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Version: 2.0a

Securely wipe away data left on drives before donating, reselling, or recycling.

DriveScrubber is a utility designed to securely wipe all data from any hard or floppy drive, regardless of its file format or operating system. Its purpose is to ensure the safety, privacy, and security of private, personal, confidential, or proprietary information. Once a drive has been wiped with DriveScrubber, no attempts (regardless of their level of sophistication) will be able to recover any data that previously existed thereon.

Program Name DriveScrubber
Version 2.0a
File Size (Bytes) 753112
Release Date 2002-12-19
Price 29.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: wipe,disk,drive,data,erase,delete,clean,scrub,sanitize,undelete,unformat,format,drivescrubber,iolo,scrubber

Program Categories:Utilities

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