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LAN Spider

LAN Spider

LAN Spider is a fast, convenient and powerful network file searching utility.

LAN Spider is a full-featured network file searching utility. LANSpider is designed as multitask application that accelerates network operations. With even involved network infrastructure LANSpider can help you locate critical files dramatically fast. LAN Spider allows organizing more detailed scan using a great amount of patterns. Each item can be executed, copied, moved, drag-n-dropped and so on. Result of a search can be exported to 4 formats.

Program Name LAN Spider
File Size (Bytes) 1009157
Release Date 2004-09-03
Price 29
License Shareware

Program Keywords: search,network,file,LAN,report,fast,hidden,resource,share,drive,browse,searching,utility,tool,mask,regular,expression,string,attribute,date,size,scan,extension,result,lanspider

Program Categories:Utilities

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