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Vypress Messenger

Vypress Messenger
Version: 4.0

Peer-to-peer instant messaging and files transfering for LANs/WANs/intranets

Vypress Messenger lets you instantly exchange text messages with other users across the Internet or any TCP/IP network.This utility is an excellent replacement for the "WinPopup" utility that comes with Windows. It is compatible with the SMB protocol, which allows messages to be received from Windows 95/98 WinPopup, Windows NT Messenger Service, Linux and Novell NetWare. There are message filtering options and a mail notification option.

Program Name Vypress Messenger
Version 4.0
File Size (Bytes) 1510912
Release Date 2004-10-19
Price 19.90
License Shareware

Program Keywords: winpopup,network,lan,instant,messaging,vypress,broadcast,chat,message,real-time,wan

Program Categories:Utilities

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