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PENTA Text Tools

PENTA Text Tools
Version: 2.4

Simple & MAGIC GREPSNew Line XlateSee STRINGSViewFrontMiddleEnd

Combination of GREPPES Text Tools and TRI Text Tools in ONE Package. PDGREPPE: Pattern Definition GREP. FGREPPE: Fast Fixed GREP with Pattern Editing. PDGREPPE searches by Extended Regular Expressions. NLX, STRINGS and HEAD provide support and basic filter functions for other standard TEXT file operations. Options: screen paging, line wrap, descent into file system w/ multiple drives and MANY other options.

Program Name PENTA Text Tools
Version 2.4
File Size (Bytes)
Release Date 2002-09-25
Price 20
License Freeware

Program Keywords: greps search replace edit magic wildcards translate new lines newlines visible text string strings head middle tail portion view format

Program Categories:Utilities

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