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Version: 3.1

Split any file easily to floppy or any directory

In Windows and Dos it will copy a file from your hard disk to your disk drive, in the case that the file size is bigger than the size available in your disk drive. Once copied it is possible to restore the disk(ette)s to another computer. You can copy any big file via ordinary diskettes! This small tool can be very usefull on your system disk to safeguard important big files in case Windows is not working or crashed.

Program Name Smartcopy
Version 3.1
File Size (Bytes) 40960
Release Date 2002-02-04
Price 14
License Shareware

Program Keywords: tool,utility,split,break,copy,safe,safeguard,big,large,file,dos,windows,crash,email,attachment,piece,pieces,safety

Program Categories:Utilities

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