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PC-Time Manager

PC-Time Manager
Version: 1.2.2

Parental Control Software for Windows. Creates schedule for computer use.

PC-Time Manager is considered a parental control software that limits computer time. If your kids are spending a lot of time chatting on the internet, or playing games, you have to set a time limit so as not to affect their grades.PC-Time Manager gives you the ability to share the same computer among your children by creating for each child a computer schedule. PC-Time Manager supports three languages, English, French and German.

Program Name PC-Time Manager
Version 1.2.2
File Size (Bytes) 606208
Release Date 2006-06-26
Price 12.96
License Shareware

Program Keywords: parental control software, limit computer time, time limit, kids, schedule computer, computer time, pc time limit

Program Categories:Utilities

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