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Version: 1.04

Macro rec/editor with ergonomic timer and mouse-replacement tool

AllKeys is keyboard-based macro recording software that offers: 1)Macro Engine. Allows you to turn repetitive tasks into simple shortcut keys. Includes macro recording functions and user-friendly macro editor 2)Keyboard Based Mousing. Using the mouse box, you can do all the major mouse actions with keyboard commands only. 3)Work and Break Timer. Lets you set your own break schedule and tracks work time, key presses, and mouse use.

Program Name AllKeys
Version 1.04
File Size (Bytes) 1800000
Release Date 2005-09-05
Price 25
License Shareware

Program Keywords: macro, timer, mouse replacement, keyboard, reduced strain, ergonomic, balanced computing, software, strain, repetitive, RSI, keys, mouseless navigation, breaks, balanced, efficiency, mouse, ergonomic, keyboard-based, key-swapping, key-remapping

Program Categories:Utilities

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