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Buffer (Clipboard Manager)

Buffer (Clipboard Manager)
Version: 2.01

Buffer (Clipboard Manager). Storing the history of Clipboard data of any format.

The software is intended to extend the standard Clipboard. Saving the list of the latest Clipboard entries. Storage of any Clipboard formats. Restoring the data after rebooting Windows. Preview of the selected item. Fixing the frequently used data for them not to be deleted from the list. Quick data pasting according to the number in the list. Filtering of certain Clipboard formats. Easy-to-use program with a nice interface.

Program Name Buffer (Clipboard Manager)
Version 2.01
File Size (Bytes) 1139261
Release Date 2005-12-22
Price 15
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Clipboard, Buffer, Clipboard Manager, Clipboard data, Extended Clipboard, History Clipboard, Copy, Paste, Cut, List, Format, Text, Image, Bitmap, Graphic, Save, Uncomsoft

Program Categories:Utilities

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