USA Shield made security simple. Safe Soft Corporation USAShield.htm
AutoPlot Allows user to Plot large drawing sets. US Automation Inc. AutoPlot.htm
Personal SmartCheck S.M.A.R.T. attributes monitor for hard drives URL Toy software PersonalSmartCheck.htm
Advanced SmartCheck S.M.A.R.T. attributes monitor for all network URL Toy software AdvancedSmartCheck.htm
Advanced Flash Synchronizer AFS 1.1 - USB flash Synchronization tool. URL Toy software AdvancedFlashSynchronizer.htm
URGENTRECOVERY Professional Data recovery software, URGENTRECOVERY pro. ONRECOVERY URGENTRECOVERYProfessional.htm
IdleScreen Organizer Manage your wallpaper and screen savers Uptimesoft IdleScreenOrganizer.htm
AutoMate AutoMate anything in Windows Network Automation, Inc (formerly Unisyn) AutoMate.htm
Quick Recovery for RAID 5 - A Data Recovery Product Quick Recovery for RAID 5 Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd. QuickRecoveryforRAID5ADataRecoveryProduct.htm
Quick Recovery for Windows FAT & NTFS - A Data Recovery Product Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd QuickRecoveryforWindowsFATampNTFSADataRecoveryProduct.htm
Quick Recovery for Novell Netware NSS - A Data Recovery Product Quick Recovery for Novell NSS Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd. QuickRecoveryforNovellNetwareNSSADataRecoveryProduct.htm
Quick Recovery Novell Netware - A Data Recovery Product Quick Recovery for Novell Netware Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd. QuickRecoveryNovellNetwareADataRecoveryProduct.htm
Quick Recovery for Macintosh - A Data Recovery Product Quick Recovery for Macintosh Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd. QuickRecoveryforMacintoshADataRecoveryProduct.htm
Quick Recovery for Linux - A Data Recovery Product Data Recovery Software for Linux, Ext2,Ext3. Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd. QuickRecoveryforLinuxADataRecoveryProduct.htm
Quick Recovery for FAT - A Data Recovery Product FAT File System Data Recovery Software Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd. QuickRecoveryforFATADataRecoveryProduct.htm
Quick Recovery for CD CD Data Recovery Software Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd. QuickRecoveryforCD.htm
Data Wipe Software High standard grade file deletion by wiping. Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. DataWipeSoftware.htm
Disk Repair Software Hard disk drive bad sector repair and removal Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. DiskRepairSoftware.htm
Zigzag Cleaner Plus Control your computer by drawing symbols. UNIPHIZ Lab ZigzagCleanerPlus.htm
Zigzag Cleaner Hide open windows with quick mouse move. UNIPHIZ Lab ZigzagCleaner.htm
AMarker Launch applications and protect desktop UNIPHIZ Lab AMarker.htm
Utalk Network Messenger A Network (LAN) Messenger with File Transfer. Unicorn Tech UtalkNetworkMessenger.htm
DataLock Easy file - folder Security. Unicorn Tech DataLock.htm
File Security Manager Access control manager for Windows XP Home UNGSoft Developers Group FileSecurityManager.htm
Active UNERASER - Data Recovery Software Data Recovery Software, FAT and NTFS Undelete Active Data Recovery Software ActiveUNERASERDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Undo Delete Recover Accidentally Deleted Data Systweak, Inc. UndoDelete.htm
Buffer (Clipboard Manager) Buffer - store the history of Clipboard data. Uncomsoft BufferClipboardManager.htm
File Splitz! File Splitz! - The Fastest Split/Join Utility UltraTech Software FileSplitz.htm
Ultra Image Printer Convert or print any document into images Utralshareware Software UltraImagePrinter.htm
UltimaCalc Powerful algebraic calculator, many features. UltimaCalc UltimaCalc.htm
Zone Clock Zone clock is a multi Time Zone clock UK Software ZoneClock.htm
UK Speaking Clock Hear MsAgent characters announce the time UK Software UKSpeakingClock.htm
Speaking Calendar Hear and See your appointments! UK Software SpeakingCalendar.htm
Shut UP Shut UP! is a tray-based shut down tool UK Software ShutUP.htm
My Screen Cam See your webcam on screen, easy to use UK Software MyScreenCam.htm
ServiceShell Change your normal application to the service UInterface ServiceShell.htm
MouseLaunch Quickest program launcher for Windows. UInterface MouseLaunch.htm
Crypton Nigny Novgorod State University Crypton.htm
Ultimate Defender UDefender products against spyware & adware Nous-Tech Solutions Ltd. UltimateDefender.htm
TypingMaster QuickPhrase QuickPhrase - paste your signature in no time TypingMaster, Inc TypingMasterQuickPhrase.htm
Type Booster A highly customizable word completion program TypeBooster.com TypeBooster.htm
TweakNow PowerPack 2005 Professional Fully-integrated suite of utilities. TweakNow TweakNowPowerPack2005Professional.htm
XP Utilities Lite A unique set of handy tools Pingram Marketing XPUtilitiesLite.htm
Advanced XP Tweak Get the most of your Windows XP driven PC Pingram Marketing AdvancedXPTweak.htm
Tweaking Toolbox XP Improve appearance and performance of WinXP. WinShareSoft TweakingToolboxXP.htm
Tweak Genie Tweak Genie ! - Tweaking Windows Topdownloads networks TweakGenie.htm
Network Password Changer Changes password on multiple computers Twaddle Software NetworkPasswordChanger.htm
TVSAssistant - Panasonic VPS administration software for TVS50 Voice Processing System TVSAssistant - programming software for tvs50 TVSAssistant TVSAssistantPanasonicVPSadministrationsoftwareforTVS50VoiceProcessingSystem.htm
Creator Forms Windows of the any form for programs on VB Vadim Perikov CreatorForms.htm
ISO Commander Editor CD images of different formats. TurtleBlast Software ISOCommander.htm
1st TurboRun Any program, website or document 1 click away Green Parrots Software 1stTurboRun.htm
Turbo Memory Optimize your cache to act as a ram booster Topdownloads Networks TurboMemory.htm
MyCleanDesktop MyCleanDesktop is a icon organizer toolbar. Turbokat Software MyCleanDesktop.htm
TurboDemo Records Your Desktop and Creates Demos Easily Bernard D&G TurboDemo.htm
TuneUp Utilities The swiss army knife for your PC TuneUp Software GmbH TuneUpUtilities.htm
Game Player 7 0 250 Game Menager "Player" Tracermm Soft GamePlayer70250.htm
TSMobiles Terminal Service client for Mobiles SHAPE Services TSMobiles.htm
SpyCapture SpyCapture is advanced PC monitoring software TSM-Soft Enterprise SpyCapture.htm
Diary Book This is an excellent Diary Book. TSM-Soft Enterprise DiaryBook.htm
W2kEventLogReport Report no duplicates of your servers eventlog TryWareDk W2kEventLogReport.htm
Complete File Renamer Multiple file renaming tool. tri. software CompleteFileRenamer.htm
TRVProtect Trend Micro anti virus outbreak prevention TRV Security sprl TRVProtect.htm
TrustToolbar TrustToolBar – Identity Assurance Plug-in Comodo Inc TrustToolbar.htm
TrustMe SPN Secure email for everyone VE Networks Inc. TrustMeSPN.htm
Alarm Reminder eBay Edition Remember eBay auctions with this alarm tool. trulabs.com AlarmRemindereBayEdition.htm
SimpleCleaner Clear Internet Surfing Tracks from your PC Trsecurity.net SimpleCleaner.htm
myProcMan An interactive user friendly process manager. Turkish Security Network myProcMan.htm
Winvestigator A hidden computer surveillance program Tropical Software Winvestigator.htm
Private Encryptor Powerful and convenient file encryptor. Tropical Software PrivateEncryptor.htm
Private Desktop Keep a second password protected screen. Tropical Software PrivateDesktop.htm
PC Security Computer security program to protect your PC. Tropical Software PCSecurity.htm
WallMaster Pro A powerful and versatile wallpaper utility Tropical Wares WallMasterPro.htm
WallMaster Superb and easy-to-use wallpaper changer Tropical Wares WallMaster.htm
TrojanShield TrojanShield - Protect yourself from hackers TrojanShield Development TrojanShield.htm
Picture2Email Insert Pictures with just two mouseclicks Ingo Troeger Picture2Email.htm
NewName Pro rename and sort files, edit or make id3 tags Ingo Tr�ger NewNamePro.htm
Virtual Personality+ Professional telephone-internet voice changer Triplebit VirtualPersonality.htm
Virtual Personality Professional telephoneinternet voice changer Triplebit VirtualPersonality.htm
S O S Automation Baby - Medical monitor and alarm system. Triplebit SOSAutomation.htm
EasyCleaner Protect privacy and clean your disk safely. TrioSoftware EasyCleaner.htm
InfoLayout A tool for cataloging file information TrieTech InfoLayout.htm
Halftone Search for Google Desktop Extends the Google Desktop functionality TrieTech HalftoneSearchforGoogleDesktop.htm
Swift Elite The PC KJ/DJ Karaoke Hoster TriceraSoft SwiftElite.htm
SFVManager Freeware batch checker/manager of SFV files Triceptual Systems Ltd SFVManager.htm
Twin Files Twin Files identifies duplicate files Trian Software TwinFiles.htm
Arovax TraySafe TraySafe allows you to forget passwords! Arovax LLC ArovaxTraySafe.htm
Password Creator Professional Advanced Password Generator TransDigital Solutions PasswordCreatorProfessional.htm
WinMail Decoder Pro WinMail Decoder Extracts attachments Traction Software WinMailDecoderPro.htm
Split PDF Splitting multiple PDF files Traction Software SplitPDF.htm
SFV Checker SFV Checker uses CRC-32 to check files. Traction Software SFVChecker.htm
Screen Grab Pro One click grab of any screen Traction Software ScreenGrabPro.htm
PDF Text Stamp Text Stamping Multiple PDF files Traction Software PDFTextStamp.htm
PDF Print Control Take control of how your PDF's print Traction Software PDFPrintControl.htm
Traction CD Menu Creator utility for making menu-driven compilation CD Traction Software TractionCDMenuCreator.htm
Append PDF Automates the process of appending PDF's Traction Software AppendPDF.htm
XYplorer Portable multi-tabbed file manager. Donald Lessau XYplorer.htm
Trace Remover Remove all traces of usage on your computer. Towodo Software TraceRemover.htm
System Monitor Monitor the computers on your network. Towodo Software SystemMonitor.htm
Floppy Image Creates image files of floppy disks and back. Towodo Software FloppyImage.htm
All Image Creates image files of any disks and back. Towodo Software AllImage.htm
OutSource-XP OutSource-XP - backup utility for Outlook Totalidea Software OutSourceXP.htm
MyTrigger Automatically launch programs and scripts. torgesta.com MyTrigger.htm
Registry Workshop An advanced registry editor. TorchSoft RegistryWorkshop.htm
Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter re 4 61 Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter re. Top Three Reviews., Ltd. CucusoftDVDtoiPodConverterre461.htm
Cucu iPod Video Converter + DVD to iPod Suite3 3 iPod Video Converter + DVD to iPod Suite Top Three Reviews., Ltd. CucuiPodVideoConverterDVDtoiPodSuite33.htm
Top Secret Crypto Gold Encryption for chat, journal, e-mail, files. TAN$TAAFL Software Company TopSecretCryptoGold.htm
pdf stamp command line PDFStamp can add stamp and watermark into PDF verypdf.com Inc pdfstampcommandline.htm
PDFcamp Pro(pdf writer) create pdf from any printable application. verypdf.com Inc PDFcampPropdfwriter.htm
PDF2TXT(PDF to Text) PDF2TXT software can convert pdf to txt file. verypdf.com Inc PDF2TXTPDFtoText.htm
PDF Extract TIFF (Convert PDF to TIFF) Batch extract images from pdf file. verypdf.com Inc PDFExtractTIFFConvertPDFtoTIFF.htm
Encrypt PDF Command Line Encrypt to existing PDFs, pdf secure verypdf.com Inc EncryptPDFCommandLine.htm
Encrypt PDF (Secure PDF) Encrypt to existing PDFs, pdf secure verypdf.com Inc EncryptPDFSecurePDF.htm
TopLang Computer Sweeper Clean disks for junk files. TopLang software studio TopLangComputerSweeper.htm
Super DVD to iPod Converter f Super DVD to iPod Converter f Top Four Reviews., Ltd. SuperDVDtoiPodConverterf.htm
PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter f PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter Top Four Reviews., Ltd. PQDVDtoiPodVideoConverterf.htm
Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter f Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter f Top Four Reviews., Ltd. CucusoftDVDtoiPodConverterf.htm
Advanced Invisible Keylogger Advanced Invisible Keylogger! ToolsAnywhere Software AdvancedInvisibleKeylogger.htm
All In One Computer Tools Collection of tools for Windows. Tools4PC AllInOneComputerTools.htm
User Management Resource Administrator Active Directory user resource management Tools4ever UserManagementResourceAdministrator.htm
Free Disks Monitoring Software Free disk usage monitoring on Windows systems Tools4ever FreeDisksMonitoringSoftware.htm
QwikAlarm Never miss important appointments again. TI Custom Programming QwikAlarm.htm
Aplus DVD Copy make perfect copies of your DVD movies Aplus Software Inc. AplusDVDCopy.htm
TrackSweeper Erases the tracks you made on your computer. Tometa Software, Inc. TrackSweeper.htm
WinCron WinCron, multi threaded task scheduling Tomasello Software WinCron.htm
Eraser Erase data permanently. Free. Sami Tolvanen Eraser.htm
SchedInspector Scheduler, Notifier and Planner in one. Toleron Software SchedInspector.htm
Visual TCPIP Router Edit the network routes table TM Services VisualTCPIPRouter.htm
EventMeister Centralized event log monitoring and alerting Technology Lighthouse EventMeister.htm
TK8 Safe Easy-to-use, secure password manager TK8 Software TK8Safe.htm
Tinynice Txt2PDF Converts text files to PDF on the fly! Tinynice Software TinyniceTxt2PDF.htm
Tinynice MailKeeper MailKeeper is a Outlook Express backup tool. Tinynice Software TinyniceMailKeeper.htm
Windows NTP Time Server Syslog Monitor Windows NTP Time Server Syslog Monitor windows ntp time server solutions WindowsNTPTimeServerSyslogMonitor.htm
NTP Server Monitor Monitor any number of NTP servers ntp time server NTPServerMonitor.htm
Time Zones Clock Time Zone Clock Galleon Systems Ltd TimeZonesClock.htm
CharDiff Char-precise file and directory comparator Tillmann Wegst CharDiff.htm
Tidy Start Menu Customize your Start Menu. OrdinarySoft TidyStartMenu.htm
ClipMate Clipboard Extender Clipboard Extender, Hold Thousands of Clips. Thornsoft Development, Inc. ClipMateClipboardExtender.htm
SpyPal 2006 Monitor spouses, children or employees on PC. Thinkertec SpyPal2006.htm
Virtual CD Manager Manage, burn, open your CD/DVD images files Thinker Software VirtualCDManager.htm
Private Room protect folder files password easily safely Thinker Software PrivateRoom.htm
FileBoss File manipulation to the max for Windows. The Utility Factory FileBoss.htm
theSpywareShield AntiSpyware Software Proactive spyware/adware protection & removal theSpywareShield.com theSpywareShieldAntiSpywareSoftware.htm
jmouse jmouse replaces the mouse with a joystick Search Engine Optimization jmouse.htm
The Privacy Guard Hide your IP and surf anonymously. AVSoftware ThePrivacyGuard.htm
ThePhoneBOT Advanced telephone answering machine app. ThePhoneBOT.com ThePhoneBOT.htm
The PC Detective SE Monitor all PC activity SCES Software ThePCDetectiveSE.htm
The PC Detective Pro Monitor all PC activity over a lan. SCES Software ThePCDetectivePro.htm
Application Blocker Monitor all PC activity SCES Software ApplicationBlocker.htm
Drive Cleanup Wizard Rid your machine of unnecessary files Mikhail Esteves DriveCleanupWizard.htm
VBA Password Bypasser Bypass any VBA macroses password protection! Thegrideon Software VBAPasswordBypasser.htm
Project Password Program recover all MS Project passwords Thegrideon Software ProjectPassword.htm
Paradox Password Program recover Paradox datases passwords Thegrideon Software ParadoxPassword.htm
Lotus Word Pro Password Recover Lotus Word Pro files passwords Thegrideon Software LotusWordProPassword.htm
Lotus Organizer Password Recover Lotus Organizer file passwords Thegrideon Software LotusOrganizerPassword.htm
Lotus Approach Password Recover Lotus Approach file passwords Thegrideon Software LotusApproachPassword.htm
Lotus 1-2-3 Password Recover Lotus 1-2-3 Passwords to open, unlock Thegrideon Software Lotus123Password.htm
Internet Explorer Password Recovers IE passwords and saved form data Thegrideon Software InternetExplorerPassword.htm
File Own Guard File Encryption Tool and Secure Data Removal Thegrideon Software FileOwnGuard.htm
Outlook Express Password Recovers any Outlook Express passwords... Thegrideon Software OutlookExpressPassword.htm
Asterisk Password Recovery Uncovers passwords hidden with asterisk. Thegrideon Software AsteriskPasswordRecovery.htm
TypeTeller 2006 Free keyboard logger for Windows Mindhills International TypeTeller2006.htm
SuperStorm Hide your confidential files in any picture! Mindhills International SuperStorm.htm
Storm Hide your confidential files in JPEG pictures Mindhills International Storm.htm
Video Enhancer Increase video resolution with superb quality Dee Mon VideoEnhancer.htm
ABC Amber TBB Converter TBB converter to DBF, CSV, XLS, XML format ProcessText Group ABCAmberTBBConverter.htm
ABC Amber Eudora Converter Useful mails converter to any document format ProcessText Group ABCAmberEudoraConverter.htm
ABC Amber DBX Converter Useful DBX converter to DBF,CSV,XLS,XML,MDB ProcessText Group ABCAmberDBXConverter.htm
ABC Amber CHM Converter Powerful CHM converter to any document format ProcessText Group ABCAmberCHMConverter.htm
Desktop Reminder Simple reminder application TheAlas Software DesktopReminder.htm
Solway's Task Scheduler Run/open programs, files, tasks to a schedule Kevin Solway SolwaysTaskScheduler.htm
Disk Investigator Discover all that is hidden on your hard disk Kevin Solway DiskInvestigator.htm
Control3 File Manager The fastest file manager for 32 bit Windows Kevin Solway Control3FileManager.htm
the2avpro dear viruses even new the2av soft inc. the2avpro.htm
hijikethis made a security report for your computer the2av soft inc. hijikethis.htm
The Panic Button - Privacy Software Privacy software which cleans your screen! the-panic-button.co.uk ThePanicButtonPrivacySoftware.htm
The Mop Easy-to-use disk cleaner with unique features The Mop Team TheMop.htm
ViceVersa PRO File Synchronization and Backup Software TGRMN Software ViceVersaPRO.htm
MagicMessage Send SMS text messages from PC to mobiles Textmagic Ltd MagicMessage.htm
TEXTfromPDF Converts PDF to Text Salty Brine Software TEXTfromPDF.htm
Test My Hardware Test My Hardware - Free Computer Testing Tool http://www.testmyhardware.com TestMyHardware.htm
Directory Scope Displays the size of folders through Explorer Test1Software.com DirectoryScope.htm
BioMolecula WallPaper Shows real 3D models of biological molecules. TERMINAL Studio BioMoleculaWallPaper.htm
WordConvs Free Batch document conversion Telsys s.a.s. WordConvsFree.htm
WordConvs Document conversion form/to different formats Telsys s.a.s. WordConvs.htm
eBay Auto Bidder Ebay Snipe - No monthly fees, bid at the last Telience.com eBayAutoBidder.htm
eBay Analysis Compete! - Analyze your competitor's sales Telience.com eBayAnalysis.htm
CollectorSoft Telience CollectorSoft - organize & evaluate Telience.com CollectorSoft.htm
Phone Recorder Plus Phone recorder plus answering machine. Teley PhoneRecorderPlus.htm
Phone Calls Filter Block unwanted phone call with pro-log. Teley PhoneCallsFilter.htm
PC 2 Answering Machine - Professional Edition Turn your PC into an answering machine. Teley PC2AnsweringMachineProfessionalEdition.htm
Virtual Programmable Keyboard Easily record keystrokes as a global macro. Techra Software VirtualProgrammableKeyboard.htm
Tech-Pro World Clock Desktop world clock with map Tech-Pro Limited TechProWorldClock.htm
Tech-Pro Utilities Collection Desktop utility collection Tech-Pro Limited TechProUtilitiesCollection.htm
tcpIQ Dictionary Dictionary which sits in your system tray. tcpIQ / Sigma Solutions tcpIQDictionary.htm
AnyZip Windows archiver program TurboSoft, Inc AnyZip.htm
Advanced TAR Repair A powerful tool to repair corrupt TAR files. DataNumen, Inc. AdvancedTARRepair.htm
Desk Clock Pro Desk Clock Pro v1.0.1 Tapora DeskClockPro.htm
Nucleus Tape Recovery Software Recover data from corrupt tape cartridges Nucleus Data Recovery NucleusTapeRecoverySoftware.htm
DigiSecret File encryption, compression and sharing tool TamoSoft, Inc. DigiSecret.htm
Ping Monitor Tool : SuperPinger A powerful graphic ping monitor tool TallSoft SuperPinger.htm
Quick Access Folders & Files Desktop enhancement and File Dialog tools TallSoft QuickAccessFoldersampFiles.htm
Quick Ping Monitor A powerful simultaneous ip monitor tool TallSoft QuickPingMonitor.htm
Zip Self-Extractor Creator Convert zips to self-extracting executables. Tortuga Group LLC ZipSelfExtractorCreator.htm
Tagg The Personal File Tagging Utility TaggTool Tagg.htm
George Bush's Election Countdown Bush-Cheney's Election Countdown T-Minus Enterprises, LLC GeorgeBushsElectionCountdown.htm
Bush-Kerry's Election Countdown Bush-Kerry Election Countdown T-Minus Enterprises, LLC BushKerrysElectionCountdown.htm
new-ext create custom named folders easily Sergey Zorin newext.htm
diff-ext compare files easily Sergey Zorin diffext.htm
Systweak Photo Album Best way to view and edit digital photos Systweak, Inc. SystweakPhotoAlbum.htm
CacheBoost Professional Edition Accelerate your system performance in one go. Systweak, Inc. CacheBoostProfessionalEdition.htm
CacheBoost Enterprise Edition CacheBoost optimizes Windows 2000/XP systems. Systweak, Inc. CacheBoostEnterpriseEdition.htm
BoostXP Ornament Windows with cutting-edge features. Systweak, Inc. BoostXP.htm
WinClean Pro The Excalibur effect for your Windows Systweak, Inc. WinCleanPro.htm
Advanced Registry Optimizer A trusted caretaker of your system registry. Systweak, Inc. AdvancedRegistryOptimizer.htm
Advanced System Optimizer Easiest way to keep your PC error free. Systweak Inc. AdvancedSystemOptimizer.htm
Systerac XP Tools Tweak windows xp for maximum performance! Systerac XP Tools SysteracXPTools.htm
BackOnTrack Home Quick and easy-to-use recovery software System OK BackOnTrackHome.htm
System BodyGuard Free Fire wall and anti trojan security tool Advanced Interactive Marketing Inc. SystemBodyGuard.htm
System Help System Help - The userfull Resource TM Services SystemHelp.htm
ASTRA - Advanced Sysinfo Tool Performs computer configuration analysis Sysinfo Lab ASTRAAdvancedSysinfoTool.htm
Starcomms File Transfer & Copy FTP LAN/WAN and Modem Synergetix Limited Starcomms.htm
Synchredible Software for data synchronisation and backup. ASCOMP Software GmbH Synchredible.htm
SyncBookmarks SyncBookmarks transfers and merges bookmarks. StellarFlare SyncBookmarks.htm
4S Lock 4S Lock locks computer transparently. Synaptex 4SLock.htm
Bill Redirect Serial-File-TCP Port & KB Bill Redirect Serial,File,TCP Port & Keyboard Bill Production BillRedirectSerialFileTCPPortampKB.htm
Bill Serial Port Monitor Bill SERIAL PORT MONITOR (RS-232 SPY Sniffer) SYMCOD INC BillSerialPortMonitor.htm
XML Marker Easily browse and edit XML files Symbol Click XMLMarker.htm
Photo Captioner Rename, caption, and organize digital photos! Swizzy.org PhotoCaptioner.htm
SwitchInspector Reports connected network devices. Netxar Technologies Inc. SwitchInspector.htm
XP App Wizard Organize your Start Menu items user-by-user Software Informatics Group XPAppWizard.htm
Swift Paste Swift Paste is a clipboard software. Swift Paste SwiftPaste.htm
RamSmash Manage your computers memory SwiftDog RamSmash.htm
PcThrust Boost your computer speed and performance SwiftDog PcThrust.htm
PcHeal Fix and boost your computer speed SwiftDog PcHeal.htm
GameThrust Make games and internet run faster SwiftDog GameThrust.htm
GameHike Make games run faster SwiftDog GameHike.htm
010 Editor The Professional Hex Editor and Disk Editor. SweetScape 010Editor.htm
Dmouse Easily swap the left and right mouse buttons. SwapMouseButtons Dmouse.htm
SMS Reception Center Process incoming SMS in various ways SW4ME.Com Programmers Group SMSReceptionCenter.htm
Win Menu 2000 A quick and easy to use toolbar Sven Tore Iversen WinMenu2000.htm
TextIt Plain text editor Sven Tore Iversen TextIt.htm
RAM Boost Pro Optimize your PC's RAM with this cool utility Suzuki Technologies RAMBoostPro.htm
Startup Control Center Take control over your computer. Sureshot Software/Bysoft DATA AB StartupControlCenter.htm
Beyond Keylogger Invisible tool that records every activity. Supremtec BeyondKeylogger.htm
Supreme Spy Supreme Spy is an easy to use pc keylogger. SupremeSpy.com SupremeSpy.htm
WebPicker collect and manage Web information! SuperLogix.net WebPicker.htm
Super Utilities Fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC! SuperLogix.net SuperUtilities.htm
superkeylogger Keylogger with remote installation. Shakeel Hasan Khan superkeylogger.htm
Superior Search Full-text search for Windows NeuroPower Technologies GmbH SuperiorSearch.htm
Super Flexible File Synchronizer File Synchronization/Backup Tool, Scheduler Super Flexible Software SuperFlexibleFileSynchronizer.htm
SUPERFileRecover Deleted File Recovery Made Easy! SUPERFileRecover.com SUPERFileRecover.htm
SuperCool Calendar PIM software about calendar with alarm cuiwei SuperCoolCalendar.htm
BootSafe BootSafe - Makes booting in Safe Mode a snap! SuperAdBlocker.com BootSafe.htm
Super DVD Creator Convert media files to DVD, VCD and SVCD. com-http SuperDVDCreator.htm
Really Random Numbers Random Number Generator using sound card Sunny Beach Technology, Inc. ReallyRandomNumbers.htm
Keylogger Hunter Universal anti-keylogger. Alexander G. Styopkin KeyloggerHunter.htm
Start Menu Tuner Change the order Of Start Menu Programs. Alexander G. Styopkin StartMenuTuner.htm
Delayed Shutdown Shut down Windows computers automatically. Alexander G. Styopkin DelayedShutdown.htm
SensorsView Pro Monitors temperatures, voltages, fan speeds STV Software SensorsViewPro.htm
Folder Jockey Folder shortcut and hotkey utility. StudyLamp Software FolderJockey.htm
FileCheckMD5 Creates files for testing file integrity Brandon Staggs FileCheckMD5.htm
Strong DVD/Video Tools A collection of strong DVD/Video tools. StrongFiles.com StrongDVDVideoTools.htm
Event Log Janitor ELJ Emails Event Logs at predefined Intervals Streiff Information Services EventLogJanitor.htm
STRAYK Downloads a wallpaper automatically every day strayk.com STRAYK.htm
PC Safe Store login data for your favorite sites Storm Software PCSafe.htm
Here it is! Offline browsing and organizing your discs Storm Software Hereitis.htm
Birthdays Birthday reminder with mail notify feature Storm Software Birthdays.htm
Software Techniques Parsing Tool (STPT) Text file parsing (data extraction) software. Software Techniques Inc. SoftwareTechniquesParsingToolSTPT.htm
Batch Rename Quickly and efficiently rename multiple files SoftTech InterCorp BatchRename.htm
Sticky Password Remember passwords to programs or web-sites StickyPassword.com StickyPassword.htm
STG FolderPrint Plus Get cool graphical prints of your folders Starglider Systems STGFolderPrintPlus.htm
ClipFast Organize your notes and create shortcuts Starglider Systems ClipFast.htm
FOX Password Safe Reliable, secure and essential password tool. Steve Foxover Software FOXPasswordSafe.htm
Stellar Phoenix FAT - File Recovery Software Fat File Recovery Software Stellar Information Systems Ltd StellarPhoenixFATFileRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS - Data Recovery Software FAT & NTFS Partition File recovery Utility Stellar Information Systems Ltd StellarPhoenixFATampNTFSDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Wipe - Data cleanup and file eraser utility Stellar Wipe-Data cleanup & file eraser S/w. Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarWipeDatacleanupandfileeraserutility.htm
Stellar Word Recovery - MS Word Recovery Software Stellar Word Recovery Software Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarWordRecoveryMSWordRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Phoenix Novel NWFS - Data Recovery Software S.Phoenix - Novell Netware Data Recovery S/w Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixNovelNWFSDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Phoenix SCO UnixWare - Data Recovery Software S.Phoenix(SCO UnixWare) Data Recovery s/w. Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixSCOUnixWareDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Phoenix BSD S.Phoenix BSD 1.0 Data Recovery s/w. Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixBSD.htm
Stellar Phoenix Solaris-Sparc - Data Recovery Software S.Phoenix(Solaris - Sparc) Data Recovery s/w. Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixSolarisSparcDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Phoenix SCO OpenServer - Data Recovery Software S.Phoenix SCO OpenServer Data Recovery s/w. Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixSCOOpenServerDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Phoenix Solaris-Intel - Data Recovery Software S.Phoenix(Solaris - Intel) Data Recovery s/w. Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixSolarisIntelDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Phoenix Novel NSS - Data Recovery Software S.Phoenix Novell Netware Data Recovery S/w Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixNovelNSSDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Standard - If repairs Outlook Express email folders. Stellar Information Systems Ltd StellarPhoenixMailboxStandard.htm
Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Professional - Email Recovery Software Mailbox Professional PST Email Recovery s/w Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixMailboxProfessionalEmailRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Phoenix Mailbox - Exchange Desktop MailBox Exchange - OST Email Recovery s/w Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixMailboxExchangeDesktop.htm
Stellar Phoenix HP UNIX - Data Recovery Software Stellar Phoenix HP UNIX - Data Recovery S/w Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixHPUNIXDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Phoenix File Recovery - Windows File Recovery Software Stellar Phoenix File Recovery Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixFileRecoveryWindowsFileRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Phoenix Deleted File Recovery Stellar Phoenix Deleted File Recovery Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixDeletedFileRecovery.htm
Stellar Phoenix BSD - Unix Data Recovery Software Stellar Phoenix BSD Data Recovery software Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixBSDUnixDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Smart - Monitor Hard Drive Performance Stellar Smart - Monitors Hard Drive Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarSmartMonitorHardDrivePerformance.htm
Stellar Phoenix Macintosh - Data Recovery Software Stellar Phoenix Macintosh - Mac data recovery Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixMacintoshDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Phoenix Linux - Data Recovery Software Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery Software Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixLinuxDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Phoenix CDRom - Data Recovery Software Stellar Phoenix - CD Data Recovery Software Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixCDRomDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Phoenix Macintosh - MAC Data Recovery Software Stellar Phoenix Macintosh - Mac data recovery Stellar Information Systems Ltd. StellarPhoenixMacintoshMACDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Stellar Phoenix Digital Media Recovery Digital Media Recovery Software Stellar Information Systems Ltd StellarPhoenixDigitalMediaRecovery.htm
GPS Express Standard Edition GPS NMEA-0183 Protocol software Steelwater Solutions Corporation GPSExpressStandardEdition.htm
Steel Inventory Network Audit with config alert SteelSonic SteelInventory.htm
Stealth Storage Small and powerful file encryption tool. SoftCab Inc StealthStorage.htm
StatWin Pro User actions monitoring and reporting suite SXR Software StatWinPro.htm
Shared Monitor A Windows shared resource monitor and logger ExactTrend SharedMonitor.htm
QuicKeys X QuicKeys - Less working. More living. Startly Technologies LLC d.b.a CE Software QuicKeysX.htm
Docktopus Mac OS X Dock Enhancement Utility Startly Technologies, LLC Docktopus.htm
StartGuard Free Edition A Free Anti-Spyware Tool StartGuard Software StartGuardFreeEdition.htm
Stardust Wallpaper Control 2003 Easily change and configure desktop wallpaper Stardust Software StardustWallpaperControl2003.htm
Stardust Screen Saver Control 2003 Launch and configure all your screen savers Stardust Software StardustScreenSaverControl2003.htm
Remote Service Installer rsi, remote service installer, run app starbaL.net RemoteServiceInstaller.htm
Voice2Mail Voice2Mail sends voice records by mail StanfordTrident, Inc. Voice2Mail.htm
SSW Code Auditor Automate your Code Reviews SSW Pty Ltd SSWCodeAuditor.htm
EdIt! Neat DOS editor for small files SRT Enterprises EdIt.htm
Email Forwarder Filters and forwards Outlook messages SRS1 Software EmailForwarder.htm
DTM Schema Reporter Create database schema reports instantly DTM soft DTMSchemaReporter.htm
SqlAnswersMail Send email from MS SQL Server SqlAnswers.com SqlAnswersMail.htm
SpyZooka SpyZooka removes and prevents spyware BluePenguin Software Inc. SpyZooka.htm
Spyware Removal Software Systems Advanced Spyware Removal System Spywaretek.com SpywareRemovalSoftwareSystems.htm
Free New Spyware Removal Technology Free Spyware Removal and Real-Time Protection MicroSmarts LLC FreeNewSpywareRemovalTechnology.htm
SpyVest SpyVest removes spyware from your computer Purple Trout, LLC SpyVest.htm
Spytector Spytector - The Keylogger Always Ahead Keylogger Spy LLC Spytector.htm
SpyAOL Powerful AOL PC Surveillance Software Spytech Software SpyAOL.htm
SpyAgent Powerful Computer Monitoring and Spy Software Spytech Software SpyAgent.htm
SecurityWorks Powerful PC Protection and Security Tools Spytech Software SecurityWorks.htm
NetVizor Centralized Network Surveillance Software Spytech Software NetVizor.htm
Spydetect Spy detect pc anti-spy software Spymode Spydetect.htm
SpyHeal Advanced AntiSpyware Protection SpyHeal LLC SpyHeal.htm
SpyCleaner Platinum Spy Cleaner Platinum works as a guard Topdownloads SpyCleanerPlatinum.htm
SpyCleaner Gold This application is great Topdownloads Networks SpyCleanerGold.htm
SpyArsenal Telephone Spy Record phone conversations to your hard drive KMiNT21 Software SpyArsenalTelephoneSpy.htm
PC Activity Monitor Standard Professional monitoring and surveillance soft Spy-Soft Software PCActivityMonitorStandard.htm
PC Activity Monitor Lite Professional monitoring and surveillance soft Spy-Soft.biz Software PCActivityMonitorLite.htm
Spy Lantern Keylogger Power spy software to monitor user's activity Spydex Inc SpyLanternKeylogger.htm
WiseProtector A state-of-the-art protection system Spy-Kill.com WiseProtector.htm
WiseCleaner The ultimate registry & system cleaning tool! Spy-Kill.com WiseCleaner.htm
Data Restore The ultimate data recovery software around! Spy-Kill.com DataRestore.htm
Spy-Keylogger Spy-Keylogger- keystroke recorder, key logger SM Lab SpyKeylogger.htm
Sprintbit File Manager File Manager for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP Sprintbit Software SprintbitFileManager.htm
Virtual Stopwatch Pro Multi-function graphic clock program. Spring Creek Software Company VirtualStopwatchPro.htm
Virtual Stopwatch Multi-function graphic clock program. Spring Creek Software Company VirtualStopwatch.htm
OnStart Pro A multi-user startup manager Spellway OnStartPro.htm
Hotkey Assistant A powerful and easy-to-use hotkey manager Spellway HotkeyAssistant.htm
ABCSpell for Outlook Express Add spell checking & more to Outlook Express. Isota LLC ABCSpellforOutlookExpress.htm
SpeedyPDF Virtual PDF Printer for Windows Dunning Software SpeedyPDF.htm
MLEditor Standard Edition Professional multi-language text editor. Anasoft Studio MLEditorStandardEdition.htm
SpeedItUp Extreme - Free Speed Booster Speed up your PC by 300% or more for Free.. MicroSmarts LLC SpeedItUpExtremeFreeSpeedBooster.htm
Registry Sweeper Scan and fix your registry easily and quickly SpeedBin Software RegistrySweeper.htm
Calculator NET Enhanced RPN calculator for Windows KTH CalculatorNET.htm
Active Directory Janitor Find and delete old Active Directory accounts Special Operations Software ActiveDirectoryJanitor.htm
MegaUPS Megatec compatible UPS driver for Win 2K/XP. Alexander Panchenko MegaUPS.htm
SoundTimer Simple and flexible automated task scheduler Sparkleware SoundTimer.htm
IsOnPost Remind you of events and happenings. Spanto Soft S.L. IsOnPost.htm
IEBMaker IEBMaker creates Internet Explorer bars. Spanto Soft S.L. IEBMaker.htm
SpamWeed Anti-Spam Filter powerful & easy-to-use spam filter Shuttle Information Technologies Ltd. SpamWeedAntiSpamFilter.htm
VIRUSfighter Secure and easy-to-use Antivirus software SPAMfighter VIRUSfighter.htm
SPAMfighter Block spam from entering your Outlook inbox SPAMfighter SPAMfighter.htm
SPYWAREfighter Protect your PC against Spyware SPAMfighter SPYWAREfighter.htm
SPAMfighter Standard Spam and phishing filter for Outlook/Express SPAMfighter SPAMfighterStandard.htm
SpamArrow SpamAssassin add-on for Outlook Express SpamArrow Inc. SpamArrow.htm
Universal Explorer A super turbo-charged File Manager and Viewer Spadix Software UniversalExplorer.htm
JR Split File Pro Split gigabyte file to fit on CD Spadix Software JRSplitFilePro.htm
JR Directory Printer Print a listing of every file of folder Spadix Software JRDirectoryPrinter.htm
Disk Size Manager A powerful hard disk space manager Spadix Software DiskSizeManager.htm
ClikView A powerful file viewer. Spadix Software ClikView.htm
Cryptic Letter This program helps to protect your privacy. www.sp-s.com CrypticLetter.htm
Active System Locker Computer Access Control Tool. Sowsoft, LLC ActiveSystemLocker.htm
Network Password Manager Manage passwords in enterprise securely. Sowsoft, LLC NetworkPasswordManager.htm
Instant File Name Search Instantly search files by name or wildcard Sowsoft, LLC InstantFileNameSearch.htm
Instant Document Search Powerful local PC document search engine Sowsoft, LLC InstantDocumentSearch.htm
Effective File Search Search any files on your PC or local network Sowsoft, LLC EffectiveFileSearch.htm
Big Crocodile Manage passwords with this effective tool. SOW BigCrocodile.htm
Easy Pdf Converter Convert your files into PDF documents. Sowedoo Software EasyPdfConverter.htm
SysDate Keep the current day of the month in view South Bay Software SysDate.htm
SuperCleaner Removes unneeded files, protects your privacy South Bay Software SuperCleaner.htm
Stop Messenger Service Ads! Stop Messenger Service Ads! South Bay Software StopMessengerServiceAds.htm
FastRes Quickly set your resolution and color depth South Bay Software FastRes.htm
ClamAV/SOSDG A command line anti-virus scanner for Windows The Summit Open Source Development Group ClamAVSOSDG.htm
MP3 WaveBuilder MP3 converter, ripper, recorder and much more Sontrex Software MP3WaveBuilder.htm
NetListener Watchdog for Network using ICMP. Somebytes NetListener.htm
SolveigMM Video Splitter lossless AVI WMV ASF trimming Solveig Multimedia SolveigMMVideoSplitter.htm
SolveigMM AVI Trimmer AVI Trimmer Solveig Multimedia SolveigMMAVITrimmer.htm
SoloKeep SoloKeep is a password database. Solostar Software SoloKeep.htm
Solid Converter DWG to PDF Convert CAD to PDF with Solid Converter DWG Solid Documents, LLC SolidConverterDWGtoPDF.htm
Truly Random Truly Random password and number generator. Solid Programs TrulyRandom.htm
Solid Encryption Unbreakable encryption, files and clipboard. Solid Programs SolidEncryption.htm
LanBuster LanBuster turns on or off filesharing. Solid Programs LanBuster.htm
ComputerTime Set time limits and monitor computer use. SoftwareTime ComputerTime.htm
WinShield Easiest and most reliable security utilities. Mirskiy Solutions, Inc WinShield.htm
Repair Registry Pro Repair Windows Errors Repair Registry Pro RepairRegistryPro.htm
Opt-In Email List Download Manager Opt-In Email List Download 1.0 Xperya Corporation, S.A. OptInEmailListDownloadManager.htm
SpicyBot Stops spyware dead in it's tracks! spicybyte.com SpicyBot.htm
Hard Drive Test Pilot Scan your disk(s) and files for errors. Mirskiy Solutions HardDriveTestPilot.htm
AutoShred-Doc Pinion Software AutoShredDoc.htm
Cloudmark SafetyBar for Outlook Award winning anti spam and fraud software Cloudmark CloudmarkSafetyBarforOutlook.htm
ALO CD & DVD BURNER Create Data CD & DVD, Audio CD, MP3 CD Alo Soft ALOCDampDVDBURNER.htm
BUG DOCTOR Repairs Bugs & Errors found on your PC. SOFTWARE DOCTOR INC. BUGDOCTOR.htm
File Rules File Rules - Keyword File Manager Ginkgo Software FileRules.htm
AKRAM Media Creator Create Data &Audio CD, Audio Converter Akram Soft AKRAMMediaCreator.htm
MCM CD & DVD Burner Easy CD & DVD Burner to create Data and Audio My Cool Media MCMCDampDVDBurner.htm
File Generator Allows you to generate test files of any size Campbellsville Apparel Corporation FileGenerator.htm
RM-X Player Universal multimedia player and ripper PRODIFF RMXPlayer.htm
AKRAM Audio Converter AKRAM Audio Converter ِAkram Soft AKRAMAudioConverter.htm
System Information for Windows Display System Information for Windows FBCDanville SystemInformationforWindows.htm
Print Manager Plus Track, quota and restrict printing Software Shelf International, Inc. PrintManagerPlus.htm
File Rescue Plus Recovers deleted files, photos and music Software Shelf International, Inc. FileRescuePlus.htm
AutoPilot AutoPilot system performance optimizer Sunbelt Software Distribution, Inc AutoPilot.htm
Software Brat Clipboard Utility Utility keeps multiple clipboard items. Software Brat Inc. SoftwareBratClipboardUtility.htm
Hibernate While Saving Space Save space when you have hibernate enabled. Software777.org HibernateWhileSavingSpace.htm
Print2PDF Server Edition Easy Network Document Conversion to Adobe PDF Software602, Inc. Print2PDFServerEdition.htm
602XML Form Filler Fill out, sign, and save XSL-FO XML forms. Software602, Inc. 602XMLFormFiller.htm
Registry CleanUP 2007 Cleaning and repair of the Windows Registry Marx Softwareentwicklung RegistryCleanUP2007.htm
Explorer Buddy Adds wildcard commands to Windows Explorer NEEB Hard- & Software ExplorerBuddy.htm
Hide&Protect Hide&Protect protect your shareware. SoftWar HideampProtect.htm
Multi-ZIP-licity Multiple ZIP files extraction and creation. Softuarium MultiZIPlicity.htm
Softtanks Security Software Softtanks Security Software Softtanks.com SofttanksSecuritySoftware.htm
Outlook Express Security Disable access to Outlook Express and protect IM-Soft OutlookExpressSecurity.htm
Hide & Protect any Drives Protect Hard drive, CD, DVD, floppy and flash IM-Soft HideampProtectanyDrives.htm
Hide Files & Folders Hide Files & Folders from viewing and search IM-Soft HideFilesampFolders.htm
Easy File Protector Password protect files and folders IM-Soft EasyFileProtector.htm
Easy File & Folder Protector Password protect files and folders IM-Soft EasyFileampFolderProtector.htm
Evidence Exterminator Cleans all tracks left by you while using PC IM-Soft EvidenceExterminator.htm
Disk Drive Administrator Hide, lock, protect disk drives. IM-Soft DiskDriveAdministrator.htm
Advanced Desktop Shield Protect public access PCs, stop users from IM-Soft AdvancedDesktopShield.htm
Best Network Security The best solution for corporate network. IM-Soft BestNetworkSecurity.htm
Advanced Internet Kiosk Build public access PCs or internet kiosk IM-Soft AdvancedInternetKiosk.htm
Access Manager for Windows Restrict access to to key features of Windows IM-Soft AccessManagerforWindows.htm
1 Click & Lock Prevent unauthorized access to your PC IM-Soft 1ClickampLock.htm
1 Click & Go Qick access to files and folders IM-Soft 1ClickampGo.htm
Total Text Security Protect your IM&e-mails with strong security. SoftSphere Technologies TotalTextSecurity.htm
DefenseWall The easiest way to protect yourself! SoftSphere Technologies DefenseWall.htm
DefencePlus An invisible anti-hacking armor for your OS SoftSphere Technologies DefencePlus.htm
Chameleon Clock Skinnable Windows tray clock Softshape ChameleonClock.htm
Chameleon Calendar Display skinnable calendar on your desktop Softshape ChameleonCalendar.htm
CamZoomer Adds pan, tilt and zoom to your static camera Soft Service Ltd CamZoomer.htm
EmailObserver Unique email monitoring software. Raytown Corporation LLC EmailObserver.htm
Advanced Stealth Email Redirector Powerful email monitoring program. Raytown Corporation LLC AdvancedStealthEmailRedirector.htm
AlertMobile Pro Computer monitoring via SMS Raytown Corporation LLC AlertMobilePro.htm
Network Time System Network server time synchronization software. Softros Systems, Inc. NetworkTimeSystem.htm
VolID(Disk Drives Serial Modifier) Modify your disk drive's serial number SoftRM VolIDDiskDrivesSerialModifier.htm
Masker Hide files and folders within a carrier file SoftPuls.com Masker.htm
Advanced File Organizer Catalog and organize your disks and files. SoftPrime Development AdvancedFileOrganizer.htm
Print Inspector Powerful print manager for corporate networks SoftPerfect Research PrintInspector.htm
NetWorx Measure bandwidth use and connection speed SoftPerfect Research NetWorx.htm
SoftPerfect Network Scanner A free multithreaded IP,SNMP,NetBIOS scanner. SoftPerfect Research SoftPerfectNetworkScanner.htm
LAN Search Pro Tool for fast file searching across your LAN SoftPerfect Research LANSearchPro.htm
ScriptAhead Create scripts for automating IT tasks! Softomotive Ltd. ScriptAhead.htm
RegistryErrorNuker PC Error Nuker ! Repair Your PC Now ! Advanced Systems RegistryErrorNuker.htm
DVDCloner DVD Cloner with Double Layer Support ! Advanced Systems DVDCloner.htm
Control Sheets Quick control of display settings. Softmos ControlSheets.htm
P-Guard KEEP YOUR DATA PRIVATE! SoftMajor PGuard.htm
Cipherlok Easy to use Blowfish based file encryption Softlok International Ltd Cipherlok.htm
Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP Linked virtual serial ports emulator. ELTIMA Software GmbH VirtualSerialPortsDriverXP.htm
Word2Help Word2Help - direct publisher for MS Word Nick Mokhnatov, Independent software developer Word2Help.htm
PatchBase Software's related info & data organizer Softilium Development Group PatchBase.htm
PC Security Explorer PC Security Explorer 2 increases PC protection Softigo.com PCSecurityExplorer.htm
TVLike Sleep Turn your computer off at a set time period SoftHunters TVLikeSleep.htm
1st Security Administrator-Pro Password protect PC with access restrictions Ixis Ltd 1stSecurityAdministratorPro.htm
1st Security-Administrator Protect PC, restrict access to Windows Ixis Ltd 1stSecurityAdministrator.htm
Outlook Express Protector Protect Outlook Express and its e-mail Ixis Ltd OutlookExpressProtector.htm
1st Network Admin Protection for network workstations. Ixis Ltd 1stNetworkAdmin.htm
1st Screen Lock Lock your desktop with a password. Ixis Ltd 1stScreenLock.htm
Easy Disk Drive Safeguard Hide and lock your local, network, USB drives Ixis Ltd EasyDiskDriveSafeguard.htm
Clipboard Assistant Make your text operations easier Ixis Ltd ClipboardAssistant.htm
1st Security Agent Pro Restrict access to key features of Windows Ixis Ltd 1stSecurityAgentPro.htm
MyDbConverter(access to mysql converter) it's Access to mysql converter SOFTGURU.NET MyDbConverteraccesstomysqlconverter.htm
MSSQL<->MySQL Converter MSSQL<->MySQL is MySQL to MS SQL Converter and vice versa SOFTGURU MSSQLltgtMySQLConverter.htm
Access-MySql Convert Access to mysql , and vice versa softgalaxy AccessMySql.htm
Secure Clean PC Remove unwanted evidence from PC for security SoftFolder Inc SecureCleanPC.htm
Advanced Security Level The best computer security application! SoftFolder Inc AdvancedSecurityLevel.htm
Max Data Recovery Easy-To-Use Data Recovery Utility for CD, DVD Softeza Development MaxDataRecovery.htm
Cursor Hider Hide mouse pointer tyipng when it is not req Softexe.com, CIT AdaSoft CursorHider.htm
Softes Windows Cleaner 2005 Emil Simunovic (Softes) SoftesWindowsCleaner2005.htm
Topmost Clock Fully customizable desktop clock with skins SoftDemon TopmostClock.htm
Password Keeper Expert Safe and reliable storage of your passwords SoftDemon PasswordKeeperExpert.htm
Random Password Generator Expert Easily generate strong random passwords SoftDemon RandomPasswordGeneratorExpert.htm
Attache Transparent Clock Customizable desktop alarm clock with skins SoftDemon AttacheTransparentClock.htm
Picture and Video Encrypt Prevent access to your videos and pictures. SoftDD PictureandVideoEncrypt.htm
Password Maintenance Manage all your passwords and websites. SoftDD PasswordMaintenance.htm
Mountains Wildlife Screensaver View various wildlife photos on your pc. Softdd MountainsWildlifeScreensaver.htm
File Splitter Deluxe Easily split and rejoin any file type. SoftDD FileSplitterDeluxe.htm
Easy Tray Open many programs with only 1 click. SoftDD EasyTray.htm
Disk and Registry Alert Easily track all disk and registry changes. SoftDD DiskandRegistryAlert.htm
Complete Cleanup Cleans internet tracks, garbage data and more SoftDD CompleteCleanup.htm
Registry Speedup clean, backup and compact Windows registry softcows.com RegistrySpeedup.htm
Signit Create folder self-checking signature. SoftComplete Development Signit.htm
SearchGun SearchGun is afull-text search utility SoftComplete Development SearchGun.htm
LayoutFix Keyboard layout corrector SoftComplete Development LayoutFix.htm
Hot Crypt HotCrypt is one touch text encryption softwar SoftComplete Development HotCrypt.htm
Cleaner Stop recovery/undelete your sensitive files SoftComplete Development Cleaner.htm
Almeza MultiSet unattended software automate insteller Almeza MultiSet AlmezaMultiSet.htm
WinTasks Security Made Easy! Uniblue WinTasks.htm
SpyNoMore The Only Anti-Spyware You Will Ever Need! Softcns SpyNoMore.htm
Instant Lock Password protect folder. Lock and hide folder Softcns InstantLock.htm
WinUtilities optimize your system performance Xp tools WinUtilities.htm
System Cleaner 4 in 1 suite of tools to clean your system Xp tools SystemCleaner4in1.htm
ConvertXtoDVD Convert and burn AVI video files to DVD VSO software ConvertXtoDVD.htm
PSP Video Converter + DVD to PSP Suite PSP Video Converter + DVD to PSP Suite cucuSoft PSPVideoConverterDVDtoPSPSuite.htm
Cucusoft PSP Movie/Video Converter Can convert almost all kinds of clip to PSP Softcns CucusoftPSPMovieVideoConverter.htm
Snippets Text Database A fast and easy way to store all your notes. SoftCircuits SnippetsTextDatabase.htm
Cygnus Hex Editor FREE EDITION This is the freeware version of the Cygnus. SoftCircuits CygnusHexEditorFREEEDITION.htm
Cygnus Hex Editor The fastest and easiest hex editor available. SoftCircuits CygnusHexEditor.htm
WebCam Video for Miranda Shows a picture of remote contact SoftCab WebCamVideoforMiranda.htm
SpyKeySpy Keystroke monitoring application with e-mail SoftArtStudio SpyKeySpy.htm
Adaron Zip Portal The Archive Utility for Windows SoftArtStudio AdaronZipPortal.htm
Key Remapper Allows to remap or disable keys on keyboard. Softarium.com KeyRemapper.htm
Active Keys Turn your keyboard into a remote controller! Softarium.com ActiveKeys.htm
Softabar Password Manager Softabar Password Manager Softabar SoftabarPasswordManager.htm
Softabar Command Line Email Client Softabar Commmand Line Email Client Softabar SoftabarCommandLineEmailClient.htm
EzSearch EzSearch is the search engine for your P.C. Soft9000.com EzSearch.htm
Webcam Zone Trigger Security-oriented motion detection software. Soft 2D WebcamZoneTrigger.htm
Webcam Screensaver Connect to any of live webcams on internet. Soft 2D WebcamScreensaver.htm
Sprintbit Playlist Manager Featured Playlist Creator & Manager. Soft 2D SprintbitPlaylistManager.htm
PM Stitch Creator Convert digital pictures into stitch patterns Soft 2D PMStitchCreator.htm
PictureMan Convert digital pictures into stitch patterns Soft 2D PictureMan.htm
Movie Collector Database software to catalog your collection. Soft 2D MovieCollector.htm
Morph Man 2000 Tool for morphing between pairs of pictures. Soft 2D MorphMan2000.htm
Morph Man Photo-to-photo and video-to-video morphing. Soft 2D MorphMan.htm
IncrediFace Put your face and family into movie poster. Soft 2D IncrediFace.htm
InAlbum Deluxe Turn your digital photos into stunning photo. Soft 2D InAlbumDeluxe.htm
Flash Demo Builder Build interactive online presentations. Soft 2D FlashDemoBuilder.htm
Easy TV Live and recorded television. Soft 2D EasyTV.htm
Digital Avatair Digital Avatair is a global application ideal Soft 2D DigitalAvatair.htm
Deformer You can easily apply deformations. Soft 2D Deformer.htm
Context Convert Provides immediate conversion capability. Soft 2D ContextConvert.htm
Color By Number Convert photo to a paint-by-number pattern. Soft 2D ColorByNumber.htm
Blaze MediaConvert Blaze media convert. Soft 2D BlazeMediaConvert.htm
Auto Imager Batch image processing. Soft 2D AutoImager.htm
AudioEdit Deluxe Open, create, and save audio files. Soft 2D AudioEditDeluxe.htm
Arty Flash Player Flash movie player. Soft 2D ArtyFlashPlayer.htm
Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe Create morphing movie. Soft 2D AbrosoftFantaMorphDeluxe.htm
SC-QuickStart Poweful and convenient application launcher Soft-Central SCQuickStart.htm
Password Generator Simply program to generate password Social Eng2 PasswordGenerator.htm
Sort Text Lists Alphabetically Software Sort content of in alphabetical order. Sobolsoft SortTextListsAlphabeticallySoftware.htm
Find and Replace Text In Multiple Files Software Search and replace text in many files. Sobolsoft FindandReplaceTextInMultipleFilesSoftware.htm
Find and Replace In HTML Files Software Search and replace in multiple html files. Sobolsoft FindandReplaceInHTMLFilesSoftware.htm
PDF Image Extract Software Convert (extract) images in PDF files to JPG Sobolsoft PDFImageExtractSoftware.htm
Delete Files By Date Software Search and remove (delete) files by date. Sobolsoft DeleteFilesByDateSoftware.htm
Compare & Sync Two File Folders Software Compare, sync, merge two file folders. Sobolsoft CompareampSyncTwoFileFoldersSoftware.htm
Extract Data & Text From Multiple Files Software Extract lines of text from huge files. Sobolsoft ExtractDataampTextFromMultipleFilesSoftware.htm
Remove (Delete) Duplicate Lines & Words in Text Files Software Find and eliminate duplicate lines in files. Sobolsoft RemoveDeleteDuplicateLinesampWordsinTextFilesSoftware.htm
Compare & Find Differences Between Two Text Files Software Side by side comparison tool for text files. Sobolsoft CompareampFindDifferencesBetweenTwoTextFilesSoftware.htm
Delete Add or Remove Programs List Entries Software Remove (clean) items from Add/Remove Programs Sobolsoft DeleteAddorRemoveProgramsListEntriesSoftware.htm
SnoopFree Privacy Shield Stop keyloggers and snoop-ware on Windows XP. SnoopFree Software SnoopFreePrivacyShield.htm
Secure-It Secure-It - a Windows Security Hardening Tool YASC LTD SecureIt.htm
Purge-it Purge-It Windows 9.x Anti Trojan and Backdoor YASC LTD Purgeit.htm
Harden-It Harden-It 1.1 Windows Security Hardening Tool YASC LTD HardenIt.htm
Snarfer Snarfer is the Best Way to enjoy RSS. Snarfware LLC Snarfer.htm
Snappy Fax 2000 Send and Receive Faxes from your computer John Taylor & Associates SnappyFax2000.htm
SmartSync Pro Solution to back up and synchronize your data SmartSync Software SmartSyncPro.htm
SynchroPass Windows Network Passwords Synchronizer Sergey Merzlikin SynchroPass.htm
SmartVersion A smart tool to make multi-version archives Gilles Vollant SmartVersion.htm
#1 Smart Undelete File unerase and data recovery software 1Smart Soft 1SmartUndelete.htm
Smart PC Professional Demo Make your PC error-free and more efficient! Smart PC Solutions, Inc. SmartPCProfessionalDemo.htm
Smart PC Professional Make your PC error-free and more efficient! Smart PC Solutions, Inc. SmartPCProfessional.htm
Smart PC Demo Make your PC error-free and more efficient! Smart PC Solutions, Inc. SmartPCDemo.htm
Smart PC Make your PC error-free and more efficient! Smart PC Solutions, Inc. SmartPC.htm
Smart NTFS Recovery Smart NTFS Recovery is a data recovery tool! Smart PC Solutions, Inc. SmartNTFSRecovery.htm
Magic Transfer Synchronize information on several PCs! Smart PC Solutions, Inc. MagicTransfer.htm
Smart Flash Recovery Smart Flash Recovery is a data recovery tool! Smart PC Solutions, Inc. SmartFlashRecovery.htm
Fix My Registry Keep Windows Registry in perfect condition! Smart PC Solutions, LLC FixMyRegistry.htm
Smart Fat Recovery Smart FAT Recovery is a data recovery tool! Smart PC Solutions, Inc. SmartFatRecovery.htm
Smart Data Scrubber Wipe data making its restoring impossible Smart PC Solutions, Inc. SmartDataScrubber.htm
Smart Data Recovery Smart Data Recovery is a data recovery tool! Smart PC Solutions, Inc. SmartDataRecovery.htm
Customize Start Menu Customize Your Desktop and Start Menu! Smart PC Solutions, LLC CustomizeStartMenu.htm
Clean My Registry Keep Windows Registry in perfect condition! Smart PC Solutions, LLC CleanMyRegistry.htm
#1 Smart Keystroke Recorder keystroke recorder 1Smart Soft 1SmartKeystrokeRecorder.htm
#1 Smart Keystroke Recorder Pro keystroke recorder 1Smart Soft 1SmartKeystrokeRecorderPro.htm
Free Undetectable Keylogger free undetectable keylogger Smart Soft FreeUndetectableKeylogger.htm
WinPopup Gold WinPopup Gold your local network messenger Smart Is On WinPopupGold.htm
Smart Internet Eraser Smart Internet Eraser is an eraser software SmartInternetEraser.com SmartInternetEraser.htm
#1 Smart Encryptor - Encryption Manager State of the Art Encryption 1Smart Soft 1SmartEncryptorEncryptionManager.htm
#1 Smart CD Ripper CD Ripper. Rip cd to wav and mp3 1Smart Soft 1SmartCDRipper.htm
Smart CD Catalog Standard Convenient and easy-to-use CD/DVD cataloger. Abaiko Software SmartCDCatalogStandard.htm
Smart CD Catalog Professional Convenient and easy-to-use CD/DVD cataloger. Abaiko Software SmartCDCatalogProfessional.htm
IsoBuster Data recovery from CD and DVD. Smart Projects IsoBuster.htm
Desktop Enhancer Make your work more comfortable. SmallAndHandy Software DesktopEnhancer.htm
SlyPrint Printing CD labels in one click! SlyPrint.com SlyPrint.htm
ScrapBook Memopad with folders, searching, encryption Slow-Cooked Software, LLC ScrapBook.htm
PrivyPad Secure your e-mails, passwords, secret info. SlavaSoft Inc. PrivyPad.htm
HashCalc Quick hash, checksum, and HMAC calculator. SlavaSoft Inc. HashCalc.htm
FSUM Fast file integrity checker. MD5/SFV support. SlavaSoft Inc. FSUM.htm
Text Ticker Scrolls contents of text file across desktop Slashback Associates, Inc. TextTicker.htm
Shortcut Explorer Manage Start Menu & Desktop Shortcuts Slashback Software ShortcutExplorer.htm
Find Shortcuts Search for shortcuts and test them Slashback Software FindShortcuts.htm
DatabaseBridge Cross-DBMS data migration and management Skyway Technology DatabaseBridge.htm
YourFolder Monitors folders for changes Skyward Software YourFolder.htm
IP Traffic Monitor A network traffic monitor and logger. Skyward Software IPTrafficMonitor.htm
SessionsMonitorServer Server tool for SessionsMonitor clients Skyward Software SessionsMonitorServer.htm
SessionsMonitor Monitors current sessions on your computer Skyward Software SessionsMonitor.htm
NetSearcher Searches files in LAN (network) Skyward Software NetSearcher.htm
SwToolsMan Alternative file system navigation tools SkyWander Soft SwToolsMan.htm
HotKeyz Windows Hotkey / Shortcut Creator Skynergy HotKeyz.htm
Wipe It Sanitize your hard drive, zip drive and more Skylark Utilities WipeIt.htm
Stamp It Change the date and time of multiple files Skylark Utilities StampIt.htm
Shred It Remove sensitive data from your computer Skylark Utilities ShredIt.htm
Print It Print multiple folder lists - super fast Skylark Utilities PrintIt.htm
Part It Compress, Archive, and Split multiple files Skylark Utilities PartIt.htm
Find It A lightning fast file/text searching utility Skylark Utilities FindIt.htm
Find It Pro A professional file/text searching utility Skylark Utilities FindItPro.htm
Encode It Safely encrypt or shred one or more files Skylark Utilities EncodeIt.htm
Clean It Get your machine super clean baby yeah! Skylark Utilities CleanIt.htm
XP Style Hacker Enable Windows XP styles for ANY application! Skyjuice Software XPStyleHacker.htm
Quick File Rename Personal Edition Full featured batch file and FOLDER renamer! Skyjuice Software QuickFileRenamePersonalEdition.htm
Folder Maker Create batch folders and files easily! Skyjuice Software FolderMaker.htm
Fast Folder Rename The world's first FOLDER renamer! Skyjuice Software FastFolderRename.htm
Data Stash Steganographic security tool with encryption Skyjuice Software DataStash.htm
Drag Drop and Replace Rapid text search and replace utility!! Skyjuice Software DragDropandReplace.htm
Zipfocus A powerful but compact zip reader/extractor. Cathonian Software Zipfocus.htm
WipeDir WipeDir is a utility to uninstall directories Cathonian Software WipeDir.htm
Maverick Launch Centre A powerful launcher with built-in utilities. Cathonian Software MaverickLaunchCentre.htm
SizeExplorer Report Generator Command line tool that generates file usage reports JSD Software SizeExplorerReportGenerator.htm
SizeExplorer Pro Powerful disk space usage analyzer. JSD Software SizeExplorerPro.htm
SizeExplorer Lite Powerful disk space usage analyzer. JSD Software SizeExplorerLite.htm
SizeComplete Control Minimize or maximize all windows instantly! SizeComplete Software SizeCompleteControl.htm
DocClear Quickly and easily manage your Documents menu Michael Eaton DocClear.htm
File Tutelary Encrypt files and decrypt quickly and securly SiskinSoft.com FileTutelary.htm
XorIt Assembly Language XOR File encrypter Sinner Computing XorIt.htm
Volt Idle Windows suspend and battery monitor Sinner Computing Volt.htm
Ute Compact assembly language utility package Sinner Computing Ute.htm
TwinSeek File Comparer Sinner Computing TwinSeek.htm
SmEdit Multi-use Assembly Language Small Text Editor Sinner Computing SmEdit.htm
Secs Simple up/down timer with milliseconds Sinner Computing Secs.htm
jFolder Folder icon customisation utility Sinner Computing jFolder.htm
GigAlarm Multifunction Alarm / Reminder/ Scheduler Sinner Computing GigAlarm.htm
Egg Timer settable up to 45 days with quad timer Sinner Computing Egg.htm
CryptIt Assembly Language XOR File encrypter Sinner Computing CryptIt.htm
CPUSpy CPUID, drive, OS and Cache testing utility Sinner Computing CPUSpy.htm
Chop File Splitter with wizard, CL access and CRC Sinner Computing Chop.htm
Break Stay sane with this Rest Reminder work logger Sinner Computing Break.htm
CryptoStorage for Pocket PC Cryptographic storages for your private files SinanTech Group CryptoStorageforPocketPC.htm
Trojan Remover Detects and automatically removes malware. Simply Super Software TrojanRemover.htm
Labels Create of labels 8.9 x 2.4 or 8.9 x 3.7 cm Distribution Hiven Enr. Labels.htm
SQL Admin Studio SQL Admin Studio a Database Management Tool Simego SQLAdminStudio.htm
Simply CallerID Simply CallerID is a simple callerID program Silverthorne Systems SimplyCallerID.htm
PC Locker Pro Lock and protect computer when you leave. Silver Eagle Software, Inc. PCLockerPro.htm
CleanIt TEMP folder&aposs cleaner Silmaril Software CleanIt.htm
SilentVault Personal AES 256 Data Encryption for computer, laptop. Silent Front S.S.S. Pvt Limited SilentVaultPersonal.htm
SikUp! A new way to manage your computer with ease SikUp Development Team SikUp.htm
SIGuardian S.M.A.R.T. HDD health monitoring software. PalickSoft SIGuardian.htm
SIGuardian Lite Estimate hard drive life. PalickSoft SIGuardianLite.htm
Report Generator Powerful generation of professional reports SIGRUM Computer Systems ReportGenerator.htm
ShyFile - Email, File and Chat Security Secure your files, emails and chat! Dr. Bootz GmbH ShyFileEmailFileandChatSecurity.htm
Shuric scan(clone and duplicate killer) ShuricScan: Copies must be found and killed! Shuric Com. Shuricscancloneandduplicatekiller.htm
VE Network Catcher (Lite) Freeware network monitoring tool Shunra Software VENetworkCatcherLite.htm
ShrinkTo5 ShrinkTo5. High quality and fast dvd backup ShrinkTo5.com ShrinkTo5.htm
Photo Resizer Free utility to resize + email a photo Show Your Photos PhotoResizer.htm
ShortKeys Lite Lite Text Replacement utility. Free. Insight Software Solutions ShortKeysLite.htm
ShortKeys Text Replacement utility. Insight Software Solutions ShortKeys.htm
EasyStartUp StartUp manager for MS Windows. ShishorinSoft EasyStartUp.htm
IconChanger Changing icons on the desktop is fun and easy Shell Labs IconChanger.htm
CDview CD front-end image viewer system Sheilsoft Computer Systems CDview.htm
CDmenu CD front-end menu system Sheilsoft Computer Systems CDmenu.htm
SPACEWatch pro File-level management of your disk space Sharpeware Ltd SPACEWatchpro.htm
PSP Video Manager Help you move/copy PSP MPEG4 files to PSP SharewareGuide.net PSPVideoManager.htm
123 Uninstaller uninstall unwanted old applications from pc 123 Uninstaller Development 123Uninstaller.htm
AAA HTMLEncryptor Encrypt html pages and make them unreadable! AAA-Soft Inc. AAAHTMLEncryptor.htm
CapiDog ISDN monitor showing busy channels in systray Shamrock Software GmbH CapiDog.htm
ShadowUser Eliminate unwanted changes to your PC StorageCraft Technology Corporation ShadowUser.htm
ShadowSurfer Avoid PC changes when surfing the internet StorageCraft Technology Corporation ShadowSurfer.htm
ShadowServer StorageCraft ShadowServer - Instant Recovery StorageCraft Technology Corporation ShadowServer.htm
HideAll HideAll hides all your open windows! Shri GauriShankar Software HideAll.htm
Database Gate SQL Editor and Database tools Stefano Grassi DatabaseGate.htm
WinFax Merger merge winfax fxd fxr fxs files into fxm files sfaxtools studio WinFaxMerger.htm
Smart FaxSee open view print convert ALL fax images sfaxtools studio SmartFaxSee.htm
Batch Fax2Tif Fax to tiff converter supports various fax sfaxtools studio BatchFax2Tif.htm
AllKeys Macro recorder with ergonomic toolset SeventhDigit Corporation AllKeys.htm
Cyberprinter Development Kit Use this kit to communicate with Cyberprinter Serpol Software CyberprinterDevelopmentKit.htm
Cyberprinter Software for printout management. Serpol Software Cyberprinter.htm
Serial Port Redirector Bridge serial app and a TCP/IP network FabulaTech, Inc. SerialPortRedirector.htm
Serial Port Mapper Program allows you to map any serial ports FabulaTech Inc SerialPortMapper.htm
Redecorator Fractal Wallpaper Manager Create seamless tiles and beautiful fractals. Seraline Pty Ltd RedecoratorFractalWallpaperManager.htm
FlagRASH Batch set/clear file/folder flags Sente Limited FlagRASH.htm
ConvertCsv A simple csv to text convertor Sente Limited ConvertCsv.htm
PageSpy HTML/DHTML source viewer and analyzer SEMBEL PageSpy.htm
SemTop! Tool that makes windows always on top. Semargl Company SemTop.htm
Random Geometric Shapes Screensaver shows random shapes. Segobit Software RandomGeometricShapes.htm
Passwords by Mask Generate random passwords by mask. Segobit Software PasswordsbyMask.htm
Mouse Lock Lock your mouse and PC. Segobit Software MouseLock.htm
Invisible Launcher Quickly launch programs,files,folders,documen Segobit Software InvisibleLauncher.htm
File Properties Changer Change file properties. Segobit Software FilePropertiesChanger.htm
Advanced Text Storage Quick access to your frequently used text. Segobit Software AdvancedTextStorage.htm
Advanced Password Generator Generate random passwords. Segobit Software AdvancedPasswordGenerator.htm
Actions Monitor Monitor and display system activity. Segobit Software ActionsMonitor.htm
Advanced Directory Printer Print or save your file/folder lists. Segobit Software AdvancedDirectoryPrinter.htm
DriveCryptPlusPack DriveCryptPlusPack Full Hard Disk Encryption SecurStar GmbH DriveCryptPlusPack.htm
DCPP Full disk encryption, hidden operating system SecurStar GmbH DCPP.htm
Active Shield Build a shield against spyware and trojans Security Stronghold ActiveShield.htm
PromiScan Renowned network sniffing detection software SecurityFriday Co., Ltd. PromiScan.htm
Security Desktop Tool Restrict users access to PC 1st Security Software Center SecurityDesktopTool.htm
Web Camera Security System Turn your WebCam into a Security Camera securitycamsoft.com WebCameraSecuritySystem.htm
SecureSafe Pro Complete safe password solution. FREE Trial! WinCatalog.com SecureSafePro.htm
VELite -- Disposable Instant Computer Disposable Instant Computer SecureOL Ltd. VELiteDisposableInstantComputer.htm
Secure Password Manager Secure Password Manager- Passwords Management securekit.com SecurePasswordManager.htm
Secure File Vault A file and folder locker encryption software SecureFileVault.com SecureFileVault.htm
SecureCentral ScanFi Free Edition Discover, Report, Remediate vulnerabilities AdventNet, Inc. SecureCentralScanFiFreeEdition.htm
SecureCentral PatchQuest Free Edition Patch Management Software AdventNet Inc. SecureCentralPatchQuestFreeEdition.htm
Master Shredder Secure Files Deletion Software SecureAction Research, LLC MasterShredder.htm
Advanced Encryption Package 2007 Professional Encrypts,shredds, produces .EXE & .ZIP files SecureAction Research, LLC AdvancedEncryptionPackage2007Professional.htm
Advanced Encryption Package 2007 Encrypts,shredds, produces .EXE & .ZIP files SecureAction Research, LLC AdvancedEncryptionPackage2007.htm
Crypt4Free Free files & text encryption software SecureAction Research, LLC Crypt4Free.htm
CryptoExpert 2007 Lite Virtual encrypted hard drive SecureAction Research, LLC CryptoExpert2007Lite.htm
CryptoExpert Express Easy to use on the fly encryption SecureAction Research, LLC CryptoExpertExpress.htm
CryptoCrat 2005 Strong Files Encryption Software SecureAction Research, LLC CryptoCrat2005.htm
Advanced Encryption Plug-In Pro for Windows Explorer Encrypt/decrypt/shred/SFX .EXE/ZIP files SecureAction Research, LLC AdvancedEncryptionPlugInProforWindowsExplorer.htm
Secure Storage Pro Secure encrypted virtual disk solution Rayslab, LLC SecureStoragePro.htm
Security Folder Hide and protect files, folders and drives! Everstrike Software SecurityFolder.htm
Secure Folders XP Hide and protect files, folders and drives! Secure Folders Software SecureFoldersXP.htm
LockAnEXE LockAnEXE is an EXE security utility. SecretFileSoftware.com LockAnEXE.htm
LockMyText LockMyText is text encryption software. SecretFileSoftware.com LockMyText.htm
Hide My Files Hide My Files is a file security utility. SecretFileSoftware.com HideMyFiles.htm
SearchWin Windows Multi-Term search Utiltiy Software by Dalesplace SearchWin.htm
Text Workbench Search and replace tool with FTP support SilverAge Software TextWorkbench.htm
Files Compare Tool Files Compare is a full featured merge tool. S&G Team FilesCompareTool.htm
Screenshot Utility A screen capture program, resides in the tray QSX Software Group ScreenshotUtility.htm
ScreenLock Pro Improves Windows Security & Privacy iJEN ScreenLockPro.htm
ScreenLock Award Winning Access Control + PC Security iJEN Software ScreenLock.htm
ScreenSpy Screen Spy Internet Activity Recorder Retina-X Studios, LLC ScreenSpy.htm
Program Sleuth What is really running on your computer? Screaming Bee LLC ProgramSleuth.htm
Password Hound Easy to use password management software SCP-Solutions PasswordHound.htm
Remove Startup Programs Buddy Remove abusive programs from Windows startup Scorpio Software RemoveStartupProgramsBuddy.htm
Beyond Compare File and folder compare utility Scooter Software BeyondCompare.htm
SCIROCCO Take A Break Utility that reminds us when to Take A Break! SCIROCCO SCIROCCOTakeABreak.htm
Smart Card ToolSet PRO Discover any ISO-7816 smart card easy! SCard SOFT SmartCardToolSetPRO.htm
Scan and Repair Utilities Scan and Repair PC - Remove all Spyware SMP Soft ScanandRepairUtilities.htm
SBMAV Disk Cleaner Lite Powerful disk cleaning tool. SBMAV Software SBMAVDiskCleanerLite.htm
SBMAV Disk Cleaner Powerful disk cleaning tool. SBMAV Software SBMAVDiskCleaner.htm
SBC GAMES SBC Games - the account of slot machines SoftBusinesConsulting SBCGAMES.htm
Scotts Wallpaper Switcher System tray tool to switch wallpaper SB-Software ScottsWallpaperSwitcher.htm
VisDir Free Disk Space Finder Find which programs are using too much disk! SB-Software VisDirFreeDiskSpaceFinder.htm
Scotts Windows Startup Program Manager Manage and remove windows startup programs SB-Software ScottsWindowsStartupProgramManager.htm
Groovy Hex Editor Hex / Decimal / Binary Editor with search SB-Software GroovyHexEditor.htm
Quick Number Base Converter System tray tool to convert hex-dec-bin-ascii SB-Software QuickNumberBaseConverter.htm
Save Keys Undetectable Invisible key recorder for Windows. Alpine Snow SaveKeysUndetectable.htm
HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro Conver HTML files into Word ( RTF, DOC, Text) SautinSoft HTMLtoRTFConverterPro.htm
HTMLtoRTF Converter Flash-like converting HTML to RTF. SautinSoft HTMLtoRTFConverter.htm
Spam Revenge generate lists of random, fake, email address Steve Saroff SpamRevenge.htm
Egg Timer Plus Small, Easy to use Stopwatch and Egg Timer Sardine Software EggTimerPlus.htm
txt2pdf text files to PDF format files converter SANFACE Software txt2pdf.htm
EscapeClose Pro Close the active window by pressing the Esc. SaNaPe Software EscapeClosePro.htm
EscapeClose Close the active window by pressing the Esc. SaNaPe Software EscapeClose.htm
Crazy Ball A totally crazy application launcher! SaNaPe Software CrazyBall.htm
Uninstall Manager Completely remove unwanted software. Nokta Software Inc. UninstallManager.htm
Sub Studio SAMI SAMI format subtitles editing program. Anton Breusov SubStudioSAMI.htm
SALVADOR The program for encription the information. EA Security SALVADOR.htm
Win Control Your Security Center for all Windows PCs. Salfeld Computer WinControl.htm
User Control Block undesired applications/Internet content Salfeld Computer UserControl.htm
Exe Password Password protection for any EXE-file Salfeld Computer ExePassword.htm
Child Control 2005 The parental control for all Win-systems Salfeld Computer ChildControl2005.htm
ShadowIMSniffer Shadow IM Sniffer Safety-Lab ShadowIMSniffer.htm
Safe n Sec Plus Antivirus Real-time Proactive Computer Protection S.N.Safe&Software SafenSecPlusAntivirus.htm
Safe n Sec Plus Anti-Spyware Real-time Computer Protection + Anti-Spyware S.N.Safe&Software SafenSecPlusAntiSpyware.htm
Safe n Sec Proactive protection against new threats S.N.Safe&Software SafenSec.htm
Safely Remove Safely Remove Hardware icon replacement SafelyRemove.com SafelyRemove.htm
SafeLaunch Protect file/registry from untrusted software devnz.com SafeLaunch.htm
Invisible CHAOS CHAOS made the security simple. Security Resources Group InvisibleCHAOS.htm
Hiding CHAOS CHAOS made the security simple. Security Resources Group HidingCHAOS.htm
Email CHAOS CHAOS made the security simple. Security Resources Group EmailCHAOS.htm
CHAOS Public Key CHAOS made the security simple. Security Resources Group CHAOSPublicKey.htm
CHAOS For Security CHAOS made the security simple. Security Resources Group CHAOSForSecurity.htm
CHAOS' Doors CHAOS made the security simple. Security Resources Group CHAOSDoors.htm
CHAOS Chameleon CHAOS made the security simple. Security Resources Group CHAOSChameleon.htm
Home CHAOS Home CHAOS made the security simple. Safe Soft Corporation HomeCHAOS.htm
CHAOS Universal CHAOS made security simple. Safe Soft Corporation CHAOSUniversal.htm
CHAOS Self Extractor CHAOS Self Extractor Safe Soft Corporation CHAOSSelfExtractor.htm
CHAOS Self Decryptor CHAOS made security simple. Safe Soft Corporation CHAOSSelfDecryptor.htm
CHAOS Shredder CHAOS made security simple. Safe Soft Corporation CHAOSShredder.htm
CHAOS Messenger CHAOS made security simple. Safe Soft Corporation CHAOSMessenger.htm
CHAOS Generator The best tool to create passwords. Safe Soft Corporation CHAOSGenerator.htm
CHAOS Compressor CHAOS Compressor is the easy archiver. Safe Soft Corporation CHAOSCompressor.htm
Active CHAOS CHAOS made security simple. Safe Soft Corporarion ActiveCHAOS.htm
Absolute CHAOS Absolute CHAOS made security simple. Safe Soft Corporation AbsoluteCHAOS.htm
ABC CHAOS CHAOS made the security simple. Safe Soft Corporation ABCCHAOS.htm
SafeBit Disk Encryption On-the-fly military strength disk encryption NeoByte Solutions SafeBitDiskEncryption.htm
myFiles myFiles is a simple File Renaming Tool. Rutanil myFiles.htm
Sentinel Anti-Virus/Trojan Integrity Checker RuntimeWare Sentinel.htm
RAID Reconstructor Data Recovery for RAID Arrays Runtime Software RAIDReconstructor.htm
GetDataBack for NTFS Data Recovery for NTFS systems Runtime Software GetDataBackforNTFS.htm
GetDataBack for FAT Data Recovery for FAT systems Runtime Software GetDataBackforFAT.htm
RunClik The ultimate application launcher SmartKite Software RunClik.htm
Ycopy Simple, free, set and forget, copy utility. Ruahine.com Software Ycopy.htm
Slice-n-Save Slice-n-Save spilts a file into smaller files RTSoftware SlicenSave.htm
Toolfish Utility Suite A 19-in-one talking tray application. Robinson Technologies ToolfishUtilitySuite.htm
WinDefender Real-time security and encryption software RTSECURITY WinDefender.htm
RSHUT PRO Advanced Internet Computer Power Management. RTSECURITY RSHUTPRO.htm
RTF TO XML It converts RTF docs into XML, PDF, HTML Novosoft RTFTOXML.htm
Disk Checker Disk diagnostics and repairs tool RS Software Lab DiskChecker.htm
Animabilis RS File Encryption Brainlessly simple file encryption solution. Animabilis Software AnimabilisRSFileEncryption.htm
HDD Thermometer HDD thermometer and overheating preventer RSD Software HDDThermometer.htm
SSH Tunnel SSH 1+2/reconnect/firewall/aut. proxy config rs4u software design SSHTunnel.htm
XStart An easy to use application launcher. Roxip XStart.htm
Admit One 1 click enable/disable Wndows passwrd prompts Hagel Technologies AdmitOne.htm
Synchromagic Pro Synchronize-backup network, FTP, Local HD Gelosoft Inc SynchromagicPro.htm
Registry First Aid A clean registry speeds up your computer! Rose City Software RegistryFirstAid.htm
MemoryBoost Pro MemoryBoost frees unused memory Rose City Software MemoryBoostPro.htm
CodeRed Hunter Fredrik ELmqvist CodeRedHunter.htm
RomCenter Universal rom manager. Audit your roms. RomCenter RomCenter.htm
Any Password Store all your passwords in a safe place RomanLab Software AnyPassword.htm
Rohos Welcome Windows USB stick logon solution Teslain RohosWelcome.htm
Optimum XP Easily tweak XP with powerful hidden settings Roemer Software OptimumXP.htm
StarSkin Windows appearance changing made easy. RocketDivision.Com StarSkin.htm
Right click commander 2000 Change folder, open file with 1 mouse click. Rocata Software Rightclickcommander2000.htm
RoboTask Automate any series of tasks on your computer NeoWise Software RoboTask.htm
Pass2Go Automated Portable Password Manager Siber Systems Pass2Go.htm
GoodSync Automatic File Synchronizer and Backup Siber Systems GoodSync.htm
RoboForm Password Manager/Form Filler-Browser Plug-In Siber Systems RoboForm.htm
QRav QRav makes it easy to backup important e-mail RoadSide Software, LLC QRav.htm
Acceleration Pack Speed up your whole PC with this package! RoadSide Software, LLC AccelerationPack.htm
Cache Speed Adware Cache Speed makes your computer go faster RoadSide Software, LLC CacheSpeedAdware.htm
Cache Speed Homepageware Cache Speed makes your computer go faster RoadSide Software, LLC CacheSpeedHomepageware.htm
NitroBOOT Manage your Windows startup with this tool RoadSide Software, LLC NitroBOOT.htm
AV Burning Studio Easy to use burning application tool R.M. de Boer Software AVBurningStudio.htm
PDF Image Extraction Wizard Easily eactract images from PDF documents. RL Vision PDFImageExtractionWizard.htm
Flash Renamer Advanced batch renaming utility. RL Vision FlashRenamer.htm
Dupli Find Searches documents for duplicate lines. RL Vision DupliFind.htm
ZoneView Outstanding time zone utility for Windows RJ Software ZoneView.htm
QuadRate Analyze, optimize, customize Windows RJ Software QuadRate.htm
FNA Calculator/Conversion utility for Windows RJ Software FNA.htm
ClockWise Outstanding clock/calendar and time utility RJ Software ClockWise.htm
UpTime Time since last bootup RJL Software, Inc. UpTime.htm
Group Net Send Net Send to a list of usernames or computers RJL Software, Inc. GroupNetSend.htm
Net Send Lite Ever use Net Send within Windows? RJL Software, Inc. NetSendLite.htm
Message Manager Deluxe Display an agreement message startup. RJL Software, Inc. MessageManagerDeluxe.htm
AutoRun Wizard Create an autorun CD. RJL Software, Inc. AutoRunWizard.htm
Word Password Recovery Master Instant password recovery for Word documents. Rixler Software WordPasswordRecoveryMaster.htm
VBA Password Recovery Master Instant password recovery for VBA projects. Rixler Software VBAPasswordRecoveryMaster.htm
Office Password Remover Password remover for MS Word and Excel docs Rixler Software OfficePasswordRemover.htm
Office Password Recovery Toolbox Prompt solution for lost Office passwords. Rixler Software OfficePasswordRecoveryToolbox.htm
Outlook Password Recovery Master Outlook passwords recovered in an instant. Rixler Software OutlookPasswordRecoveryMaster.htm
Outlook Express Password Recovery Master Outlook Express password recovery tool. Rixler Software OutlookExpressPasswordRecoveryMaster.htm
Internet Password Recovery Toolbox Ultimate password recovery solution. Rixler Software InternetPasswordRecoveryToolbox.htm
Internet Explorer Password Recovery Master Easy Internet Explorer password management. Rixler Software InternetExplorerPasswordRecoveryMaster.htm
Excel Password Recovery Master Instant password recovery for Excel documents Rixler Software ExcelPasswordRecoveryMaster.htm
Dial-up Password Recovery Master Network and Dial-up password recovery tool. Rixler Software DialupPasswordRecoveryMaster.htm
Computer Lock Up Lock computer access quickly and efficiently Rixler Software ComputerLockUp.htm
Access Password Recovery Master Forgot MS Access password? Don't panic! Rixler Software AccessPasswordRecoveryMaster.htm
Any Video Converter A professional video converter. Risnow Software AnyVideoConverter.htm
Rising Personal Firewall 2006 protects your computer against hackers attack Rising Antivirus International RisingPersonalFirewall2006.htm
Rising Antivirus 2006 Protection for your home or office computers Rising Antivirus International RisingAntivirus2006.htm
1 0 Ring Tone Maker Factory Make unlimited Ring Tones for your Cell Phone Bling Software Ltd 10RingToneMakerFactory.htm
Registry Washer Registry optimizer and cleaner Right Utilities Inc. RegistryWasher.htm
Memory Washer Robust memory optimization tool Right Utilities Inc. MemoryWasher.htm
Right PDF Printer SE Create PDF files from Windows server RightFiles.com Software Development RightPDFPrinterSE.htm
Right PDF Printer Pro Create PDF files from any Windows application RightFiles.com Software Development RightPDFPrinterPro.htm
Right HTML Protector Protect HTML from unauthorized extracting RightFiles.com Software Development RightHTMLProtector.htm
Right Autorun Create autorun CD RightFiles.com Software Development RightAutorun.htm
Right Autorun Pro Create autorun presentations on CD RightFiles.com Software Development RightAutorunPro.htm
Remora USB Quick Launch A quick launch menu for files in USB disk. Essential Skill Consultants Limited RemoraUSBQuickLaunch.htm
Advanced Random Password Generator Random password generator, passwords database RF1 Systems AdvancedRandomPasswordGenerator.htm
Principal AntiVirus Protect yourself against viruses and spyware Resplendence Software Projects PrincipalAntiVirus.htm
Weather Alarm Clock Get things done and don't forget the umbrella Respect Soft WeatherAlarmClock.htm
Task Commander Run your favorite applications with one click Resort Labs TaskCommander.htm
Handy Folders Quick access to folders: cut your way short! Resort Labs HandyFolders.htm
DupeWatcher A powerful duplicate file finder for Windows. Resonantsoft DupeWatcher.htm
Useful File Utilities File manager with utilities. ReplSoft Inc. UsefulFileUtilities.htm
Replace and Rename Perform both file renaming AND text replacing ReplSoft Inc. ReplaceandRename.htm
Oem<->Ansi converter Text file conversions. ReplSoft Inc. OemltgtAnsiconverter.htm
Case Converter Batch text case converter ReplSoft Inc. CaseConverter.htm
Batch Replacer Multi-string search-and-replace filter. ReplSoft Inc. BatchReplacer.htm
Advanced Replace Tools Utilities for search and replace. ReplSoft Inc. AdvancedReplaceTools.htm
Replace Tool Search and replace utility for text and html FraseTech ReplaceTool.htm
Advanced Zip Repair Repair corrupted Zip and SFX files DataNumen, Inc. AdvancedZipRepair.htm
Fresh RAM Memory Optimization At Its MAX Reohix FreshRAM.htm
RenameWiz Rename files and folders with Renamewiz T3C RenameWiz.htm
Anti Trojan Elite remove trojan and spyware, system management. ISecSoft Inc. AntiTrojanElite.htm
Anti-Keylogger Elite AKE can detect known and unknown keyloggers. ISecSoft Inc. AntiKeyloggerElite.htm
RemotePass Access Remotely control any pc worldwide in seconds. RemotePass Technologies RemotePassAccess.htm
All In One Keylogger Invisible tool that records every activity. Relytec AllInOneKeylogger.htm
Release RAM Pro Reduce Windows Crashes and Tuneup Your PC Shaughn Prestidge ReleaseRAMPro.htm
Release RAM 2000/XP Reduce Windows Crashes and Tuneup Your PC Shaughn Prestidge ReleaseRAM2000XP.htm
Turbosnap Quickly and easily snap screenshots Vectormedia Software Turbosnap.htm
Atmosphere Lite (Nature Sound Generator) Bring sounds of nature to your desktop. Free Vectormedia Software AtmosphereLiteNatureSoundGenerator.htm
Registry Explorer Puts your Registry in Windows Explorer regxplor.com RegistryExplorer.htm
RegWorks Complete registry management solution RegWorks Software RegWorks.htm
RegmagiK One click Registry shortcuts Guzner Software RegmagiK.htm
Registry Cleaner Click And Fix registry cleaner Topdownloads Networks RegistryCleanerClickAndFix.htm
RegRestore PC TuneUp Repair windows registry and tune up your pc Maxion Software RegRestorePCTuneUp.htm
Max Secure Registry Cleaner Max Secure Registry Cleaner Max Secure Software MaxSecureRegistryCleaner.htm
Registry Care Get a free full free PC registry scan Registry Care RegistryCare.htm
Registry Clean Expert Clean registry &improve your PC's performance iExpert Software RegistryCleanExpert.htm
Registry Clean Pro A utility to fix errors in the registry. QSX Software Group RegistryCleanPro.htm
DVD Ghost Watch & copy any region CSS-encrypted DVDs www.Region-Free-DVD.com DVDGhost.htm
Captain Mnemo Pro Easily keep your passwords without memorizing ReFog Software CaptainMnemoPro.htm
Black Black – Encrypts and decrypts directories. [redPill] Black.htm
Recovery ToolBox for Outlook Password Microsoft Outlook password recovery tool Recovery Toolbox Ltd. RecoveryToolBoxforOutlookPassword.htm
Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express Password Outlook Express password recovery tool Recovery Toolbox Ltd. RecoveryToolboxforOutlookExpressPassword.htm
Password Recovery Engine for Outlook Recovers PST passwords and mail passwords Bimesoft PasswordRecoveryEngineforOutlook.htm
Password Recovery Engine for Outlook Express A quick tool to return your mail password Bimesoft PasswordRecoveryEngineforOutlookExpress.htm
Password Recovery Engine for Internet Explorer Recover IE passwords and logins to sites Bimesoft PasswordRecoveryEngineforInternetExplorer.htm
Password Recovery Engine for Access Recover passwords for Access database files Bimesoft PasswordRecoveryEngineforAccess.htm
Nucleus Kernel Outlook Express Email Recovery Recover emails from corrupt outlook express Nucleus Data Recovery NucleusKernelOutlookExpressEmailRecovery.htm
Nucleus Incredimail Recovery Recover emails from corrupt incredimail files Nucleus Data Recovery NucleusIncredimailRecovery.htm
Recover4all Professional Recover deleted files under Windows. Advanced Utilities GmbH Recover4allProfessional.htm
Quick File Renamer Rename files in batch mode Rebrand Software, LLC QuickFileRenamer.htm
Easy Password Storage Save your passwords in one secure place Rebrand Software, LLC EasyPasswordStorage.htm
Computer Monitor Keylogger Secretly monitor activity on your computer Rebrand Software, LLC ComputerMonitorKeylogger.htm
RealAccount RealAccount, freeware plugin for MS Outlook matro RealAccount.htm
Lock Folder security tool that lets you lock your files Topdownloads Networks LockFolder.htm
FileZilla Password Recovery FileZilla Password Recovery Tool Reactive Software FileZillaPasswordRecovery.htm
Total Commander Password Recovery Total Commander Password Recovery Tool Reactive Software TotalCommanderPasswordRecovery.htm
FAR Manager Password Recovery FAR Manager Password Recovery Tool. Reactive Software FARManagerPasswordRecovery.htm
RbVdesktop KSVS RbVdesktop.htm
Security Department Security Department is file system protector. Rayslab Inc. SecurityDepartment.htm
Magic Basket Comfortable assistant for Windows Explorer Rayslab Inc. MagicBasket.htm
Advanced StartUp Manager Advanced StartUp Manager control your startup Rayslab, LLC AdvancedStartUpManager.htm
Advanced Password Manager Handy password manager with powerful features Rayslab Inc. AdvancedPasswordManager.htm
Database Tour Pro Universal database tool and report builder Vitaliy Levchenko DatabaseTourPro.htm
Desktop Wallpaper Timer Change your desktop wallpaper automatically. Rar Software DesktopWallpaperTimer.htm
Advanced RAR Repair repair corrupt RAR or SFX archives DataNumen, Inc. AdvancedRARRepair.htm
Rar Repair Tool A corrupt RAR archive is no problem any more. ZRT Labs RarRepairTool.htm
Rapid File Defragmentor extremely fast file defragmentor Danilov Oleg & Scherbakov Sergey RapidFileDefragmentor.htm
cWatch Cookie & Cache Monitor RANWare cWatch.htm
Pointor Imports coordinates for viewing & DXF save. Ransen Software Pointor.htm
RAM Booster Net Free up your RAM, boost your PC's speed now! RAMBooster.Net Corporation RAMBoosterNet.htm
ID_Bank ID_Bank, Password protection manager Rainbow Innovations IDBank.htm
Chronos Clock Powerful desktop speaking clock/alarm Rainbow Innovations ChronosClock.htm
Radius Test Extensible GUI Based RADIUS Testing Tool RadUtils,Inc. RadiusTest.htm
File Mirror Synchronization and Backup Tool Radutils,Inc. FileMirror.htm
Remote Administrator Radmin is the fastest remote control software Famatech International Corp. RemoteAdministrator.htm
Advanced Port Scanner Super fast multithreaded Port Scanner. Famatech AdvancedPortScanner.htm
Advanced LAN Scanner Super fast multithreaded LAN scanner Famatech AdvancedLANScanner.htm
Advanced IP Scanner Fast, robust and easy-to-use IP scanner. Famatech AdvancedIPScanner.htm
Advanced IP Address Calculator Calculates aspects of subnet configuration. Famatech AdvancedIPAddressCalculator.htm
My Time Wizard Keeps your clock syncronized to atomic ones. SoftEx Company MyTimeWizard.htm
R-Wipe & Clean Computer privacy and disk cleaning. R-tools technology Inc. RWipeampClean.htm
R-Undelete File Undelete and file recovery for Windows R-tools technology Inc. RUndelete.htm
R-Linux Data recovery utility for Ext2FS (Linux). R-tools technology Inc. RLinux.htm
R-Guard Data Security, Encryption and Audit. R-tools technology Inc. RGuard.htm
R-Firewall FREE reliable Firewall. R-tools technology Inc. RFirewall.htm
File Seeker File Seeker Searches hard Disks for Files. Qytec FileSeeker.htm
Folder Tag Add text tag to any folder. Freeware. Qunom software FolderTag.htm
Quicky Password Generator - Shareware Generates random passwords very quickly. Quicky Software QuickyPasswordGeneratorShareware.htm
Quicky Password Generator A quick, fast random password generator. Quicky Software QuickyPasswordGenerator.htm
WideStep Quick Keylogger WideStep Quick Keylogger: Covert Surveillance Widestep Keyloggers Software WideStepQuickKeylogger.htm
Spotlight on MySQL Spotlight on MySQL diagnoses DB performance Quest Software SpotlightonMySQL.htm
Discovery Wizard for SharePoint An audit tool to identify SharePoint sites. Quest Software DiscoveryWizardforSharePoint.htm
Qubit Master Voice commands do the work. Quantum Intelligence Group QubitMaster.htm
PDF Studio Annotate, comment, split, merge PDF files. Qoppa Software PDFStudio.htm
Lock my Folder Lock my Folder - folder password protected Ptshare LockmyFolder.htm
Parallaxis Winclip Winclip is power clipboard extender. Parallaxis software ParallaxisWinclip.htm
Harry Potter Clock Install this Harry Potter clock. Parallaxis software HarryPotterClock.htm
Parallaxis Cuckoo Clock Make a refreshing change to your PC Clock. Parallaxis software ParallaxisCuckooClock.htm
Password Saver Securely store and manage all your passwords. OLSOFT PasswordSaver.htm
MS Outlook Password Recovery Recovers passwords for Outlook and PST files. Drek Software MSOutlookPasswordRecovery.htm
MS Outlook Express Password Recovery Recovers passwords for Outlook and PST files. Drek Software MSOutlookExpressPasswordRecovery.htm
MSN and Google Talk Password Recovery Recovers MSN Messenger, Google Talk Password. Drek Software MSNandGoogleTalkPasswordRecovery.htm
MS Access Password Recovery Recovers passwords for MS Access databases. Drek Software MSAccessPasswordRecovery.htm
Application Launcher Application Launcher is a script launcher PVL team ApplicationLauncher.htm
DelinvFile Delete files with invalid names Assistance and Resources for Computing, Inc. DelinvFile.htm
UberIcon Adds effects to your Desktop and Explorer. Punk! Software UberIcon.htm
RocketDock Application launcher simliar to the OSX Dock. Punk! Software RocketDock.htm
Utility Ping Ping utility to check network connection Ptshare UtilityPing.htm
Photo DVD Wizard creates DVD slide show from your photos. ptshare PhotoDVDWizard.htm
PTFB Pro Mouse Auto-Clicker & Macro Recorder Technology Lighthouse PTFBPro.htm
Super Fdisk Quickly and easily manage partitions PTDD Group SuperFdisk.htm
Partition Table Doctor Software for hard disk partition recovery. PTDD Group PartitionTableDoctor.htm
PS Tray Factory Hide and sort tray icons with PS Tray Factory PS Soft Lab PSTrayFactory.htm
PS Hot Folders Instant folder access utility for Windows OS. PS Soft Lab PSHotFolders.htm
StartUp Juggler Manage your startup programs. P&S Group StartUpJuggler.htm
Cookie Editor Cookie Editor and Browser ProXoft CookieEditor.htm
R-WIN 2000 Keyboard Switch Keyboard utility, switches input languages. Proxima Software RWIN2000KeyboardSwitch.htm
Round Clock 2005 Atomic alarm clock - digital or round. Proxima Software RoundClock2005.htm
Protoport Personal Firewall Small but powerful personal firewall SoftCab Inc ProtoportPersonalFirewall.htm
Windows Vulnerability Scanner Protector Plus-Windows Vulnerability Scanner Proland Software WindowsVulnerabilityScanner.htm
Protector Plus for Windows Protector Plus 2007 antivirus for Windows Proland Software ProtectorPlusforWindows.htm
Protector Plus for Windows XP/2000 Antivirus software for Windows NT/2000/XP. Proland Software ProtectorPlusforWindowsXP2000.htm
Protector Plus for Exchange Protector Plus antivirus for Exchange. Proland Software ProtectorPlusforExchange.htm
Protector Plus for Windows Me/98 Protector Plus antivirus for Windows 95/98/Me Proland Software ProtectorPlusforWindowsMe98.htm
VideoConstructor Convert, join, split your videos and more... Protectedsoft Ltd. VideoConstructor.htm
DeviceLock Plug and Play Auditor Generates a report displaying PnP devices SmartLine Inc DeviceLockPlugandPlayAuditor.htm
DeviceLock A tool to control access to USB, CD-ROM, etc. SmartLine Inc. DeviceLock.htm
DeviceLock Me A tool to control access to removable devices SmartLine Inc. DeviceLockMe.htm
Active Network Monitor The centralized network monitoring tool SmartLine Inc. ActiveNetworkMonitor.htm
Secure Password Generator Create random passwords with a single click. Password Protect Software SecurePasswordGenerator.htm
Folder Password Protect Software to protect folders with a password. Password Protect Team FolderPasswordProtect.htm
Protect Folder Plus Protect your private and important folders. Protect Folder Plus Team ProtectFolderPlus.htm
Protea AntiVirus Tools, Quick Heal version Protea AntiVirus Tools for Notes/Domino Protea Tools ProteaAntiVirusToolsQuickHealversion.htm
Protea AntiVirus Tools, ClamAV version Protea AntiVirus Tools for Notes/Domino Protea Tools ProteaAntiVirusToolsClamAVversion.htm
Protea AntiVirus Tools, Avast! version Protea AntiVirus Tools for Notes/Domino Protea Tools ProteaAntiVirusToolsAvastversion.htm
Protaxis BestFonts utility that help you to use your fonts Protaxis software ProtaxisBestFonts.htm
Prosto Disk Cleaner easy find and wipe away all the garbage files Prosto Software ProstoDiskCleaner.htm
PromptPal Drag the DOS Box into the XP Age Technology Lighthouse PromptPal.htm
W32/Zotob Worm and its variants removal W32/Zotob Worm and its variants removal tool Proland Software W32ZotobWormanditsvariantsremoval.htm
W32/Sober Worm and its variants removal W32/Sober Worm and its variants removal tool. Proland Software W32SoberWormanditsvariantsremoval.htm
W32/Nyxem D removal tool W32/Nyxem removal tool Proland Software W32NyxemDremovaltool.htm
W32/Mytob Worm and its variants removal W32/Mytob Worm and its variants removal tool. Proland Software W32MytobWormanditsvariantsremoval.htm
W32/Bagle Worm and its variants removal W32/Bagle Worm and its variants removal tool. Proland Software W32BagleWormanditsvariantsremoval.htm
Project Reader Microsoft Project Viewer K-SOL S.r.l. ProjectReader.htm
FilesCollection Indexing, cataloguer and search tool Programs2k Company FilesCollection.htm
Mouse Tamer Gives you total control over your mouse. Programming Art MouseTamer.htm
MP3 Sorter Popular MP3 organizer and renamer Prograce Systems MP3Sorter.htm
Stealth KeySpy Secretly records/encrypts computer activities Professional Global Marketing StealthKeySpy.htm
QuickLaunch Quick access,startup services,automate tasks ProductsFoundry QuickLaunch.htm
Print File List Pro Print file lists from Windows Explorer Insaneware Solutions PrintFileListPro.htm
Keyfinder Package Four Keyfinders - one low price InsaneWare Solutions KeyfinderPackage.htm
Exchange Keyfinder Find your lost Exchange Server product key InsaneWare Solutions ExchangeKeyfinder.htm
HVFULLSC - Video Card and CPI Fonts Full Screen VGA Font Replacement Procon Systems HVFULLSCVideoCardandCPIFonts.htm
ABC Amber Outlook Express Converter Useful mails converter to any document format ProcessText Group ABCAmberOutlookExpressConverter.htm
ABC Amber CHM Merger Advanced tool that actually merges CHM files ProcessText Group ABCAmberCHMMerger.htm
HD Observer HD Observer controls your hard disk... Process Leader HDObserver.htm
ProSecurity Prevent trojans, keyloggers and rootkits. ISecSoft Inc. ProSecurity.htm
O&K Printer Viewer O&K Printer Viewer printer file viewer. O&K Software OampKPrinterViewer.htm
O&K Print Watch O&K Print Watch print monitor and manager. O&K Software OampKPrintWatch.htm
Prio Saving priority of applications. O&K Software Prio.htm
1st Privacy Tool for Windows Stop unwanted access to your PC 1st Security Software Center 1stPrivacyToolforWindows.htm
User Time Administrator Specify the time when users can work on PC 1st Security Software Center UserTimeAdministrator.htm
Protect Files Pro It helps you keep your files protected 1st Security Software Center ProtectFilesPro.htm
1st Internet Privacy Tool Protect your IE browser with this tool SSS Lab., Inc. 1stInternetPrivacyTool.htm
1st Files Privacy Tool It helps you keep your files protected SSS Lab., Inc. 1stFilesPrivacyTool.htm
IE Cache&History Viewer View and clean the IE cache and history 1st Security Software Center IECacheampHistoryViewer.htm
ThreatSentry Win Web server IPS stops known and new attacks. Privacyware ThreatSentry.htm
Privatefirewall Desktop firewall and intrusion prevention. Privacyware.com Privatefirewall.htm
Privatefirewall w/Pest Patrol Personal Firewall protection w/Anti-Spyware. Privacyware.com PrivatefirewallwPestPatrol.htm
Privacy Fusion Privacy Fusion - Full Internet Privacy Suite! Privacy Fusion PrivacyFusion.htm
Free Internet Eraser Protects your Internet privacy! PrivacyEraser Computing Inc. FreeInternetEraser.htm
Privacy Cleaner Erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs Yitian Software PrivacyCleaner.htm
2in1 Privacy Folder and Password Manager Privacyarea - 2 in 1 Privacy Folder and Password Manager AutoBAUP 2in1PrivacyFolderandPasswordManager.htm
PestBlock Protection against spyware, adware, trojans.. PrivacyAnywhere Software PestBlock.htm
CleanSpace Clean pc history, encrypt files, remove spies Privacy PC CleanSpace.htm
Anonymity Gateway Anonymity Gateway mask IP, clean online trace Privacy Gateway AnonymityGateway.htm
WhatChanged for Windows Detect and manage changes to file/registry Prism Microsystems, Inc WhatChangedforWindows.htm
EventTracker for Windows Centralized management of NT/2000 events Prism Microsystems, Inc EventTrackerforWindows.htm
PrintDeskTop PrintDeskTop prints your screen for free. PrintDeskTop PrintDeskTop.htm
YourDir YourDir is used to print windows directories Z5Com Pty Ltd YourDir.htm
File Digger Finds files Z5Com Pty Ltd FileDigger.htm
PrimaSoft Encryption - Service Edition Encryption software, service with scheduler. PrimaSoft PC PrimaSoftEncryptionServiceEdition.htm
Strong File Encryption Decryption Strong file folder encryption software. PrimaSoft PC StrongFileEncryptionDecryption.htm
Password Book Password Book for Windows PrimaSoft PC PasswordBook.htm
ExamDiff Pro Visual file and directory comparison tool PrestoSoft ExamDiffPro.htm
PSP Video Express FREE Movies/Video to PSP Converter Software PQ-DVD PSP Software PSPVideoExpress.htm
PQ DVD to iPod Video Suite Video, DVD movies to iPod Converter Software PQ-DVD iPod Video Software PQDVDtoiPodVideoSuite.htm
PowerZip Zip & unzip, encrypt confidential files Trident Software Pty Ltd PowerZip.htm
PSM Encryptor PSM Encryptor will encrypt any group of files Power Soft Makers PSMEncryptor.htm
PSM Decryptor Gorgeous graphical decryption tool. Power Soft Makers PSMDecryptor.htm
PowerShrink Compress your PowerPoint files up to 95% TopByteLabs Ltd. PowerShrink.htm
Power Launch 2 Automate Windows easily with Power Launch 2 E-Technik Website Development (Pty) Ltd PowerLaunch2.htm
Hide My Folders Makes your private files visible only for you Eltima Security Software HideMyFolders.htm
Power Recovery Professional Power Recovery Software v5.5 Sistemas Amazonica - Power Recovery PowerRecoveryProfessional.htm
Power Defrag Optimised defragmentation and disk checking. E-Technik Website Development (Pty) Ltd. PowerDefrag.htm
PA Storage Monitor Pro Storage analysis and reporting Power Admin LLC PAStorageMonitorPro.htm
PowerDVD PowerDVD 6 is a NO.1 power DVD player Braveworld Inc. PowerDVD.htm
Screen Grabber Capture and print your screen's contents. Porpoise Media ScreenGrabber.htm
Porn Tornado Download an unlimited supply of movies. Porn Tornado PornTornado.htm
Free Up Ram Free Up Ram is a simple memory optimizer. PopDrops.com FreeUpRam.htm
Keyboard Manager Deluxe Assign shortcuts, text and objects to hotkeys Polyphony Software KeyboardManagerDeluxe.htm
FastMenu File for swiftly creating Autorun menu CD/CDs Pollen Software FastMenu.htm
AutoView CD Autorun program with inf for CDs you make Pollen Software AutoView.htm
AUTOption Program to create attractive Autorun CD menus Pollen Software AUTOption.htm
Autorun Maestro Graphical CD Autorun/Autoplay menu software Pollen Software AutorunMaestro.htm
AUTOption Graphic Autorun/Autoplay menuing application for CD Pollen Software AUTOptionGraphic.htm
Autorun Action Flash Program for making Autorun/Autoplay CD-ROM Pollen Software AutorunActionFlash.htm
System Cleaner Fix your PC's problems Pointstone Software, LLC SystemCleaner.htm
MemOptimizer Improve your system's performance Pointstone Software, LLC MemOptimizer.htm
BurnRights Modify access rights for the CD/DVD devices. Poikosoft BurnRights.htm
deset Pocket Video Maker - Pocket PC Watch movies in full length on your Pocket PC deset international software limited desetPocketVideoMakerPocketPC.htm
deset Pocket Video Maker - PDA Version Watch full length movies on your Pocket PC deset GmbH desetPocketVideoMakerPDAVersion.htm
deset Pocket Video Maker - Palm Edition Watch movies in full length on your Palm PDA! deset international software limited desetPocketVideoMakerPalmEdition.htm
deset Pocket Video Maker Mobile Edition Watch movies in full length on your mobile deset international software limited desetPocketVideoMakerMobileEdition.htm
PocketOne StopWatch Stopwatch, Countdown , Alarm for Pocket PC PocketOne PocketOneStopWatch.htm
TurboCrypt TurboCrypt: Making Encryption Easy. PMC Ciphers, Inc. TurboCrypt.htm
Bowls Fixtures Creator Plus 4 Software BowlsFixturesCreator.htm
Easy Registry Optimizer Backup, optimize and compress your registry. Pixocom EasyRegistryOptimizer.htm
Complete Process Manager Monitor startup and running processes. Pixocom CompleteProcessManager.htm
WinScheduler Schedule macros to do repetitive tasks Pitrinec Software WinScheduler.htm
Perfect Keyboard PRO Assign key shortcuts to macros, type faster Pitrinec Software PerfectKeyboardPRO.htm
MacroToolbar, Standard Edition Run macros from customizable toolbars Pitrinec Software MacroToolbarStandardEdition.htm
ClickyMouse, Standard Edition Define mouse actions to start macros Pitrinec Software ClickyMouseStandardEdition.htm
ExeDesk, Standard Edition Theme enabled virtual desktop manager Pitrinec Software ExeDeskStandardEdition.htm
ExeDesk, Professional Edition Theme enabled virtual desktop manager Pitrinec Software ExeDeskProfessionalEdition.htm
FastSplit Gold Backup large files to fit on any media PiQuest Software, Inc. FastSplitGold.htm
FileQuest XP Gold A Microsoft &aposBest Choice&apos File Manager PiQuest Software, Inc. FileQuestXPGold.htm
FileQuest XP A Microsoft &aposBest Choice&apos File Manager PiQuest Software, Inc. FileQuestXP.htm
FastOpen XP Gold Launch apps and more from system tray PiQuest Software, Inc. FastOpenXPGold.htm
FastOpen XP Launch apps and more from system tray PiQuest Software, Inc. FastOpenXP.htm
EasyExplorer XP Gold A Microsoft &aposBest Choice&apos File Manager PiQuest Software, Inc. EasyExplorerXPGold.htm
EasyExplorer XP A Microsoft &aposBest Choice&apos File Manager PiQuest Software, Inc. EasyExplorerXP.htm
Steganography steganography: hide files, file encryption SecureKit, Inc. Steganography.htm
WallPaperPlus This desktop wallpaper changer keeps your des PinderSoft WallPaperPlus.htm
Floating Clock Floating Clock PS is a freeware clock, calend PinderSoft FloatingClock.htm
! - Registry Repair 2006 Scan, Find and Fix PC Errors Fast! PIMASOFT RegistryRepair2006.htm
! - Registry Fixer Scans, cleans, and repairs pc errors fast. PIMASOFT RegistryFixer.htm
! - Registry Cleaner Scans, cleans, and repairs pc errors fast. PIMASOFT RegistryCleaner.htm
! - Privacy Keeper Scan, Clean, and Remove all Internet tracks. PIMASOFT PrivacyKeeper.htm
! - $ Registry Fix Scan, Find and Fix PC Errors Fast! PIMASOFT RegistryFix.htm
! - $ Error Fixer Scans, cleans, and repairs pc errors fast. PIMASOFT ErrorFixer.htm
Error Nuker x Trek Blue ErrorNuker.htm
Error Fixer Scans, cleans, and repairs pc errors fast. PIMASOFT ErrorFixer.htm
PictureShare net Wallpaper Manager Simply the best wallpaper changer ever made. PictureShare.net PictureSharenetWallpaperManager.htm
Screen Privacy Hides windows to protect your privacy Pictures Software, Inc ScreenPrivacy.htm
Pictures Slideshow Maker Creating slideshow video, EXE and SCR files. Pictures Software, Inc PicturesSlideshowMaker.htm
Photo Slideshow Builder Creating slideshow executable and video files Pictures Software, Inc PhotoSlideshowBuilder.htm
PicoZip Recovery Tool Easy-to-use free Zip password recovery tool. Softchitect PicoZipRecoveryTool.htm
PicoZip Easy to use feature packed archive utility. Softchitect PicoZip.htm
StrongDisk Pro The best on-the-fly encryption software. PhystechSoft, Ltd. StrongDiskPro.htm
Phrase Express Autotext Instant access to all your often used phrases Bartels Media PhraseExpressAutotext.htm
Digital Photo Recovery Digital Photo Recovery Digital Image Recovery Galaxy Inc DigitalPhotoRecovery.htm
Photo Recovery Wizard Recover lost or deleted photos Coding Workshop Limited PhotoRecoveryWizard.htm
PhotoOne Recovery recover lost or deleted digital images photos Best IT Solutions PhotoOneRecovery.htm
Minos Zip Zip,unzip and create self-extracting files. Minos Software Group. MinosZip.htm
Minos Lock Lock, hide, and password-protect folders. Minos Software Group MinosLock.htm
sMaRTcaPs Control your Caps Lock,Num Lock,& Insert keys Phoebus LLC sMaRTcaPs.htm
Easy Mov Capture Capture desktop to quicktime mov Phelios Inc. EasyMovCapture.htm
SuperRam Manage your computers memory PGWARE LLC SuperRam.htm
PcMedik Fix and boost your computer speed PGWARE LLC PcMedik.htm
PcBoost Boost your computer speed and performance PGWARE LLC PcBoost.htm
UnRAR for Windows Extracts the files from a .rar archive Pewter Software UnRARforWindows.htm
PestBlock AntiSpyware Protection against spyware, adware, trojans.. PrivacyAnywhere Software PestBlockAntiSpyware.htm
Personal Inspector Total control over users’ computer activity KMiNT21 Software PersonalInspector.htm
Permission Analyzer Get the access rights per user or user group Perdemia PermissionAnalyzer.htm
Data Sync Files Backup and Synchronization utility Peridot Technologies LLC DataSync.htm
Action Mouse Mover Automatic clicks, double clicks, right clicks PerfectIntelligence.biz ActionMouseMover.htm
Handy Tools 2005 for Sony Ericsson Suite of 6 "must have" applications for SE Paragon Technologie GMBH HandyTools2005forSonyEricsson.htm
Handy Safe for Sony Ericsson Handy Safe - Assistant for data managing Paragon Technologie GMBH HandySafeforSonyEricsson.htm
Handy Explorer for Sony Ericsson Powerful file management software for UIQ Paragon Technologie GMBH HandyExplorerforSonyEricsson.htm
Handy Databank for Sony Ericsson Handy Databank is database for Sony Ericsson Paragon Technologie GMBH HandyDatabankforSonyEricsson.htm
Handy Day 2005 for Sony Ericsson Overview of meetings, tasks, and messages. Paragon Technologie GMBH HandyDay2005forSonyEricsson.htm
Handy Day 2005 for Sony Ericsson Skins 6 skins of different kinds. Paragon Technologie GMBH HandyDay2005forSonyEricssonSkins.htm
Paragon Partition Manager (Personal) Easy and reliable hard drive partitioning Paragon Technologie GMBH ParagonPartitionManagerPersonal.htm
Paragon Hard Disk Manager (Personal) Complete and reliable toolset for hard disk Paragon Technologie GMBH ParagonHardDiskManagerPersonal.htm
Paragon Easy CD-DVD Recorder Data recordder to CD/DVD Paragon Technologie GMBH ParagonEasyCDDVDRecorder.htm
Paragon CD-ROM Emulator (Personal) Create your CD/DVD images and virtual drives! Paragon Technologie GMBH ParagonCDROMEmulatorPersonal.htm
netshrink Executable compressor for .net files PELock Software netshrink.htm
PEERNET File Conversion Center Batch convert documents into images files. PEERNET Inc. PEERNETFileConversionCenter.htm
TIFF Image Printer TIFF Image Printer creates high quality TIFFs PEERNET Inc. TIFFImagePrinter.htm
PDF Ripper Extract image, text, chart, formula from PDF. PDF Bean Inc. PDFRipper.htm
PDF4U Pro A full-featured, easy-to-use PDF creator PDF Bean Inc. PDF4UPro.htm
PDF4U Affordable, easy to use, powerful PDF creator PDF Bean Inc. PDF4U.htm
PDF4Free Free PDF creator, writer and PDF converter PDF Bean Inc. PDF4Free.htm
pdfMachine The quick and easy way to convert to PDF. Broadgun Software Pty. Ltd. pdfMachine.htm
pdf4u Printer Quality PDF conversion with minimal expense pdf4u pdf4uPrinter.htm
PCWindex Fix common registry problems MicroSolutions PCWindex.htm
PCWash Erase the secrets your computer is keeping PCWash PCWash.htm
Registry Mechanic Advanced registry cleaner for Windows PC Tools RegistryMechanic.htm
PC Tools AntiVirus Full anti-virus package PC Tools PCToolsAntiVirus.htm
The ZIP Wizard ZIPping up files is now as easy as 1-2-3! PC Shareware, Inc. TheZIPWizard.htm
Zip Code Companion Zip code, area code database utility PC Shareware, Inc. ZipCodeCompanion.htm
Update Cleanup Safely removes Windows Update backup files. PC Shareware, Inc. UpdateCleanup.htm
Unzip Wizard Easiest way to unzip ZIP files. 1-2-3-unzip! PC Shareware, Inc. UnzipWizard.htm
Snip-Its Store your notes in a hierarchical manner. PC Shareware, Inc. SnipIts.htm
Sentry Adds password protection to Windows PC Shareware, Inc. Sentry.htm
pixelCAT Image database to organize and display images PC Shareware, Inc. pixelCAT.htm
Love You Not Protects against script based email viruses PC Shareware, Inc. LoveYouNot.htm
Password Guardian Safely protects passwords, codes, personal IDs PC Shareware, Inc. PasswordGuardian.htm
Another Notepad Another Notepad - What Notepad should be! PC Shareware, Inc. AnotherNotepad.htm
PC Doctor by PCSecurityShield Speed up your pc, remove errors, stop crashes PCSecurityShield.com PCDoctorbyPCSecurityShield.htm
MyRegistryCleaner Speed up your pc, remove errors, stop crashes PCSecurityShield.com MyRegistryCleaner.htm
PC Power Optimizer Lite Optimize Your Windows For Better Performance Top PC Tools PCPowerOptimizerLite.htm
PCPal PCPal is a free self help PC support tool Gteko PCPal.htm
Defrag for Windows Complete scandisk, defrag and optimization. PC Mesh DefragforWindows.htm
Registry Optmizer 2006 A trusted caretaker of your system registry. PC Max Software RegistryOptmizer2006.htm
PC Error Eliminator Correct annoying PC error fast and easy! PC Max Software PCErrorEliminator.htm
Evidence Eraser Pro Remove online tracks from your computer fast PC Max Software EvidenceEraserPro.htm
Registry Cleaner - RegFix Mantra Instantly Fix Registry Errors, Boost PC PCMantra RegistryCleanerRegFixMantra.htm
CleanMantra Most effective window washing mantra. PCMantra CleanMantra.htm
PCManager Your Personal Computer Manager! Gizmo Research Labs PCManager.htm
WatchetShot! Screenshot - crop to size - save as jpeg WatchetSoft Limited WatchetShot.htm
pcHacker Tracker Hunt down a hacker. Internet Security Allaince, Inc pcHackerTracker.htm
Parental Control Tool Limit kids access to PC 1st Security Software Center ParentalControlTool.htm
Kids PC Time Administrator Limit the time your kids spend on the home PC 1st Security Software Center KidsPCTimeAdministrator.htm
Arabic Keyboard Layout Support Add arabic keyboard to your windows PCfone Co., ArabicKeyboardLayoutSupport.htm
Startup Faster! 2004 Make your Windows startup much faster. URSoft,Inc StartupFaster2004.htm
Advanced HTML Optimizer Ultimate HTML documents compressor! AEVITA Software Ltd. AdvancedHTMLOptimizer.htm
Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer Build 2006 Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer Build 2006 PC Backup Co., Ltd. LenogoiPodtoPCTransferBuild2006.htm
Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter Build 555 Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter Build 555 PC Backup Co., Ltd. CucusoftDVDtoiPodConverterBuild555.htm
PC Activity Monitor Standard (PC Acme Standard) Most powerful monitoring program. Raytown Corporation LLC PCActivityMonitorStandardPCAcmeStandard.htm
PC Activity Monitor Professional (PC Acme Professional) Most powerful monitoring program. Raytown Corporation LLC PCActivityMonitorProfessionalPCAcmeProfessional.htm
PC Activity Monitor Lite (PC Acme Lite) Most powerful monitoring program. Raytown Corporation LLC PCActivityMonitorLitePCAcmeLite.htm
Minute Timer Minute timer, general purpose countdown/alarm Jem Berkes MinuteTimer.htm
PC Spy Keylogger a popular keystrokes recorder PC Spy Keylogger PCSpyKeylogger.htm
Lock My Computer Desktop security solution for public PCs. PC-Safety LockMyComputer.htm
Internet Trace Destroyer Erase all traces of your online activity. PC-Safety InternetTraceDestroyer.htm
IP Address Shield Hide your IP address browsing the Internet. PC-Safety IPAddressShield.htm
File Access Scheduler Protect files: execute, view, change, delete PC-Safety FileAccessScheduler.htm
Encrypt My Information Hide folders, encrypt files AES encryption. PC-Safety EncryptMyInformation.htm
DVD Device Lock Hide or disable access to removable devices. PC-Safety DVDDeviceLock.htm
Bulletproof Public PC Comprehensive solution to produce public PC. PC-Safety BulletproofPublicPC.htm
Advanced File Vault Hide or password-protect any file instantly. PC-Safety AdvancedFileVault.htm
Access Controller Protect desktop when you are not near PC. PC-Safety AccessController.htm
Total Fax Send faxes to an unlimited number of fax#&aposs Total Fax TotalFax.htm
Fass Forum post editor & automated post generator. Pawsoft Fass.htm
WinTil Desktop enhancement utility. Kayser Software WinTil.htm
Screen Printer A powerful screen capture utility. Kayser Software ScreenPrinter.htm
Advanced Security Tool - AST Password manager,Auto fill login and password PatilanSoft AdvancedSecurityToolAST.htm
Pathbuddy Hotkeys for Explorer + Open & Save Dialogs HB Pathbuddy.htm
Word Recovery Guaranteed Word password recovery tool PasswordService.com WordRecovery.htm
VBA Recovery VBA Recovery - VBA password cracker PasswordService.com VBARecovery.htm
Outlook Recovery Outlook Recovery: crack lost Outlook password PasswordService.com OutlookRecovery.htm
Excel Recovery Guaranteed Excel password recovery tool PasswordService.com ExcelRecovery.htm
Access Recovery Crack Access database and user passwords PasswordService.com AccessRecovery.htm
Accent WORD Password Recovery Recover your lost MS Word passwords AccentSoft Team AccentWORDPasswordRecovery.htm
Accent OFFICE Password Recovery Recover lost Office document passwords. AccentSoft Team AccentOFFICEPasswordRecovery.htm
Accent Internet Password Recovery Instantly recover web, email (etc.) passwords AccentSoft Team AccentInternetPasswordRecovery.htm
Accent EXCEL Password Recovery Breaking Excel passwords is as easy as a pie! AccentSoft Team AccentEXCELPasswordRecovery.htm
Password Commander Manage, generate passwords, fill out forms Atis Company PasswordCommander.htm
Password Storage This is convenient keeper of password CrispyBytes Development PasswordStorage.htm
Access Workgroup Password Recovery Recovers lost passwords for MS Access files. Password Service AccessWorkgroupPasswordRecovery.htm
Simply Accounting Password Recovery Recovers lost Simply Accounting passwords. Password Service SimplyAccountingPasswordRecovery.htm
Peachtree Password Recovery Recovers lost Peachtree Accounting passwords. Password Service PeachtreePasswordRecovery.htm
Outlook Express Password Recovery Recovers lost passwords for email accounts. Password Service OutlookExpressPasswordRecovery.htm
MYOB Password Recovery Recover lost passwords for MYOB files. Password Service MYOBPasswordRecovery.htm
ACT Password Recovery Recovers lost passwords for ACT! files. Password Service ACTPasswordRecovery.htm
Password Protect Folders Protect your folders with a password. Password Protect Group PasswordProtectFolders.htm
SF Password Generator Pro Generate secure passwords for all your needs! SoftFuse Development SFPasswordGeneratorPro.htm
SF Password Generator Lite Generate random secure passwords with ease! SoftFuse Development SFPasswordGeneratorLite.htm
SF Password Generator Personal Generate strong passwords for emails and web! SoftFuse Development SFPasswordGeneratorPersonal.htm
Active Password Changer Resets administrator password Windows XP NT Active Password Recovery Software ActivePasswordChanger.htm
WirelessMon Detect, monitor & map Wireless Networks. PassMark Software WirelessMon.htm
PerformanceTest Easy-to-use PC hardware benchmark software PassMark Software PerformanceTest.htm
MonitorTest Monitor and LCD testing with 25 test patterns PassMark Software MonitorTest.htm
ModemTest Dialup modem and telephone line testing PassMark Software ModemTest.htm
KeyboardTest Software to test your computer keyboard PassMark Software KeyboardTest.htm
DiskCheckup Monitor drive SMART attributes PassMark Software DiskCheckup.htm
BurnInTest Std PC reliability and stability testing PassMark Software BurnInTestStd.htm
BurnInTest Pro PC reliability and stability testing PassMark Software BurnInTestPro.htm
BatteryMon Advanced laptop battery and UPS monitoring. PassMark Software BatteryMon.htm
Passcape Win CD Keys Recover Microsoft products (CD) keys Passcape Software PasscapeWinCDKeys.htm
Passcape Outlook Password Recovery Recover ALL MS Outlook passwords Passcape Software PasscapeOutlookPasswordRecovery.htm
Passcape Outlook Express Password Recovers ALL Outlook Express passwords. Passcape Software PasscapeOutlookExpressPassword.htm
Internet Explorer Password Recovery Recovers ALL Internet Explorer lost passwords Passcape Software InternetExplorerPasswordRecovery.htm
Opera Password Recovery Recovers passwords from the Opera browser Passcape Software OperaPasswordRecovery.htm
Mozilla Password Recovery Password recovery utility for Mozilla. Passcape Software MozillaPasswordRecovery.htm
IncrediMail Password Recovery Utility to recover IncrediMail passwords Passcape Software IncrediMailPasswordRecovery.htm
0$ Mass Mailing freeware Paseo Send personalized e-mails automatically Paseosoft 0MassMailingfreewarePaseo.htm
Active Partition Recovery DOS-based partition recovery software Active Data Recovery Software ActivePartitionRecovery.htm
URenameIT Mass file renaming and MP3 editing. Particle G Solutions, LLC. URenameIT.htm
Safer Workstation Turn removable media into a login "key". Pariahware, Inc. SaferWorkstation.htm
Pod Secret Pod Secret allows one to store encrypted data Pariahware, Inc. PodSecret.htm
FLaunch Launch apps/files/folders with function keys Pariahware, Inc. FLaunch.htm
File Stitcher Merge files via drag & drop Pariahware, Inc. FileStitcher.htm
Clip Saver Save clipboard contents to disk. Pariahware, Inc. ClipSaver.htm
ChimeX Customize alerts for the hour, half, quarter Pariahware, Inc. ChimeX.htm
XoftspySE Spyware & adware detection & removal ParetoLogic Inc. XoftspySE.htm
Parallels Desktop for Mac Use Windows and Mac OS X simultaneously! Parallels, Inc. ParallelsDesktopforMac.htm
Parallels Workstation for Linux Use multiple operating systems simultaneously Parallels, Inc. ParallelsWorkstationforLinux.htm
Nucleus Kernel Paradox Database Repair Repairs data from corrupt paradox databases Nucleus Data Recovery NucleusKernelParadoxDatabaseRepair.htm
Paraben's Text Searcher Perform text searches for over 230 file types Paraben Corporation ParabensTextSearcher.htm
Paraben's Forensic Sorter Sort files into common categories. Paraben Corporation ParabensForensicSorter.htm
Paraben's Forensic Replicator Acquire exact copies of electronic media. Paraben Corporation ParabensForensicReplicator.htm
Paraben's Registry Analyzer Windows registry analysis & reporting. Paraben Corporation ParabensRegistryAnalyzer.htm
P2 eXplorer Mount drive images as virtual drives. Paraben Corporation P2eXplorer.htm
Paraben's Network E-mail Examiner Examine network e-mail archives easily. Paraben Corporation ParabensNetworkEmailExaminer.htm
Device Seizure Forensically analyze PDA & cell phone data. Paraben Corporation DeviceSeizure.htm
Paraben's Decryption Collection Recover passwords for over 30 applications. Paraben Corporation ParabensDecryptionCollection.htm
Paraben's World Clock Display time from around the world. Paraben Corporation ParabenapossWorldClock.htm
Paraben's Chat Examiner Forensically analyze chat logs. Paraben Corporation ParabensChatExaminer.htm
Paraben's Case Agent Companion Computer forensic case analysis & reports. Paraben Corporation ParabensCaseAgentCompanion.htm
Paq Keylogger (family key logger) Keyloggers log and spy all the key events. Paqtool PaqKeyloggerfamilykeylogger.htm
PaperQuote View daily wallpaper images and quotes. Everdene LLC PaperQuote.htm
Flash File Recovery Photo recovery software for digital cameras PANTERASoft.Com FlashFileRecovery.htm
Panda TruPrevent Personal 2006 Lock up your data Panda Software PandaTruPreventPersonal2006.htm
Panda Titanium 2006 Antivirus + Spyware Lock up your data Panda Software PandaTitanium2006AntivirusSpyware.htm
Panda TruPrevent Corporate Lock up your data Panda Software PandaTruPreventCorporate.htm
Panda EnterpriSecure with TruPrevent Technologies Lock up your data Panda Software PandaEnterpriSecurewithTruPreventTechnologies.htm
Panda BusinesSecure Exchange with TruPrevent Technologies Lock up your data Panda Software PandaBusinesSecureExchangewithTruPreventTechnologies.htm
Panda BusinesSecure with TruPrevent Technologies Lock up your data Panda Software PandaBusinesSecurewithTruPreventTechnologies.htm
Platinum 2006 Internet Security Lock up your data Panda Software Platinum2006InternetSecurity.htm
Calendario Interactivo Panda Panda Software International CalendarioInteractivoPanda.htm
Panda Interactive Calendar News, results, fixtures Panda Software International PandaInteractiveCalendar.htm
Activescan Lock up your data Panda Software Activescan.htm
Panda Security Demo Keep hackers out and your data in Panda Software PandaSecurityDemo.htm
Panda Internet Security 2007 Award-winning security suite for up to 3 PCs Panda Software PandaInternetSecurity2007.htm
Panda Global Virus Insurance Selected #1 antivirus by Win 2000 Panda Software PandaGlobalVirusInsurance.htm
Panda AntiKAK Utility Get rid of the KAK worm on your system Panda Software PandaAntiKAKUtility.htm
PDFSprite PDF Driver advanced version PDFsprite driver is excellent but thecheapest Panda eDoc Corporation PDFSpritePDFDriveradvancedversion.htm
Natural Login Pro Protect & Lock your PC and your files. Palcott Software NaturalLoginPro.htm
PALADIN Evidence Eliminator PALADIN Evidence Eliminator PAL Sol PALADINEvidenceEliminator.htm
My Safety Pin Aid to remembering your pin numbers Pajersoft MySafetyPin.htm
Advanced Page Rank Analyzer Page Rank analysis tool FlamingoSoft AdvancedPageRankAnalyzer.htm
PADPDF PADPDF is a TXT2PDF maker with an easy to use Paehl PADPDF.htm
Atomzeit To synchronize your PC with the atomtime. Paehl Atomzeit.htm
xp font viewer xp Font Viewer for viewing font xp font viewer co xpfontviewer.htm
Oxygen Express for Nokia phones Smart tool for backing up Nokia phones. Oxygen Software OxygenExpressforNokiaphones.htm
Owl Commander Owl Commander is a multi panel file manager OwlCom Software OwlCommander.htm
System Sentinel Four Powerful Protective PC Programs In One Oversight Technology Corporation SystemSentinel.htm
vCard4Outlook Convert Outlook Contacts from/to Vcard format 4Team Corporation vCard4Outlook.htm
R-Mail MS Outlook Express mail recovery software. R-tools technology Inc. RMail.htm
DriveSitter Forecasts hard disk crashes. Oliver Marr DriveSitter.htm
OSL2000 Boot Manager An advanced multi boot manager OSL Corp. OSL2000BootManager.htm
Orneta Tester for Smartphone 2002 Orneta Tester is a Smartphone system tester Orneta OrnetaTesterforSmartphone2002.htm
Orneta Task Manager for Smartphone 2002 Orneta Task Manager is Smartphone system tool Orneta OrnetaTaskManagerforSmartphone2002.htm
Orneta Notepad for Smartphone 2002 Text editor for Smartphone sends SMS or email Orneta OrnetaNotepadforSmartphone2002.htm
Orneta Go for Smartphone 2002 Orneta Go the classic game for Smartphone Orneta OrnetaGoforSmartphone2002.htm
Active Task Manager Start and stop tasks using flexible schedule. OrionSoftLab ActiveTaskManager.htm
FilePreviewer Allows to preview files in Windows Explorer OrionSoftLab FilePreviewer.htm
Hot CPU Tester Pro System health and stability tester 7Byte Computers HotCPUTesterPro.htm
Optitask Task Automation Easy to use task automation software. Ernic Consulting (Pty) Ltd. OptitaskTaskAutomation.htm
Trash it! Trash it! - Uninstaller and system cleaner Optimus Software Trashit.htm
Registry Doctor Optimize your computer performence instantly. Optimize Your PC RegistryDoctor.htm
PC Optimizer Optimize your computer performence instantly. Optimize Your PC PCOptimizer.htm
Optidraft Reduce the stress of live drafts. Draft well. Algoscribe Software Optidraft.htm
ProUpdater Keep your files AND your computers backed up! Open Window Software ProUpdater.htm
O&O UnErase Recover deleted files. O&O Software GmbH OampOUnErase.htm
O&O SafeErase Securely delete files in Windows NT/2000/XP O&O Software GmbH OampOSafeErase.htm
O&O MediaRecovery Recover Photos, Videos and MP3s! O&O Software GmbH OampOMediaRecovery.htm
O&O FormatRecovery Data Recovery from Deleted Partitions O&O Software GmbH OampOFormatRecovery.htm
O&O DriveLED Hardware monitoring using S.M.A.R.T. O&O Software GmbH OampODriveLED.htm
O&O DiskRecovery Professional data recovery made easy! O&O Software GmbH OampODiskRecovery.htm
O&O Defrag Server Edition Defragmentation tool for Windows Servers O&O Software GmbH OampODefragServerEdition.htm
O&O Defrag Professional Edition Defragmentation tool for Windows NT/2000/XP O&O Software GmbH OampODefragProfessionalEdition.htm
O&O CleverCache Server Edition Optimize the File Cache Management O&O Software GmbH OampOCleverCacheServerEdition.htm
O&O CleverCache Professional Edition Optimize the File Cache Management O&O Software GmbH OampOCleverCacheProfessionalEdition.htm
O&O BlueCon XXL Blue Screen Administration Software. O&O Software GmbH OampOBlueConXXL.htm
Privacy Fence Internet eraser to protect privacy onlylsoft.com PrivacyFence.htm
CopyToFloppy Dateien per Senden-An auf Diskette kopieren. Milchs@ck CopyToFloppy.htm
Synchronizer Comparing and synchronizing directories Mathias Gerlach Synchronizer.htm
NetSender Pro Send short messages in nt-networks. aborange.de NetSenderPro.htm
DirPrinter Print file lists and directory structures. Mathias Gerlach DirPrinter.htm
BackToZIP Easy-to-use BackUp Tool / ZIP Compatible Mathias Gerlach BackToZIP.htm
One Cat File Manager File Manager with dual panes and custom fonts One Man And A Cat Software OneCatFileManager.htm
OneCable net - Explorer SMS-X10-PC-remote control and data logger OnTimeLine OneCablenetExplorer.htm
Ondata Recoverysoft data recovery software, recovery all data Ondata International OndataRecoverysoft.htm
Omniquad Set Me Up Turbo charge your pc with 80 enhancements Omniquad Ltd OmniquadSetMeUp.htm
Mailwall prevent malicious email from downing your nw Omniquad Ltd Mailwall.htm
Omniquad Desktop Booster Boost productivity while on Windows 9x PCs Omniquad Ltd OmniquadDesktopBooster.htm
Instant Remote Control Take instant control over PCs on your network Omniquad Ltd InstantRemoteControl.htm
Omniquad ErgoSense Worktime ergonomics to prevent RSI and stress Omniquad Ltd OmniquadErgoSense.htm
Omniquad Surfwall - Enterprise Manager Prevent misuse of internet access by employee Omniquad Ltd OmniquadSurfwallEnterpriseManager.htm
Detective Examine your PC and detect illicit content. Omniquad Ltd Detective.htm
Universal Report A generic powerful code documentation tool Universal Software UniversalReport.htm
Ip Madness Ip Madness will find your 'Internet Protocol' Omalogic IpMadness.htm
LockTheFile LockTheFile encrypts the content of files OkoSoft.com LockTheFile.htm
Password Datasafe An efficient and user-friendly password safe. Olaf Koch Software PasswordDatasafe.htm
MRUClear You view and clear the Windows MRU Lists. Olaf Koch Software MRUClear.htm
Scan to PDF Scan and save as PDF. O Imaging Corporation ScantoPDF.htm
Official Spam Filter for MS Outlook Anti Spam Bayesian Filter for MS Outlook OfficialSpamFilter.com OfficialSpamFilterforMSOutlook.htm
Official Spam Filter for Outlook Express Anti Spam Bayesian Filter for Outlook Express OfficialSpamFilter.com OfficialSpamFilterforOutlookExpress.htm
ZipRecovery ZipRecovery fixes corrupted .ZIP archives Recoveronix Ltd. ZipRecovery.htm
Recovery for Word Recovery for Word fixes corrupted Word files Recoveronix Ltd. RecoveryforWord.htm
WordPerfectRecovery WordPerfectRecovery fixes WordPerfect files Recoveronix Ltd. WordPerfectRecovery.htm
Recovery for Works Recovery for Works fixes damaged Works files Recoveronix Ltd. RecoveryforWorks.htm
SybaseRecovery SybaseRecovery fixes damaged Sybase databases Recoveronix Ltd. SybaseRecovery.htm
RiteRecovery RiteRecovery retrieves lost files from media Recoveronix Ltd. RiteRecovery.htm
RegistryRecovery RegistryRecovery fixes Windows registry Recoveronix Ltd. RegistryRecovery.htm
ParadoxRecovery ParadoxRecovery fixes damaged Paradox files Recoveronix Ltd. ParadoxRecovery.htm
PhotoshopRecovery PhotoshopRecovery fixes Photoshop files (PSD) Recoveronix Ltd. PhotoshopRecovery.htm
Recovery for Project Server Recovery for Project Server fixes .MDF files Recoveronix Ltd. RecoveryforProjectServer.htm
Recovery for Project Recovery for Project fixes MS Project file Recoveronix Ltd. RecoveryforProject.htm
Recovery for PowerPoint Recovery for PowerPoint fixes damaged .PPT Recoveronix Ltd. RecoveryforPowerPoint.htm
PixRecovery PixRecovery fixes corrupted image files Recoveronix Ltd. PixRecovery.htm
PDFRecovery PDFRecovery fixes damaged PDF files Recoveronix Ltd. PDFRecovery.htm
Recovery for Publisher Recovery for Publisher fixes damaged .PUB Recoveronix Ltd. RecoveryforPublisher.htm
OracleRecovery OracleRecovery fixes corrupted Oracle files Recoveronix Ltd. OracleRecovery.htm
Recovery for OneNote Recovery for OneNote fixes damaged .ONR files Recoveronix Ltd. RecoveryforOneNote.htm
Recovery for Outlook Recovery for Outlook fixes damaged .PST files Recoveronix Ltd. RecoveryforOutlook.htm
Recovery for Outlook Express Recovery for Outlook Express fixes .DBX files Recoveronix Ltd. RecoveryforOutlookExpress.htm
MySQLRecovery MySQLRecovery fixes damaged MySQL databases Recoveronix Ltd. MySQLRecovery.htm
Recovery for SQL Server Recovery for SQL Server fixes MS SQL database Recoveronix Ltd. RecoveryforSQLServer.htm
Recovery for Money Recovery for Money recovers corrupted .MNY Recoveronix Ltd. RecoveryforMoney.htm
LotusNotesRecovery LotusNotesRecovery fixes Lotus Notes database Recoveronix Ltd. LotusNotesRecovery.htm
InterbaseRecovery InterbaseRecovery fixes damaged .GDB and .IB Recoveronix Ltd. InterbaseRecovery.htm
FreeUndelete FreeUndelete restores deleted files Recoveronix Ltd. FreeUndelete.htm
FileMakerRecovery FileMakerRecovery fixes damaged .FP7 files Recoveronix Ltd. FileMakerRecovery.htm
Recovery for Exchange Server Recovery for Exchange Server fixes EDB & STM Recoveronix Ltd. RecoveryforExchangeServer.htm
Recovery for Exchange Recovery for Exchange converts .OST to .PST Recoveronix Ltd. RecoveryforExchange.htm
DBFRecovery DBFRecovery restores damaged .DBF databases Recoveronix Ltd. DBFRecovery.htm
Recovery for BizTalk Recovery for BizTalk fixes MS BizTalk files Recoveronix Ltd. RecoveryforBizTalk.htm
Recovery for Access Recovery for Access fixes corrupted databases Recoveronix Ltd. RecoveryforAccess.htm
OfficePopup Send messages to anyone on your network Smart Software Development OfficePopup.htm
CDN WinTool (Home Edition) The CDN WinTool, Windows optimization! CDN Consulting & Development Network GmbH CDNWinToolHomeEdition.htm
eIMAGE Recovery Software to recover lost photos and images OctaneSoft.com eIMAGERecovery.htm
Digital PhotoRescue Professional Recover deleted images from all media. Regall LLC DigitalPhotoRescueProfessional.htm
ObjectWipe Wipe files, disk drives and unused disk space Regall LLC ObjectWipe.htm
Digital ObjectRescue Professional Recover deleted files from all media. Regall LLC DigitalObjectRescueProfessional.htm
Object FIX ZIP Fix damaged ZIP files Regall LLC dba ObjectRescue.com ObjectFIXZIP.htm
Digital MediaRescue Professional Recover lost multimedia files from all media. Regall LLC DigitalMediaRescueProfessional.htm
FileRescue Professional Recover deleted files from any drive. Regall LLC FileRescueProfessional.htm
FileRescue for NTFS Recover deleted files from NTFS drives. Regall LLC FileRescueforNTFS.htm
FileRescue for FAT Recover deleted files from FAT drives. Regall LLC FileRescueforFAT.htm
Office DocumentsRescue Professional Recover deleted documents from all media. Regall LLC OfficeDocumentsRescueProfessional.htm
AnyReader Retrieve files with confidence and ease. Regall LLC AnyReader.htm
Synchronize Folders Keep files and folders synchronized Oak Systems SynchronizeFolders.htm
Kernel ZIP - Repair Corrupt ZIP Files Kernel for ZIP - File Repair Software Nucleus Data Recovery KernelZIPRepairCorruptZIPFiles.htm
Kernel Word - Repair Corrupted Word Documents Recover and repair corrupt word documents Nucleus Data Recovery KernelWordRepairCorruptedWordDocuments.htm
Kernel Undelete - Deleted File Recovery Software Kernel Undelete File Recovery Utility Nucleus Data Recovery KernelUndeleteDeletedFileRecoverySoftware.htm
Kernel Tape Data Recovery Software Kernel Tape Data Recovery Software Nucleus Data Recovery KernelTapeDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Kernel Solaris Data Recovery Software Data Recovery Software for Sun Solaris Nucleus Data Recovery KernelSolarisDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Kernel ReiserFS - Data Recovery Software Kernel for ReiserFS - Data Recovery Software Nucleus Data Recovery KernelReiserFSDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Kernel VBA Password Recovery VBA project password recovery tool Nucleus Data Recovery KernelVBAPasswordRecovery.htm
Kernel SQL Password Recovery SQL Server Database Password Recovery Tool Nucleus Data Recovery KernelSQLPasswordRecovery.htm
Kernel Outlook Password Recovery Software Outlook PST password recovery tool Nucleus Data Recovery KernelOutlookPasswordRecoverySoftware.htm
Kernel Outlook Express Password Recovery Outlook Express password recovery tool Nucleus Data Recovery KernelOutlookExpressPasswordRecovery.htm
Kernel Access Password Recovery Software Access database MDB password recovery tool Nucleus Data Recovery KernelAccessPasswordRecoverySoftware.htm
Kernel Publisher Recovery Software Corrupt publisher document recovery Nucleus Data Recovery KernelPublisherRecoverySoftware.htm
Kernel PowerPoint - Repair Powerpoint Files Recover and repair corrupt powerpoint files Nucleus Data Recovery KernelPowerPointRepairPowerpointFiles.htm
Kernel Palm PDB - File Repair Software Kernel for Palm PDB - File repair software Nucleus Data Recovery KernelPalmPDBFileRepairSoftware.htm
Kernel for NTFS - Data Recovery Software Kernel for NTFS - Data Recovery Software Nucleus Data Recovery KernelforNTFSDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Kernel Novell NSS Data Recovery Software Kernel Novell NSS Data Recovery Software Nucleus Data Recovery KernelNovellNSSDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Kernel Novell - Data Recovery Software Kernel Novell Netware Data Recovery Software Nucleus Data Recovery KernelNovellDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Kernel Hotmail MSN Password Recovery Hotmail & MSN password recovery tool Nucleus Data Recovery KernelHotmailMSNPasswordRecovery.htm
Kernel Macintosh - Data Recovery Software Data recovery software for mac Nucleus Data Recovery KernelMacintoshDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Kernel Linux - Data Recovery Software Kernel for Linux - Data Recovery Software Nucleus Data Recovery KernelLinuxDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Kernel FAT-NTFS - Windows Data Recovery Recover data from formatted windows drives Nucleus Data Recovery KernelFATNTFSWindowsDataRecovery.htm
Kernel - JFS Partition Recovery Software Nucleus Kernel JFS - Data Recovery Software Nucleus Data Recovery KernelJFSPartitionRecoverySoftware.htm
Nucleus Kernel FAT- Data Recovery Software Nucleus Kernel FAT- Data Recovery Software Nucleus Data Recovery NucleusKernelFATDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Kernel Outlook Express - Mails Recovery Software Kernel Outlook Express-Mail Recovery Software Nucleus Data Recovery KernelOutlookExpressMailsRecoverySoftware.htm
Kernel DBF - Repair corrupt DBF files Kernel for DBF - File repair software Nucleus Data Recovery KernelDBFRepaircorruptDBFfiles.htm
Kernel Access - Corrupt Database Repair Recover and repair corrupt access databases Nucleus Data Recovery KernelAccessCorruptDatabaseRepair.htm
TaskSwitchXP Pro An advanced Alt-Tab replacement for WinXP NTWind Software TaskSwitchXPPro.htm
Active NTFS Reader for DOS Read NTFS from MS DOS. Run from boot floppy. Active Data Recovery Software ActiveNTFSReaderforDOS.htm
Active Boot Disk Bootable Emergency CD, Data Recovery. Active@ Data Recovery Software ActiveBootDisk.htm
Attachment Extractor for Outlook Express Smart and simple email attachment extractor. NSoftware AttachmentExtractorforOutlookExpress.htm
Web Cache Illuminator Investigate what files are in the web cache. NorthStar Solutions WebCacheIlluminator.htm
PowerSearch Search files for multiple search terms NorthStar Solutions PowerSearch.htm
Macro Mania Automate computer tasks -- fast and easy. NorthStar Solutions MacroMania.htm
File Monster Completely erase files from your computer. PurpleTech Software FileMonster.htm
nspack high compression ratio North Star nspack.htm
SpotAuditor Recover MSN,IE,Outlook,ICQ,Ras,Ftp passwords. Nsasoft LLC. SpotAuditor.htm
IE Asterisk Password Uncover Allows to view passwords hidden with asterisk Nsasoft LLC. IEAsteriskPasswordUncover.htm
CleverEye Availability monitoring, alerting & reporting NRG Global CleverEye.htm
Chroniker for Availability Monitoring Chroniker Availability Monitoring Package NRG Global ChronikerforAvailabilityMonitoring.htm
FOX Password Safe - Password Protection Storage Manager FOX Password Safe a reliable secure manager. Steve FoxOver Software FOXPasswordSafePasswordProtectionStorageManager.htm
eePire - Expired Domain Finder This program will find expired domains. nr4 eePireExpiredDomainFinder.htm
Npust email list manager email list manager , maillist manager, email NPUST SOFTWARE Npustemaillistmanager.htm
Npust Anti-spyware Npust Anti-spyware provide full protection... NPUST SOFTWARE NpustAntispyware.htm
Cyberhawk Protects you when your traditional AV cannot. Novatix Corporation Cyberhawk.htm
NovaNet-WEB NovaNet-WEB Online Backup software NovaStor Corporation NovaNetWEB.htm
Desktop Resetter Saves and restores desktop item positions No U-Turn Software DesktopResetter.htm
Password Safe and Sound Allows you to store all your passwords. North Cardinal Software, LLC. PasswordSafeandSound.htm
DVD and CD Cover Print DVD and CD Cover art Printer North Cardinal Software, LLC. DVDandCDCoverPrint.htm
PrintDisc Pro Print all files on data discs & make database Normedia Solutions PrintDiscPro.htm
ActionScrambler Easiest way to protect Flash Actionscript. Normedia Solutions ActionScrambler.htm
nobox de TweakRAM Deutsch reinigt, optimiert und defragmentiert das RAM Mediaphor AG noboxdeTweakRAMDeutsch.htm
nobox de SpyMyPC Pro unsichtbares Spionagetool Mediaphor AG noboxdeSpyMyPCPro.htm
nobox de InvisibleSecrets Panzerknacker beißen sich die Zähne aus Mediaphor AG noboxdeInvisibleSecrets.htm
nnCron LITE Small, freeware, full-featured scheduler nnSoft nnCronLITE.htm
nnCron Scheduler, reminder, automation manager nnSoft nnCron.htm
Sky Commander Powerful and convenient file manager. NMZ labs SkyCommander.htm
File Eraser Program for erasing confidential information. NMZ labs FileEraser.htm
NLauncher Lightning fast application launcher CrispyBytes Development NLauncher.htm
Name It Your Way (NIYoW) Professional mass properties editor MC Software NameItYourWayNIYoW.htm
SupportMonkey 2002 Retrieve a complete system configuration. Nitro Technologies SupportMonkey2002.htm
Diff Commander Folder comparison and synchronization Nikeware DiffCommander.htm
Cool Find Cool Find, a file search and management tool. Nihuo Software CoolFind.htm
Now You See It Keep track of your graphics Nightwatch Software NowYouSeeIt.htm
Network Traffic Monitor Monitors network traffic to and from your pc Nico Cuppen Software NetworkTrafficMonitor.htm
Real Password Protector 2005 provides every computer with strong protect NiceSoft Security Technology RealPasswordProtector2005.htm
NiceSPY Monitor your computer NiceSoft Studio NiceSPY.htm
NS Keylogger Personal Monitor Monitor your computer NiceSoft Anti-Monitoring Security Technology NSKeyloggerPersonalMonitor.htm
System and Disk Cleaner System and Disk Cleaner is a powerful tool Nice Soft SystemandDiskCleaner.htm
Startup Cleaner and Autorun Manager Startup Cleaner and Autoru is a powerful tool Nice Soft StartupCleanerandAutorunManager.htm
Registry Cleaner and Fixer Get rid of the bloat in Windows registry Nice Soft RegistryCleanerandFixer.htm
Launch Express Open any document or folder with one click! Nextriver Software LaunchExpress.htm
Folder Lock Lock or encrypt personal files in seconds. New Softwares, Inc. FolderLock.htm
Password Reminder Powerful lost password recovery tool NewPowerSoft PasswordReminder.htm
NetPoint Agentless network inventory software. Neutex Systems NetPoint.htm
EasyRename Comfortable renaming multiple files and dirs Neuhaus13 Software EasyRename.htm
Typograf font manager previews,prints,manages TrueType+Type1 fonts A. & M. Neuber Software Typograffontmanager.htm
Security Task Manager Enhanced Process Viewer that protects your PC A. & M. Neuber Software SecurityTaskManager.htm
RapidKey Autotext Autotext + macros for Windows 9x,ME,NT,2k,XP A. & M. Neuber GbR RapidKeyAutotext.htm
PC On/Off Time tracking tracks the working time on your computer A. & M. Neuber GbR PCOnOffTimetracking.htm
EuroCheck Check fonts and operating system for euro A. & M. Neuber GbR EuroCheck.htm
FileVault Secure your images, movies, passwords etc NetworkToolz FileVault.htm
Net Monitor for Employees Professional See their screens and take a control. EduIQ.com NetMonitorforEmployeesProfessional.htm
Net Monitor for Employees See their screens and take a control. EduIQ.com NetMonitorforEmployees.htm
Network LookOut Administrator Pro See their screens and take a control. EduIQ.com NetworkLookOutAdministratorPro.htm
Network LookOut Administrator See their screens and take a control. EduIQ.com NetworkLookOutAdministrator.htm
NetworkActiv Web Server Quick and simple to setup and use Web Server. NetworkActiv NetworkActivWebServer.htm
NetworkActiv Port Scanner Advanced IP/port scanner with built-in skills NetworkActiv NetworkActivPortScanner.htm
NetworkActiv PIAFCTM (Free Edition) HTTP file capturing packet analyzer NetworkActiv NetworkActivPIAFCTMFreeEdition.htm
NetworkActiv PIAFCTM Easy yet advanced, quad-mode packet analyzer. NetworkActiv NetworkActivPIAFCTM.htm
Network Serial Port Kit Connects serial devices over TCP/IP network FabulaTech, Inc. NetworkSerialPortKit.htm
Network Eagle Monitor Pro Monitors various network services. Effective Systems Ltd. NetworkEagleMonitorPro.htm
Network Eagle Monitor Monitors various network services. Effective Systems Ltd. NetworkEagleMonitor.htm
NetSupport Manager - PC Remote Control Pc Remote Control Software NetSupport Manager NetSupport Ltd NetSupportManagerPCRemoteControl.htm
NetSupport Manager Remote Control NetSupport Manager PC Remote Control Software NetSupport Inc. NetSupportManagerRemoteControl.htm
Net Control 2 Remote control and administration tool VAP Software NetControl2.htm
NetStaller Software deployment utility for PC networks. PalickSoft NetStaller.htm
Folder Cache Access to a list of recently used folders. NeSoft Inc. FolderCache.htm
Change Folder Icons Change any folder icon! It's easy as 1, 2, 3! Nesoft Inc. ChangeFolderIcons.htm
Anti-lost CD Ejector Lite do not lose your CD NeSoft Inc. AntilostCDEjectorLite.htm
Anti-lost CD Ejector Pro Do not lose your CD NeSoft Inc. AntilostCDEjectorPro.htm
Accessor Access to Windows functions,folders,documents NeSoft Inc. Accessor.htm
System LifeGuard Keep your PC like new with 15 essential tools NeoByte Solutions SystemLifeGuard.htm
Invisible Secrets Encryption Software Secure your files and communications NeoByte Solutions InvisibleSecretsEncryptionSoftware.htm
1-2- Free Steganography Hide secret files into innocent pictures. Security Software Zone 12FreeSteganography.htm
TexTally Word Line and Character Counter Word counting and formula calculating program NCH Swift Sound Software TexTallyWordLineandCharacterCounter.htm
Express Notes Information Organiser Multi-function Note Taking Program NCH Swift Sound Software ExpressNotesInformationOrganiser.htm
AppLaunch Easy to use hot keys and application launcher NB Software AppLaunch.htm
OneClick Hide Window OneClick Hide Window, hide window immediately NbiSoft OneClickHideWindow.htm
PDF Wizard PDF management software NativeWinds PDFWizard.htm
NativeWinds Database Manager Database Manager. Create/Manage/Protect. NativeWinds NativeWindsDatabaseManager.htm
My WinPopup Express Improve communication in your company... Namtuk MyWinPopupExpress.htm
Multi Data Rescue Data recovery from CD/DVD/Digital Media. Naltech software MultiDataRescue.htm
DVD Data Rescue Data recovery from CD/DVD discs. Naltech software DVDDataRescue.htm
CD Data Rescue Data recovery from CD discs. Naltech software CDDataRescue.htm
AIM Log Manager AIM conversation recording and analysis Nalsoft AIMLogManager.htm
NookNak Do more with your mouse - like quickly muting Complete Software Solutions NookNak.htm
NikNak Variety of useful info & tools in one place Complete Software Solutions NikNak.htm
Direct Access Define global commands for repetitive tasks. Nagarsoft DirectAccess.htm
Naevius Wallpaper Changer Automatic change wallpapers on a desktop Naevius Software Group Ltd. NaeviusWallpaperChanger.htm
Naevius Hidden File System Crypt and hide private files and documens Naevius Software Group Ltd. NaeviusHiddenFileSystem.htm
Naevius Directory Watcher Watching a directory onto your HDD Naevius Software Group Ltd. NaeviusDirectoryWatcher.htm
Naevius CD & DVD Burner Burn CD/DVD-disks easily and conveniently Naevius Software Group Ltd. NaeviusCDampDVDBurner.htm
Naevius Cached MP3 Player Play MP3-files from your CD/DVD discs Naevius Software Group Ltd. NaeviusCachedMP3Player.htm
My Folders Access your often-used folders! nabocorp. softwares MyFolders.htm
HWareInfo Simple shell tool that displays hadware info. N37dev HWareInfo.htm
Directify Manage and sort your files into directories. N37dev Directify.htm
WinLog Assist Win Log Assist is a PC time-keeping tool. Almeza Research WinLogAssist.htm
PasswordGuard Password Guard allows you to have any number mythusoft PasswordGuard.htm
ISOMagic It can create /edit /extract ISO files mythusoft ISOMagic.htm
Fahrenheit Converter Temperature Converter mySoftwareFactory.net FahrenheitConverter.htm
Binary Adder Binary Adder mySoftwareFactory.net BinaryAdder.htm
My Password Manager Password manager that outperforms its peers. LastBit Software MyPasswordManager.htm
Hetman Hetman is a cross -platform file manager. SoftAge Hetman.htm
MyDocStack Mydocstack make an order in a working folder Belgsoft MyDocStack.htm
CD Start-It Lite Auto start any file from CD automatically. Applied Software Design, LLC. CDStartItLite.htm
My Mp3 Player A simple free mp3 player. MYCDRipper.com MyMp3Player.htm
My CD Ripper A simple free cd to mp3 ripper. MYCDRipper.com MyCDRipper.htm
IE Security Pro Protect your IE browser with this tool SSS Lab., Inc. IESecurityPro.htm
Dark Files It helps you keep your files protected SSS Lab., Inc. DarkFiles.htm
Music Xpert Tag Editor Edit audio tags and organize music collection Music Xpert MusicXpertTagEditor.htm
IsSearch Client side utility for Indexing Service ScreenResources IsSearch.htm
DVD2AVI Ripper Rip DVD to AVI fast and in brilliant quality Protectedsoft Ltd. DVD2AVIRipper.htm
xplorer2 small yet powerful tab/dual pane file manager Zavarakatranemia xplorer2.htm
StartEd Startup manager & Trojan Horse detector Outer Technologies StartEd.htm
GetDiz small and handy text viewer Outer Technologies GetDiz.htm
Cacheman Recover RAM and improve system performance. Outer Technologies Cacheman.htm
Enhanced Uninstaller Uninstall the software completely and easily Legendsoft Inc. EnhancedUninstaller.htm
LogMeister Centrally monitor and analyze system logs Technology Lighthouse LogMeister.htm
Password Protect 3 4 Software to password protect your folders. Password Protect Software PasswordProtect34.htm
Drop2CD Record files to Data CD/DVD and make ISO file USINGIT.COM Drop2CD.htm
Active Multiwallpaper Changer Vary your desktop with wallpapers & calendars ABF software, Inc. ActiveMultiwallpaperChanger.htm
MultiExtractor ripper/extract tool (JPG,SWF,BMP,MP3,ICO..) MultiExtractor Software MultiExtractor.htm
Serial Logger Service Records serial port data to disk. Mu-Consulting SerialLoggerService.htm
RasDial Pro A command-line remote access dialer Mu-Consulting RasDialPro.htm
macDiskCleaner Use macDiskCleaner to keep clean your disks. mSunSoftware macDiskCleaner.htm
iNeeda Password & Tracker Pro Secure Password Tracker and Generator program MSJsoftware iNeedaPasswordampTrackerPro.htm
iNeeda Password & Tracker Secure Password Tracker and Generator program MSJsoftware iNeedaPasswordampTracker.htm
Advanced BKF Repair repair corrupt Microsoft backup(BKF) files DataNumen, Inc. AdvancedBKFRepair.htm
FF Event Calendar Powerful Schedule and Appointment Database M & R Technologies, Inc. FFEventCalendar.htm
View Folder Size ViewFolderSize helps you to view folder size. Moveax ViewFolderSize.htm
View Folder Size Pro Distinguish your folder size and its content. Moveax, LLC ViewFolderSizePro.htm
MouseSoft Directory Size Reports where space is used on your drives MouseSoft MouseSoftDirectorySize.htm
MouseImp Pro Live! Scroll by moving the mouse up/down anywhere FreeSoft411 MouseImpProLive.htm
MouseCage Hand tremor? MouseCage helps! Tunic Software MouseCage.htm
MountFocus Keyboard Designer Flexible, powerful virtual keyboard designer. MountFocus Information Systems MountFocusKeyboardDesigner.htm
Shutdown Monster This software is a shutdown timer. ebiSoft ShutdownMonster.htm
Mortgage Calculator A program to evaluate mortgage offers. QSX Software Group MortgageCalculator.htm
Keyring Morello KeyRing Password Protection Software Morello Publishing Ltd Keyring.htm
Password Agent Lite Your ultimate password manager is here! Moon Software PasswordAgentLite.htm
FontLoader Install and uninstall fonts easily! Moon Software FontLoader.htm
SimpleZip A simple easy to use compression tool. Moog Software SimpleZip.htm
SYT Save Your Time One place for all Favorites:right-click menu. MoodySoft SYTSaveYourTime.htm
MoodBook Bring art to your desktop! Argentum Corporation MoodBook.htm
Edgar Degas Art Edgar Degas paintings on your desktop! MoodBook Development EdgarDegasArt.htm
Rename From List Rename files from a file list MonkeyJob Systems RenameFromList.htm
BatMonkey SendTo Module Open a DOS prompt in the current folder MonkeyJob Systems BatMonkeySendToModule.htm
Monkey Merge Merge DOC, PDF, Text, RTF and XLS files MonkeyJob Systems MonkeyMerge.htm
MaxMonkey Windows management system tray utility MonkeyJob Systems MaxMonkey.htm
FoldMonkey Monitor rename create and move files folders MonkeyJob Systems FoldMonkey.htm
FileMonkey Automate common tasks with FileMonkey MonkeyJob Systems FileMonkey.htm
DPX TimeCode Editor Increment time code in multiple DPX files MonkeyJob Systems DPXTimeCodeEditor.htm
AppendToFiles Append and delete data from files MonkeyJob Systems AppendToFiles.htm
Adiscon logger An UNIX-like logger tool for Windows Adiscon GmbH Adisconlogger.htm
Golden Eye Spy all activity on your computer Golden Eye Inc GoldenEye.htm
Control Runner The definitive program launcher for Windows MomSoft ControlRunner.htm
Moleskinsoft Clone Remover Duplicate file finder. Moleskinsoft MoleskinsoftCloneRemover.htm
Picture Caller ID Block telemarketers with this Caller ID tool Pingram Marketing PictureCallerID.htm
MobTime Cell Phone Manager Manage your mobile phone simply on PC MobTime Inc. MobTimeCellPhoneManager.htm
Network/Unplugged Synchronization and take the network with you Mobiliti, Inc NetworkUnplugged.htm
MOBILedit! Revolutionary software for mobile phones COMPELSON Laboratories MOBILedit.htm
MobileSync Synchronize Mobile PC and Lotus Notes PF MobileSync.htm
Card Reader Use Palm devices as USB card reader! Mobile Stream CardReader.htm
MMD Explorer A different approach to manage files MMD Software MMDExplorer.htm
MMD DupFinder Duplicated files scanner MMD Software MMDDupFinder.htm
Archive Manager Fast, reliable and flexible file archiving. MLtek ArchiveManager.htm
QuickButtons Make Buttons to Simulate Keystrokes. MJT Net Ltd QuickButtons.htm
Macro Scheduler Automate Windows. Build Scripts and Macros. MJT Net Ltd MacroScheduler.htm
TrayDay Date in the Windows tray with pop-up calendar MJMSoft Design Ltd. TrayDay.htm
KeyText Keyboard macro and Windows automation program MJMSoft Design Ltd. KeyText.htm
Network Asset Tracker Agent less network inventory. MIS Utilities NetworkAssetTracker.htm
Network Asset Monitor Allows you to create a network inventory. MIS Utilities NetworkAssetMonitor.htm
Network Configuration Management Network manage, monitor, diagnose, etc. Missilesoft NetworkConfigurationManagement.htm
MISPBO Free Registry Cleaner free registry cleaning software MISPBO Technologies MISPBOFreeRegistryCleaner.htm
TrojanHunter A dedicated anti trojan scanner. Mischel Internet Security TrojanHunter.htm
Office Product Key Viewer Recover Microsoft Office product keys Miscsoftware OfficeProductKeyViewer.htm
Microsoft SQL Key Viewer Recover Microsoft SQL Server product keys Miscsoftware MicrosoftSQLKeyViewer.htm
ShredIt X Erase hard drive, wipe a file - Shredit Mireth Technology Corp. ShredItX.htm
ShredIt for Windows Erase hard drive, wipe file -Shredit Shredder Mireth Technology Corp. ShredItforWindows.htm
ShredIt Erase hard drive, wipe a file - Shredit Mireth Technology Corp. ShredIt.htm
PCISniffer quick PCI bus diagnosis Miray Software PCISniffer.htm
HDClone Free Edition moves the content of hard disks Miray Software HDCloneFreeEdition.htm
Miraplacid Text Driver Terminal Edition Miraplacid Text Driver extract text from docs Miraplacid MiraplacidTextDriverTerminalEdition.htm
Miraplacid Text Driver Miraplacid Text Driver extract text from docs Miraplacid MiraplacidTextDriver.htm
Miraplacid Printer Driver 95/98/ME Virtual Image Printer Driver for 95/98/ME Miraplacid MiraplacidPrinterDriver9598ME.htm
Miraplacid Printer Driver 2000/XP Virtual Image Printer Driver for 2000/XP Miraplacid MiraplacidPrinterDriver2000XP.htm
Start Menu Tweak Start Menu is big? Miolapoza Software StartMenuTweak.htm
AMI Font Wrangler Manage, install, browse, print TrueType fonts Alchemy Mindworks AMIFontWrangler.htm
HTMLSqueeze HTMLSqueeze HTML compress optimize files web Mindwarp Consultancy Ltd HTMLSqueeze.htm
MindSoft Utilities XP 18 Utilities to optimize, repair and protect! MindSoft MindSoftUtilitiesXP.htm
MindSoft Defrag Maximum PC Performance with MindSoft Defrag MindSoft MindSoftDefrag.htm
Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder Find quickly duplicate image files. MindGems Inc. VisualSimilarityDuplicateImageFinder.htm
Easy Screen Capture And Annotation Easily capture images and add annotations MindGems Inc. EasyScreenCaptureAndAnnotation.htm
Anti Boss Key Light Edition - Hide windows quickly Hide your screen! Hide windows with a single key stroke MindGems Inc. AntiBossKeyLightEditionHidewindowsquicklyHideyourscreen.htm
Anti Boss Key - Hide windows quickly! Boss Key - Anti-Boss Key - Hide windows MindGems Inc. AntiBossKeyHidewindowsquickly.htm
Visual Split Studio Split Files Visually and Make Self Uniting! InstallAware Software Corporation VisualSplitStudio.htm
Emissary Create Packages for Online Content Delivery! InstallAware Software Corporation Emissary.htm
CompreXX Archives Behave Like Folders in Explorer! InstallAware Software Corporation CompreXX.htm
Mihov DiskFree Show free disk space, info updated every sec. Miha Psenica MihovDiskFree.htm
Mihov Code View Fast text and code viewer Miha Psenica MihovCodeView.htm
Mihov Blank Screen Test the quality of a monitor Miha Psenica MihovBlankScreen.htm
Mihov Program No 14 Add custom text to each line of your document Miha Psenica MihovProgramNo14.htm
EZ Wizard Help the environment and save up to $50/yr. Cadmus Group EZWizard.htm
MemPlus An utility for EEPROMs programming Microsys Com Ltd. MemPlus.htm
AccSmart An utility for Battery monitoring Microsys Com Ltd. AccSmart.htm
AccPlus An utility for Smart Battery control Microsys Com Ltd. AccPlus.htm
Print Switch Quickly change the default Printer. Microblast Software PrintSwitch.htm
HTML To Text The Easiest way to convert HTML to text Microblast Software HTMLToText.htm
Simple RS 232 monitor RS 232 data monitor Micro-Active Australia Pty Ltd SimpleRS232monitor.htm
MultiBatcher MultiBatcher is a tool for tasks automation. Micro-Sys MultiBatcher.htm
Launcher Launcher is a personal shortcut manager. Micro-Sys Launcher.htm
LetUknow Proactivly monitor your LAN and resources MH Software LetUknow.htm
docUment Track and monitor all your files with ease! MH Software docUment.htm
FreeNote Freeware sticky notes on Windows desktop MGShareware FreeNote.htm
MG-Shadow: Computer monitoring software The best computer monitoring software MG WAY CORP Computermonitoringsoftware.htm
MetaReport MetaReport - database report maker Metamatica Software MetaReport.htm
StartUp Organizer Organize applications starting automatically MetaProducts Corporation StartUpOrganizer.htm
Disk Watchman Full control over all your files and disks MetaProducts Corporation DiskWatchman.htm
AutoDialogs Quick access to folders most often used. MetaProducts Corporation AutoDialogs.htm
Clean Up Your Hard Drive Windows 98 Operating System Maintenance MEP Pinnacle Solutions CleanUpYourHardDrive.htm
Calendarium Prints see-though calendar over the wallpaper Mental Motions Calendarium.htm
m9P Zipper m9P Zipper is a file zipping utility mental9Production m9PZipper.htm
m9P Zipper X File compression and decompression tool. mental9Production m9PZipperX.htm
m9P Zipper XT File compression and decompression tool. mental9Production m9PZipperXT.htm
File2Pack A Packer/Compressor For Archiving Files mental9Production File2Pack.htm
File2Pack SFX File Packer/Compressor And Self Extractor mental9Production File2PackSFX.htm
m9P Editor Plus Rich Text Editor Featuring DERT Technique! mental9Production m9PEditorPlus.htm
Mediaware Task Manager Powerful process and startup monitoring tool. Mediaware MediawareTaskManager.htm
Aurora DVD Copy Shrink and full copy all DVD. Aurora Software AuroraDVDCopy.htm
Aurora MPEG To DVD Burner Burn MPEG files to a true DVD movie disc Aurora Software AuroraMPEGToDVDBurner.htm
uICE Control applications with remote controls MediaTexX uICE.htm
Media Detective Remove pornographic files from your PC Tap Tap Software MediaDetective.htm
CEREMU Media Browser Player for movies, sounds, DVDs.. CEREMU CEREMUMediaBrowser.htm
ActiveLinking Free Automate Link Exchange Monitor MedalWare ActiveLinkingFree.htm
DataCocoon Easy, automated, off-site backup software. MCQN Ltd. DataCocoon.htm
MemDefrag Recovers RAM leaks from poorly behaved app MCGSoftwares MemDefrag.htm
Download Accelerator Download files Quickly wiy DACCEL Mayoo.com DownloadAccelerator.htm
Mastr Scan Utimate solution to protect your Privacy Max Secure Software MastrScan.htm
Max PC Secure Max PC Secure Max Secure Software MaxPCSecure.htm
Max PC Safe Max PC Safe Max Secure Software MaxPCSafe.htm
MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software Use any spare PC as an extra monitor Bartels Media MaxiVistaMultiMonitorSoftware.htm
Max Folder secure Security tool to lock/hide your files, folder Max Secure Software MaxFoldersecure.htm
Max Anti Spyware Pro A complete solution against spywares & trojan Max Secure Software MaxAntiSpywarePro.htm
AntiSpyware Plus Provides Maximum Protection against Spywares. Max Secure Software AntiSpywarePlus.htm
WhoCalls CallerID detection and display MAW Consulting WhoCalls.htm
Mateyko Mateyko secures your login data focuscoding.com Mateyko.htm
REMOTE DRiVE Accsess computer by parallel or serial cable. MATCODE Software REMOTEDRiVE.htm
MasterBooter Boot manager with a partitioning utility Daniel Nagy MasterBooter.htm
RunAs Professional RunAs Professional - RunAs with Password MAST Hard- & Software RunAsProfessional.htm
Mass File Editor Edits large number of text files routinely AG Depsys Software MassFileEditor.htm
Transparent Windows Adds a transparency option to the system menu Martin Utilities TransparentWindows.htm
Total Uninstall Powerful installation monitor and uninstaller Gavrila Martau TotalUninstall.htm
Mars Notebook Very useful tree-styled notebook. Mars Software MarsNotebook.htm
Password Spyer 2k Recover your lost or forgotten passwords. Salo Storm Software PasswordSpyer2k.htm
Fast File Splitter Split large files quickly and securely Salo Storm Software FastFileSplitter.htm
Extreme Password Generator Pro EPG Pro is a password generator utility. Salo Storm Software ExtremePasswordGeneratorPro.htm
Dialup Password Recovery Recover your lost windows dial up passwods. Salo Storm Software DialupPasswordRecovery.htm
MB-Search&Replace Pro search&replace text in multiple files Markus Bader MBSearchampReplacePro.htm
MB-Search&Replace search&replace text in multiple files Markus Bader MBSearchampReplace.htm
MB-Ruler tool to measure distances and angles + loupe Markus Bader MBRuler.htm
MB-Ruler Pro tool to measure distances and angles + loupe Markus Bader MBRulerPro.htm
Password Organizer Store all of your login information Markosoft Inc PasswordOrganizer.htm
Internet Quotes Assistant Get stock quotes from any server for free Marcos dos Santos Rocha InternetQuotesAssistant.htm
T-Minus Countdown Clock T-Minus Countdown Clock T-Minus Enterprises, LLC TMinusCountdownClock.htm
Dieter's Journal Dieter's Journal: Multimedia Diary Software Marco-Software DietersJournal.htm
TOCBuilder Creates a Table of Contents for a PDF file. Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd TOCBuilder.htm
ThumbNails Embeds thumbnails within a PDF document. Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd ThumbNails.htm
PDF Plug-in Suite Combines 18 of Mapsoft plug-in products. Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd PDFPluginSuite.htm
SecuritySetter Sets the Acrobat's security features. Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd SecuritySetter.htm
PDFSplitter Splits a PDF file into separate PDF files. Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd PDFSplitter.htm
PageManager Manages the pages of your PDF documents. Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd PageManager.htm
OpenOptions Manages Acrobat open options for PDF file. Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd OpenOptions.htm
MediaSizer Converts the media size of your PDF document. Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd MediaSizer.htm
MaskIt Hides areas of content from a PDF document. Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd MaskIt.htm
InfoSetter Sets the information in your PDF document(s). Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd InfoSetter.htm
Impress Creates and applies text stamps to PDF pages. Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd Impress.htm
ImagePlacer Stamps a graphical image on a PDF document. Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd ImagePlacer.htm
Flattener Dramatically reduces the size of PDF files. Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd Flattener.htm
DogEars Marks pages within a PDF document. Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd DogEars.htm
DocuMerger Merges PDF files with an existing document. Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd DocuMerger.htm
ContentScaler Change scale of the content of PDF documents. Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd ContentScaler.htm
BookMarker Creates multilevel bookmarks in PDF documents Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd BookMarker.htm
AcroBatch Creates, edits & runs Adobe Acrobat batches.x Mapsoft Computer Services Ltd AcroBatch.htm
MAPILab Toolbox A set of 18 useful Microsoft Outlook add-ins MAPILab Ltd. MAPILabToolbox.htm
Send Personally Send Outlook message to many users personally MAPILab Ltd. SendPersonally.htm
Save Mailing List Export contacts from Outlook to mailing list MAPILab Ltd. SaveMailingList.htm
Quick Templates for Outlook Fast pasting of frequently repeated texts MAPILab Ltd. QuickTemplatesforOutlook.htm
Print Tools for Outlook Automatically prints messages and attachments MAPILab Ltd. PrintToolsforOutlook.htm
Advanced Folders Watch Monitoring of new messages in Outlook folders MAPILab Ltd. AdvancedFoldersWatch.htm
Easy Survey Internet survey add-in for Microsoft Office. MAPILab Ltd. EasySurvey.htm
Duplicate Email Remover Delete duplicate emails and posts in Outlook MAPILab Ltd. DuplicateEmailRemover.htm
Attachments Zip Compressor ZIP outgoing attachments in Microsoft Outlook MAPILab Ltd. AttachmentsZipCompressor.htm
Add Contacts Outlook add-in for adding new contacts MAPILab Ltd. AddContacts.htm
Actual Contacts for Outlook Updating address book in Microsoft Outlook. MAPILab Ltd. ActualContactsforOutlook.htm
MAPILab File Recovery for Office Document recovery for Microsoft Office MAPILab Ltd. MAPILabFileRecoveryforOffice.htm
ME Desktop Operation Sensor Automate Windows. Monitor and Reaction Tasks ManualEnds Technology MEDesktopOperationSensor.htm
ME Macro Independence Automate Windows. Eliminate Repetitive Tasks. ManualEnds Technology MEMacroIndependence.htm
ManageDesk Virtual Desktop Virtual desktop manager the way it has to be! ManageBytes Software ManageDeskVirtualDesktop.htm
WinArranger Free Organize windows on your desktop easily ManageBytes Software WinArrangerFree.htm
MakeNotes MakeNotes - the powerful notes manager. ActualResearch.com MakeNotes.htm
MakeLogic Tail Similar to the "tail -f" of Linux. GUI based MakeLogic MakeLogicTail.htm
PC TimeWatch Parental control system MainSoft PCTimeWatch.htm
MagicDial Simple phone dialer with skin interface. GEO Ltd MagicDial.htm
Mahalosoft BionicSpider BionicSpider creates multiple desktops. Mahalosoft MahalosoftBionicSpider.htm
Aether Antiboss Totally secure yourself from prying eyes! MagpieSoft AetherAntiboss.htm
Privacy Inspector Privacy Inspector is your privacy guarder. EFREESKY SOFTWARE PrivacyInspector.htm
Magic Utilities 2006 Magic Utilities make your pc clean and stable EFREESKY SOFTWARE MagicUtilities2006.htm
MagicTweak MagicTweak is a special Tweaking software. EFREESKY SOFTWARE MagicTweak.htm
Magic Screensaver Master Use your mouse to perform some task fast! Magic Project MagicScreensaverMaster.htm
Magic Date Picker A very simple way to change computer date. Magic Project MagicDatePicker.htm
Magic Calendar Maker A simple tool for making calendars. Magic Project MagicCalendarMaker.htm
Magic Notes Easy to use and feature rich sticky note app. Eskil Software MagicNotes.htm
Attachment Analyser Analyse attachments and e-mail. MADSolutions AttachmentAnalyser.htm
Attachment Executive Replace attachments with hyperlinks. MADSolutions AttachmentExecutive.htm
SuperSecret Password management utility. MadLogic SuperSecret.htm
MadLogic ScreenShot Capture images from your screen MadLogic MadLogicScreenShot.htm
MadLogic Encryptor Encrypts files for privacy. MadLogic MadLogicEncryptor.htm
Macroworx Filing Cabinets The Ultimate Windows Desktop Manager! Macroworx MacroworxFilingCabinets.htm
Macro Express Automate all common tasks! Insight Software Solutions MacroExpress.htm
Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder Record mouse and keyboard activities. Grass Software AdvancedKeyandMouseRecorder.htm
Macro Expert Instead of you working for routine tasks. Grass Software MacroExpert.htm
MacMonete Toolbar It's free, with no spyware or viruses CED Soft MacMoneteToolbar.htm
TimeSync TimeSync: adjust the clock of your Computer Luzius Schneider TimeSync.htm
HTML Batch Editor Batch editor of any files. Lucersoft HTMLBatchEditor.htm
TweakSEC Powerful Windows security configuration tool. Karlis Blumentals TweakSEC.htm
Top Memory booster Top Memory booster is designed to clean your PC memory. Loy Soft Corp TopMemorybooster.htm
e! My'Net'Assisatant Accelerate, Security, Optimizing and Settings Loy Soft Corp eMyNetAssisatant.htm
Disk Space Clean Clear Recover Disk Space of Your PC only 1 minute LoySoft Corp DiskSpaceCleanClear.htm
Lower Case Switcher Switch between lower case and upper case SprigSoft LowerCaseSwitcher.htm
Love Quotes A collection of romantic quotes. QSX Software Group LoveQuotes.htm
Powerpoint Password Recovery Key Password recovery for Powerpoint files Passware PowerpointPasswordRecoveryKey.htm
OneNote Password Recovery Key Password recovery for OneNote files. Passware OneNotePasswordRecoveryKey.htm
LiveSupportAP Free tool to talk to web page visitor Absolute Protect LiveSupportAP.htm
Advatrack Lost stolen computer tracing software Advatrack Advatrack.htm
Lomsel Shutdown Lomsel Shutdown is a small system utility Lomsel LomselShutdown.htm
RebootIT Server-Side application that restarts servers Steve Lohja & Associates RebootIT.htm
Directory Watch A Server Side application to monitor queues. Steve Lohja & Associates DirectoryWatch.htm
1toX Select files, zip, cut, email them Logipole 1toX.htm
Split it (Award Winning file splitter) Split at 4Mb/sec with more than 19 features. Logiccode SplititAwardWinningfilesplitter.htm
Fast Copy Copy a file to & fro at speed > 4Mb/sec Logiccode FastCopy.htm
FileLocker Hide and encrypt files. MediaByte Inc. FileLocker.htm
Secure Password Store a secure Password database program L.M.Photonics Ltd SecurePasswordStore.htm
Advanced RTF2PDF Converter Advanced RTF2PDF Converter llionsoft AdvancedRTF2PDFConverter.htm
User Monitor hidden monitoring and control of user Lizma Software UserMonitor.htm
Wiperaser Ultra Wiperaser Ultra is a secure deletion tool. Liveye WiperaserUltra.htm
BladeBox Iron Edition BladeBox builds virtual encrypted disks Liveye BladeBoxIronEdition.htm
SwitchSync Synchronize with Palm Desktop and Outlook LivePIM Software Inc. SwitchSync.htm
SwitchSync Ex Synchronize with both Palm Desktop & Outlook LivePIM Software Inc. SwitchSyncEx.htm
ExpressMirror Synchronize Palm Desktop and Outlook Express LivePIM Software Inc. ExpressMirror.htm
Conduit Buddy Powerful Palm Conduits Install and Uninstall. LivePIM Software Inc. ConduitBuddy.htm
Sync Now! Keep your files in sync! Liuxz Software SyncNow.htm
NShred Destroy file and folders from Windows drives LittleLite Software NShred.htm
NCrypt TX Text Encryption Tool with Steganography LittleLite Software NCryptTX.htm
Iside Message Digest, Hash sums displaying tool. LittleLite Software Iside.htm
LLMd5Sum A simple md5sum generator with SHA1 and MD5. LittleLite Software LLMd5Sum.htm
Folder Crypt File and Folder Encryption Tool LittleLite Software FolderCrypt.htm
AnyWhere Pro Copy move zip and more with one right click Liquid Mirror Enterprises AnyWherePro.htm
Always Watching Be notified of file changes via email & more Liquid Mirror Enterprises AlwaysWatching.htm
Catalog Max Create catalogs and reports for all disks. LionMax Software CatalogMax.htm
Linspect Info Linux system info for Windows, SSH enabled. Linspect LinspectInfo.htm
Linspect Editor SSH-enabled remote file editor for Windows. Linspect LinspectEditor.htm
Linspect Commander Remote command execution utility for Windows. Linspect LinspectCommander.htm
Privacy Cleaner Pro Erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs Linren Software PrivacyCleanerPro.htm
LS Archiver Modern compression utility Linos Software LSArchiver.htm
Link Web Extractor Extracts E-mails, Phones, Fax and more. LinkWS LinkWebExtractor.htm
Startup Guru Startup Guru manages how Windows boots up. Lincoln Beach Software StartupGuru.htm
Stargate Link Boss Keep all your shortcuts just a click away. Lincoln Beach Software StargateLinkBoss.htm
My CharMap CharMap utility with re-sizeable display. Lincoln Beach Software MyCharMap.htm
AllWebMenus NetObjects Fusion component AllWebMenus NOF component for easy DHTML menus Likno Software AllWebMenusNetObjectsFusioncomponent.htm
Archivarius 3000 Document and email search for home and office Likasoft Archivarius3000.htm
Talisman Desktop Desktop Manager Lighttek Software TalismanDesktop.htm
Auto Power-on Shut-down Control your computer resume automatically Lifsoft,INC AutoPoweronShutdown.htm
User Manager Pro Reporting & management of security. Lieberman Software Corporation UserManagerPro.htm
Task Scheduler Pro Manage Scheduled Tasks Folders on All Systems Lieberman Software Corporation TaskSchedulerPro.htm
Server-To-Server Password Synchronizer Transparent password synchronization: Windows Lieberman Software Corporation ServerToServerPasswordSynchronizer.htm
Service Account Manager Report on and manage Windows Services Lieberman Software Corporation ServiceAccountManager.htm
Random Password Manager Enterprise Ed Randomize Common Administrator Passwords Lieberman Software Corporation RandomPasswordManagerEnterpriseEd.htm
Password Recovery Console Recover passwords that have been randomized Lieberman Software Corporation PasswordRecoveryConsole.htm
Intensive Care Report Generator Gen Reports for IBM LAN Server & Warp Server Lieberman Software Corporation IntensiveCareReportGenerator.htm
LAN ICU for IBM LAN Server Repairs IBM LAN Server and Warp Server Lieberman Software Corporation LANICUforIBMLANServer.htm
LAN Server to Windows Migration Wizard Migrate from IBM LAN Server to Windows Lieberman Software Corporation LANServertoWindowsMigrationWizard.htm
Intensive Care Utilities Toolkit for Server and Domain Management Lieberman Software Corporation IntensiveCareUtilities.htm
COM+ Manager Change and reporting tool for COM+/MTS/DCOM Lieberman Software Corporation COMManager.htm
Account Reset Console Help Desk Web Based Password Reset Console Lieberman Software Corporation AccountResetConsole.htm
WinTasks 5 Professional Enables you to fully take charge of your PC. Uniblue Systems WinTasks5Professional.htm
SpeedUpMyPC Your PC will instantly become faster, cleaner Uniblue Systems SpeedUpMyPC.htm
Registry Booster PC Repairs Made Easy! Uniblue Systems RegistryBooster.htm
RunPos Executes applications and positions windows. Librarysmith Software RunPos.htm
MMHotkeys Change sound/display settings with hotkeys Librarysmith Software MMHotkeys.htm
Language Identifier Recognizes what language text is written in. Lextek International LanguageIdentifier.htm
PDFExec For MS Word PDFExec For MS Word with Digital Signature LexExec, LLC PDFExecForMSWord.htm
Foreign Characters Easy access to all Euro language characters Less-Mess.com ForeignCharacters.htm
Lenogo Video to PSP Converter Lenogo Video to PSP Converter Lenogo Co., Ltd. LenogoVideotoPSPConverter.htm
Lenogo Video to iPod Converter Lenogo Video to iPod Converter Lenogo Co., Ltd. LenogoVideotoiPodConverter.htm
Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer Lenogo TV to iPod Video Transfer Lenogo Co., Ltd. LenogoTVtoiPodVideoTransfer.htm
Lenogo DVD to iPod Converter + Video to iPod Powerpack Lenogo DVD to iPod Converter + Video to iPod Lenogo Co., Ltd. LenogoDVDtoiPodConverterVideotoiPodPowerpack.htm
Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer Lenogo Co., Ltd. LenogoiPodtoPCTransfer.htm
Lenogo DVD Movie to PSP Video Converter Lenogo DVD Movie to PSP Video Converter Lenogo Co., Ltd. LenogoDVDMovietoPSPVideoConverter.htm
Lenogo DVD Movie to 3GP Converter Lenogo DVD Movie to 3GP Converter Lenogo Co., Ltd. LenogoDVDMovieto3GPConverter.htm
Magic DeskX Slide Show digital photos on your desktop. LefSoft MagicDeskX.htm
InfoWonder PIM for notes, audio, websites & forms. LeerSoft, L.L.C. InfoWonder.htm
LDB QuickExecute Pop-up panel for quick launch of a programs. LDB Software LDBQuickExecute.htm
LCP Recover Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 passwords. nh LCP.htm
PHOTORECOVERY for Digital Media Safe, do-it-yourself digital photo recovery. LC Technology International, Inc PHOTORECOVERYforDigitalMedia.htm
PHOTORECOVERY for Mac OSX Safe, do-it-yourself digital photo recovery. LC Technology International, Inc PHOTORECOVERYforMacOSX.htm
Intelli-SMART Hard Disk Drive Failure Prediction LC Technology International, Inc IntelliSMART.htm
FILERECOVERY Professional Data Recovery Software for Windows LC Technology International, Inc FILERECOVERYProfessional.htm
FILERECOVERY for Windows Safe, do-it-yourself data recovery. LC Technology International, Inc FILERECOVERYforWindows.htm
FILExtinguisher This software is designed to wipe data. LC Technology International, Inc FILExtinguisher.htm
DISKExtinguisher This software is designed to wipe data. LC Technology International, Inc DISKExtinguisher.htm
LBE Find & Replace for MS Outlook Search and replace for use with Outlook Leigh Business Enterprises Ltd. LBEFindampReplaceforMSOutlook.htm
Ultimate Date Calculator Heavy-duty date calculator for business use. Lawtech (Aust) Pty Ltd UltimateDateCalculator.htm
Launch Pivot Search and open programs and documents fast. Interfaco Software LaunchPivot.htm
File Synchronizer Synchronizes collections of files Latshaw Systems FileSynchronizer.htm
LANVisor LANVisor: Remote Desktop Monitoring System LANVisor.com LANVisor.htm
Netlocator Pro Netlocator Pro - a lan search utilitility Lantoys, Inc. NetlocatorPro.htm
LAN Spider Fast and convenient network file search tool Reymax Software LANSpider.htm
Novell NetWare Revisor Make NDS image & reports, perform recovery Lanetis Software NovellNetWareRevisor.htm
LandlordBG Secure Deletion www.LandlordBG.com presents Secure Deletion. www.landlordbg.com LandlordBGSecureDeletion.htm
LandlordBG Estates - Files Chop Shop www.LandlordBG.com presents Files Chop Shop. LandlordBG.com LandlordBGEstatesFilesChopShop.htm
World Time Zone Clock - Smart World Time Desktop cool world time zone clock display Landing software Inc. WorldTimeZoneClockSmartWorldTime.htm
LanAgent Monitor your employees' work NetworkProfi LanAgent.htm
Computer Census System Information Utility OS HW config SW LAD Enterprizes, Inc ComputerCensus.htm
dataStor Store all/any information by catagory/group LAD dataStor.htm
LS_CDRun Create autorun shells, interfaces for your CD Labour-Saving Software Labs. LSCDRun.htm
WinaXe Plus SSH X-Server for Windows X-Server for Windows,Linux to Windows Desktop LabF WinaXePlusSSHXServerforWindows.htm
WinaXe Windows X Server Windows X Server, Linux to Windows Desktop LabF WinaXeWindowsXServer.htm
nfsAxe Windows NFS Client and NFS Server Windows NFS Client and Windows NFS Server LabF nfsAxeWindowsNFSClientandNFSServer.htm
datAxe TCP IP serial data converter Serial Data TCP/IP Converter Software LabF datAxeTCPIPserialdataconverter.htm
AceaXe Plus Windows XServer XServer for Windows, Linux to Windows Desktop LabF AceaXePlusWindowsXServer.htm
Watchdog - O - Matic Keep your programs running Kwakkelflap WatchdogOMatic.htm
Sniff - O - Matic Sniff - O - Matic is a packet sniffer. Kwakkelflap SniffOMatic.htm
Service - O - Matic Run any windows application as a service Kwakkelflap ServiceOMatic.htm
Fping A better version of ping. Kwakkelflap Fping.htm
CDCheck Prevention, detection and recovery utility. Mitja Perko CDCheck.htm
Network Inventory Expert Agent less network inventory. Kviptech NetworkInventoryExpert.htm
Start Menu Fast Start Menu Fast helps run programs faster. KutinSoft.com StartMenuFast.htm
Same Files Assistant Creates hard links, frees space on NTFS KutinSoft.com SameFilesAssistant.htm
Pocket Text Editor This is simple multipage pocket text editor. KutinSoft.com PocketTextEditor.htm
Durable Copy Durable Copy is a file copying utility. KutinSoft.com DurableCopy.htm
WMI Explorer WMI Explorer KS-Soft WMIExplorer.htm
Silver Key Creates self-extracting encrypted files. Inv Softworks LLC SilverKey.htm
Kryptel Drag-and-drop file and folder encryption. Inv Softworks LLC Kryptel.htm
Kryptel Lite Drag-and-drop file and folder encryption. Inv Softworks KryptelLite.htm
Subject Search Summarizer Builds and translates summaries of documents. Kryloff Technologies, Inc. SubjectSearchSummarizer.htm
Subject Search Pad Locates files with similar contents. Kryloff Technologies, Inc. SubjectSearchPad.htm
Subject Search Scanner CD Edition Adds full-text search to CD-ROM contents Kryloff Technologies, Inc. SubjectSearchScannerCDEdition.htm
Subject Search Scanner SSScanner: Full-text search utility Kryloff Technologies, Inc. SubjectSearchScanner.htm
KRyLack Password Recovery Recovers passwords for ZIP, RAR, ACE archives KRyLack Software KRyLackPasswordRecovery.htm
EHusBook Prints brochures,books from Word 2000/XP Kroxus Software Group EHusBook.htm
Password Generator Professional 2006 Generate passwords, serial and random numbers Kristanix Software PasswordGeneratorProfessional2006.htm
Kremlin Encrypt Kremlin: Build a wall around your data! Mercury Development, LLC KremlinEncrypt.htm
Kremlin Encrypt (for Mac OS) Kremlin: Build a wall around your data! Mercury Development, LLC KremlinEncryptforMacOS.htm
Mouse and Key Recorder Records and replays mouse- and key clicks Kra-Tronic Corp. MouseandKeyRecorder.htm
CheckSpace Monitoring tool for system events and health Timo Kosiol - Softwareconsulting CheckSpace.htm
Kool Firewall Kool Firewall is firewall security software. KoolFirewall.com KoolFirewall.htm
Turbo Searcher Network Edition The fastest file search utility. Knownsoft TurboSearcherNetworkEdition.htm
Turbo Searcher The fastest file search utility. Knownsoft TurboSearcher.htm
Dicom Unit Aware Calculator Dicom is an unit aware free calculator Knowbotron DicomUnitAwareCalculator.htm
List Cleaner Intravenous Bulk Email Address List Cleaner for Marketing IWarrior Corporation ListCleanerIntravenous.htm
Windows Hider Pro Windows Hider Pro KMiNT21 Software WindowsHiderPro.htm
SpyArsenal Home Keylogger Home Keylogger - Put Yourself in Control! KMiNT21 Software SpyArsenalHomeKeylogger.htm
Family Key Logger Do people have secrets? Find out now! KMiNT21 Software FamilyKeyLogger.htm
Email Audit Spam filter for Outlook 2000/XP/2003 KMsoft Technologies Ltd EmailAudit.htm
Kirby Alarm And Task Scheduler Free alarm and task scheduler Ian Cook KirbyAlarmAndTaskScheduler.htm
Kingdia DVD Audio Ripper Easy backup your DVD to wav, mp2, mp3, ac3 Kingdia Software Inc KingdiaDVDAudioRipper.htm
Active Kill Disk - Hard Drive Eraser Hard drive eraser. Boot from floppy disk. DOS LSoft Technologies Inc. ActiveKillDiskHardDriveEraser.htm
CD Inspector Prevent the using of the CDs KGY Soft, LTD. CDInspector.htm
SeeData Unlimited binary file viewer for Windows KGP Software SeeData.htm
QuickEdit Compact multiple-document text editor KGP Software QuickEdit.htm
NoteBook Stores notes and passwords in a secure file. KGP Software NoteBook.htm
GlobalFind Performs a complex file search and replace KGP Software GlobalFind.htm
Keywarden Protect your private data & keep it arranged. Fransson Software Keywarden.htm
Lockngo Encrypts and password protect removable disks keynesis.com Lockngo.htm
KeyLogger 3 0 It monitors keystroke on your own computer. KakSoft Studio KeyLogger30.htm
PC Activity Monitor (PC Acme) Most powerful monitoring program. Raytown Corporation LLC PCActivityMonitorPCAcme.htm
PC Activity Monitor Pro (PC Acme Pro) Most powerful monitoring program. Raytown Corporation LLC PCActivityMonitorProPCAcmePro.htm
PC Activity Monitor Net (PC Acme Net) Most powerful monitoring program. Raytown Corporation LLC PCActivityMonitorNetPCAcmeNet.htm
Keylogger King Pro Monitor your employees. Keylogger King Software KeyloggerKingPro.htm
Keylogger King Home Spy on your kid's computer activities. Keylogger King Software KeyloggerKingHome.htm
Free Keylogger King This free program logs everything you type. Keylogger King Software FreeKeyloggerKing.htm
Keylogger Review Keyloggers` testing results - 80+ criteria Keylogger.org KeyloggerReview.htm
Ghost Keylogger Monitor keystrokes on your computer. Sureshot Software / Bysoft Data AB GhostKeylogger.htm
Stealth Keyboard Interceptor for Win NT/2000/XP Powerful monitoring program Raytown Corporation LLC StealthKeyboardInterceptorforWinNT2000XP.htm
KeyIt! Put your written signature into any document! Kevin O'Donnell KeyIt.htm
Keyboard Express Automate all common tasks! Insight Software Solutions KeyboardExpress.htm
AAA KewlBar - Free Pop Up Blocker FREE Pop Up Ad Window Killer / Stopper KewBar LLC AAAKewlBarFreePopUpBlocker.htm
Reset Local Password Pro Allows you to remotely change local passwords Keroon Software Corporation ResetLocalPasswordPro.htm
Reset Service Password Allows you to remotely change Service Account Keroon Software Corporation ResetServicePassword.htm
Event Log Watchdog Monitors event logs and sends email alerts Keroon Software Corporation EventLogWatchdog.htm
MagiName rename photo file, rename photo, photos Keronsoft MagiName.htm
ConversionTool Access to SQL Server, BTrieve re-engineering BI Garant BV ConversionTool.htm
Wincph encryption software file and folder encryption software. wincph encryption software Wincphencryptionsoftware.htm
KbStart KbStart - Keyboard program and email launcher Software Designs Development Corp KbStart.htm
Repeat Dialer Repeatedly checks busy line until it's free. Kassis Technologies RepeatDialer.htm
Iconomizer Access to your programs from the system tray. Kassis Technologies Iconomizer.htm
Ultradesk Ultradesk the next generation virtual desktop Kaolay Ultradesk.htm
EAZFIX PRO Undo PC problems, Instant recovery, Rollback EAZ SOLUTION, INC. EAZFIXPRO.htm
LANView Multi-function tool for LAN administration. JXDEV LANView.htm
File and folder hider File and folder hider Jimmy's Value World, Inc. Fileandfolderhider.htm
Junk-Out for Outlook 2003/2002/2000 Junk Mail/Spam filter for Outlook 2002/2000 The Office Maven JunkOutforOutlook200320022000.htm
FlashTask FlashTask is a powerful desktop utility. JungleMetal Computing Inc. FlashTask.htm
Joyce Image Converter Joyce Image Converter is user-friendly tool. Helmsman JoyceImageConverter.htm
JoyceCD CD and DVD burning has never been easier JoyceSoft JoyceCD.htm
Access Denied XP Safeguard computer from unwanted access. John Security AccessDeniedXP.htm
Access Denied Keep your computer out to unwanted access. Ivan Mayrakov AccessDenied.htm
NALalyse Check, Search + Document ZENWorks NAL apps John Foster NALalyse.htm
BeTrayed Easily add shortcut icons to the System Tray John Foster BeTrayed.htm
HeldUp HeldUp keeps any program in full view-ALWAYS. JohnMacIntyre.ca HeldUp.htm
AppAway AppAway hides any program with a drag & drop. JohnMacIntyre.ca AppAway.htm
JM Pager Remote administration & messaging tool QUIT-UP Ltd JMPager.htm
Jitbit Virtual Keyboard Multilingual on-screen virtual keyboard. JitBit Software JitbitVirtualKeyboard.htm
System Purifier File shredder, privacy eraser, disk cleaner JitBit Software SystemPurifier.htm
Net Profile Switch Switch your laptop between multiple networks JitBit Software NetProfileSwitch.htm
Jitbit Macro Recorder Keyboard and mouse recorder, player, editor. JitBit Software JitbitMacroRecorder.htm
All2Txt Easy and fast text converter! JimiSoft All2Txt.htm
Command Creator Make run-commands for use in the run dialog. jiiSoft CommandCreator.htm
SafeProtector Welcome to SafeProtector JieSoftware SafeProtector.htm
Fx MPEG Writer Convert AVI, MPEG, ASF and WMV files to MPEG J. Hepple, Inc. DBA Fx, Sound and Magic FxMPEGWriter.htm
Fx Joiner and Splitter Join, split or trim AVI or MPEG movies. J. Hepple, Inc. DBA Fx, Sound and Magic FxJoinerandSplitter.htm
PowerGREP Regular expression search and replace tool JGsoft - Just Great Software PowerGREP.htm
EditPad Pro Convenient, powerful and flexible text editor JGsoft - Just Great Software EditPadPro.htm
EditPad Lite Convenient basic text editor JGsoft - Just Great Software EditPadLite.htm
AceText Write and communicate fast and smart JGsoft - Just Great Software AceText.htm
Jetico Personal Firewall Firewall protects your computer while online Jetico, Inc. JeticoPersonalFirewall.htm
BestCrypt Corporate BestCrypt Corporate protects your data Jetico, Inc. BestCryptCorporate.htm
BestCrypt BestCrypt protects your sensitive data Jetico, Inc. BestCrypt.htm
BCWipe Deletes files from computer forever Jetico, Inc. BCWipe.htm
BCArchive BCArchive creates encrypted archive Jetico, Inc. BCArchive.htm
Tweaki for Power Users Windows Configuration and Management Tool JerMar Software Corp. TweakiforPowerUsers.htm
Tweaki/FileName Pro Bundle Tweaki FPU bundled with FileName Pro JerMar Software Corp. TweakiFileNameProBundle.htm
Red Light | Green Light Determines illicit computer use JerMar Software Corp. RedLightGreenLight.htm
FileName Pro Professional grade batch file name utility. JerMar Software Corp. FileNamePro.htm
Jenkert Startup Manager Windows startup manager Jenkert software JenkertStartupManager.htm
Natural Born Chatter Popular text chat for home/office networks. JCOM Research NaturalBornChatter.htm
PathfinderIII Full featured desktop shortcut launcher. JCMatt software PathfinderIII.htm
MicroLocked Highly secure computer lock. JCMatt software MicroLocked.htm
Locked! High level security at home and the office. JCMatt software Locked.htm
Network Traffic Monitor Analysis Report Network Traffic Monitor, Analysis & Reporting Javvin Company NetworkTrafficMonitorAnalysisReport.htm
Easy Network Service Monitor Network and service monitoring Javvin Company EasyNetworkServiceMonitor.htm
Network File Sharing and Disk Sharing Windows NFS Server Sharing Files With Unix Javvin Company NetworkFileSharingandDiskSharing.htm
NFS Windows Client to Access Unix System Windows NFS Cleint to Access Unix Servers Javvin Company NFSWindowsClienttoAccessUnixSystem.htm
Startup Guardian Regain and maintain control of your computer. Jason Cox StartupGuardian.htm
Jarte A very unique, compact WordPad replacement. Carolina Road Software Jarte.htm
TreeSize Professional Powerful harddisk space manager JAM Software TreeSizeProfessional.htm
TreeSize Personal Powerful harddisk space manager JAM Software TreeSizePersonal.htm
SpaceObServer SQL based hard disk space manager for Windows JAM Software SpaceObServer.htm
TreeSize Free Directory Sizer JAM Software TreeSizeFree.htm
SmartSerialMail Send emails to a large number of recipients. JAM Software SmartSerialMail.htm
NTFSRatio Shows the NTFS compression rate JAM Software NTFSRatio.htm
Virtual Drive Creator Create Virtual Drives or Virtual CD-ROMS J. A. Associates VirtualDriveCreator.htm
2D+3D Screensaver Maker Easy creates 2D and 3D screen savers! IwantSoft 2D3DScreensaverMaker.htm
ListMaker2006 Create list of files or other input strings Ivkom ListMaker2006.htm
Absolute DVD Copy Copy your DVD collection to DVD-R/RW or DVD+R ivideosoft.com AbsoluteDVDCopy.htm
StopDragon Pop-Up Blocker Effective pop-up blocking software for I.E. iVasion9.com StopDragonPopUpBlocker.htm
Technology Logos f Company Logo Des 25 free design templates for Technology Logos ITSTH TechnologyLogosfCompanyLogoDes.htm
Modern Logos f Company Logo Designer 25 free design templates for Modern Logos ITSTH ModernLogosfCompanyLogoDesigner.htm
Innovative Logos f Company Logo Des 25 free design templates for Innovative Logos ITSTH InnovativeLogosfCompanyLogoDes.htm
Industry Logos f Company Logo Designer 25 free design templates for Industry Logos ITSTH IndustryLogosfCompanyLogoDesigner.htm
Elegant Logos f Company Logo Designer 25 free design templates for Elegant Logos ITSTH ElegantLogosfCompanyLogoDesigner.htm
Company Logos f Company Logo Designer 25 free design templates for Company Logos ITSTH CompanyLogosfCompanyLogoDesigner.htm
Business Logos f Company Logo Designer 25 free design templates for Business Logos ITSTH BusinessLogosfCompanyLogoDesigner.htm
Company Logo Designer Design your company logo yourself! It's easy! ITSTH CompanyLogoDesigner.htm
PDFConverter The Easiest way to creating Professional PDF iToolware, Inc. PDFConverter.htm
IP Address Searcher Search ALL IP Informatioin. Mjksoft,Inc. IPAddressSearcher.htm
History Sweeper Protect your online privacy InfoWorks Technology Company HistorySweeper.htm
SpyStopper Pro Protect Your Online Privacy. InfoWorks Technology Company SpyStopperPro.htm
SpyRemover Protect your online privacy InfoWorks Technology Company SpyRemover.htm
RegDoctor Fix Windows Registry Problems. InfoWorks Technology Company RegDoctor.htm
Family Cyber Alert PC/Internet Activity Surveillance & Monitor InfoWorks Technology Company FamilyCyberAlert.htm
On-Time Operator Easy-to-use task manager for program launch Isuru OnTimeOperator.htm
AIB Artificial Intelligence Being 2003 Chatterbot with Speech Recognition Isomer Programming AIBArtificialIntelligenceBeing2003.htm
The Sleuthhound! Desktop Search Desktop Search Tool for files, docs, emails. iSleuthhound Technologies TheSleuthhoundDesktopSearch.htm
RemoteExec Very Powerful & Simple Remote Management tool IS Decisions RemoteExec.htm
Advanced CheckSum Verifier Checksum calculation and verification tool Irnis I.Haliullin AdvancedCheckSumVerifier.htm
CloneSensor duplicate file finder, help organizing files. IQRSoft CloneSensor.htm
IPSpaceMon Monitor network storage space w/email alerts. IPWorx.com IPSpaceMon.htm
IPNetStat Graphical statistics showing open IP ports IP Worx IPNetStat.htm
IP_ePad Lightweight High-Functionailty Text Editor IP Worx IPePad.htm
IPCMail Command line SMTP mailer IP Worx IPCMail.htm
IPAppmon Network application monitor. IP Worx IPAppmon.htm
All to Text Convert files to txt file. Finch Soft AlltoText.htm
IP Detective Suite 2K IP Detective Suite 2K IP Detective IPDetectiveSuite2K.htm
IPD Personal with e-mail alert 2K IPD Personal with e-mail alert XP IP Detective IPDPersonalwithemailalert2K.htm
ActMon Password Recovery XP Windows XP Password Recovery ActMon Computer Monitoring Software ActMonPasswordRecoveryXP.htm
System Shield Securely remove all traces of deleted files iolo technologies, LLC SystemShield.htm
Search and Recover Undelete files, e-mail, music, photos, +more! iolo technologies, LLC SearchandRecover.htm
System Mechanic Professional Total PC Optimization and Internet Security iolo technologies, LLC SystemMechanicProfessional.htm
System Mechanic Fix, accelerate, secure, and maintain your PC iolo technologies, LLC SystemMechanic.htm
DriveScrubber Securely wipe all data from any drive iolo technologies, LLC DriveScrubber.htm
Intelli HyperSpeed 2005 1Click Repair and Speed Up Your Windows IObit IntelliHyperSpeed2005.htm
Advanced WindowsCare 2 Personal Protect, repair and optimize PC with 1 click! IObit AdvancedWindowsCare2Personal.htm
IntroCreator Create self-running multimedia presentations Software-Entwicklung Klaus Schwenk IntroCreator.htm
UIFriend Improve your user interface today! Intrepix LLC UIFriend.htm
Splash Screen Machine Create custom splash screen applications. Intrepid Mouse SplashScreenMachine.htm
Intrepid Mouse File Launcher A free file launching utility. Intrepid Mouse IntrepidMouseFileLauncher.htm
Advanced PDF to TEXT converter Convert PDF file to TEXT preserving layout. IntraPDF AdvancedPDFtoTEXTconverter.htm
Advanced PDF to JPG converter Convert PDF file to JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF. IntraPDF AdvancedPDFtoJPGconverter.htm
Advanced PDF to HTML converter Convert PDF file to HTML preserving layout. IntraPDF AdvancedPDFtoHTMLconverter.htm
RegCOPA Registry Editor Registry Editor InterVations, Inc. RegCOPARegistryEditor.htm
Snare Agent for Windows Central EventLog collection tool via syslog InterSect Alliance Pty Ltd SnareAgentforWindows.htm
Snare Micro Server Collection tool for eventlog & sylog log data InterSect Alliance Pty Ltd SnareMicroServer.htm
Internet Browser Eraser Internet Browser Eraser is an eraser software InternetBrowserEraser.com InternetBrowserEraser.htm
Printer Activity Monitor Monitoring of company printers usage Red Line Software PrinterActivityMonitor.htm
DB Maker Create databases utilizing HTML InternetSoft Corporation DBMaker.htm
Internet History Eraser Protect your privacy by cleaning all history Internet History Eraser Inc. InternetHistoryEraser.htm
Computer History Viewer Displays the history of Windows and IE. Elongsoft Software ComputerHistoryViewer.htm
Shutdown Manager and Tools Shutdown Manager and Tools ! D.S.M./Interdesigner ShutdownManagerandTools.htm
Network Clipboard and Viewer Easy Network Clipboard Sharing with Security D.S.M./Interdesigner NetworkClipboardandViewer.htm
Comparator Fast Duplicate File Detection, Compare Folders. D.S.M./Interdesigner ComparatorFast.htm
InterBack Remote backup zips, encrypts, and sends files Edge Software, Inc. InterBack.htm
RAR Password Recovery Recover lost or forgotten RAR passwords. Intelore RARPasswordRecovery.htm
Project Password Recovery Recover lost Microsoft Project passwords. Intelore ProjectPasswordRecovery.htm
PowerPoint Password Recovery Recovers lost Microsoft PowerPoint passwords. Intelore PowerPointPasswordRecovery.htm
Pocket Excel Password Recovery Recovers lost Pocket Excel passwords. Intelore PocketExcelPasswordRecovery.htm
Outlook Password Recovery Recovers lost or forgotten Outlook passwords. Intelore OutlookPasswordRecovery.htm
Excel Password Recovery Recover lost or forgotten MS Excel passwords. Intelore ExcelPasswordRecovery.htm
Desktop Notes Post notes on your Windows desktop! Intelore DesktopNotes.htm
a Paper Bring life to your desktop! Intelore aPaper.htm
Animated Desktop Bring life to your desktop! Intelore AnimatedDesktop.htm
Access Password Recovery Recover lost passwords to Access databases. Intelore AccessPasswordRecovery.htm
USB Remote Drive Disabler USB Remote Drive Disabler IntelliNavigator, Inc USBRemoteDriveDisabler.htm
Remote Reboot Reboot, logoff, and shutdown remotely IntelliNavigator, Inc RemoteReboot.htm
Reduced Permissions Run Internet Explorer in a secure sandbox IntelliNavigator, Inc ReducedPermissions.htm
Remote Desktop Enabler Enable Remote Desktop - Remotely IntelliNavigator, Inc RemoteDesktopEnabler.htm
Floppy Remote Drive Disabler Disable Floppy Drives - Remotely IntelliNavigator, Inc FloppyRemoteDriveDisabler.htm
Floppy Drive Disabler Disable Floppy Drives IntelliNavigator, Inc FloppyDriveDisabler.htm
USB Drive Disabler USB Drive Disabler IntelliNavigator, Inc USBDriveDisabler.htm
CD ROM Drive Remote Disabler Disable CD Rom Drives Remotely IntelliNavigator, Inc CDROMDriveRemoteDisabler.htm
CD ROM Drive Disabler Disable CD Rom Drives IntelliNavigator, Inc CDROMDriveDisabler.htm
Add Remove Program Cleaner Remove dead programs from add/remove list IntelliNavigator, Inc AddRemoveProgramCleaner.htm
SuperZip - Zip/Unzip Utility SuperZip - the quick & easy way to zip/unzip Integratech Software SuperZipZipUnzipUtility.htm
IntegryDESK A Swiss army knife for your OS!. CrispyBytes Development IntegryDESK.htm
InstantBar Create promotion toolbar for your website! Soft Service Ltd InstantBar.htm
Install Unattended Unattended Installation Almeza Research InstallUnattended.htm
Inspyder OrFind Find and remove unused files on your website. Inspyder Software Inc. InspyderOrFind.htm
Inspyder InSite Check your entire website for errors. Inspyder Software Inc. InspyderInSite.htm
Inspyder Finder Search your site without a search engine. Inspyder Software Inc. InspyderFinder.htm
Inspector F File Mgmt Power Tools for Win-Docs, PDF & PST Basu Technology, Inc. InspectorF.htm
SAMInside Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 passwords recovery InsidePro SAMInside.htm
PasswordsPro Recovery of passwords for hashes InsidePro PasswordsPro.htm
Inside Website Logger monitor all websites visited Inside Logger InsideWebsiteLogger.htm
Inside Printer Monitor printer monitor application Inside Logger InsidePrinterMonitor.htm
Inside Keylogger Inside Keylogger record computer activities Inside Logger InsideKeylogger.htm
diskSpace Explorer Network Edition Control/manage the server or hard disk space Innovatools, Inc. diskSpaceExplorerNetworkEdition.htm
diskSpace Explorer Home Edition Manage and optimize your hard disk space. Innovatools, Inc. diskSpaceExplorerHomeEdition.htm
Innovatools What's On My Computer Identify any file or program on your PC Innovatools, Inc. InnovatoolsWhatsOnMyComputer.htm
Innovatools Email Control Regain control over your e-mail messages Innovatools, Inc. InnovatoolsEmailControl.htm
Innovatools Desktop Commander Your taskbar and traybar can look clear again Innovatools, Inc. InnovatoolsDesktopCommander.htm
Innovatools Add/Remove Plus! 2006 A better way to uninstall programs. Innovatools, Inc. InnovatoolsAddRemovePlus2006.htm
Advanced Uninstaller PRO 2006 Uninstall programs, speed up your computer Innovative Solutions AdvancedUninstallerPRO2006.htm
Taskbar Button Manager Easily move your taskbar buttons. Innovative Solutions TaskbarButtonManager.htm
Innovative System Optimizer Platinum Edition Easily optimize and speed up your computer Innovative Solutions InnovativeSystemOptimizerPlatinumEdition.htm
Innovative Firewall Manager Easily protect your computer from intruders Innovative Solutions InnovativeFirewallManager.htm
Advanced Disk Cleaner Easily clean up your computer's disks Innovative Solutions AdvancedDiskCleaner.htm
PieceCopy Extract/rescue specific portions of files Inner-Smile.com PieceCopy.htm
InnDevelop SoftInfo Display software installed on you computer InnDevelop Technologies InnDevelopSoftInfo.htm
Security Booster Boost Your PC's security in minutes! inKline Global, Inc SecurityBooster.htm
ViPNet Safe Disk Mobile Total data protection on your PDA. INFOTECS GmbH ViPNetSafeDiskMobile.htm
ViPNet Safe Disk transparent "on-the-fly" data encryption INFOTECS GmbH ViPNetSafeDisk.htm
ViPNet Password Roulette Free password generator tool (Multilanguage) INFOTECS GmbH ViPNetPasswordRoulette.htm
Cryptgine Archiver Cryptgine Encryption & Compression Zip Infolocks, Inc CryptgineArchiver.htm
Free DWG Viewer Free DWG Viewer will open native cad files Informative Graphics Corp FreeDWGViewer.htm
Clean Star Sp@ce S@ver System File Management Utility Removes Excess Files Information Exchange Associates LLC CleanStarSpceSverSystem.htm
Split-IT Great for splitting file into smaller piece Info2000 SplitIT.htm
Passwords Manager Passwords Manager protects passwords Info2000 PasswordsManager.htm
Archiver Catalog and organize your disks collection Info2000 Archiver.htm
Info-Pack Unixtime2Date Convert Unixtime to a Date and vice versa. Information Packaging InfoPackUnixtime2Date.htm
Info-Pack Miles2Kms Convert Miles to Kilometers and vice versa. Information Packaging InfoPackMiles2Kms.htm
Atomic Launch Tray Atomic Launch Tray is a system tray launch pa Information Packaging AtomicLaunchTray.htm
DateTray Display the date in your System Tray. Information Packaging DateTray.htm
Info-Pack Cel2Fah Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. Information Packaging InfoPackCel2Fah.htm
APassword Random Password Generator. Information Packaging APassword.htm
AKeeper AKeeper is a Personal Password Database Information Packaging AKeeper.htm
Proteg Use USB flash device for Windows logon Inflexpoint Technologies Proteg.htm
Password Administrator Advanced password administration utility. Infintron PasswordAdministrator.htm
TSCon Tabbed environment for RDP connections Infinite Solutions TSCon.htm
ServiceQuery Scan Servers and Workstation for Services Infinite Solutions ServiceQuery.htm
System Crash Monitor Reduces the number of times Windows crashes. Infinite Madness SystemCrashMonitor.htm
Penis Size-O-Matic Use your computer to increase your penis size Infinite Madness PenisSizeOMatic.htm
BS Detect Detects when someone exaggerates or lies. Infinite Madness BSDetect.htm
CryptEnCrypt Password protect files on your PC iNetProm SoftLab CryptEnCrypt.htm
Find In Context Relevant fragments of files shown immediately iNetPrivacy Software FindInContext.htm
IndieVolume Customize per-application volume and audio GerixSoft, Ltd. IndieVolume.htm
Index Your Files - Revolution! Search Files for Windows with Index Files. Rafael Castro IndexYourFilesRevolution.htm
Hotkeycontrol Hotkeycontrol InchWest Hotkeycontrol.htm
MyShow Generate and publish Flash slideshows. Incarna LLC MyShow.htm
IMterrupt Professional Block Instant Messenging, P2P and Chat Comvigo, Inc. IMterruptProfessional.htm
IMterrupt Home Version Block Instant Messenging, Web Chat, Web Games Comvigo, Inc. IMterruptHomeVersion.htm
BLZ Extractor BLZ Extractor is an extractor for blz files. IMP Labs BLZExtractor.htm
SecureLock New Technology for File/Folder/Drive locking Abhishek Arya SecureLock.htm
File Sync Robust File Sync Utility Imosoo Software FileSync.htm
iMediaCONVERT Easiest way to convert PowerPoint to Flash iMediaLearn iMediaCONVERT.htm
HTML Map Designer Pro Map Designer is an Image Mapping Utility ForthTech Software HTMLMapDesignerPro.htm
II_WorldTimeClocks Clocks around the world with alarm Image Integration IIWorldTimeClocks.htm
PassMan Plus Award Winning Password Manager & PC Security iJEN PassManPlus.htm
IIPwr Package Spying/surveillance/monitoring software IIPwr.com IIPwrPackage.htm
LAN Find Fast file search on network or your computer! IHSoftware.net LANFind.htm
Time to Leave Time to Leave is a Work Time Calculator Ignyte Software TimetoLeave.htm
Personal Computer System Information Tool to gather important PC information Ignyte Software PersonalComputerSystemInformation.htm
Data Recall - Free Alternative to Info Keep Securely store of all of your critical data Ignyte Software DataRecallFreeAlternativetoInfoKeep.htm
Incredi IE Manager Add Features to Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. Da Tutorials IncrediIEManager.htm
Desktop Icon Toy Dance Icon, Layout Icon, Lock Icon and more iDeskSoft DesktopIconToy.htm
IdentaPop Caller ID Screen Projection software IdentaFone Software IdentaPop.htm
Montage restores a multi-windowed layout with 1 click SpaceTime Systems Montage.htm
MeshInstall for Windows Installer Creator for Non Programmers IconPeople MeshInstallforWindows.htm
Icon Lock-iT XP Icon Lock-iTXP file encryption, iPod security Moon Valley Software IconLockiTXP.htm
Magnifier Easily zoom in on areas of your screen. Iconico Magnifier.htm
Desktop UI Renamer Tweak the windows UI, rename the Recycle Bin. Iconico DesktopUIRenamer.htm
Data Extractor Extract email addresses and URLs from files Iconico DataExtractor.htm
Cardio Calipers On-screen electrocardiogram measurement. Iconico CardioCalipers.htm
Buddy Icon Grabber Extract icons and save to ico,bmp,jpg files. Icon Grabber Team BuddyIconGrabber.htm
Icon Genesis Interactive and animated 3D Icons Gamers Tower Inc IconGenesis.htm
Icesun Video Converter A professional video converter. Icesun Software IcesunVideoConverter.htm
Icesun System Cleaner Erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs Icesun Software IcesunSystemCleaner.htm
Shoppinglist Track shoppinglist define stores & associate GooeyNet Company Shoppinglist.htm
ICE ECC File verification and repair tool ICE Graphics ICEECC.htm
TaskInfo Win9x/ME/NT/2k/XP Task Manager & System Info Igor Arsenin TaskInfo.htm
Idea crypting module for BestCrypt Idea crypting driver for BestCrypt. Igor Arsenin IdeacryptingmoduleforBestCrypt.htm
AbpMon "Free RAM" and monitor System graphically Igor Arsenin AbpMon.htm
:: Hyplay :: Free AVI Movie Player :: :: Hyplay :: Free AVI Movie Player :: Hyplay .htm
HyperCam AVI screen & sound capture for Windows Hyperionics Technology LLC HyperCam.htm
FileBox eXtender Resizes file boxes bigger, adds features Hyperionics Technology LLC FileBoxeXtender.htm
Hyper Hasher Suite The best tool for hashing and checksumming. Matt LaPlante HyperHasherSuite.htm
EyeC Surveillance software for detecting intruders Hyperacuity.com EyeC.htm
Hardware Inspector Inventory tracking solution for IT equipment. Database Harbor Software HardwareInspector.htm
Hurricanesoft Personal Firewall EN Security software to protect your PC. Hurricanesoft HurricanesoftPersonalFirewallEN.htm
Hurricanesoft Internet Security 2006 EN Security software to protect your PC. Hurricanesoft HurricanesoftInternetSecurity2006EN.htm
AcuteFinder AcuteFinder finds duplicate files on disks Hugmot ehf AcuteFinder.htm
PostCode Express Australian PostCode Finder for WinWord Hudson Software PostCodeExpress.htm
Easy Joymouse Joymouse, make change to your pointing device Hotwind Software EasyJoymouse.htm
HSLAB Prefetch Manager Faster Boot and Application Launch Handy Software Lab HSLABPrefetchManager.htm
HSLAB Sys Monitor Pro Advanced real-time system monitoring utility. Handy Software Lab HSLABSysMonitorPro.htm
HSLAB Sys Monitor Lite Advanced real-time system monitoring utility. Handy Software Lab HSLABSysMonitorLite.htm
HSLAB Free Sys Monitor Advanced real-time system monitoring utility. Handy Software Lab HSLABFreeSysMonitor.htm
PrintCtl The console utility for printers management. Handy Software Lab PrintCtl.htm
HSLAB Print Logger SE Lower your printing expenses by setting quota Handy Software Lab HSLABPrintLoggerSE.htm
Print Logger Pro Program for the logging printers usage. Handy Software Lab PrintLoggerPro.htm
HSLAB Logger Control and logging the users activity Handy Software Lab HSLABLogger.htm
HSLAB Force Down Fast and Smart Shutdown Windows. Handy Software Lab HSLABForceDown.htm
HSLAB Force Down Lite Fast and Smart Shutdown Windows. Handy Software Lab HSLABForceDownLite.htm
HSLAB Free Force Down Fast and Smart Shutdown Windows. Handy Software Lab HSLABFreeForceDown.htm
HSLAB Shutdown Folder Program launches apps before shut down. Handy Software Lab HSLABShutdownFolder.htm
HSLAB Shutdown Folder Lite Program launches apps before shut down. Handy Software Lab HSLABShutdownFolderLite.htm
NT Admin Utilities Set Admin Command line utilities set. Handy Software Lab NTAdminUtilitiesSet.htm
Apache Admin Apache GUI HQware GmbH ApacheAdmin.htm
Swift Keyboard Swift Keyboard лучший менеджер горячих клавиш kslabs SwiftKeyboard.htm
Pix2Gsm Change your picture on you mobile Portpix Pix2Gsm.htm
ROVE FileTracker ROVE Digital ROVEFileTracker.htm
Hot Keyboard Pro This program assumes all your routine work! Imposant HotKeyboardPro.htm
Host Evaluator Test and compare web hosting companies. Zed Seven Pty Ltd HostEvaluator.htm
Oberland Standalone Manage your screen-based communication. Navori Sa OberlandStandalone.htm
World Flags Icon Collection High quality World Flags icon Collections Horizon Software Co. WorldFlagsIconCollection.htm
Word Preccessing Icon Collection High quality Word Preccessin icon Collections Horizon Software Co. WordPreccessingIconCollection.htm
Vista Toolbar Icon Collection Quality Free Vista Toolbar Icon Collection Horizon Software Co. VistaToolbarIconCollection.htm
Vista Business Icon Collection High quality Vista Business Icon Collections Horizon Software Co. VistaBusinessIconCollection.htm
Vista Icon Collection High quality Vista Icon Collections Horizon Software Co. VistaIconCollection.htm
Symbol Icon Collection High quality Symbol icon Collections Horizon Software Co. SymbolIconCollection.htm
Sentinel Professional Complete System Monitoring:Sentinel Horizon Software Co. SentinelProfessional.htm
Object Icon Collection High quality Object icon Collections Horizon Software Co. ObjectIconCollection.htm
Multimedia Icon Collection High quality Multimedia icon Collections Horizon Software Co. MultimediaIconCollection.htm
Infinite Icon Collection High quality 8.009 Infinite Icon Collections Horizon Software Co. InfiniteIconCollection.htm
Database Icon Collection High quality Database icon Collections Horizon Software Co. DatabaseIconCollection.htm
Core Icon Collection High quality Core icon Collections Horizon Software Co. CoreIconCollection.htm
Control Icon Collection High quality Control icon Collections Horizon Software Co. ControlIconCollection.htm
Business Icon Collection High quality Business icon Collections Horizon Software Co. BusinessIconCollection.htm
Registry Vaccine Registry Vaccine fix repair registry errors Horizon DataSys Inc. RegistryVaccine.htm
Optimizer Rx Optimize PC's To Run Faster and Spyware free Horizon DataSys Inc. OptimizerRx.htm
LockDown Rx Software Easily lock down Hard Drive, File or Folder Horizon DataSys Inc. LockDownRxSoftware.htm
Exe Lockdown EXE Lockdown protects PC configurations Horizon DataSys Inc. ExeLockdown.htm
HT Ultra Long DVD You can produce DVD and 16 hours DVD. Honest Technology HTUltraLongDVD.htm
HT Fireman CD/DVD Burner HT Fireman 1.0.011 is burning software. Honest Technology HTFiremanCDDVDBurner.htm
HT Burn DVD Produce DVD, etc.. from movie or video files. Honest Technology HTBurnDVD.htm
honestech Burn DVD Produce DVD, etc.. from movie or video files. Honest Technology honestechBurnDVD.htm
Hodoman Timer :: Internet Cafe Software Internet Cafe Software IntelliSoft SRL InternetCafeSoftware.htm
hardware sensors monitor CPU temperature monitor & software cooler AB Software hardwaresensorsmonitor.htm
Automize Automation software and task scheduler Hitek Software LLC Automize.htm
History Cleaner- Free Version History Cleaner is an internet/file eraser HistoryCleaner.com HistoryCleanerFreeVersion.htm
Random Password Generator-PRO Create Millions of Random Passwords at a time Hirtle Software RandomPasswordGeneratorPRO.htm
HiProxy proxy support utility for Internet programs Hiproxy.Com HiProxy.htm
WhatColor A Must For ColorBlinds Using PC Nakahara-Hikaru Shareware WhatColor.htm
WakeMeUp! Alarm clock that can resume a PC from StandBy Highspheres.com WakeMeUp.htm
Hide From Outsiders Hide yor screen from ousiders Pelyware.com HideFromOutsiders.htm
Hide Window Plus Hide running programs with a hotkey or mouse Hide Window Software HideWindowPlus.htm
Advanced Hide Folders Are you looking for tool to hide private data Softbe Inc AdvancedHideFolders.htm
Hide Files Program to hide any number of files/folders Spydex Inc HideFiles.htm
VolumeTouch A freeware to replace Windows Speaker Icon. Anton VolumeTouch.htm
FileWIZ Type / creator editor for MacOS files Hi-Voltage FileWIZ.htm
Hex Editor Hex Editor Binary File Editing Software HHD Software HexEditor.htm
Hexprobe Storage Encryption Tool Hpsetool: Hexprobe disk encryption tool. Hexprobe System HexprobeStorageEncryptionTool.htm
Hexprobe Hex Editor A powerful hex editor and pattern viewer. Hexprobe System HexprobeHexEditor.htm
ActiveStartup Deluxe Advanced Windows startup manager. hexilesoft ActiveStartupDeluxe.htm
ActiveStartup Windows startup manager. hexilesoft ActiveStartup.htm
ActiveActions Launch tool that acts like hotkey manager hexilesoft ActiveActions.htm
UnzipThemAll Extract all your archive files in one click Herv� Thouzard UnzipThemAll.htm
THE Rename A good program to rename files & folders Herv� Thouzard THERename.htm
Hermetic Stego Software for hiding a file of any size. Hermetic Systems HermeticStego.htm
Data Destroyer For secure file deletion and disk wipe Hermetic Systems DataDestroyer.htm
Cryptosystem ME6 Encrypts multiple files in multiple folders. Hermetic Systems CryptosystemME6.htm
ProfileLink Link hardware profiles and user accounts Heptagon Software Solutions ProfileLink.htm
HotlinkBlocker An anti-leech solution for Windows servers. Helicon Tech HotlinkBlocker.htm
Drive Health Hard disks life measuring and monitoring tool Helexis Software Development DriveHealth.htm
Messenger Utility Use Messenger Utility to stop WEBPOPUP spam. Heavy Horse MessengerUtility.htm
KeyMaster An advanced keyboard and text-to-speech tool. Heavy Horse KeyMaster.htm
Heatsoft Automatic Synchronizer Fast and easy-to-use automatic synchronizer Heatsoft Corporation HeatsoftAutomaticSynchronizer.htm
HDX4 Player Play common digital video files on your PC. Jomigo Visual Technology GmbH HDX4Player.htm
HDX4 Movie Creator Create videos for your PSP, iPod and more. Jomigo Visual Technology GmbH HDX4MovieCreator.htm
Pad Text editor, image viewer and word processor. Hesky-Data Software Pad.htm
HDD Temperature SCSI Hard-drive temperature monitoring software. PalickSoft HDDTemperatureSCSI.htm
HDD Temperature Pro Hard-drive temperature monitoring software. PalickSoft HDDTemperaturePro.htm
HDD Temperature Enterprise Network HDD temperature monitoring software. PalickSoft HDDTemperatureEnterprise.htm
HDD Temperature Hard-drive temperature monitoring software. PalickSoft HDDTemperature.htm
HDDlife Pro Life support system for your hard drive. BinarySense, Ltd. HDDlifePro.htm
HDDlife plugin for Google Desktop An HDD health indicator for Google Desktop. BinarySense, Ltd. HDDlifepluginforGoogleDesktop.htm
HDDlife for Notebooks Care for the health of your hard drive. BinarySense, Ltd. HDDlifeforNotebooks.htm
HDDlife Life support system for your hard drive. BinarySense, Ltd. HDDlife.htm
HddLed Indicator Hard disk activity monitor. Software HDD LED. hddled.com HddLedIndicator.htm
HS WinPerfect System, disk, memory, cpu improver Yenicag Bilisim Ltd HSWinPerfect.htm
Xtractor Plus Archive extraction utility Harmony Hollow Software XtractorPlus.htm
ShellSearch Find misplaced shortcuts fast. Harmony Hollow Software ShellSearch.htm
Handy Recovery Undelete Files and Recover Partitions SoftLogica HandyRecovery.htm
Handy Password Fill forms and login to sites automatically. Novosoft Development LLC HandyPassword.htm
Handy File Tool Handy File Tool is fast, simple file manager. Heatsoft Corporation HandyFileTool.htm
WideStep Handy Keylogger WideStep Handy Keylogger Handy Key Logger.com WideStepHandyKeylogger.htm
Spb Weather Spb Weather is a powerful weather forecast. Spb Software House SpbWeather.htm
Spb Pocket Pc Tips Tricks More than 200 tips for Pocket PC. Spb Software House SpbPocketPcTipsTricks.htm
Spb Imageer Spb Imageer provides photo viewing, editing, Spb Software House SpbImageer.htm
Spb Full Screen Keyboard The ideal solution for touch-screen typing. Spb Software House SpbFullScreenKeyboard.htm
Spb FreeCell A very popular card game for PDA. Spb Software House SpbFreeCell.htm
Spb Finance Spb Finance is a financial manager. Spb Software House SpbFinance.htm
Spb Diary NEW! Spb Diary is a feature-rich Today PIM plug-in Spb Software House SpbDiaryNEW.htm
Spb Pocket Plus The most powerful Today plug-in with tabs. Spb Software House SpbPocketPlus.htm
Spb GPRS Monitor Spb GPRS Monitor is a traffic counter. Spb Software House SpbGPRSMonitor.htm
Easy Calendar An inexpensive easy to use calendar. Hammer Software Unlimited EasyCalendar.htm
LanHelper Manage your network without server program. Hainsoft.com LanHelper.htm
CopyCat CopyCat: Easy to use, powerful backup utility Hahn Technology, Inc. CopyCat.htm
Mmm FREE Clean up your menus with this unique utility! HACE MmmFREE.htm
GYZ Task Notes Desktop sticky notes and task list program. Yanzhong Gui GYZTaskNotes.htm
GYZ Personal Database Store information with customized templates. Yanzhong Gui GYZPersonalDatabase.htm
ParseRat File Parser Converter Restructurer Extract usable data from just about anything. Guy Software ParseRatFileParserConverterRestructurer.htm
ScreenShot Powerful automated screen-capturing GutmannSoft ScreenShot.htm
@SwIt Printfil Print from Dos/Linux to Windows:USB, GDI, PDF aSwIt s.r.l. SwItPrintfil.htm
Odbc 4 All Connection to ODBC data sources for any app. aSwIt s.r.l. Odbc4All.htm
Let My Kids Browse Let the kids browse without killing your PC Gulden Development LetMyKidsBrowse.htm
Guitar Sidekick The all-in-one utility for guitarists! Gitarre Spielen GuitarSidekick.htm
SafeDisk 128bit On-the-fly disk encription SoftLab MIL-TEC Ltd SafeDisk.htm
HideIt! HideIt - Hide folder, files, protect secrets Guard Software HideIt.htm
MPM MultiPlugMate Save/restore LAN/Internet settings profiles. K. Hofacker MPMMultiPlugMate.htm
GRL RealHidden Hide and retrieve hidden data. GRL Technology GRLRealHidden.htm
Compare It! File compare and merge utility. Grig Software CompareIt.htm
Unit Conversions 2000 Quickly convert units of measure Gregory Braun UnitConversions2000.htm
TxEdit 2000 Edit large files with this easy-to-use editor Gregory Braun TxEdit2000.htm
Tray Tools 2000 Quickly launch programs from the tray Gregory Braun TrayTools2000.htm
ToolBar 2000 Quickly launch programs from the desktop Gregory Braun ToolBar2000.htm
File Shredder 2000 Remove sensitive files from your computer Gregory Braun FileShredder2000.htm
Reminders 2000 Create reminder messages for important events Gregory Braun Reminders2000.htm
Programmer's IDE 2000 Manage your computer programming projects Gregory Braun ProgrammersIDE2000.htm
Password Keeper 2000 Store all your passwords for quick retrieval Gregory Braun PasswordKeeper2000.htm
NoteBook 2000 Store notes and to-do list for easy reference Gregory Braun NoteBook2000.htm
Error Messages for Windows Look up MS Windows error codes. Gregory Braun ErrorMessagesforWindows.htm
MIRV 2000 Try this small multiple program launcher Gregory Braun MIRV2000.htm
File Editor 2000 Edit any file using this ASCII / Hex Editor Gregory Braun FileEditor2000.htm
DLL Show 2000 List DLL dependencies for running processes. Gregory Braun DLLShow2000.htm
Crypto 2000 Quickly encrypt your sensitive files. Gregory Braun Crypto2000.htm
Disk CleanUp 2000 Clean up deleted files on any drive. Gregory Braun DiskCleanUp2000.htm
CardBase 2000 Store names, phone numbers and web sites Gregory Braun CardBase2000.htm
Calendar 2000 Display a monthly calendar on the Desktop Gregory Braun Calendar2000.htm
BlowFish 2000 Quickly encrypt your sensitive files. Gregory Braun BlowFish2000.htm
AppPaths 2000 Modify MS Windows Startup settings Gregory Braun AppPaths2000.htm
UnHackMe UnHackMe is a Rootkit Killer Greatis Software UnHackMe.htm
RegRun Security Suite Platinum A powerful tool kit against Trojans, rootkits Greatis Software RegRunSecuritySuitePlatinum.htm
RegRun Security Suite Gold A powerful tool kit against Trojans, viruses Greatis Software RegRunSecuritySuiteGold.htm
AutoIntern Total Automation Program for Windows Graphcial Dynamics, Inc. AutoIntern.htm
PosterPrint Print a document any size you wish GrandUtils PosterPrint.htm
DriverExtractor Extract device driver files from Windows OS GrandUtils.com DriverExtractor.htm
Back2Life Recover deleted and lost files and folders GrandUtils Back2Life.htm
CD Box Labeler Pro Design your own custom CD/DVD labels. Green Point Software UK Ltd CDBoxLabelerPro.htm
Directory Opus File Manager and Explorer Replacement GPSoftware DirectoryOpus.htm
iSysVal Reference iSeries/AS400 System Value Reference HandMatrix Inc. iSysValReference.htm
Favorite Notes Favorite Notes keeps track of passwords. Gorilla Bytes FavoriteNotes.htm
Telnet Server for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 Telnet Server for Windows NT/2000/XP GoodTech Systems TelnetServerforWindowsNT2000XP2003.htm
Web Checker Check webs updated or not and save your time. Gonsoft WebChecker.htm
Hexdataedit Edit View Restructur hex data file Gomysoft.com Hexdataedit.htm
Super iPod Video Converter build 2006 Super iPod Video Converter build 2006 Gold Medal Software Co., Ltd. SuperiPodVideoConverterbuild2006.htm
Super DVD to iPod Converter + Video to Super DVD to iPod Converter + Video to iPod P Gold Medal Software Co., Ltd. SuperDVDtoiPodConverterVideoto.htm
Super DVD to iPod Converter Build 2006 Super DVD to iPod Converter Build 2006 Gold Medal Software Co., Ltd. SuperDVDtoiPodConverterBuild2006.htm
Lenogo Video to iPod Converter build 200 Lenogo Video to iPod Converter build 2006 Gold Medal Software Co., Ltd. LenogoVideotoiPodConverterbuild200.htm
Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer Build 06 Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer Build 06 Gold Medal Software Co., Ltd. LenogoiPodtoPCTransferBuild06.htm
Lenogo DVD Movie to 3GP Converter build Lenogo DVD Movie to 3GP Converter build 2006 Gold Medal Software Co., Ltd. LenogoDVDMovieto3GPConverterbuild.htm
01 Cucusoft iPod Video Converter + DVD 01 Cucusoft iPod Video Converter Gold Medal Software Co., Ltd. 01CucusoftiPodVideoConverterDVD.htm
Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter 08 Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter 08 Gold Medal Software Co., Ltd. CucusoftiPodMovieVideoConverter08.htm
Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter Build 08 Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter Build 08 Gold Medal Software Co., Ltd. CucusoftDVDtoiPodConverterBuild08.htm
GoldLeo Video Converter It is a Video Converter and Video editor. Gold Leo Software Inc. GoldLeoVideoConverter.htm
GoldLeo Audio Recorder GoldLeo Audio Recorder is a sound recorder. Gold Leo Software Inc. GoldLeoAudioRecorder.htm
Golden Keylogger Family-friendly keylogger software. Try FREE! KMiNT21 Software GoldenKeylogger.htm
Troy Ounce Conversion Tool Converts Troy ounces kilos dwt grams grains. Gold Calculator TroyOunceConversionTool.htm
Silver Calculator Converts Calculates Silver Platinum to market Gold Calculator SilverCalculator.htm
Gold Calculator Lite Converts Computes Gold to market price Gold Calculator GoldCalculatorLite.htm
Gold Calculator Gold Edition Calculates Gold to market, saves and prints. Gold Calculator GoldCalculatorGoldEdition.htm
Gold Calculator Converts Computes Gold Silver saves prints Gold Calculator GoldCalculator.htm
Casting Calculator Lost wax casting metal alloy converter. Gold Calculator CastingCalculator.htm
Diamond Calculator Calculates weight shapes sizes cuts to Market Gold Calculator DiamondCalculator.htm
Archive Search Search for files inside compressed archives. Gold-Software Development ArchiveSearch.htm
Windows Eraser Erase online internet tracks. GOG Software WindowsEraser.htm
Advanced Windows Optimizer an award winning collection of tools GOG Software AdvancedWindowsOptimizer.htm
Go WinTasks Professional kill or show you " invisible " tasks or proc godownload GoWinTasksProfessional.htm
Go Registry Booster clearn and optimise your system godownload.org GoRegistryBooster.htm
Go 3GP PSP iPod Video Converter Convert video files into 3GP/PSP/iPod files godownload.org Go3GPPSPiPodVideoConverter.htm
iPod-Video-Converter+DVD-to-iPod-Suite iPod Video Converter + DVD to iPod Suite godownload.org iPodVideoConverterDVDtoiPodSuite.htm
Go4Customer Call Recording Machine Call Recording Machine ,Record Calls Cyber Futuristics India Pvt.Ltd. Go4CustomerCallRecordingMachine.htm
Go4Customer Answering Machine Answering Machine,Record Calls Cyber Futuristics India Pvt.Ltd. Go4CustomerAnsweringMachine.htm
Virtual PDF Printer Convert anything printable to PDF document Wondersoft VirtualPDFPrinter.htm
Go2PDF Instantly convert any document into PDF Wondersoft Go2PDF.htm
Easy Document Security go2easy.com EasyDocumentSecurity.htm
EZ-FileIndex Easy and efficient file management Hu xiao qi EZFileIndex.htm
G-Lock Temp Cleaner Keep your computer waste files free G-Lock Software GLockTempCleaner.htm
G-Lock SpamCombat Spam filtering, anti-spam software G-Lock Software GLockSpamCombat.htm
MultiNetwork Manager Std Connect your laptop securely anywhere GlobeSoft MultiNetworkManagerStd.htm
MultiNetwork Manager Pro Connect your laptop securely anywhere GlobeSoft MultiNetworkManagerPro.htm
Easy2share Easily share files between computers GlobeSoft Easy2share.htm
AbuseShield Proactively shield your PCs from abusing apps GlobeSoft AbuseShield.htm
Power Crypt Industrial strength file encryption program. Global Web Monitor PowerCrypt.htm
File Wipe File destructuction utility,History cleaner Global Web Monitor FileWipe.htm
PDFcamp(pdf writer) create pdf from any printable application. verypdf.com Inc PDFcamppdfwriter.htm
PDF to Text (pdf2text) SDK-COM pdf to text SDK-COM converts pdf to text verypdf.com Inc PDFtoTextpdf2textSDKCOM.htm
Desktop Scout Secretly record and monitor any PC remotely. GlobalPatrol DesktopScout.htm
Remote Desktop Spy Monitor and record PC and Internet activity. Global Spy Software RemoteDesktopSpy.htm
Absolute Uninstaller Uninstall programs and clean your registry. GlarySoft Inc. AbsoluteUninstaller.htm
Quick StartUp Manage start-up applications GlarySoft Inc. QuickStartUp.htm
Registry Repair Scan and clean up your registry. GlarySoft Inc. RegistryRepair.htm
Auto ShutDown XP Professional with Auto Login The most advanced Auto ShutDown application. Gill Information Technology AutoShutDownXPProfessionalwithAutoLogin.htm
Auto ShutDown XP Professional The most advanced Auto ShutDown application. Gill Information Technology AutoShutDownXPProfessional.htm
Hide Master An easy-to-use tool for hiding windows. GigaMind Systems HideMaster.htm
Ultimate Startup Manager for Windows Poweful and unique Windows startup manager GigaBest UltimateStartupManagerforWindows.htm
JIT Scheduler Task scheduler for MS Windows Gibin Software House JITScheduler.htm
GiPo@FileUtilities GiPo@FileUtilities Version: 2.9 Gibin Software House GiPoFileUtilities.htm
GiPo@DB_Utilities GiPo@DB_Utilities Version: 4.4 Gibin Software House GiPoDBUtilities.htm
GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner Security vulnerability scanning and fixing. GFI Software GFILANguardNetworkSecurityScanner.htm
PDF Search Search in PDF files for anything you want. GetPDF, Inc. PDFSearch.htm
PDF Manager A PDF management and conversion tool. GetPDF, Inc. PDFManager.htm
GetPDF Web Server PDF creation solution for web clients. GetPDF, Inc. GetPDFWebServer.htm
GetPDF Terminal Server PDF creation solution for terminal server. GetPDF, Inc. GetPDFTerminalServer.htm
GetPDF Report Server PDF creation solution for report server. GetPDF, Inc. GetPDFReportServer.htm
GetPDF lntranet Server PDF creation solution for intranet server. GetPDF, Inc. GetPDFlntranetServer.htm
GetPDF Convert anything printable to Adobe PDF files GetPDF, Inc. GetPDF.htm
Document Finder Search through PDF,DOC,XLS,PPT,RTF,HTM,TXT GetPDF, Inc. DocumentFinder.htm
PC LockUp Secure your PC while you are away Ixis Ltd PCLockUp.htm
1st Security Administrator Pro Password protect PC with access restrictions Getfreefile 1stSecurityAdministratorPro.htm
Security Administrator Protect your privacy and control access to PC Getfreefile SecurityAdministrator.htm
1st Security Administrator Protect PC, restrict access to Windows Getfreefile 1stSecurityAdministrator.htm
Public PC Desktop Setup an Internet kiosk or a public access PC Getfreefile PublicPCDesktop.htm
ABC Security Protector Stop lowlevel access to your PC Getfreefile ABCSecurityProtector.htm
1st Security Agent Restrict access to key features of Windows Getfreefile 1stSecurityAgent.htm
Network Security Protector The best network-based security software. Getfreefile NetworkSecurityProtector.htm
Access Lock Lock your system with a password Getfreefile AccessLock.htm
Access Administrator Protect your files, folders, data Getfreefile AccessAdministrator.htm
File & Folder Protector Password-protect files and folders. Getfreefile FileampFolderProtector.htm
1st Evidence Remover Destroy all evidence and temporary files. Getfreefile 1stEvidenceRemover.htm
1st Email Security Stop leaving traces on the Internet Getfreefile 1stEmailSecurity.htm
Disk Drive Security Hide and lock your disk drives. Getfreefile DiskDriveSecurity.htm
Easy Desktop Keeper Save, restore, manage and lock desktop layout Getfreefile EasyDesktopKeeper.htm
CD-DVD Lock Hide drives from viewing or lock access Getfreefile CDDVDLock.htm
Advanced Security Administrator Protect your privacy and control access to PC Getfreefile AdvancedSecurityAdministrator.htm
Access Administrator Pro Protect files and folders Getfreefile AccessAdministratorPro.htm
PDF Builder Utility to automatically create PDF files. SkySof Software Inc. PDFBuilder.htm
FileSpy Network file utility. SkySof Software Inc. FileSpy.htm
DisCat Creates CD/DVD library for organizing data Genutronics Ltd DisCat.htm
WizQuote Reference Info Snippets and Quotes Manager Univision Incorporated WizQuote.htm
TexNotes The Jolly good notes organizer and publisher. Univision Incorporated TexNotes.htm
GuardMax Safe and Secure Digital Information Vault Univision Incorporated GuardMax.htm
FolderInfo Disk usage analyzer and cleaner Gemmico FolderInfo.htm
SafeSystem Windows security program. GemiScorp SafeSystem.htm
SafeLogon Windows access control program and more... GemiScorp SafeLogon.htm
SafeCryptor Information encryption system. GemiScorp SafeCryptor.htm
LaunchIt NOW! Plus Easily organize and quickly launch shortcuts. GemiScorp LaunchItNOWPlus.htm
LaunchIt NOW! Easily manage and quickly launch shortcuts. GemiScorp LaunchItNOW.htm
Geek Superhero Protect your PC's settings and security. Headlight Software, Inc. GeekSuperhero.htm
GEAR Video GEAR Video 8- Burn DVDs and Video GEAR Software, Inc. GEARVideo.htm
WaitForFile Try to open a file with exclusive access GdP Software WaitForFile.htm
FileLink Create a second name for an existing file. GdP Software FileLink.htm
remover Removal tool detects and exterminates viruses G DATA Software Sp. z o.o. remover.htm
Gardener's Journal Premium Edition Gardener's Journal: Multimedia Diary Software Marco Software GardenersJournalPremiumEdition.htm
Scratchboard A time-saving personal information manager. Gammadyne Corporation Scratchboard.htm
File Substring Replacement Utility Search/replace substrings in multiple files. Gammadyne Corporation FileSubstringReplacementUtility.htm
Game Copier Copy Game CD, Copy Video CD, Copy Audio CD... BUTMAK GameCopier.htm
Gadwin PrintScreen Enhances your screen shots Gadwin Systems, Inc. GadwinPrintScreen.htm
LojiklSweep A highly configurable backup tool. Fungusware LojiklSweep.htm
FolderDog Monitor how much hard disk space is being use Fungusware FolderDog.htm
Printer Changer Swap printers from tray Full Circuit Ltd PrinterChanger.htm
1st Choice Zip 1st Choice Zip feels like Windows Explorer Sabine Consulting 1stChoiceZip.htm
Credit Card Knight Shop on-line safely FSPro Labs CreditCardKnight.htm
Office Password Recovery Wizard Recover your lost Office douments passwords. FSPro Labs OfficePasswordRecoveryWizard.htm
Lock My PC Lock your PC with just a click! Feel secure! FSPro Labs LockMyPC.htm
Identity Knight Prevent identity theft FSPro Labs IdentityKnight.htm
Hide Folders XP Hide your private information from others! FSPro Labs HideFoldersXP.htm
Access Boss Restrict access to a PC based on time factor FSPro Labs AccessBoss.htm
Ssetup Ssetup: setup+uninstall for win95/98/winXP Davor Zorc Ssetup.htm
Print Distributor Distribute print jobs Frogmore Computer Services PrintDistributor.htm
WinProtection WinProtection 3.0 Froebis Interactive WinProtection.htm
Save Keys Save Keys 6.0 - Gold Edition Froebis Interactive SaveKeys.htm
Stealth Files Stealth Files 4.0 Froebis Interactive StealthFiles.htm
Froebis MP3 Studio Froebis MP3 Studio 1.6 Froebis Interactive FroebisMP3Studio.htm
MS Access Password Recoverer MS Access Password Recoverer 3.8 Froebis Interactive MSAccessPasswordRecoverer.htm
MS Access 2000 Password Recoverer MS Access 2000 Password Recoverer 4.2 Froebis Interactive MSAccess2000PasswordRecoverer.htm
Frigate3Lite Finally, a file manager you can understand. Helmsman Frigate3Lite.htm
Frigate3 Finally, a file manager you can understand. Helmsman Frigate3.htm
Fretless Space Explorer Quickly displays folder and file sizes. Fretless Consulting FretlessSpaceExplorer.htm
Fresh Diagnose Analyze, scan, and benchmark your PC Freshdevices.com FreshDiagnose.htm
Windows File Explorer File manager for Windows. FreeSoft Labs WindowsFileExplorer.htm
Desktop Randomizer Randomize your Wallpapers and Screen Savers! Desktop Randomizer Ltd DesktopRandomizer.htm
CPU Usage Viewer Display the percentage utilization of the CPU FreeShareware CPUUsageViewer.htm
Cache Cleaner Cache Cleaner clear your system memory cache. FreeShareware CacheCleaner.htm
Free Launch Bar Replacement for Quick Launch TrueSoft FreeLaunchBar.htm
Harddisk Search and Stats Freeware file and disk search engine Freebyte HarddiskSearchandStats.htm
Disktective Free disk-space reporting tool Freebyte Disktective.htm
AntiSpam Pro (Mailbox Protector) For mail address encription FreeBroker.com.ar AntiSpamProMailboxProtector.htm
FreeAuctionInformation Free public auction data including car VIN #. FreeAuctionInformation.com FreeAuctionInformation.htm
Flash Games Large database of over 700 free flash games Free Soft FlashGames.htm
FileTimeEdit 2 Edit all the file attribute freely. foryoursoft.com FileTimeEdit2.htm
Construction Advantage Calculator Ultimate Pocket PC Construction Calculator Formative Software, Inc. ConstructionAdvantageCalculator.htm
Foretype Foretype is a typing acceleration program Foretype Foretype.htm
NoteTab Pro A powerful award-winning text and HTML editor Fookes Software NoteTabPro.htm
Fontonizer Easy to use Font Organizer FontUtilities.com Fontonizer.htm
Fast Font Set Utility that allows you selection of fonts FontUtilities.com FastFontSet.htm
Advanced Font Catalog Utility to catalog all kind of font media FontUtilities.com AdvancedFontCatalog.htm
Venice Wallpaper 1024x768 12 great Venice wallpaper 1024x768. fond-ecran-wallpaper.com VeniceWallpaper1024x768.htm
Fomine WinPopup Fomine WinPopup is an instant-messaging tool. FOMINE SOFTWARE FomineWinPopup.htm
Fomine Observer Winpopup for receiving messages only. FOMINE SOFTWARE FomineObserver.htm
Fomine NetSend NetSend with visual user interface. FOMINE SOFTWARE FomineNetSend.htm
Fomine Messenger Instant LAN messenger. FOMINE SOFTWARE FomineMessenger.htm
2002 CD Eject It is a utility that manages CD drive doors. FOMINE SOFTWARE 2002CDEject.htm
Any Place Calculator Allows you to make calculations in any place. FOMINE SOFTWARE AnyPlaceCalculator.htm
AceHide Hide any application windows pressing hot key FOMINE SOFTWARE AceHide.htm
Folder Marker (Changes Folder Icons) Colorize your folders by one mouse click! ArcticLine Software FolderMarkerChangesFolderIcons.htm
FolderClone Synchronize two folders with FolderClone Salty Brine Software FolderClone.htm
Folder Security 2 6 Secure your documents, password-protect them. Folder Security Software FolderSecurity26.htm
Folder Protection Protect folders with a password. Folder Protection Software FolderProtection.htm
Folder Crypto Password Protect your folders with a password! Everstrike Software FolderCryptoPassword.htm
Password Generator A utility to generate random passwords. ZQS Software Team PasswordGenerator.htm
Folder Password Expert USB The software to protect your sensitive data. ZQS Software Team FolderPasswordExpertUSB.htm
Folder Password Software to password protect folders. Folder Password Technologies FolderPassword.htm
SoftCAT Plus Software Database Keep track of your software FNProgramvare SoftCATPlusSoftwareDatabase.htm
CleanDisk Keep your hard disk free from junk files FMJ-Software CleanDisk.htm
Cool Video Converter Convert AVI, MPEG, MOV and WMV files to FlyWing Inc CoolVideoConverter.htm
WinXCopy Create, Edit and backup jobs. Fluentware WinXCopy.htm
Move My Printers Automate client printer moving and maintenace Fluentware MoveMyPrinters.htm
Flobo HDD Bad Sector Repair Bad sector repair utility Flobo Recovery FloboHDDBadSectorRepair.htm
AccelMan File manager with a unique set of functions Flexigen Software AccelMan.htm
AccelClip Secure clipboard extender with file viewer. Flexigen Software AccelClip.htm
Shortcut's Twister Shortcut&aposs Twister quickly creates shortcuts. Flexiblesoft ShortcutapossTwister.htm
Energy Spy Energy Spy easy controls power of computer. FlexibleSoft Co. EnergySpy.htm
Flexiblesoft Launcher One mouse-click access to a pop-up menu. FlexibleSoft Co. FlexiblesoftLauncher.htm
DMUSB Online, real-time, multi-user data backup Flenik ApS DMUSB.htm
MobileAssistant USB-mobility with MobileAssistant concept/design GmbH MobileAssistant.htm
Batch File Utility rename multiple files and mp3 in batch FlashShare inc. BatchFileUtility.htm
MD5 Checksum Verifier files intergrity checker for Windows flashplayerpro.com MD5ChecksumVerifier.htm
Easy Macro Recorder macro recorder for Window applications flashplayerpro.com EasyMacroRecorder.htm
FlashPhoenix Photo Recovery Photo recovery software for digital cameras FlashPhoenix.Com FlashPhoenixPhotoRecovery.htm
Flash Optimizer Revolutionary Flash compression by 70 percent ELTIMA Software GmbH FlashOptimizer.htm
Deluxe Photo Gallery Flash Photo Album Flash Creations DeluxePhotoGallery.htm
Eltima Flash Decompiler Decompile Flash movies at a single click. ELTIMA Software GmbH EltimaFlashDecompiler.htm
Divx Avi Asf Wmv Wma Rm Rmvb Fix Joiner Repair fix divx div avi asf wmv wma rm rmvb . FixVideo.com DivxAviAsfWmvWmaRmRmvbFixJoiner.htm
Rmvb Rm Fix Repair Joiner Fix repair damaged or corrupted rm rmvb file FixVideo.com RmvbRmFixRepairJoiner.htm
Div Divx Fix Repair Joiner Fix repair damaged or corrupted divx div file FixVideo.com DivDivxFixRepairJoiner.htm
Avi Fix Repair Joiner Fix reapir avi files not be played or dragged FixVideo.com AviFixRepairJoiner.htm
Wma Wmv Asf Fix Repair Joiner Fix repair damaged corrupted asf wmv wma file FixVideo.com WmaWmvAsfFixRepairJoiner.htm
Registry Healer Registry cleanup tool. KsL Software RegistryHealer.htm
FireDaemon A feature rich Windows service installer FireDaemon Technologies FireDaemon.htm
Space Hound 4 Duplicate File Finder, Disk and File Manager Duplicate Files by Fineware Systems SpaceHound4.htm
Space Hound 32 Duplicate File Finder, Disk and File Manager Fineware Systems SpaceHound32.htm
FineCrypt Most popular encryption freeware. Crypto Systems, Inc. FineCrypt.htm
Remote Password Stealer track all the password-input events findpassword.com RemotePasswordStealer.htm
FinalRecovery File Undelete Utility Powerful and convenient file undelete tool. MeetSoft FinalRecoveryFileUndeleteUtility.htm
EmailRecovery OE Recover deleted outlook express emails. Meetsoft EmailRecoveryOE.htm
Filzip Filzip is the ultimate freeware archiver. Philipp Engel Filzip.htm
FileVan For DOS $24.95 LapLink Alternative Rainy City Computer FileVanForDOS.htm
FileVan PC to PC file transfer Rainy City Computer FileVan.htm
FileTiger FileTiger 1.32 Dual-Window Synchronizer Science Translations Software FileTiger.htm
Simple Startup Manager Startup manager for windows FilesWeb.com SimpleStartupManager.htm
Advanced File Joiner Join and merge files together FilesWeb.com AdvancedFileJoiner.htm
Best Keywords Finder Search engine HTML optimization tool FilesWeb.com BestKeywordsFinder.htm
WinSettings Protects your online privacy and security FileStream, Inc. WinSettings.htm
WinSettings Pro Have a Faster, Cleaner and Error Free Computer! FileStream, Inc. WinSettingsPro.htm
TurboZIP Express Fast, easy to use program for ZIP and CAB FileStream, Inc. TurboZIPExpress.htm
TurboZIP Compression Suite ZIP Archival and E-Mail Management and Cataloging Tool FileStream, Inc. TurboZIPCompressionSuite.htm
Turbo Browser Express File Management, Integrated FTP, and Viewers! FileStream, Inc. TurboBrowserExpress.htm
Free File Splitter Free File Splitter FileSplitter.org FreeFileSplitter.htm
File Search for LAN Search files on network shares. Filesearch. Intellisoft FileSearchforLAN.htm
Quickbooks File Repair 2 0 Quickbooks File Repair 2.0 File Repair Inc. QuickbooksFileRepair20.htm
!Date Cracker 2000! Removes time protection from programs. E-Tech Inc DateCracker2000.htm
MDW Password Recovery MDW Password Recovery 3.0 File Repair Inc. MDWPasswordRecovery.htm
#BKFRecovery 'BKFRecovery 2.0' E-Tech Inc BKFRecovery.htm
!Remove Access Passwords! Remove Passwords from MS-Access databases E-Tech Inc RemoveAccessPasswords.htm
#MDBRecovery 4 0 Remove Access Security 4.0 File Repair Inc. MDBRecovery40.htm
MediaUndelete Picture recovery tool for all digital camera F-RecoveryTools Inc. MediaUndelete.htm
F-Recovery for xD-Picture Card Data undelete tool for xD-Picture Card. F-RecoveryTools Inc. FRecoveryforxDPictureCard.htm
F-Recovery for SmartMedia Data undelete tool for Smart Media. F-RecoveryTools Inc. FRecoveryforSmartMedia.htm
F-Recovery for SD Data undelete tool for SD Card. F-RecoveryTools Inc. FRecoveryforSD.htm
F-Recovery for MultiMediaCard Data undelete tool for Multi Media Card. F-RecoveryTools Inc. FRecoveryforMultiMediaCard.htm
F-Recovery for miniSD Data undelete tool for miniSD. F-RecoveryTools Inc. FRecoveryforminiSD.htm
F-Recovery for MemoryStick Data undelete tool for MemoryStick. F-RecoveryTools Inc. FRecoveryforMemoryStick.htm
F-Recovery for CompactFlash Data undelete tool for Compact Flash. F-RecoveryTools Inc. FRecoveryforCompactFlash.htm
FilePC Online Backup And File Delivery Software Forward Design FilePC.htm
Atlast! File Notes Organizer add notes to files on disk, CD and network Atlast! Solutions AtlastFileNotesOrganizer.htm
Zipsearch Zipsearch searches archives, finds files Filehunter Software Zipsearch.htm
PDF Text Converter Pdf Text converter for pdf- text- word Filehunter Software PDFTextConverter.htm
Pdf Split Merge Pages Pdf Split Merge Pages split, merge pdf images Filehunter Software PdfSplitMergePages.htm
PDF Searcher Pdfsearcher searches Pdf files, converts text Filehunter Software PDFSearcher.htm
Supreme Folder Hider Folder security software FileHidingSoftware.com SupremeFolderHider.htm
Filehand Search Free desktop search: better than Google! Filehand, LLC FilehandSearch.htm
windowblinds 5 0 2006 Version 5 adds per-pixel alpha blending. stardock windowblinds502006.htm
Directory Report >Directory printer AMB Software DirectoryReport.htm
Active File Recovery for Windows Data Recovery Software - File Recovery Active Data Recovery Services ActiveFileRecoveryforWindows.htm
Network File Monitor Pro Data replication and backup software. AAR Software Ltd. NetworkFileMonitorPro.htm
Ascella Log Monitor Plus Notify users about events from event log AAR Software Ltd. AscellaLogMonitorPlus.htm
Ascella Log Monitor Notify users about events from event log AAR Software Ltd. AscellaLogMonitor.htm
File-Ex File Open and Save-As Dialog Extensions Cottonwood Software FileEx.htm
My CSV to XML Converter Converts delimited text files to XML. Fieldmaster Services, LLC MyCSVtoXMLConverter.htm
Clear-It Clear-It: The ultimate task manager FieldCraft ClearIt.htm
HSSVSS Home Security Video system A Do It Yourself Home Security Video system www.hssvss.com HSSVSSHomeSecurityVideosystem.htm
Virtual Desktop Expand your desktop up to 10 times FENERIS tech VirtualDesktop.htm
USB PC lock Use any USB device as key for your PC FENERIS tech USBPClock.htm
febooti fileTweak Change file date, time and attributes febooti software febootifileTweak.htm
Too Many Secrets TMS is a password/code archiver. FDSoftware TooManySecrets.htm
TURBO FILE UNERASER Data recovery program for deleted files FDRLab Data Recovery Centre TURBOFILEUNERASER.htm
BackFlip Create and cycle masterpiece wallpapers fCoder Group International BackFlip.htm
FastSum Powerful utility for files integrity control. Kirill Zinov FastSum.htm
FastSum Standard Edition Check integrity and find changes within files MD5 Freaks Ltd. FastSumStandardEdition.htm
Fast Shutdown Log off,restart or shutdown by mouse click Private Computer Group FastShutdown.htm
spyware-cyberdefender cyberdefender spywarecyberdefender.htm
Fantasysavers Privacy Toolbar Trace Remover, Anti-Spyware Toolbar Fantasysavers.com FantasysaversPrivacyToolbar.htm
As-U-Type Speller A spell check software for everything Windows Fanix Software AsUTypeSpeller.htm
happy clock Manage Your Time Better Than Ever Before! Insoft happyclock.htm
Radmin Communication Server Radmin CS - Corporate Communication Software Famatech International Corp. RadminCommunicationServer.htm
HexCmp HexCmp is a visual binary file compare tool. Fairdell Software HexCmp.htm
UltraMouse A function-enhancing mouse software FAD Software UltraMouse.htm
UltraKeyboard Create your own keyboard macros FAD Software UltraKeyboard.htm
FaceCode face recognition PC access control software Recognix Technologies LTD FaceCode.htm
F-Prot Antivirus for Windows Powerful, reliable antivirus software. FRISK Software International FProtAntivirusforWindows.htm
EZVideoSplicer WMV/ASF, AVI encoding and editing software. Brian Billadeau EZVideoSplicer.htm
ezForm Filler Create and maintain Adobe PDF forms KlariSoft ezFormFiller.htm
UltraISO Premium Handle CD and DVD Image Files with Ease! EZB Systems, Inc. UltraISOPremium.htm
EasyBoot Easily Make You Own Bootable CDs and DVDs EZB Systems, Inc. EasyBoot.htm
Multi-Remote Shutdown Manager Shutdown Computers - FAST! Eytcheson Software MultiRemoteShutdownManager.htm
Multi-Remote Registry Change Complete Remote Registry Management for NT/2K Eytcheson Software MultiRemoteRegistryChange.htm
EyeVA Red2 Limited EyeVA.htm
HandyDialogs Open favorite folders & docs in two clicks. Exyode HandyDialogs.htm
extWARN Emergency Alert Software System Web-based Emergency Alert Software System Extensions Software extWARNEmergencyAlertSoftwareSystem.htm
Extra Subst Create, edit and remove virtual drives. WinTools Software Engineering, Ltd. ExtraSubst.htm
Extra Drive Creator Professional Creating Extra drives on your computer. WinTools Software Engineering, Ltd. ExtraDriveCreatorProfessional.htm
Extra Drive Creator Basic Create, edit and remove virtual drives. WinTools Software Engineering, Ltd. ExtraDriveCreatorBasic.htm
ExtractNow Extract multiple files easily! Nathan Moinvaziri ExtractNow.htm
SpaceMan 99 Finds total folder sizes & duplicate files ExtraBit Software SpaceMan99.htm
RenameMan Rename lots of files quickly and easily ExtraBit Software RenameMan.htm
Ace File Search File search utility with maximun options. ExtBytes Software AceFileSearch.htm
ExplorerXP File explorer with tabbed UI & folder sizes Nikolay Avrionov ExplorerXP.htm
WebMail Spy Record all email sent and received! ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC WebMailSpy.htm
SpyBuddy Record all computer activity and usage. ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC SpyBuddy.htm
NETObserve Remotely administrate and monitor your PC! ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC NETObserve.htm
Keylogger Pro Record keystrokes typed in total stealth! ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC KeyloggerPro.htm
ChatBlocker Block and record chat conversations with ease ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC ChatBlocker.htm
Exe To Service Install a Windows program as a service Everstrike Software ExeToService.htm
Excel File Repair Software to repair corrupt excel file Excel File Repair ExcelFileRepair.htm
Nucleus Kernel Excel File Recovery Repair and restore corrupt ms excel files Nucleus Data Recovery NucleusKernelExcelFileRecovery.htm
R-Excel Recovery Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Recovery software R-tools technology Inc. RExcelRecovery.htm
Examine32 Text Search A fast and versatile text search utility Aquila Software Examine32TextSearch.htm
Advanced Spyware Remover Not only remove but also immunize spyware. Evonsoft AdvancedSpywareRemover.htm
Evolution Access to VB.NET Forms and Code Converter EvolutionSoft Evolution.htm
Evidence Eliminator Evidence Eliminator, clean hard disk junk evidence eliminator privacy EvidenceEliminator.htm
Advanced CATaloguer Powerful organizer of disks and files Evgeny Software AdvancedCATaloguer.htm
Advanced CATaloguer Pro Professional cataloguing software Evgeny Software AdvancedCATaloguerPro.htm
Access Password Retrieval LITE FREE Microsoft Access Password Recovery tool EverythingAccess.com AccessPasswordRetrievalLITE.htm
Universal Shield Universal Shield - protection plus encryption Everstrike Software UniversalShield.htm
Protect Folder 98 Protect your important data with a password. Everstrike Software ProtectFolder98.htm
Lock Folder XP Protect your important data with a password. Everstrike Software LockFolderXP.htm
WinSplit File splitter & builder program. Everlong Software WinSplit.htm
Spydefense Remove spyware, adware, trojan and others. Everest Labs Spydefense.htm
Event Log Explorer Effective solution for event log analysis. FSPro Labs EventLogExplorer.htm
WDumpEvt Windows NT/2000 eventlog management tool. Isabelle Vollant WDumpEvt.htm
Eventcorder suite Visual, easy-to-use macro recorder and player CMS Eventcordersuite.htm
Eventcorder Visual, easy-to-use macro recorder and player CMS Eventcorder.htm
Schedule Schedule - Automation Task Scheduler Evans Programming Schedule.htm
Pimp-up your Phone Pimp-up your Phone! eusoftnet.com PimpupyourPhone.htm
Eusing Free Registry Cleaner Safely scan and repair registry problems. Eusing Software EusingFreeRegistryCleaner.htm
EugeneShutdown Remote shutdown utility EugeneSoft EugeneShutdown.htm
EugeneShredder EugeneShredder is a file wipe utility. EugeneSoft EugeneShredder.htm
ETI Camcorder Pro ETI Camcorder is a video recorder on phone ETI-Camcorder ETICamcorderPro.htm
Essen Filtor Filters business emails from a text file. Essen Energy Conversion Devices Pvt Ltd. EssenFiltor.htm
Fast Cleaner Fast Cleaner, a skinnable disk clean utility Eshinesoft, Corp FastCleaner.htm
Fast Cleaner Gold Clean up your disks and system with this cool Eshinesoft, Inc FastCleanerGold.htm
Dir QuickView Dir QuickView,cool disk usage analysis tool Eshinesoft, Inc DirQuickView.htm
Clean Assistant Clean Assistant,handy tool to clean up system Eshinesoft, Inc CleanAssistant.htm
Winmail Opener Freeware Winmail.dat files decoder Eolsoft WinmailOpener.htm
Registry Jumper Regedit companion for registry navigation Eolsoft RegistryJumper.htm
Enterra Icon Keeper Deluxe Utility to manage icon layouts on Desktop Enterra Inc. EnterraIconKeeperDeluxe.htm
Oracle Security Check Check the security of your Oracle database. eNSYNC Solutions OracleSecurityCheck.htm
Magellan Explorer File manager /w FTP, viewer and archiver Enriva Development MagellanExplorer.htm
Just'a Reminder Just'a Reminder - Free appointment reminder. Enigma Creations JustaReminder.htm
EndTask Pro Detect and remove unknown spyware! Osama Abdel-Karim EndTaskPro.htm
EndTask Free UNIQUE blocker, never lose good pop-ups! Osama Abdel-Karim EndTaskFree.htm
EndTask Basic UNIQUE pop-up blocker and task manager! Osama Abdel-Karim EndTaskBasic.htm
LagMeter Join the fight against Lag! Bigfoot Networks LagMeter.htm
SuperEncryptor a powerful professional encryption tool YIYOU Software SuperEncryptor.htm
enable Virtual Desktop Next generation virtual desktop manager. Enable Software Pty Ltd enableVirtualDesktop.htm
Prnt Allows DOS apps to print to Windows-only ptrs Enterprise Network Consulting Prnt.htm
Replace in Files Quickly replaces text in files. Emurasoft, Inc. ReplaceinFiles.htm
Polyglot 3000 Автоматический Определитель Языка, 400 языков Likasoft Polyglot3000.htm
a-squared Anti-Malware Protects the PC against malicious software. Emsi Software GmbH asquaredAntiMalware.htm
a-squared HiJackFree System analysis tool for advanced users Emsi Software GmbH asquaredHiJackFree.htm
Employee Monitoring Employee Monitoring Employee Monitoring EmployeeMonitoring.htm
EmEditor Standard A text editor that fully supports Unicode. Emurasoft, Inc. EmEditorStandard.htm
EmEditor Standard (Windows 98/Me) A text editor that fully supports Unicode. Emurasoft, Inc. EmEditorStandardWindows98Me.htm
EmEditor Professional A text editor that fully supports Unicode. Emurasoft, Inc. EmEditorProfessional.htm
EmEditor Professional (Windows 98/Me) A text editor that fully supports Unicode. Emurasoft, Inc. EmEditorProfessionalWindows98Me.htm
EmEditor Free A free text editor fully supporting Unicode. Emurasoft, Inc. EmEditorFree.htm
SimplyRDP SimplyRDP Thin Client Software emBoot Incorporated SimplyRDP.htm
RIS Menu Editor v2 0 Extend the functionality of RIS menus/options emBoot Incorporated RISMenuEditorv20.htm
RIS Menu Editor v1 0 Extend the functionality of RIS menus/options emBoot Incorporated RISMenuEditorv10.htm
PXE Boot Image for VMware, floppy image PXE Boot Image for VMware, .flp floppy image emBoot Incorporated PXEBootImageforVMwarefloppyimage.htm
Network Boot Tools PXE, BOOTP, TFTP servers & utils for Windows emBoot Incorporated NetworkBootTools.htm
emboot MBA on Disk for VM Multi-protocol virtual BootROM for VMs emBoot Incorporated embootMBAonDiskforVM.htm
Power Spy 2007 Know EXACTLY what others do on your PC. eMatrixSoft PowerSpy2007.htm
PC Spy Monitor 2007 Know EXACTLY what others do on your PC. eMatrixSoft PCSpyMonitor2007.htm
PC James Bond 007 2007 Know EXACTLY what others do on your PC. eMatrixSoft PCJamesBond0072007.htm
MSN Spy Monitor 2007 Spy all version MSN IM chatting records. eMatrixSoft MSNSpyMonitor2007.htm
ICQ Spy Monitor 2007 Spy all version ICQ IM chatting records. eMatrixSoft ICQSpyMonitor2007.htm
Internet Kiosk Pro Internet kiosk public access PC software Emailarms InternetKioskPro.htm
Evidence Destructor Stop your computer spying. Emailarms EvidenceDestructor.htm
1st Disk Drive Protector Protect your PC from use of removable media. Emailarms 1stDiskDriveProtector.htm
1st Desktop Guard Protect, backup, restore your desktop layout. Emailarms 1stDesktopGuard.htm
Email Spy Pro When you really need to know what they email Spydex Inc EmailSpyPro.htm
Email Reserve Finally, a backup solution you'll love! Masterra EmailReserve.htm
Advanced Email Monitoring When you really need to know what they email Softbe Inc AdvancedEmailMonitoring.htm
AttributeMagic Pro Set date-time to files/images/Office documens Elwinsoft AttributeMagicPro.htm
Eluent Tools GUI search/replace with Perl plus much more Eluent Software, L.L.C. EluentTools.htm
Universal Programmer Analyser-UPA Power Programmer Analyser I2C Monitor HexEdit ELRA-Kovatchev ET UniversalProgrammerAnalyserUPA.htm
Manage Folder Now Hide folders and fastest way to jump folder. Elongsoft Software ManageFolderNow.htm
Hide Window Hotkey Hide applications windows quickly by Hotkey. Elongsoft Software HideWindowHotkey.htm
ECMerge Pro (Windows) ECMerge compares/merges files&folders 3-way Ellié Computing ECMergeProWindows.htm
ECMerge Pro (Linux) ECMerge compares/merges files&folders 3-way Ellié Computing ECMergeProLinux.htm
Elite Utilities 9 Professional 65 Utilities to optimize, repair and protect! Elite Utilities EliteUtilities9Professional.htm
WideStep Elite Keylogger KEYLOGGERS GO ELITE with WideStep! Elite-Keylogger.com WideStepEliteKeylogger.htm
Click Clock Clock, Calendar, Weather, Astronomy, & More! Michael Robinson ClickClock.htm
Desktop Manager Desktop Manager of Wallpapers & Screensavers EleFun Multimedia DesktopManager.htm
AD Valentine Day - Animated Desktop Wallpaper 'Valentine's Day' Animated Desktop Wallpaper EleFun Multimedia ADValentineDayAnimatedDesktopWallpaper.htm
Multi Clipboard Copy any of 1000s of fields to the Clipboard ElectraSoft MultiClipboard.htm
32bit Convert It Converts any unit of measurement to another ElectraSoft 32bitConvertIt.htm
EldoS KeyLord Arrange passwords and accounts in a tree. EldoS Corporation EldoSKeyLord.htm
Crypto4 PKI Create and manage certificates and requests. EldoS Corporation Crypto4PKI.htm
Crypto4 Files Secure your files with digital certificates. EldoS Corporation Crypto4Files.htm
XSpy Shield Gold XSpy Shield Gold Elcor Software XSpyShieldGold.htm
TweakRAM TweakRAM is a Advanced RAM optimization tool. Elcor Software TweakRAM.htm
Registry Defragmentation Registry Defragmentation Elcor Software RegistryDefragmentation.htm
PowerKey Advanced encryption/wipe tool. Elcor Software PowerKey.htm
Advanced Registry Doctor Pro Advanced Registry Doctor Pro Elcor Software AdvancedRegistryDoctorPro.htm
Advanced Registry Doctor Lite Advanced Registry Doctor Lite Elcor Software AdvancedRegistryDoctorLite.htm
Proactive System Password Recovery Recover Windows passwords: PWL, asterisks etc ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. ProactiveSystemPasswordRecovery.htm
Proactive Security Auditor FE Detect and install missing security patches. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. ProactiveSecurityAuditorFE.htm
Proactive Password Auditor Password auditing and recovery software. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. ProactivePasswordAuditor.htm
Distributed Password Recovery Distributed computing for password recovery ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. DistributedPasswordRecovery.htm
Advanced ZIP Password Recovery Recovers lost ZIP (PKZip, WinZip) passwords. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedZIPPasswordRecovery.htm
Advanced Windows Password Recovery Recover Windows passwords: PWL, asterisks etc ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedWindowsPasswordRecovery.htm
Advanced WordPerfect Office Password Recovery Recover passwords to Corel WordPerfect Office ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedWordPerfectOfficePasswordRecovery.htm
Advanced VBA Password Recovery Recovers VBA passwords in MS Office documents ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedVBAPasswordRecovery.htm
Advanced Registry Tracer Take over FULL control of your Registry! ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedRegistryTracer.htm
Advanced RAR Password Recovery Recovers passwords for RAR/WinRar archives. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedRARPasswordRecovery.htm
Advanced Archive Password Recovery Recover passwords to ZIP,ARJ,RAR,ACE archives ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedArchivePasswordRecovery.htm
Advanced PDF Password Recovery Pro Recover passwords to Adobe Acrobat PDF files. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedPDFPasswordRecoveryPro.htm
Advanced PDF Password Recovery Std Decrypts protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedPDFPasswordRecoveryStd.htm
Advanced Office XP Password Recovery Std Recovers passwords for MS Office documents. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedOfficeXPPasswordRecoveryStd.htm
Advanced Office XP Password Recovery Pro Recover passwords for MS Office documents. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedOfficeXPPasswordRecoveryPro.htm
Advanced Office Password Recovery Recover passwords for MS Office documents. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedOfficePasswordRecovery.htm
Advanced Office Password Breaker Decrypt protected MS Word and Excel files. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedOfficePasswordBreaker.htm
Advanced Outlook Password Recovery Recover Microsoft Outlook passwords. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedOutlookPasswordRecovery.htm
Advanced Outlook Express Password Recovery Recover passwords in MS Outlook Express. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedOutlookExpressPasswordRecovery.htm
Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery Recover login and password for email clients. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedMailboxPasswordRecovery.htm
Advanced Lotus Password Recovery Recovers Lotus SmartSuite documents password. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedLotusPasswordRecovery.htm
Advanced Internet Explorer Password Recovery Recover passwords saved in Internet Explorer. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedInternetExplorerPasswordRecovery.htm
Advanced EFS Data Recovery Decrypt files from Windows 2000/XP NTFS/EFS ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedEFSDataRecovery.htm
Advanced eBook Explorer Give info about Adobe Acrobat Reader eBooks. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedeBookExplorer.htm
Advanced Disk Catalog Disk cataloger with search, reports etc. ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedDiskCatalog.htm
Advanced ACT Password Recovery Recover lost passwords to ACT! files ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. AdvancedACTPasswordRecovery.htm
CloneDVD 2 CloneDVD copies movies, fast and easy Elaborate Bytes AG CloneDVD2.htm
free Quick Launcher Helps you make shortcut keys. EIPC freeQuickLauncher.htm
Game Accelerator an all-in-one game speed optimization tool Smartalec Software GameAccelerator.htm
System Locker Computer Access Control Tool. EGTSOFT SystemLocker.htm
EF System Monitor Shows local or remote system resources EFSoftware EFSystemMonitor.htm
EF StartUp Manager Control what programs run at the system start EFSoftware EFStartUpManager.htm
EF Process Manager Shows which modules/processes have opened EFSoftware EFProcessManager.htm
EF Find Search program also inside archive files. EFSoftware EFFind.htm
EF Euro Praktischer Eurotaschenrechner EFSoftware EFEuro.htm
EF Duplicate Files Manager Find out real duplicate files EFSoftware EFDuplicateFilesManager.htm
EF Duplicate MP3 Finder Find MP3, WMA, FLAC, OggVorbis duplicates EFSoftware EFDuplicateMP3Finder.htm
EF Commander Free File manager, freeware light version EFSoftware EFCommanderFree.htm
EF Commander Lite File manager EFSoftware EFCommanderLite.htm
EF Commander File manager, archiver, viewer, FTP-client EFSoftware EFCommander.htm
EF Commander OS/2-PM Complete file manager for the OS/2 desktop EFSoftware EFCommanderOS2PM.htm
EF CheckSum Manager Checksum generator and verification utility EFSoftware EFCheckSumManager.htm
EF File Catalog Powerful catalog program EFSoftware EFFileCatalog.htm
EF Multi File Renamer Comfortable renamer for numerous files EFSoftware EFMultiFileRenamer.htm
EfreeSoft Boss Key EfreeSoft Boss Key hide window immediatlly. EFREESOFT EfreeSoftBossKey.htm
Magic Registry Magic Registry is a special Tweaking Tool . EFREESKY SOFTWARE MagicRegistry.htm
EfreeDown Boss Key EfreeDown.comc Boss Key hide window. EFREEDOWN.COM EfreeDownBossKey.htm
Ace Password Sniffer Capture password of http, ftp, pop3, smtp,etc EffeTech Sniffer AcePasswordSniffer.htm
Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom Professional It displays the screens of remote computers. EduIQ.com AdvancedNetMonitorforClassroomProfessional.htm
Advanced Net Monitor for Classroom It displays the screens of remote computers. EduIQ.com AdvancedNetMonitorforClassroom.htm
Automatic Wallpaper Changer Randomly change wallpaper, multiple formats Educe Software AutomaticWallpaperChanger.htm
EditPad Pro BR Compact but powerful text and hex editor JGsoft - Just Great Software EditPadProBR.htm
EditPad Lite BR Compact but powerful text editor JGsoft - Just Great Software EditPadLiteBR.htm
PassportODBC ODBC Viewer, View or edit any ODBC enabled DB Embassy Software Inc PassportODBC.htm
ECTI Create simulations, help, support docs. FPU ECTI.htm
OptimizeXP Hardware Edition Optimize your Windows XP Hardware Settings. eConcept Software OptimizeXPHardwareEdition.htm
eConcept Memory Booster Increase your RAM. eConcept Software eConceptMemoryBooster.htm
Spyware Firewall Block spyware before it reaches your computer ecommsec SpywareFirewall.htm
TNT Screen Capture TNT Screen Capture - the best capture tool EC Software TNTScreenCapture.htm
Easy Menu DOS hard disk menu with security features Easy Software Ltd EasyMenu.htm
Unlogger A tool to block keyloggers EasySmallSoft Unlogger.htm
Virtual Desk switching among many virtual desktops JDSoft VirtualDesk.htm
EasyFP Prevent file being deleted after encrypting JDSoft EasyFP.htm
Easy Erase File Cleaner Freeware file cleaner EasyErase.com EasyEraseFileCleaner.htm
Adensoft DVD/CD Burner Create and burn traditional data CD and DVD. EasyDVDBurner.com AdensoftDVDCDBurner.htm
Save-It An automatic file backup tool for user files Easy Desk Software SaveIt.htm
Repellent Stop email viruses before they can run Easy Desk Software Repellent.htm
RegRepair 2000 Fix IOS errors and more Easy Desk Software RegRepair2000.htm
RegMedic RegMedic Fixes corrupted Registrys Easy Desk Software RegMedic.htm
QikFix 10 of the most requested Windows utilities Easy Desk Software QikFix.htm
Perfect Companion Removes invalid entries in Registry Easy Desk Software PerfectCompanion.htm
XP System Sentry DLL version conflict checker Easy Desk Software XPSystemSentry.htm
Registry Drill Removes invalid entries in Registry Easy Desk Software RegistryDrill.htm
NT Perfect Companion Removes invalid entries in Registry Easy Desk Software NTPerfectCompanion.htm
Easy2Sync for Outlook Easy2Sync for Outlook synchronizes Outlook ITSTH Easy2SyncforOutlook.htm
Easy2Sync for Files E2S professionally synchronizes files! ITSTH Easy2SyncforFiles.htm
East-Tec Eraser 2006 Keep what you do on your computer to yourself EAST Technologies EastTecEraser2006.htm
East-Tec DisposeSecure 2006 Enterprise Don't give away sensitive data with your PC. EAST Technologies EastTecDisposeSecure2006Enterprise.htm
East-Tec CryptSecure 2006 Create secured places for sensitive data. EAST Technologies EastTecCryptSecure2006.htm
EASEUS Disk Copy Free software for disk to disk copy. YIWO Tech Ltd EASEUSDiskCopy.htm
EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional Real software for hard disk data recovery. YIWO Tech Ltd EASEUSDataRecoveryWizardProfessional.htm
EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Real software for hard disk data recovery. YIWO Tech Ltd EASEUSDataRecoveryWizard.htm
EASEUS Data Security Wizard Real software for hard disk data security. YIWO Tech Ltd EASEUSDataSecurityWizard.htm
Image Resizer Pro 2006 Batch-resize, convert, and watermark images. EasePhoto inc ImageResizerPro2006.htm
Popup Blocker Surf the Net without constant popup ads. eAcceleration Corp. PopupBlocker.htm
EagleEyeOS One Easy-to-manage data protection solution. EagleEyeOS LLC. EagleEyeOSOne.htm
Emsa Save My Work Emsa Save My Work - Typed text recovery tool EMSA SYSTEMS LTD EmsaSaveMyWork.htm
Emsa Register Dll Tool Emsa Register DLL Tool for Windows EMSA SYSTEMS LTD EmsaRegisterDllTool.htm
Emsa FlexInfo Pro System Information Utility for Windows. EMSA SYSTEMS LTD EmsaFlexInfoPro.htm
Emsa PC FlexInfo System Information & Diagnostics for Windows. EMSA SYSTEMS LTD EmsaPCFlexInfo.htm
EZMem Optimizer EZMem Optimizer: RAM optimizer tool for Win32 EMSA SYSTEMS LTD EZMemOptimizer.htm
Emsa EZ Encryption Tool Emsa EZ Encryption Tool for Windows EMSA SYSTEMS LTD EmsaEZEncryptionTool.htm
Emsa WinStartup Manager Emsa WinStartup Manager - Windows Freeware EMSA SYSTEMS LTD EmsaWinStartupManager.htm
Emsa DiskCheck Disk checking and benchmarking tool - CD/DVD EMSA SYSTEMS LTD EmsaDiskCheck.htm
CD Tray Pal CD Tray Pal - CD-ROM drive control utility EMSA SYSTEMS LTD CDTrayPal.htm
Emsa Bandwidth Monitor Emsa Bandwidth Monitor - Net speed monitoring EMSA SYSTEMS LTD EmsaBandwidthMonitor.htm
e-Surveiller spy software Monitor computers LIVE across the globe! SurveilleTech LLC eSurveillerspysoftware.htm
007 Spy Software Track user activity and send logs via email. Spy Software 007SpySoftware.htm
Electronic Pilot Logbook (U S ) Pilot Logbook-developed by Pilots for Pilots! e-pilotworld ElectronicPilotLogbookUS.htm
e-PDF Converter and Creator Printer create pdf from any printable application. e-PDFConverter Inc ePDFConverterandCreatorPrinter.htm
e-PDF Document Converter create pdf from any printable application. e-PDFConverter Inc ePDFDocumentConverter.htm
Transparent Screen Lock for WinNT/2000/XP/2003 Password protect your workstation or server. e-motional.com software TransparentScreenLockforWinNT2000XP2003.htm
Transparent Screen Lock PRO for WinNT/2000/XP/2003 Password protect your workstation or server. e-motional.com software TransparentScreenLockPROforWinNT2000XP2003.htm
Secrets Protector Pro 2006 A three-in-one privacy protector tool. E-CRONIS Software SecretsProtectorPro2006.htm
Hide Secret Files Hide files beyond the reach of any intruder. E-CRONIS Software HideSecretFiles.htm
DzSoft Paste & Save Helps to gather and sort text information DzSoft Ltd DzSoftPasteampSave.htm
DynaTalk Instant messaging for local networks DynaTalk.com DynaTalk.htm
CD Access Control Professional CD Access Control Professional Dynamic Designs Software CDAccessControlProfessional.htm
Clip'nSave Easy to use multi-purpose graphics tool. Dynalink Technologies Inc. ClipnSave.htm
DynaDeskXP Window manager. www.dynadeskxp.com DynaDeskXP.htm
Protected Passwords Base Means storing your passwords an logins Digital Works ProtectedPasswordsBase.htm
Virtual Flash Drive Real powerful plug and play encrypted disk... dvdximager inc. VirtualFlashDrive.htm
DVD XCopy Deluxe copy your DVD movies without losing quality. dvdxcopydeluxe.com Co., Ltd. DVDXCopyDeluxe.htm
DVD to VCD Ripper Rip DVD to VCD or SVCD. DVD to VCD Ripper DVDtoVCDRipper.htm
1Click DVD to SVCD Rip DVD to SVCD,Convert DVD to SVCD Converter DVDtoSVCD Inc 1ClickDVDtoSVCD.htm
1Click DVD to Mpeg Mpg Rip Convert DVD to MPEG,DVD to MPG Converter DVDtoMPEGI Inc 1ClickDVDtoMpegMpg.htm
Super DVD Ripper DVD ripper software to copy DVD to CD,DIVX TinySoft Corp SuperDVDRipper.htm
1Click DVD to Divx xVid Avi Rip Convert DVD to Divx xVid Avi Converter DVDtoAVI Inc 1ClickDVDtoDivxxVidAvi.htm
DVD Ripper Wizard DVD Ripper Wizard is DVD Ripping software. DVD Ripper Wizard DVDRipperWizard.htm
Advanced DVD Ripper Advanced DVD Ripper Easily Copies DVD Movies www.dvdrippersoftware.net AdvancedDVDRipper.htm
Super DVD to PSP Converter Super DVD to PSP Converter Lenogo Co., Ltd. SuperDVDtoPSPConverter.htm
DVD neXt COPY The neXt generation of DVD COPY Software DVD neXt COPY DVDneXtCOPY.htm
Super DVD to iPod Converter pro Super DVD to iPod Converter pro DVD ipodripper Co., Ltd. SuperDVDtoiPodConverterpro.htm
PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter pro PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter pro DVD ipodripper Co., Ltd. PQDVDtoiPodVideoConverterpro.htm
Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer Pro Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer Pro DVD ipodripper Co., Ltd. LenogoiPodtoPCTransferPro.htm
Lenogo DVD to iPod Converter + Video Lenogo DVD to iPod Converter + Video to iPod DVD ipodripper Co., Ltd. LenogoDVDtoiPodConverterVideo.htm
Lenogo DVD Movie to PSP Video Converter Lenogo DVD Movie to PSP Video Converter Build DVD ipodripper Co., Ltd. LenogoDVDMovietoPSPVideoConverter.htm
Super DVD to iPod Converter + Video to i Super DVD to iPod Converter Video to iPod DVD ipodripper Co., Ltd. SuperDVDtoiPodConverterVideotoi.htm
DVD Cloner build 007 DVD Cloner build 007 DVD ipodripper Co., Ltd. DVDClonerbuild007.htm
Cucusoft iPod Video Converter + DVD to i Cucusoft iPod Video Converter + DVD to iPod DVD ipodripper Co., Ltd. CucusoftiPodVideoConverterDVDtoi.htm
Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter Pro Cucusoft iPod Movie/Video Converter Pro DVD ipodripper Co., Ltd. CucusoftiPodMovieVideoConverterPro.htm
Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter pro Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter pro DVD ipodripper Co., Ltd. CucusoftDVDtoiPodConverterpro.htm
Super DVD to iPod Converter + Video to iPod Powerpack Super DVD to iPod Converter + Video to iPod Lenogo Co., Ltd. SuperDVDtoiPodConverterVideotoiPodPowerpack.htm
DVD Copy Machine Copy, burn DVD, split video files NeSoft Inc. DVDCopyMachine.htm
DVD Cloner Pro DVD Cloner Pro: Perfectly clone your dvd. dvdcloner.org Co., Ltd. DVDClonerPro.htm
1Click DVD to VCD Copy DVD to VCD,Convert DVD to VCD Converter DVDtoVCD Inc 1ClickDVDtoVCD.htm
DVD Reauthor Light Powerful tool for Scenarist script creation DVDLogic Software DVDReauthorLight.htm
DVD Reauthor Powerful tool for Scenarist script creation DVDLogic Software DVDReauthor.htm
Super DVD Copy DVD copy software to copy DVD to DVD+/-R(W). TinySoft Corp SuperDVDCopy.htm
DVD to VCD SVCD MPEG AVI Converter Convert DVD to VCD SVCD MPEG AVI Converter DVD-Converter Inc DVDtoVCDSVCDMPEGAVIConverter.htm
Max DVD Creator create VCD SVCD Burn VCD SVCD PowerImage, Inc MaxDVDCreator.htm
Personal Passworder Your password manager: keeps info in safe! DVAsoft PersonalPassworder.htm
Dutch Duck Utilities for Internet Explorer History. Favorites, and Cookies manager Dutch Duck Software DutchDuckUtilitiesforInternetExplorer.htm
DupExplorer Amazing duplicate files and folders finder DupExplorer.com DupExplorer.htm
WinNc Net WinNc.Net: File manager for Windows Dunes MultiMedia WinNcNet.htm
UninstallDummy! Remove programs from Add/Remove Programs list ksoft UninstallDummy.htm
Startup Select Startup manager removes harmful programs k.soft StartupSelect.htm
PrivacyDummy! Clear History, Clean Internet Tracks, Protect ksoft PrivacyDummy.htm
ClockDummy! Atomic clock, say the time, enhance clock ksoft ClockDummy.htm
Anti-Hijacker Protect your IE homepage from hijacked! k.soft AntiHijacker.htm
JexePack Deploy your Java application as a Windows EXE Duckware JexePack.htm
DS Clock Synchronize your time with atomic time server Duality Software DSClock.htm
dtSearch Desktop with Spider dtSearch Desktop 30-day evaluation version dtSearch Corp. dtSearchDesktopwithSpider.htm
CD Autorun Creator Create autorun programs for CD/DVD-ROMs DSW Team CDAutorunCreator.htm
Smart Suite for MySQL A set of tools for MySQL server management Desktop Software SmartSuiteforMySQL.htm
SQL Mage for MySQL A powerful SQL editor - SQL Mage for MySQL. Desktop Software SQLMageforMySQL.htm
DB Navigator Use DBNavigator for DBF to work with DBF. Desktop Software DBNavigator.htm
SQL Balance for Sybase Compare and synchronize SQL databases! Desktop Software SQLBalanceforSybase.htm
SQL Balance for SQLBase Compare and synchronize SQL databases! Desktop Software SQLBalanceforSQLBase.htm
SQL Balance for MySQL Compare and synchronize MySQL databases! Desktop Software SQLBalanceforMySQL.htm
Driver Magician Lite device drivers backup tool for Windows GoldSolution Software, Inc. DriverMagicianLite.htm
Driver Magician driver backup, restoration and update tool GoldSolution Software, Inc. DriverMagician.htm
PC Auto Shutdown Auto shutdown program for Windows GoldSolution Software, Inc. PCAutoShutdown.htm
My Macros automate all of the repetitive tasks GoldSolution Software, Inc. MyMacros.htm
PostScope PDF Dispatch Engine converts document to PDF & sends it as eMail DriverLab SRL PostScopePDFDispatchEngine.htm
EXTIF pro Color separation from MS Office - without PDF DriverLab SRL EXTIFpro.htm
Driver Genius Professional Edition 2006 Powerful Windows drivers backup tool. Driver-soft DriverGeniusProfessionalEdition2006.htm
DriveCrypt 1344 Bit Military strong Hard Disk encryption SecurStar GmbH DriveCrypt.htm
Catalog Hot Files Pro Hotkey utility, running app/folders,much more Drive Software Company CatalogHotFilesPro.htm
Clock Tray Skins Replacement of Windows tray clock with skins. Drive Software Company ClockTraySkins.htm
Clock Tray Skins Lite Replacement of Windows tray clock with skins. Drive Software Company ClockTraySkinsLite.htm
Atomic Alarm Clock Set your alarm clock and customize tray clock Drive Software Company AtomicAlarmClock.htm
Active Keyboard HotKey Program, hot keys for any action. Drive Software Company ActiveKeyboard.htm
R-Drive Image Drive Image and Disk Backup software. R-tools technology Inc. RDriveImage.htm
Dr Hardware 2006 Powerful hardware detection program Peter Gebhard Software DrHardware2006.htm
Cool File Encryption Reliable and convenient encryption software. DreamFly Software CoolFileEncryption.htm
Clipboard Box Windows Clipboard Extender Dreamfly Software ClipboardBox.htm
MultiDistribution Keeps any files on your system up-to-date DreamBreed MultiDistribution.htm
DreamBirthday A small but powerful reminder application DreamBreed DreamBirthday.htm
DiffnMerge Quick and Easy File and Folder Comparing. Drasbek Data DiffnMerge.htm
Top Video Splitter Fast video splitting tool Dptop Computing TopVideoSplitter.htm
Top Video Joiner Fast video joining tool Dptop Computing TopVideoJoiner.htm
Top DVD Ripper Easy to use DVD ripping tool Dptop Computing TopDVDRipper.htm
Pop DVD Ripper Ultra high speed dvd ripper Dptop Computing PopDVDRipper.htm
Top Flash to Video Converter Convert SWF files to AVI, VCD, SVCD or DVD Dptop Computing TopFlashtoVideoConverter.htm
WallpaperSpinner Free and easy to use Wallpaper changer. DownloadGrid.com WallpaperSpinner.htm
Spyware Doctor Spyware Doctor is a spyware removal. Downloadatoz.com SpywareDoctor.htm
DVD To MPEG DVD To MPEG can convert DVD to MPEG format. downloadatoz DVDToMPEG.htm
Mooma DVD Creator Mooma DVD Creator is a DVD authoring tool Ptshare MoomaDVDCreator.htm
PwdDoubleCheck (Passwords) A security password auditing system. DoubleUp Software PwdDoubleCheckPasswords.htm
NetworkGazer A security and network monitoring system. DoubleUp Software NetworkGazer.htm
DoubleSafety Back up your data with DoubleSafety. Power Labs DoubleSafety.htm
DOSPRN Print to windows printer from a dos program DOSPRN DOSPRN.htm
PC Fix Express PC-Fix Express Removes PC Errors DOSINTEL.COM Ltd. PCFixExpress.htm
AB Hide Folder AB Hide Folder is a powerful file lock tools. Doshare ABHideFolder.htm
PCMaid Clean your PC with 2 clicks! DOFSoft PCMaid.htm
DocuQuest Personal DocuQuest Document Search Utility. A1A Software DocuQuestPersonal.htm
FillAForm Genie Prints text and signatures on images GenieTek Innovations, Inc. FillAFormGenie.htm
DocShield Document disaster prevention software PanIO Systems DocShield.htm
CCM Wizard Obtain fast access to your favorite commands DNTSoft CCMWizard.htm
AllToTray AllToTray can minimize ANY program to Tray. DNTSoft AllToTray.htm
easyDncXP DNC 2 CNC and unlimited filesize dripfeed DNC Axis Controls Limited easyDncXP.htm
ActiveScreenLock Make sure no one except you access your PC! DMVsoft ActiveScreenLock.htm
Memory Optimizer Boost your PC's speed and reliability. DMK Corp. MemoryOptimizer.htm
TreeNetCopy Mirror files between computers using TCP/IP DLC Sistemas TreeNetCopy.htm
l0stat NT password security assessment tool DLC Sistemas l0stat.htm
DiskPatch Partition Repair DOS based data recovery and hard disk repair DIY DataRecovery DiskPatchPartitionRepair.htm
Actual Search & Replace An advanced search and replace utility DivlocSoft ActualSearchampReplace.htm
dbzWebGalleryBuilder Create internet picture galleries with ease Division by Zero Software Engineering & Consulting GmbH dbzWebGalleryBuilder.htm
Vyooh DiskView Visually manage your disk space! Vyooh VyoohDiskView.htm
DiskLogon Logon to your computer with an USB Pen Drive. DiskLogon.com DiskLogon.htm
DiskClerk Collection Catalog,Content Manager. DiskClerk ltd. DiskClerk.htm
Delete Doctor Delete files that are difficult to delete Kevin Solway DeleteDoctor.htm
Clean Disk Security Comprehensive and secure disk cleaning Kevin Solway CleanDiskSecurity.htm
Nikon digital cameras top 10 ScreenSaver top 10 nikon digital cameras screen saver Discountnikoncameras Nikondigitalcamerastop10ScreenSaver.htm
iPod Movie/Video Converter Pro v3 6 Can convert almost all kinds of clip to iPod Discount Guide Inc. iPodMovieVideoConverterProv36.htm
Super DVD to iPod Converter Version 3 2 Super DVD to iPod Converter Discount Guide Inc. SuperDVDtoiPodConverterVersion32.htm
Visual Cover ++ The Big Brother of CoverPro Direct Logic Systems VisualCover.htm
Secret Notes Keep your notes secure Direct Logic Systems SecretNotes.htm
AutoLoader Auto start programs at Windows boot up Direct Logic Systems AutoLoader.htm
All My Fonts Professional Print a catalogue of your fonts Direct Logic Systems AllMyFontsProfessional.htm
diPacker Executable files compression tool for PDA diProtector Software diPacker.htm
Random Number Generator Professional Random Number Generator Diplodock RandomNumberGenerator.htm
Password Generator 2005 Professional Extremely customizable password generator Diplodock PasswordGenerator2005Professional.htm
Keyboard Guardian Professional key logger Diplodock KeyboardGuardian.htm
Hex Editor Pro Professional hexadecimal editor Diplodock HexEditorPro.htm
FilePackager Professional FilePackager high-quality packager tool. DIMDATA Co., Ltd. FilePackagerProfessional.htm
ShutDownOne Auto Restart or ShutDown Windows DimaWare ShutDownOne.htm
LANMessage Pro Send your message to others on your network DimaWare LANMessagePro.htm
Impersonator Impersonator is an automated "Run As" program DimaWare Impersonator.htm
Startup Sentry Startup application and driver monitoring. Digital Widget StartupSentry.htm
CallApp A tool to calculate on-the-fly call times Digital Morse Solutions CallApp.htm
QuickChange Media DigiSoft, LLC QuickChangeMedia.htm
Capture-It! See-It on your screen, Capture-It! with ease. DigiSoft, LLC CaptureIt.htm
DriveScan Plus Scans and structures your media collection. diginvent DriveScanPlus.htm
FolderWatch Make file backups and synchronize folders. Diginaut Ltd. FolderWatch.htm
DigiMode Macro Pack The easiest and most powerful automation soft DigiMode DigiModeMacroPack.htm
QuickStart Launch menu items by simply typing a keyword. DigiArch.org QuickStart.htm
OrphansRemover Deletes shortcuts with an invalid target. DigiArch.org OrphansRemover.htm
NeighborhoodIdentifier Changes settings upon available networks. DigiArch.org NeighborhoodIdentifier.htm
FileModifiedMonitor Monitor file changes and report via email. DigiArch.org FileModifiedMonitor.htm
Watcher Webcam software for surveillance or broadcast Digi-Watcher.com Watcher.htm
DISKdata DISKdata analyzes disk space. Digital Information Gallery Inc DISKdata.htm
Free RAW Viewer Free RAW Viewer - View RAW Photo http://www.difiapro.com FreeRAWViewer.htm
X-Blocker Schützen Sie ihre Daten vor Fremdzugriff! Different4All GbR XBlocker.htm
DiffUnlock DiffUnlock - Passwortwiederherstellung Different4All GbR DiffUnlock.htm
RegistryProt RegistryProt is a free registry monitor. Diamond Computer Systems RegistryProt.htm
DialogDevil Automatically clicks dialog box buttons DAIR Computer Systems DialogDevil.htm
DIAG System information program Dominik Marks DIAG.htm
Zip Password Recovery Recover lost passwords for zip archives. Datahjaelp ZipPasswordRecovery.htm
Random Signature Changer RSC helps you change your mail signature. den fete gjengen RandomSignatureChanger.htm
Shared Resource Password Recovery Get password from LAN shared resource. den fete gjengen SharedResourcePasswordRecovery.htm
NFOView View scene release .NFO files. den fete gjengen NFOView.htm
Network Share Brute Forcer Gains access to shared folders on your LAN. den fete gjengen NetworkShareBruteForcer.htm
FlashFXP Password Decryption Decrypts FlashFXP passwords. den fete gjengen FlashFXPPasswordDecryption.htm
SmartSleep - auto shutdown The most powerful shutdown utility available Dextronet SmartSleepautoshutdown.htm
Kill Winamp Winamp/computer timer w. limit songs funtcion Nocturnal Development KillWinamp.htm
Free Printer Info Show all relevant printing dimensions Coder Ltd. FreePrinterInfo.htm
Desktop Ruler Virtual ruler helpful with spreadsheets & gfx Coder Ltd. DesktopRuler.htm
DesktopPlus Organize your desktop by splitting it into 9 Advanced Computing Solutions DesktopPlus.htm
RDM+ Remote access software for mobile phones. SHAPE Services RDM.htm
Twin Folders File and folder synchronizer. Dmitry G. Kozhinov TwinFolders.htm
Bronze Tools Icon Editor and File Synchronizer. Dmitry G. Kozhinov BronzeTools.htm
Switch Window Switch to or close any window from anywhere! Desktop Boosters Software SwitchWindow.htm
Meta Commander Pro Explorer upgrade menu based file manager. Desktop Boosters Software MetaCommanderPro.htm
DesktopBeautifier Automatic wallpaper changer DesktopBeautifier DesktopBeautifier.htm
Desktop Armor Protect your PC's settings and security. Headlight Software, Inc. DesktopArmor.htm
Magic Desktop Wallpaper Slide Show of digital Photos and pictures. Desktop100 MagicDesktopWallpaper.htm
Desktop Pulse Dynamic desktop changer. Astonsoft DesktopPulse.htm
Desktop Macros Advanced click-and-play macro recorder. xStarter Solutions, Inc. DesktopMacros.htm
PlainSight Desktop Calendar desktop calendar supports weather and outlook Desksware PlainSightDesktopCalendar.htm
ScrollNavigator Scroll navigation and wheel acceleration! DeskSoft ScrollNavigator.htm
FastFolders Quickly browse your folders and files. DeskSoft FastFolders.htm
EarthTime Local time of any place in the world. DeskSoft EarthTime.htm
WebCam Monitor Turn your PC into a video surveillance system DeskShare WebCamMonitor.htm
Aqua Deskperience Capture any text visible on screen Deskperience AquaDeskperience.htm
Sumka quick launcher This is a quick program launcher Deskex group Sumkaquicklauncher.htm
Battery Monitoring - For Laptop Laptop battery monitor Deshot.com BatteryMonitoringForLaptop.htm
GammaChron A collection of time related utilities. Desert View Software GammaChron.htm
Describer Handy tool to view and store file info/notes. Moveax Describer.htm
ReadyNotes A tabbed note manager to keep you organized Derring Technologies ReadyNotes.htm
WakeupOnStandBy Util to wake up PC from Stand-by/Hibernation. www.dennisbabkin.com WakeupOnStandBy.htm
TOff Free software to shut down PC on timer. www.dennisbabkin.com TOff.htm
Format144 Floppy disk format Denis Petrov Format144.htm
Public Key File and Email Encryption freeware Public Key File and Email Encryption freeware Technologies Deltacrypt Inc. PublicKeyFileandEmailEncryptionfreeware.htm
SSH Tunnel Client TCP/IP SSH Tunnel Client delight software gmbh SSHTunnelClient.htm
DeskMarker Draw on Windows desktop delight software gmbh DeskMarker.htm
Dekart Private Disk Light Create secure virtual disks on your hard disk Dekart DekartPrivateDiskLight.htm
Dekart SIM Manager SIM card editor - mobile phone card manager Dekart DekartSIMManager.htm
Dekart Secrets Keeper File encryption - 256-bit AES encryption Dekart DekartSecretsKeeper.htm
Dekart Private Disk Multifactor Easy-to-use and secure disk encryption Dekart DekartPrivateDiskMultifactor.htm
Dekart Private Disk Easy-to-use and secure disk encryption. Dekart DekartPrivateDisk.htm
Dekart Password Carrier Portable and secure password manager Dekart DekartPasswordCarrier.htm
Dekart Logon for Lotus Notes Access control for Lotus Notes Dekart DekartLogonforLotusNotes.htm
Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client Fast, convenient and secure login to Citrix Dekart DekartLogonforCitrixICAClient.htm
Dekart Logon Protect access to your computer. Dekart DekartLogon.htm
DejaSurf Fill in web forms and passwords. Hide popups. DejaSurf DejaSurf.htm
dmhd Clean and Defrag your hard drives in one step David Weller dmhd.htm
VisNetic Firewall Intrusion protection for Windows O/S Deerfield.com VisNeticFirewall.htm
VisNetic AntiVirus Plug-in for VisNetic MailServer Reliable Virus Protection Deerfield.com VisNeticAntiVirusPluginforVisNeticMailServer.htm
Network DeepScan Network scanner and file searcher DeepScanSoft NetworkDeepScan.htm
Easy MP3 Alarm Clock Alarm clock playing MP3 and other audio files Deepcom.com EasyMP3AlarmClock.htm
Abacadup Autobackup Software Mutilation Soft Independent Abacadup.htm
sWedge sWedge converts data sent through the serial DCS Australia Pty Ltd sWedge.htm
SWF Protect Remover Removal of protection Dcomsoft SWFProtectRemover.htm
SWF Debug Remover Removes protection Dcomsoft SWFDebugRemover.htm
Dump Flash decompiler Treats SWF-files and shows detailed structure Dcomsoft DumpFlashdecompiler.htm
Remote dbProfessional Multi-platform Remote Database Management. SYSBYTE Inc. RemotedbProfessional.htm
Data Loader A tool to export and import, Migrate Data Interface Computers DataLoader.htm
Nucleus Kernel DBF Repair Software Repair corrupt DBF database files Nucleus Data Recovery NucleusKernelDBFRepairSoftware.htm
HiBase Task Scheduler HiBase Task Scheduler is all about scheduling HiBase Group HiBaseTaskScheduler.htm
5 Clicks - screen capture program simple screen capture program Interapple, Inc 5Clicksscreencaptureprogram.htm
PowerCHM PowerCHM, a pdf to chm maker! Dawningsoft Inc PowerCHM.htm
WipeDrive Professional Completely Eliminate Hard Drive Data DTEC International WipeDriveProfessional.htm
Storage Triage - Professional Disk Space Content Sizing and Analysis util DTEC International StorageTriageProfessional.htm
SOS Crash Recovery The Windows Safety Belt DTEC International SOSCrashRecovery.htm
SecureClean Completely Eliminate Hard Drive Data DTEC International SecureClean.htm
MediaWiper MediaWiper Completely Destroys Drive Content DTEC International MediaWiper.htm
F L A S H R E T R I E V E R Flash Media Data Recovery Software DTEC International FLASHRETRIEVER.htm
CyberScrub Anti Virus CyberScrub Anti Virus Lifetime Edition DTEC International CyberScrubAntiVirus.htm
Datashake desktop A lightning fast file search software app. Datashake Datashakedesktop.htm
Nucleus Novell Data Recovery Software Recover data from corrupt novell hard drives Nucleus Data Recovery NucleusNovellDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Nucleus Mac Data Recovery Software Recover data from corrupt mac hard drives Nucleus Data Recovery NucleusMacDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Nucleus ReiserFS Linux Partition Recovery Recover data from corrupt reiserfs partitions Nucleus Data Recovery NucleusReiserFSLinuxPartitionRecovery.htm
Nucleus Linux Data Recovery Software Recover data from corrupt linux hard drives Nucleus Data Recovery NucleusLinuxDataRecoverySoftware.htm
Hide Start Button Software tool to Hide Start Button Data Recovery Info HideStartButton.htm
Auto Signature Auto Signature creator for Outlook Express Data Plus cc AutoSignature.htm
Super Sleuth Find out what has happened on your computer DataGrind Software SuperSleuth.htm
Event Log Viewer Pro Effectively monitor event logs. datagena.com EventLogViewerPro.htm
Windows Password Recovery Software Windows forgot login password recovery tools Data Recovery Software WindowsPasswordRecoverySoftware.htm
R-Studio Data Recovery Software Comprehensive data recovery software R-tools technology Inc. RStudioDataRecoverySoftware.htm
File Ace The ultimate file management utility suite. Darq Software FileAce.htm
WareHouse Store registration info (e.g., serial number) Darkhorse Industries WareHouse.htm
Back Rest Back up and restore files and folders Darkhorse Industries BackRest.htm
DzMultiU Utility to uncompress multiple zip files. DangerZSoft DzMultiU.htm
Win2PDF Easy to use and affordable PDF creation tool. Dane Prairie Systems, LLC Win2PDF.htm
JotSmart Multi-media annotation and messaging tool. DailyToast Inc. JotSmart.htm
StartPro Gain control of your Windows startup Daedalus Software StartPro.htm
XMark Test and optimize your computer Dacris Software XMark.htm
Dacris Benchmarks Test the speed of your computer. Dacris Software DacrisBenchmarks.htm
Hare Accelerate your computer up to 3x Dachshund Software Hare.htm
FlashIME Accelerate typing speed, avoid spelling error D2KSoft FlashIME.htm
Free Ringtones Download Free Ringtones for your Phone! Free Ringtones FreeRingtones.htm
TouchThem modify the datatime of files or directories CyxSoft.com TouchThem.htm
CyArc - File Archive and Recovery Take copies of files as you modify them. CyWarp CyArcFileArchiveandRecovery.htm
Make Call Make Call is Alchemy Eye plugin. CyTeG (CyberTech group) MakeCall.htm
Cyteg SpaceChecker Utility for controlling disks space usage CyTeG (CyberTech group) CytegSpaceChecker.htm
Hara-Kiri a radical way to protect your information CyTeG (CyberTech group) HaraKiri.htm
LaunchPad Event Scheduler Automate routine computing tasks Cypress Technologies LaunchPadEventScheduler.htm
AutoTask 2000 Task Scheduler Task scheduler / event scheduling oftware. Cypress Technologies AutoTask2000TaskScheduler.htm
SecureIT Encryption Software Secure IT File and Folder Encryption Software Cypherix Encryption Software SecureITEncryptionSoftware.htm
Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software Cypherix Encryption Software CryptainerLEFreeEncryptionSoftware.htm
PictoWin Multi desktop manager Add unlimited number of virtual desktops. CYH Project, LLC PictoWinMultidesktopmanager.htm
Window Cleanser Clean PC and Internet tracks, Enhance your PC Cyberspace HQ WindowCleanser.htm
Archive XP 2003 Feature-packed file compression. Cyberspace HQ ArchiveXP2003.htm
CyberSoft PhileSplitter 2003 File splitter with lots of features CyberSoft CyberSoftPhileSplitter2003.htm
VirusCop Freeware e-mail virus spam reporter CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc. VirusCop.htm
CyberLink PowerDVD The #1 DVD Software Player CyberLink Corp. CyberLinkPowerDVD.htm
CyberLink PowerDirector Magical Video Editing Tools CyberLink Corp. CyberLinkPowerDirector.htm
RAM Cleaner Increase your PC's speed managing your memory CyberLat RAMCleaner.htm
Directory Digest Directory compare & integrity check tool. Kristof Gajsek - CyberKiko DirectoryDigest.htm
DeleteMe DeleteMe removes temporary files and folders. Kristof Gajsek - CyberKiko DeleteMe.htm
Clipboard Magic Freeware multi-storage Windows clipboard tool CyberMatrix Corporation, Inc. ClipboardMagic.htm
VFWH monitor calculate and graph network traffic Cyber Complete Systems VFWHmonitor.htm
Zafari Mobile Zafari Mobile Cutting the Wires Ltd ZafariMobile.htm
CustomBar Flexible Windows appbar with plugin support. Lizardsoft CustomBar.htm
FileWrangler Complete file management system for Windows CursorArts Company FileWrangler.htm
ActivIcons Change Windows desktop/icon/cursor attributes CursorArts Company ActivIcons.htm
ZipWrangler Handle Zip/Unzip, CAB & LOK compressed files CursorArts Company ZipWrangler.htm
SecurDesk! Desktop security, access control, etc. CursorArts Company SecurDesk.htm
pcRecall Windows automation, key stuffing, screen grab CursorArts Company pcRecall.htm
DesktopAlive DesktopAlive is a wallpaper managing utility CubeReality DesktopAlive.htm
CubeTeacher Automated teaching solution CubeReality CubeTeacher.htm
CubeOptimizer Windows OS optimizing/administrating program CubeReality CubeOptimizer.htm
CubeNoter Multifunctional diary/pocket-book/addressbook CubeReality CubeNoter.htm
CubeMiniOrganizer Automated organizing solution CubeReality CubeMiniOrganizer.htm
FileVoyager FileVoyager - File Manager for Windows www.ctrlware.com FileVoyager.htm
Fresh System Uninstall Programs, Keep Your Computer Clean. CT-Net Software FreshSystem.htm
Chaperone Schedule program access on your computer CSS Software Chaperone.htm
WDiff32 File/Directory/ZIP Difference Utility C.Sitte Softwaretechnik WDiff32.htm
ZeroIn Clever replacement for DOS CD command DataMystic ZeroIn.htm
WordPipe Search Replace Word Search Replace thousands of documents DataMystic WordPipeSearchReplace.htm
PowerPointPipe Search and Replace PowerPoint Search Replace many documents DataMystic PowerPointPipeSearchandReplace.htm
ExcelPipe Search and Replace Excel Search Replace thousands of documents DataMystic ExcelPipeSearchandReplace.htm
DirSize Where has all my disk space gone? I thought.. DataMystic DirSize.htm
DirDate Modify file dates from command line DataMystic DirDate.htm
WinLock Remote Administrator Network security solution. Crystal Office Systems WinLockRemoteAdministrator.htm
WinLock Professional Powerful security solution. Crystal Office Systems WinLockProfessional.htm
WinLock Comprehensive security solution. Crystal Office Systems WinLock.htm
DayMate A versatile intuitive day planner. Crystal Office Systems DayMate.htm
Clip Plus Powerful Clipboard extender. Crystal Office Systems ClipPlus.htm
CryptoForge High security yet easy-to-use encryption tool CryptoForge Encryption Software CryptoForge.htm
CryptDecrypt Encrypt files and folders with a password. CryptDecrypt CryptDecrypt.htm
CryptCD Create CryptCD/DVD,password protect,portable Timesave Software CryptCD.htm
XP Visual Tools Windows XP desktop enhancement CronoSoft XPVisualTools.htm
XP Skins Add Visual Styles Support to Old Programs. CronoSoft XPSkins.htm
Quick Hide Windows Instantly hide programs, lock computer CronoSoft QuickHideWindows.htm
WinSession Logger One Complete surveillance software/keylogger Cromosoft Inc. WinSessionLogger.htm
Crisystec Sentry 30 Crisystec Sentry, Worlds No.1 Security Suite Critical Systems Technologies, Inc. CrisystecSentry30.htm
DateInTray Shows date in system tray, with popup calendar CrispyBytes Development DateInTray.htm
Clear Read-Only Tool for clearing Read-Only file attributes. CrispyBytes Development ClearReadOnly.htm
Crime Catcher Use webcam to catch crime (motion detection) Edward Torkington CrimeCatcher.htm
Criline Search and Replace Search and replace utility Criline Software CrilineSearchandReplace.htm
Cresotech TypeRecorder Keystroke sequence recorder and manager Cresotech, Inc. CresotechTypeRecorder.htm
Cresotech PocketSafe Safe storage of confidential data Cresotech, Inc. CresotechPocketSafe.htm
Cresotech PocketLANce Cresotech PocketLANce - a LAN in your pocket Cresotech, Inc. CresotechPocketLANce.htm
Cresotech Easystart Tool to manage/launch/monitor other programs Cresotech, Inc. CresotechEasystart.htm
Cresotech DesktopSafe Lite Tool for safe storage of confidential records Cresotech, Inc. CresotechDesktopSafeLite.htm
MemoryCleaner Get more RAM with just one click. Creatonix MemoryCleaner.htm
Apollo MPEG to DVD Burner 1 click MPEG/MPG/VCD/SVCD to DVD solution Apollo Multimedia ApolloMPEGtoDVDBurner.htm
Apollo DivX to DVD Creator 1 click DivX to DVD solution Apollo Multimedia ApolloDivXtoDVDCreator.htm
Apollo DVD Creator convert and burn any video files to DVD Apollo Multimedia ApolloDVDCreator.htm
Apollo Audio DVD Creator Make your own music DVD. apollo technology ApolloAudioDVDCreator.htm
DiskAnalyzer Lite Disk Space Analysis and Cleaning Tool Crave Worldwide DiskAnalyzerLite.htm
DiskAnalyzer Professional Analyze and clean disk space on your PC Crave Worldwide DiskAnalyzerProfessional.htm
DiskSweeper FREE Remove temporary junk files from your PC Crave Worldwide DiskSweeperFREE.htm
The Lock XP Windows access control and system security. CrashCourse Software TheLockXP.htm
PDF Password Cracker Remove password from encrypted pdf files. CrackPDF.com Inc PDFPasswordCracker.htm
Cpukiller3 This software slows down computers. Robyrobo Cpukiller3.htm
Smack Record keystrokes and mouse events CprinGold Software Smack.htm
Password Manager XP It securely stores your passwords CP Lab PasswordManagerXP.htm
File Encryption XP Easy to use password protection software. CP Lab FileEncryptionXP.htm
MP3 PC Alarm Clock MP3 PC alarm clock software for computer! Computer MP3 Alarm Clock Software MP3PCAlarmClock.htm
PC Alarm Clock PC alarm clock software for computer! PC Alarm Clock Program PCAlarmClock.htm
Filedoyen Manage and edit your files and archives. Cowtec Filedoyen.htm
SimpleActivityLogger Log various system events. Coruscant Ltd. SimpleActivityLogger.htm
Remote Shutdown Shutdown multiple workstations over a network Coruscant Ltd. RemoteShutdown.htm
Annivrem Anniversary Reminder A birthday and anniversary reminder utility. Correllan Computing Services AnnivremAnniversaryReminder.htm
Backer Back up, synchronize, archive and transfer Cordes Development GmbH Backer.htm
CopyToDVD Manage data, audio and video projects VSO-Software CopyToDVD.htm
Copy DVD Movie Now Copy DVD Movie Now Copy DVD Movie Now CopyDVDMovieNow.htm
Super iPod Video Converter version 008 Super iPod Video Converter version 008 Phare Software Co., Ltd. SuperiPodVideoConverterversion008.htm
Super DVD to iPod Converter version 008 Super DVD to iPod Converter version 008 Phare Software Co., Ltd. SuperDVDtoiPodConverterversion008.htm
Lenogo Video to iPod Converter version 0 Lenogo Video to iPod Converter version 008 Phare Software Co., Ltd. LenogoVideotoiPodConverterversion0.htm
DVD X Copy Professional DVD X Copy Professional Phare Software Co., Ltd. DVDXCopyProfessional.htm
Conver an all-in-one iPod video Conversion solution. Phare Software Co., Ltd. Conver.htm
MP3 Sound Recorder record mp3 directly CooolSoft MP3SoundRecorder.htm
DivX Subtitle Displayer Play DivX movie with well displayed subtitle CooolSoft DivXSubtitleDisplayer.htm
Personal Helper Sticky note utility,synchronize clock! Tiger Working Group PersonalHelper.htm
Cool Info FX System Info, Analysis, Auditing and Inventory Tometa Software, Inc. CoolInfoFX.htm
Chaotic Chance Screensaver Manager Run your screensavers randomly! Michael Sablin ChaoticChanceScreensaverManager.htm
Recent Folders Remember your recent folders CoolComSoft Inc. RecentFolders.htm
convertBase convert to bases 2 to 35 Logical AND/OR/XOR Etch Wright convertBase.htm
Control for XP Is the unique set of XP utilities AtvSoft inc ControlforXP.htm
AgentTray for 2000-XP Is the unique set of XP utilities AtvSoft inc AgentTrayfor2000XP.htm
Control TOTAL Is the unique set of XP utilities AtvSoft inc ControlTOTAL.htm
Favorite Shortcuts Hotkey driven desktop quick launch menu ContextMagic.com FavoriteShortcuts.htm
Context Magic Multi-purpose Explorer context menu extension ContextMagic.com ContextMagic.htm
ConTEXT Text editor for software developers. Eden Kirin ConTEXT.htm
Max Secure Content Audit Enterprise Powerful tool to check inappropriate content Max Secure Software MaxSecureContentAuditEnterprise.htm
Stats 2000 3D animated disk statistics Contact Plus Corporation Stats2000.htm
More Space Sanitizer Safely reclaim and sanitize disk space Contact Plus Corporation MoreSpaceSanitizer.htm
More Space Safely reclaim disk space Contact Plus Corporation MoreSpace.htm
Monidir 2000 Freeware folder/file monitor Contact Plus Corporation Monidir2000.htm
Consolo Versatile content management for web sites Global Happiness Sweden AB Consolo.htm
CSFastRunII Inovative application launcher Consiliumsoft CSFastRunII.htm
IM Lock Enterprise Control IM, Web, and P2P Blocking On Networks Comvigo, Inc. IMLockEnterprise.htm
IM Lock Home Edition IM Lock blocks IM, Chat, Blogs, and more Comvigo, Inc. IMLockHomeEdition.htm
IM Lock Professional IM Lock blocks IM, P2P, Browsers, and more. Comvigo, Inc. IMLockProfessional.htm
Computer Inspector Tweaking Windows Couldn't Be Easier Topdownloads Networks ComputerInspector.htm
CompuApps Renaissance 2006 SE Backup, Restore & Scheduling. Secure Backup. CompuApps, Inc CompuAppsRenaissance2006SE.htm
CompuApps OnBelay V2 Recover lost data. CompuApps, Inc CompuAppsOnBelayV2.htm
COM Port Toolkit Serial port monitoring on Win9x/ME/2K/XP PCs. Michael Golikov COMPortToolkit.htm
CS-ExcelDiff Excel document comparison tool ComponentSoftware Inc. CSExcelDiff.htm
CSDiff Free file-difference analysis tool ComponentSoftware Inc. CSDiff.htm
EasyWallpaper Desktop wallpaper management tool Timo Kosiol - Softwareconsulting EasyWallpaper.htm
TK ChildLock! Define log on and log off time for users Timo Kosiol - Softwareconsulting TKChildLock.htm
CheckQuota Standard Disk quota manager for directories Competent Software CheckQuotaStandard.htm
Compare And Merge Compare and Merge: the File Compare Utility TGRMN Software CompareAndMerge.htm
Comodo Antispam Desktop 2005 Comodo Antispam Desktop 2005 Comodo Inc ComodoAntispamDesktop2005.htm
CommandBurner A lightweight CD/DVD burning for scripts Cortex IT CommandBurner.htm
Virtual Print Pilot Converts any documents to pictures Two Pilots VirtualPrintPilot.htm
Tiff2PDF Pilot Convert TIFF image to PDF Two Pilots Tiff2PDFPilot.htm
Print Pilot Software for creation photo albums Two Pilots PrintPilot.htm
PDF2Text Pilot Convert PDF to text Two Pilots PDF2TextPilot.htm
PDF2TIFF Pilot Convert PDF files to Tiff with PDF2TIFF Pilot Two Pilots PDF2TIFFPilot.htm
PDF Printer Pilot Pro A virtual printer, converts documents to PDF Two Pilots PDFPrinterPilotPro.htm
PDF Printer Pilot A virtual printer, converts documents to PDF Two Pilots PDFPrinterPilot.htm
PDF2Mail Pilot Pro Convert files to PDF and send them by email Two Pilots PDF2MailPilotPro.htm
PDF2Mail Pilot Convert files to PDF and send them by email Two Pilots PDF2MailPilot.htm
Image2PDF Pilot Convert TIFF, JPG, BMP, PNG images to PDF Two Pilots Image2PDFPilot.htm
Bmp2PDF Pilot Convert BMP image to PDF Two Pilots Bmp2PDFPilot.htm
FCPro Command-line tool for binary files comparison Coleap FCPro.htm
Super DVD to iPod Converter Pro version Super DVD to iPod Converter version 006 Coldrg Co., Ltd. SuperDVDtoiPodConverterProversion.htm
Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter vers Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter version 006 Coldrg Co., Ltd. CucusoftDVDtoiPodConvertervers.htm
1st DVD Cloner 1st DVD Cloner Coldrg Co., Ltd. 1stDVDCloner.htm
DVD X Copy Deluxe DVD X Copy Deluxe Coldrg Co., Ltd. DVDXCopyDeluxe.htm
DVD XCopy Deluxe Pro 1st DVD XCopy Deluxe Coldrg Co., Ltd. DVDXCopyDeluxePro.htm
1st iPod Video Converter + DVD to iPod Converter Pro iPod Video Converter, DVD iPod Converter Coldrg Co., Ltd. 1stiPodVideoConverterDVDtoiPodConverterPro.htm
Colasoft Capsa - Expert Packet Sniffer Colasoft Capsa is an expert packet sniffer. Colasoft Co., Ltd. ColasoftCapsaExpertPacketSniffer.htm
CR Print Highly configurable batch text file printer. Coffee River Software, Inc. CRPrint.htm
TimeRanger Bundle of time related programs and utilities Codexcel TimeRanger.htm
SafeData Technology Suite Personal Privacy Software CodeTek Studios, Inc. SafeDataTechnologySuite.htm
TLBDOC Type Library Documentor Codestone Ltd TLBDOC.htm
OCXTS ActiveX Control Diagnostics Codestone Ltd OCXTS.htm
JetStart Free Launch Start Menu shortcuts fast and easy Code Sector Inc. JetStartFree.htm
Direct Folders Quick access to your favorite files & folders Code Sector Inc. DirectFolders.htm
Cactus Spam Filter Protect your inbox from spam. Codeode CactusSpamFilter.htm
Codename Alvin - PC Spy Software for Windows PC Spy / Monitoring Software. Coding Workshop Limited CodenameAlvinPCSpySoftwareforWindows.htm
NewStartMenu NewStartMenu can replace your start menu . HongDi soft development co.,ltd. NewStartMenu.htm
AlphaCuts Alphabetical listing of shortcuts & favorites CocoHolo Software AlphaCuts.htm
The Cataloguer Catalogue anything like a Pro CML Software Developers TheCataloguer.htm
Secura Archiver Archiving software with 128 bit security. Perception SecuraArchiver.htm
CM DiskCleaner Clean your computer and improve performance. Christer Myrene CMDiskCleaner.htm
CLR Tabs To Spaces Convert tabs to spaces Carl L. Roth CLRTabsToSpaces.htm
CLR Script Automate common Windows tasks Carl L. Roth CLRScript.htm
Password Tracker Deluxe Store your passwords securely. Carl L. Roth PasswordTrackerDeluxe.htm
Clone Cleaner PRO HCC is a program to find and remove duplicate files Heatsoft Corporation CloneCleanerPRO.htm
Clone Cleaner Lite HCC is a program to find and remove duplicate files Heatsoft Corporation CloneCleanerLite.htm
SkinCalc Calculator with more than 100 skins. Cloanto Corporation SkinCalc.htm
Amiga Explorer Connect an Amiga with one or more PCs Cloanto Corporation AmigaExplorer.htm
Clipboard Viewer Clipboard Viewer. Reality Studio ClipboardViewer.htm
Mediastate Catalog all your CDs and backup media. Click Studios Mediastate.htm
Steganography Premium Steganography, encryption, images Clickok.co.uk SteganographyPremium.htm
Stealth Emailer Sends emails secretly without detection Clickok.co.uk StealthEmailer.htm
PalmTree Protect lock hide encrypt folders files Clickok.co.uk PalmTree.htm
Search Engine Optimizer Optimiser optimize optimise search engine optimization Clickok.co.uk SearchEngineOptimizerOptimiser.htm
Index dat scan Find, scan, preview, erase index.dat files Clickok.co.uk Indexdatscan.htm
File Splitter Filesplitter, split, files, line, size, parts Clickok.co.uk FileSplitter.htm
CleverCell Phone Manager Cell Phone logging and managing software. CleverCell Software CleverCellPhoneManager.htm
Error Scan and Fix Scans, cleans, and repairs pc errors fast. Clean PC Software ErrorScanandFix.htm
! - $ Registry Fix It Scans, cleans, and repairs pc errors fast. Clean PC Software RegistryFixIt.htm
!$ - Online Privacy Pro Scan, Clean, and Remove all Internet tracks. Clean PC Software OnlinePrivacyPro.htm
ClavesPC Store your passwords in crypted files! ClavesPC ClavesPC.htm
JBlitz Professional Web load, performance and functional testing Clan Productions JBlitzProfessional.htm
File Commander Windows Explorer move, copy, delete commands. Cinnamon Software Inc. FileCommander.htm
Software Catalog Database for computer applications/versions. Owl King Publishing, LLC SoftwareCatalog.htm
CiAN File Splitter Pro CiAN File Splitter Pro v3.30 New release! CiAN Technology CiANFileSplitterPro.htm
CFList Lists clipboard formats currently available. Ciansoft CFList.htm
POPcon PRO POPconPRO connects MS Exchange to POP3 + IMAP Christensen Software POPconPRO.htm
CSCatchAll CSCatchAll adds catch-all mailbox to Exchange Christensen Software CSCatchAll.htm
ChrisTV Standard ChrisTV - The best Personal Video Recorder Chris P.C. srl ChrisTVStandard.htm
ChrisTV Professional ChrisTV - The best Personal Video Recorder Chris P.C. srl ChrisTVProfessional.htm
ChrisTV Lite ChrisTV - The best way to control your TVCard Chris P.C. srl ChrisTVLite.htm
Chris PC-Lock Chris PC-Lock-The best way to protect your PC Chris P.C. srl ChrisPCLock.htm
Reg Organizer Extremely powerful set of Registry tools ChemTable Software RegOrganizer.htm
Checklan Central Admin Monitor, manage, inventory and act remotely. Teck System Soft LLC ChecklanCentralAdmin.htm
On This Day In History Print certificates about events on a certain IansComputerServices OnThisDayInHistory.htm
Atomic Clock Sync atomic clock synchronize freeware utility Chaos Software Group, Inc. AtomicClockSync.htm
Folder Express Jump to your favorite folders instantly Huang He FolderExpress.htm
AutoPrint Pro Automatically batch print many file types CGI Systems AutoPrintPro.htm
SecureWord SecureWord Keeps your passwords SECURE! CEZEO software SecureWord.htm
Password Guru powerful passwords and logins generator CEZEO software PasswordGuru.htm
Disk Redactor Free Disk Wipe Utility CEZEO software DiskRedactor.htm
StormWindow XP Desktop and system security for Windows XP. Cetus Software Inc. StormWindowXP.htm
StormWindow Me Desktop and system security for Windows Me. Cetus Software Inc. StormWindowMe.htm
StormWindow 98 Desktop and system security for Windows 98. Cetus Software Inc. StormWindow98.htm
StormWindow 95 Desktop and system security for Windows 95. Cetus Software Inc. StormWindow95.htm
StormWindow 2000 Desktop and system security for Windows 2000. Cetus Software Inc. StormWindow2000.htm
StormWindow NT Desktop and system security for Windows NT. Cetus Software Inc. StormWindowNT.htm
Duplicate files manager Find out and and clean duplicate files Cequal Software Duplicatefilesmanager.htm
Second Copy 2000 Automatic backup of your important data files Centered Systems SecondCopy2000.htm
RAMDiskNT Creates and saves a ramdisk using your memory Cenatek RAMDiskNT.htm
RAMDisk9xME Creates and saves a ramdisk using your memory Cenatek RAMDisk9xME.htm
ZipUp File Compression Tool CellarStone Inc ZipUp.htm
SyncUp Windows File and Folder Synchronization tool CellarStone Inc SyncUp.htm
StepUp StepUp Windows based PC Migration Tool. CellarStone Inc StepUp.htm
SoftCopy PC-to-PC File Transfer Tool CellarStone Inc SoftCopy.htm
OEComplete Personal Information Manager- PIM Software CellarStone Inc OEComplete.htm
DeDupe DeDupe - A Duplicate File Finder for windows. CellarStone Inc DeDupe.htm
BackTrakPro Automatic BackUp-Restore Utility for Windows CellarStone Inc BackTrakPro.htm
BackTrak Automatic secured backup and restore tool CellarStone Inc BackTrak.htm
MotoBlaze Instantly Unlock your Motorola cell phone. MotoBlaze Motorola Unlocking MotoBlaze.htm
CDWinder CDWinder is a cataloging software. Andreas Becherer CDWinder.htm
CDRoller Low-cost toolset for CD and DVD data recovery Digital Atlantic Corp. CDRoller.htm
Eastsea Video Converter A professional video converter. Eastsea Software EastseaVideoConverter.htm
HotKey CD-Eject Control your CDs with hot keys VicMan Software HotKeyCDEject.htm
CD Eject Tool It is a utility that manages CD drive doors. CD Eject Tool CDEjectTool.htm
Look_At View most any file interpret PE files... Gary Dix LookAt.htm
FontMap View and print installed and external fonts. Gary Dix FontMap.htm
CCAutoSoft Cyber cafe management software Azal Azani CCAutoSoft.htm
SyncFolder Easy-to-use backup and synchronisation-tool Christoph Buenger Software SyncFolder.htm
Little:eye Lite Maps(AutoDiscovery),SNMP Monitoring,Cisco, CBR Software eyeLite.htm
Little:eye Cost effective solution for monitoring CBR Software eye.htm
Big:eye Pro Network managemet and security solution. CBR Software eyePro.htm
Big:eye Network managemet and security solution. CBR Software eye.htm
My Passwords Manage passwords and sensitive information Custom Business Applications Corporation MyPasswords.htm
Catfood Desktate Catfood Desktate - rotated map as wallpaper. Catfood Software CatfoodDesktate.htm
RAM Defrag RAM Defrag - defrags your RAM Catbytes Software RAMDefrag.htm
WorldTimer World time zone clock with map and clock sync Castle Software Ltd WorldTimer.htm
ShowDT Minimize all programs to uncover your desktop Castle Software Ltd ShowDT.htm
CheckOsVer Reports your OS and Common Controls versions. Castle Software Ltd CheckOsVer.htm
CastlePaste PRO Easily paste anything into the active program Castle Software Ltd CastlePastePRO.htm
CastlePaste Paste selected text into the active program. Castle Software Ltd CastlePaste.htm
CastleBar Toolbar menu to launch programs and folders Castle Software Ltd CastleBar.htm
DustBuster DustBuster is a garbage file removing utility Casper & McAlba DustBuster.htm
CardRecovery Photo recovery software for memory cards CardRecovery CardRecovery.htm
Lockix PRO Lock a computer without passwords. Caracolix Media LockixPRO.htm
Isiwinkey 4 Retrieves original Installation codes Isinet Software Isiwinkey4.htm
1000 Passwords Plus Stores and creates passwords. Caracolix Media 1000PasswordsPlus.htm
Capturix NETWorks Capturix NETWorks is a network utility Capturix Software Technologies CapturixNETWorks.htm
Capture My Screen Make screenshot simplicity Namtuk CaptureMyScreen.htm
Captain Tray Pro Captain Tray Pro is a tray manager. Almeza Research, LLC CaptainTrayPro.htm
Windows XP Tweaks Make Windows XP more responsive Small Business Services WindowsXPTweaks.htm
Messenger Popup Blocker Free Edition Blocks 'messenger pop-ups' Small Business Services MessengerPopupBlockerFreeEdition.htm
Power File Gold Powerful file manager, ftp zip, view Canyon Software PowerFileGold.htm
Registration Vault Securely Stores Passwords Reg Keys Website ID Canyon Software RegistrationVault.htm
QuickFill by BB Copy templates to clipboard for quick paste. Bernie-Built Manufacturing QuickFillbyBB.htm
Camalot Utility for machinist. Trig made easy.. Camalot Software Camalot.htm
Ace WINScreen Ace WINScreen: Advanced Screen Capture Utility. FREE ! Caltrox Software Systems AceWINScreen.htm
CallBlocker Prevents annoying unwanted calls. iJEN CallBlocker.htm
Calc98 Scientific Calculator Flow Simulation Ltd. Calc98.htm
Timezone Expert world time zone clock Gold Edtion A multiple Time zone clocks software. Cainosoft TimezoneExpertworldtimezoneclockGoldEdtion.htm
AutoCAD Excel Office2CAD Import Excel into AutoCAD CADTool Software AutoCADExcelOffice2CAD.htm
PDF Watermarks Add watermarks to PDF files CAD-KAS GbR PDFWatermarks.htm
PDF Server Script Scripts to add text and pictures to pdf files CAD-KAS GbR PDFServerScript.htm
PDF-Security Protect PDF files against unauthorized access CAD-KAS GbR PDFSecurity.htm
PDF Reader PDF Reader is a program to view pdf files. CAD-KAS GbR PDFReader.htm
PDF Editor Objects Edit PDF files just like a vector objects. CAD-KAS GbR PDFEditorObjects.htm
PDF-Forms Fill out PDF forms, save them and print them. CAD-KAS GbR PDFForms.htm
PDF Editor Edit PDF files now! Write text, delete text CAD-KAS GbR PDFEditor.htm
PDF-Creator Create PDF files from each application CAD-KAS GbR PDFCreator.htm
PDF 2 Word Convert pdf files into word files. CAD-KAS GbR PDF2Word.htm
PDF 2 ImagePDF Convert PDF files into pictures (JPG, BMP...) CAD-KAS GbR PDF2ImagePDF.htm
PDF 2 HTML PDF 2 HTML can open PDF files to save as HTML CAD-KAS GbR PDF2HTML.htm
PDF 2 DXF Convert PDF files into DXF files. CAD-KAS GbR PDF2DXF.htm
Paper/Picture 2 DXF Convert paper drawings/pics into DXF files. CAD-KAS GbR PaperPicture2DXF.htm
DXF 2 PDF Convert DXF files into PDF files. CAD-KAS GbR DXF2PDF.htm
CD-Menusystem Create automatic starting CD user interfaces CAD-KAS GbR CDMenusystem.htm
P-Encryption Suite Encrypt your documents, and more CadabraSoftware PEncryptionSuite.htm
P-Encryption Lite Powerful free file encryption. CadabraSoftware PEncryptionLite.htm
Advanced CAB Repair A powerful tool to repair corrupt CAB files. DataNumen, Inc. AdvancedCABRepair.htm
C-Privacy c-Privacy manages privacy and popups C-Privacy CPrivacy.htm
ByteWedge Collect data from various devices via RS232 Fog Software, Inc. ByteWedge.htm
ByteWedge Professional Parse, filter and export data from RS-232 Fog Software, Inc. ByteWedgeProfessional.htm
ByteSweeper Total System Cleanup and Speed up! Masterra ByteSweeper.htm
ByteShift File Encryption & Compression Encrypt, Compress, Email Confidential Files VR McDougall ByteShiftFileEncryptionampCompression.htm
SWF To Video Scout Converts flash movies into AVI,MPG with sound ByteScout SWFToVideoScout.htm
PPT To Video Scout Converts presentations to AVI,MPEG with sound ByteScout PPTToVideoScout.htm
2Do2Day Make your task list and get things done. Bytepad Software 2Do2Day.htm
PDF Writer If you can type, you can create your eBook Bytepad Software PDFWriter.htm
Display Resolution Manager Own screen resolution and brightness for user ByteGems.com Software DisplayResolutionManager.htm
QuickFolders Handle the same documents with different apps ByteGems.com Software QuickFolders.htm
I Hate This Key Deluxe Edition Protect yourself from unwanted key presses. ByteGems.com Software IHateThisKeyDeluxeEdition.htm
SecExFile Home File encryption utility for Windows. Bytefusion Ltd. SecExFileHome.htm
Password Recovery Pro Recover hidden and forgotten passwords. Sureshot PasswordRecoveryPro.htm
Email Extractor Extract e-mail addresses from any file. Sureshot EmailExtractor.htm
Instant Clipboard Instant Clipboard - extends your clipboard. Sureshot / Bysoft InstantClipboard.htm
BySoft FreeRAM FreeRAM frees up RAM and tunes system cache. BySoft BySoftFreeRAM.htm
Password Construction Kit Generate 1 to 50,000 unique passwords ButtUglySoftware PasswordConstructionKit.htm
Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer build 01 Lenogo iPod to PC Transfer build 01 burn dvd movie Co., Ltd LenogoiPodtoPCTransferbuild01.htm
Lenogo DVD to iPod Converter + Video to Lenogo DVD to iPod Converter burn dvd movie Co., Ltd LenogoDVDtoiPodConverterVideoto.htm
BPS Win Trace Remover Cleans cache, history, temporary logs . Bullet Proof Soft BPSWinTraceRemover.htm
PC System Tweak for Windows Modify system settings in Microsof Windows OS. Bullet Proof Soft PCSystemTweakforWindows.htm
BPS Video Converter & Decompiler Powerfull Video File Converter & Decompiler Bullet Proof Soft BPSVideoConverterampDecompiler.htm
BPS Data Shredder Shred Files, Folders and Entire disk Securely Bullet Proof Soft BPSDataShredder.htm
BPS PC Internet Firewall Security Prevents Hackers and Adware Communications. Bullet Proof Soft BPSPCInternetFirewallSecurity.htm
Bulk Rename Utility Utility to rename files and folders with ease Bulk Rename Utility BulkRenameUtility.htm
The PC Timer The PC Timer, an easy to use timer and alarm. Buffalo Software ThePCTimer.htm
scripper Script executive BVTSoft LTD. scripper.htm
JumpKeys Hot keys for selecting (switching) windows Bruce Graham JumpKeys.htm
Hot File helps to open the most frequently used file. Brigsoft HotFile.htm
GPS Time and Test PC Clock synchronization using GPS. ArtyWall GPSTimeandTest.htm
0S Non-Proxy Atomic Sync It is an http atomic clock synchronizer. Brigsoft 0SNonProxyAtomicSync.htm
PC Atomic Sync PC clock synchronizer with special features. Brigsoft PCAtomicSync.htm
Atomic Clock Service PC clock synchronizer with useful features. Brigsoft AtomicClockService.htm
Puffer Data file and e-mail encryption utility Briggs Softworks Puffer.htm
Link Maven Parallel link file transfer tool for Windows Briggs Softworks LinkMaven.htm
File Maven Pro Dual directory file manager with zip support Briggs Softworks FileMavenPro.htm
Directory Snoop File search, undelete, and wipe utility Briggs Softworks DirectorySnoop.htm
PC PhoneHome PC PhoneHome tracks stolen computers Brigadoon Software, Inc. PCPhoneHome.htm
MacPhoneHome PC PhoneHome tracks stolen computers Brigadoon Software, Inc. MacPhoneHome.htm
BPACLer View allow and deny ACEs from the ACL. BPSoftware.com BPACLer.htm
APrintDirect Print or save a listing of folder contents. BPSoftware.com APrintDirect.htm
AIconExtract Extract icon, cursor and bitmap resources. BPSoftware.com AIconExtract.htm
AFile Attribute Manager Modify file/folder date, time and attributes. BPSoftware.com AFileAttributeManager.htm
Text Monkey PRO Cleans and reformats over-quoted email text Boxer Software TextMonkeyPRO.htm
Text Monkey Lite Cleans and reformats over-quoted email text Boxer Software TextMonkeyLite.htm
File Append and Split Tool Split and append files of all types and sizes Boxer Software FileAppendandSplitTool.htm
f2xml Creates HTML, XML or TEXT file system reports Boulderwall Software f2xml.htm
3Dfm 3D File Manager Boulderwall Software 3Dfm.htm
JOC History Eraser Securely cleans online Internet tracks. JOC Software JOCHistoryEraser.htm
Boss Everyware A tool for monitoring computer use. Alexander Jmerik BossEveryware.htm
Boss Key Hide windows immediatelly VicMan Software BossKey.htm
BootLocker Simple password protection for your computer Eppler Software BootLocker.htm
RAM Booster Expert Free memory, boost your computer performance! Bodrag S.R.L. RAMBoosterExpert.htm
FoxMail BackUp Expert Backup and restore emails for FoxMail client. Bodrag S.R.L. FoxMailBackUpExpert.htm
PowerHEX Advanced hex editor with many tools. Baker & Owens Computer Solutions PowerHEX.htm
Tray Expert Launch anything from a skinnable menu. Andrew Clark TrayExpert.htm
FilePad Print out a list of files on a CD Software by DC FilePad.htm
Program Protector Password protect any Windows program. Blumentals Software ProgramProtector.htm
Perfect Privacy Eliminate all your computer usage traces. Blumentals Software PerfectPrivacy.htm
WallChanger Desktop wallpaper and calender utility Blue Tree Software WallChanger.htm
DiskDeleter Permanently erase hard drive data BluestSoft, Inc. DiskDeleter.htm
ClickBook Print booklets, banners, posters, pdfs Blue Squirrel ClickBook.htm
LockItNow! Auto computer lock with your Bluetooth phone Bluetooth Shareware LockItNow.htm
Blue Micro USB Flash Drive Logon Blue Micro USB Flash Drive Logon Blue Micro Solutions BlueMicroUSBFlashDriveLogon.htm
Splitting File splitter blue-series Splitting.htm
PC Agent Monitoring software, record user activities. blue-series PCAgent.htm
Mini Key Log Monitoring software, record user activities. blue-series MiniKeyLog.htm
XP Logon Password Logger Records keystrokes at Windows 2000/XP logon BlazingTools Software XPLogonPasswordLogger.htm
BlazingTools Smart Type Assistant System-wide typing automation tool BlazingTools Software BlazingToolsSmartTypeAssistant.htm
BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Spy Software with Remote Installation feature BlazingTools Software BlazingToolsPerfectKeylogger.htm
BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite Logs all users' typing in the file BlazingTools Software BlazingToolsPerfectKeyloggerLite.htm
Personal Antispy Finds and removes keyloggers and trojans BlazingTools Software PersonalAntispy.htm
Magnifixer Screen magnifier utility with multiple levels Blacksun Software Magnifixer.htm
Disk Recon Disk space manager Blacksun Software DiskRecon.htm
Liquid Story Binder A Writer's Word Processor Black Obelisk Software LiquidStoryBinder.htm
! - $ Registry Errors Fix Scan, Find and Fix PC Errors Fast! Blackhawk Software RegistryErrorsFix.htm
! - $ Keep Your Privacy Scan, Clean, and Remove all Internet tracks. Blackhawk Software KeepYourPrivacy.htm
! - $ Error Fix Scans, cleans, and repairs pc errors fast. Blackhawk Software ErrorFix.htm
Licht24 Pro Controller for relay boards and IO cards Bernd Karle Hard-Softwareentwicklung Licht24Pro.htm
Bizimg WakeUp Alarm clock with a photo screensaver Bizimg Software BizimgWakeUp.htm
StayOnline! Stay online/connected to Netscape, etc. BitTwiddle Software StayOnline.htm
Process Lasso Improve system responsiveness and stability in high load situations. Bitsum Technologies ProcessLasso.htm
123 AVI to GIF Converter Convert AVI to GIF, convert GIF to AVI BitSoft.net, Inc. 123AVItoGIFConverter.htm
Uninstall Plus Stubborn programs ? ... uninstall them...! BiTQueue Solutions UninstallPlus.htm
Restorer2000 Data Recovery Data Recovery and Undelete tool for FAT, NTFS Bitmart Inc. Restorer2000DataRecovery.htm
BitDefender 9 Standard The Antivirus software solution BitDefender LLC BitDefender9Standard.htm
BitDefender 9 Internet Security The Antivirus software solution BitDefender LLC BitDefender9InternetSecurity.htm
BitDefender Professional Plus Protection for your Personal Computer BitDefender LLC BitDefenderProfessionalPlus.htm
Best Uninstaller This is the Best Uninstaller! Period. BitAttack BestUninstaller.htm
ArcSet Batch Remove Read-Only attributes from files. BirdCage Software ArcSet.htm
Bildsoft SecureDNA Encrypt files simply Bildsoft BildsoftSecureDNA.htm
Manganese Menu Simple and easy to use shortcut manager BiBa SOFTWARE ManganeseMenu.htm
Network Searcher A new generation of network searching tools. BGSoft NetworkSearcher.htm
FileArmor FileArmor is a files/folders encryption tool. BGDN.Net FileArmor.htm
BetaSys Data Extractor Extract data from a variety of sources. BetaSys BetaSysDataExtractor.htm
NPB cvs filter Help remove duplicate records from email list BWD NPBcvsfilter.htm
Desktop Calendar Add a calendar and to-do-list to pc desktop. BestShareware.Net DesktopCalendar.htm
RECOVER Fixed/Floppy Disk FAT32/16/12 Damaged Floppy Disk / Hard Disk Recovery util Systech Software RECOVERFixedFloppyDiskFAT321612.htm
RECOVER Fixed/Floppy Disk Damaged Floppy Disk / Hard Disk Recovery util Systech Software RECOVERFixedFloppyDisk.htm
DELSPECial Finds, Launches, Deletes Files, Lists deleted Systech Software DELSPECial.htm
ANALYZER for RECOVER Floppy Pro Floppy Disk data recovery analysis software Systech Software ANALYZERforRECOVERFloppyPro.htm
ANALYZER for RECOVER Fixed/Floppy Disk ANALYZER for RECOVER Fixed/Floppy Disk - FREE Systech Software ANALYZERforRECOVERFixedFloppyDisk.htm
Replace Find/Replace text in multiple files BESTCODE.COM Replace.htm
Super DVD to iPod Converter Super DVD to iPod Converter Usdigi Co., Ltd. SuperDVDtoiPodConverter.htm
Lenogo DVD Movie to iPod Video Converter Lenogo DVD Movie to iPod Video Converter Usdigi Co., Ltd. LenogoDVDMovietoiPodVideoConverter.htm
Screen Capture Utility Utility to capture part or all of the screen. best3dgames.net ScreenCaptureUtility.htm
Advanced Batch Print Helper Batch print software for documents and images Design, Create & Implement (DCI) AdvancedBatchPrintHelper.htm
Shortcut Wizard Access utilities, settings and shortcuts. Best-of-Computing ShortcutWizard.htm
Crazy Speeder Real powerful change speed tool BerylSoft.com CrazySpeeder.htm
WinPik Make your disk drive a personal organizer Berkeley Designing Company WinPik.htm
WinDos DOS Command Prompt Directory Utility Berkeley Designing Company WinDos.htm
SpyMyPC PRO Stealth Keystroke Recording Software Benutec Software SpyMyPCPRO.htm
SpyMyPC Easy to use yet powerful keylogger software Benutec Software SpyMyPC.htm
RamCleaner BOOST Your Computer's Speed & Stability! Benutec Software RamCleaner.htm
Belltech InfoProtect Data Security Hide and encrypt any data within image files. Belltech Systems BelltechInfoProtectDataSecurity.htm
Bee Icons Bee Icons - shell icons customization tool ArcticLine Software BeeIcons.htm
BDASM Windows based disassembler/debugger Independent Developer BDASM.htm
SwitchPro Conveniently Switches Between Networkprofiles bd-computer SwitchPro.htm
bcTester Barcode Reading and Testing bcTester recognizes barcode on images QS QualitySoft GmbH bcTesterBarcodeReadingandTesting.htm
OpenExpert Open With submenu for explorer&aposs menu BAxBEx Software OpenExpert.htm
noHTML for Outlook Express Disable HTML within Outlook Express BAxBEx Software noHTMLforOutlookExpress.htm
Folder Shield 2003 Folder Shield hides complete folders! BAxBEx Software FolderShield2003.htm
Folder Pilot Access all your favorite folders instantly. BAxBEx Software FolderPilot.htm
FolderBox Displays additional folders inside Explorer BAxBEx Software FolderBox.htm
CryptoMite Encrypt/Wipe files and/or whole directories BAxBEx Software CryptoMite.htm
bxAutoZip for Outlook Automated compression program for Outlook! BAxBEx Software bxAutoZipforOutlook.htm
WinClean Gives windows a power Boost ! BATL Advanced Technology WinClean.htm
ZMover ZMover: Desktop layout manager. Basta Computing, Inc. ZMover.htm
Splitty Splitty: Robust file splitter. Basta Computing, Inc. Splitty.htm
Horas Horas: World clock and time synchronizer. Basta Computing, Inc. Horas.htm
Deletor Deletor: Disk cleaner and file shredder. Basta Computing, Inc. Deletor.htm
Buzof Buzof: Get rid of annoying windows. Basta Computing, Inc. Buzof.htm
AppToService AppToService: Run apps as Windows services. Basta Computing, Inc. AppToService.htm
Hide Folder HiBit FreeVer Hide, Lock, Encrypt, undelete folder or file. FalconSoft Tech HideFolderHiBitFreeVer.htm
BaseNow Front-end software for database management Gate Comm Software BaseNow.htm
Encrypt Easy Encryption, shredder and wipe-out utility Baltsoft EncryptEasy.htm
System ScreenSaver Execute program instead of screen-saver. Badevlad software company SystemScreenSaver.htm
ScreenSaver Commander Free screensaver manager, randomizer, tweaker Badevlad software company ScreenSaverCommander.htm
BDV DataHider Hides your data by several methods... Badevlad software company BDVDataHider.htm
BDV Notepad Powerful comfortable text editor. Badevlad software company BDVNotepad.htm
BackUpTime Backup, scheduler and remider CEZEO software BackUpTime.htm
BackUp Maker Easy-to-use backup tool (CD/DVD supported) ASCOMP Software GmbH BackUpMaker.htm
BKS BKS synchronizes computers, disks, folders RD Technologies BKS.htm
Comodo BackUp Comodo BackUp -Automatic file backup/recovery Comodo Inc ComodoBackUp.htm
Write CDs Fast CD/ DVD writer IDE/SCSI/USB/FW drives. Backtec Software WriteCDs.htm
Process Master Hidden processes detection and killing. Backfaces Team ProcessMaster.htm
Back4WinXP Extensive features with burn to CD. AGM Back4WinXP.htm
Back4Win Includes Thunderbird and Firefox backup AGM Back4Win.htm
AttributeMagic Free! Changes file dates and attributes Elwinsoft AttributeMagicFree.htm
Adios! Extreme Filesystem Cleaner Adios! Extreme File System Cleaner Martin Beek AdiosExtremeFilesystemCleaner.htm
CryptoExpert 2006 Professional Encrypted virtual hard drive SecureAction Research, LLC CryptoExpert2006Professional.htm
Easy Personal Labels Easy Personal Labels Joel Graffman EasyPersonalLabels.htm