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EF Duplicate MP3 Finder

EF Duplicate MP3 Finder
Version: 3.10

Find out duplicate or similar MP3, WMA, FLAC, OggVorbis files

The EF Duplicate MP3 Finder is a useful program that help you to find out and remove duplicate audio files with same or similar properties, files that occupy so unnecessarily storage place on your computer or your server. EF Duplicate MP3 Finder support the audio formats MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, FLAC and WMA. Multilingual. Shareware, FREE Updates.

Program Name EF Duplicate MP3 Finder
Version 3.10
File Size (Bytes) 2144446
Release Date 2006-10-12
Price 10
License Shareware

Program Keywords: EFSoftware,EFD3F,Duplicate,Find,Search,find similar MP3,determine same mp3,discover like mp3,find twin mp3,same mp3 observer,detect similar mp3,mp3 duplicate,mp3 tag comparer

Program Categories:Utilities

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