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Version: 1.006

Cross-DBMS data migration, comparison, distributed query, flat data validation

DatabaseBridge is a powerful cross-DBMS data migration, data comparison and distributed query tool that also performs validation of flat data and acts as a multi-DBMS browser. It is designed to work in a cross-DBMS, multiple data source environment and to serve a broad range of relational/non-relational data sources. It has exceptional data transfer speed. A cross-DBMS data transfer job of a million records can be completed in minutes.

Program Name DatabaseBridge
Version 1.006
File Size (Bytes) 11792585
Release Date 2003-07-01
Price 125
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Skyway Technology, data transfer, data integration, data migration, data validation, database conversion, distributed query, database utility, compare data, copy databases, import, export, DatabaseBridge, compare table, copy table, database browser

Program Categories:Utilities

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