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Diamond Calculator

Diamond Calculator
Version: 3.21

Calculates weight shapes sizes cuts to Market. Calculates all shapes of diamonds

Diamonds Calculator takes over where the Rap Sheet leaves off. Calculates weight all shapes sizes and cuts of both mounted and unmounted to Market price. No scale No Problem. Adjusts and Corrects the Market price with deductions in several different categories for Diamonds that are away from the norm in Quality. Saves to a text or document file and will print to create a Diamond database inventory record, including personal notes.

Program Name Diamond Calculator
Version 3.21
File Size (Bytes) 1776640
Release Date 2005-06-19
Price 35.00
License Shareware

Program Keywords: diamond, calculator, diamond price, conversion, weight, measure, weights and measure, compute, shape, rapaport, rap

Program Categories:Utilities

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