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Smart Battery Workshop

Smart Battery Workshop
Version: 3.2

Notebook/Laptop battery diagnostic and repair tool

"Smart Battery Workshop" is a tool, which is useful in process of notebook battery repair. It uses Philips Standard I2C Parallel Port Adapter that can be assembled in one hour by person with no electronics skills and dose not require any hard-to-find components. Total components cost is around $1.

Program Name Smart Battery Workshop
Version 3.2
File Size (Bytes) 680960
Release Date 2006-3-14
Price 80
License Demo

Program Keywords: notebook, battery, batteries, eeprom, eprom, reset, smbus, i2c, LPT, data, smart,IBM, Dell, Tochiba, Compaq, Laptop, the notebook, computer, HP, read, write

Program Categories:Utilities

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