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Ultimate Date Calculator

Ultimate Date Calculator
Version: 2.8.8

Professional date calculator for commercial & government use.

Heavy-duty date calculator for business, government & professional use. Calculate interval between two or more dates with option to skip defined days. Add days months and years. Perpetual calendar. Chronologies even across time zones. Collate recurring dates e.g. pay and loan repayments. Calculate plans & schedules with reusable templates. Pro-rata accounts automatically. Display person's age and star sign. Julian date conversions. Saves to file.

Program Name Ultimate Date Calculator
Version 2.8.8
File Size (Bytes) 7736191
Release Date 2006-02-22
Price 24.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: due date calculator, date calculator, julian, free, math, perpetual calendar, pro-rata, chronology, lawyer, business, government, schedule, case plan, professional, multi zone chronology, difference, multiple calculation, recurring, organize dates

Program Categories:Utilities

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