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Version: 10.0

Turn documents, web pages, photos, etc. into booklets, banners, posters, and PDF

ClickBook, a powerful yet easy-to-use printing utility, lets you print customized day planner pages, wallet booklets, brochures, greeting cards, catalogs, banners, posters, microfiche, and more from Internet, Windows, or CD-Rom files! ClickBook scales, rotates, and duplexes your digital photos, or favorite on-line content into 140 plus mobile and convenient layouts. Now you can convert files to PDFs and email PDFs to family and friends.

Program Name ClickBook
Version 10.0
File Size (Bytes) 8326000
Release Date 2006-10-10
Price 49.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: pdf, print, print driver, publish, booklet, bookmaker, book, day planner, brochure, greeting card, clickbook, blue squirrel, banner, poster, print book, make book, booklet printing

Program Categories:Utilities

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