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Version: 1.20.10

Replaces plain Open/Save windows with Office 2000-style browser

DocCommander is a replacement for the standard Open/Save dialog box of Windows. It pops up when you click Open or Save in any application. Features: quick access to favorite folders with a 'Quick Bar' panel, access to system 'Favorites' folder, list of recently accessed documents, file search by date of modification, file size, file content and/or file name, inplace file search with Windows 2000-like autosuggestion, preview of graphic files.

Program Name DocCommander
Version 1.20.10
File Size (Bytes) 896083
Release Date 2002-09-01
Price 19.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: open,openfiles,opendocuments,savefiles,filebrowsing,documentmanagement,filemanagement,windowsenchancement,filefind,windowspreview,preview,windowscommander,windowsupdates,favorites,explorer,explorers,documentcontrol

Program Categories:Utilities

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